Texas Auto Writers Announce Winners of 2011 Texas Truck Rodeo


The Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA) recently announced the results from its 2011 Texas Truck Rodeo. Truck manufacturers have been coming to this big new-truck competition to allow various automotive writers a chance to drive the latest and greatest pickups, SUVs and crossovers in head-to-head competition. At the end of the two-day event, assessments are made, votes are cast and ballots turned in. 

The big news last year was that the Ram 1500 took home the coveted Truck of Texas Award, stopping an eight-year winning streak for Ford. This year, however, it seems, it’s back to business as usual. 

For 2011, in one of the most dominating performances in Texas Truck Rodeo history, Ford won every category it entered, winning the 2011 Truck of Texas with the Ford F-150 and six other categories. (The full list of winning vehicles is below.)

“These honors show Ford trucks still reign supreme in Texas, and it is rewarding to see that the truck-savvy Texas auto writers appreciate just how innovative our F-Series pickups are,” said Mark Fields, Ford's president of the Americas. “These awards validate what our customers have been telling us about our ‘Built Ford Tough’ F-150, and we are honored by their recognition of the strength of our truck lineup, as well as our crossovers and EcoBoost engines.”  

The only category Ford Truck didn’t win was in the midsize-pickup class because it didn’t enter a Ford Ranger because it goes away next month. 

“This has been the biggest win we’ve had here for as long as I’ve been coming to the Texas Truck Rodeo,” said Doug Scott, marketing chief for Ford Truck. “A clean sweep like this means a lot to us and the team, naturally because Texas is our single biggest market, but also because the market is getting so competitive.” 

Ford and Ram brought several executives, engineers and support staff, along with almost a dozen trucks each in order to give judges a good cross-section of products to drive.   

A total of 48 vehicles were entered in the rodeo and were evaluated by the 57 registered TAWA members. For a complete list, including crossovers and other luxury segments, go to TAWA's website. A list of the important winners in each category is below.

Truck of Texas: 2012 Ford F-150

Truck Line of Texas: 2012 Ford lineup of trucks

Outstanding Feature of Texas: Ford’s EcoBoost engine technology

Full-size Pickup Truck: First, 2012 Ford F-150; second, 2012 Ram 1500; third, Chevrolet 1500

Heavy-Duty Pickup Truck: First, 2012 Ford F-250 King Ranch; second, 2012 Ram 2500 HD Power Wagon; third, 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

Midsize Pickup Truck: First, Nissan Frontier; second, 2012 Toyota Tacoma (only two entered)

Luxury Pickup Truck: First, 2012 Ford F-150 Platinum; second, 2012 Ram 2500 HD Mega Cab Laramie Longhorn; third, 2012 GMC Sierra Denali 2500 HD 

Other Notable Winners:

SUV of Texas: Jeep Grand Cherokee

Compact Vehicle of Texas: Ford Edge

Full-size SUV: First, Dodge Durango; second, Jeep Grand Cherokee; third, Chevrolet Tahoe

Midsize SUV: First, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited; second, Toyota 4Runner; third, Toyota FJ Cruiser

Compact SUV: First, Nissan Xterra; second, Jeep Compass; third, VW Tiguan



I wonder what Bob will have to say?

Just like the infamous texas beauty pagents, it pays to butter up off the judges to get want you want. There are 2 things that come out of texas, steers and ###### and steers don't drive trucks.

Biased results...... As usual.

I wonder how much Ford payed for this one?

Texas? Who cares...? I mean, the F150 seems like a fine pickup and all, but since when does anyone care what auto writers in JUST texas think about a vehicle?

I mean, if we were going to pick a SINGLE state to judge trucks in, shouldn't it at least be a state with a little more variety of climate/geography?

What's next? Is Rhode Island going to pick a truck?

This is just bizarre.

GM has had nothing new for years. Ford and Ram are constantly bringing new technology and packages to market, giving customers what theya re asking for. 20% of all trucks sold in the US are sold in TX. I think all these things align with the results of this rodeo.

Aren't there more Texan's employeed by Toyota than the three "domestic" automakers?

Slice it any way you want but Ford won!

@LJC How do you figure?

Totally biased voting. Ford is by far the best selling truck in Texas and is also the truck that sponsers all the rodeo's in Texas which is huge. Ford won because they are big in Texas and ford has all New engines with the very successful Eco-boost engine.

I have no doubt when GM releases their all New Silverado and Sierra that they will easily win the :Truck of Texas award.

I have to tip my hat to ford for it's new engines and in particular the Eco_Boost engine that is selling very well. I also tip my hat to Ram for the biggest increase in market share. Ram has come along way.

Competition is good for all consumers and is forcing manufactures to contiually make improvements on their product.


LOL...Ford won every category entered...LOL...anyways...I will stick with PUTC reviews...

It is like going to a Ford dealer and holding a Ford Competition... and saying, and the winner is.....Ford...yeah...what a joke...

@Jason H. - more variety of climate/geography? Are you kidding or are you really that dumb? Texas has a wide array of geography and the climate; North Texas is very different from that in West Texas or South Texas. You're obviously not from Texas and have never been, so you should just stay quiet on this issue. Obviously, large corporations like Ford, GM, and Chrysler know how important Texas is to them and they really value what those of us in Texas have to say about their pickups since more of them are sold here than any other state and in a lot of cases, more than a lot of states combined! It's one of the biggest reasons Toyota built their truck plant in San Antonio.

With that said, the Texas Auto Writers always give these awards to "the latest technology." In other words, right now Ford has all the newest technology out, with the Ecoboost being the primary subject. When Chevrolet releases it's new trucks they will win the award hands down. Also, Ford is the largest sponsor/spends the most money on marketing/advertising in the state of Texas, and has the largest displays/presence at the Rodeo, so these awards don't come cheap for Ford.

So I take it the Ford did not enter the Explorer in the SUV catagory?
It shows the Jeep Grand Cherokee the over-all SUV title,
I would think the Explorer would have came in 3rd place in the large catagory anyways.


“A clean sweep like this means a lot to us and the team, naturally because Texas is our single biggest market, but also because the market is getting so competitive.” -Doug Scott

Competitive? At least in the half ton market, Ford has pretty much had the US fishing hole to themselves in my opinion. GM isn't even playing. Perhaps he is thinking of Thailand?

Way to go Ford!

Ford has dominated this award for 9 out of 10 years?! Ram snuck in one year?! Sweet!

People who know, buy Fords!

If ford has won 9 out of 10 years as Buy American Or Say Bye To America! claims then that proves this award is totally without any merit what so ever. 9 out of 10 years means these Texas Auto Writers have S..T for brains or there totally ford biased.

The article should say, what years ford didn't win the award and why. Oh well, GM better hit a home run when the New Sivlerado and Sierra are released.

Chris, Shush-up about how great Texas is. It used to be a secret but in the last decade there has been an exidus from the North! Our freeways and utility systems are taxed beyond capacity. I don't want to be squeezed out!
Say it with me: "Texas is a lousy place to live." Repeat as nessisary when anybody asks if they should move here..

The Grand Cherokee isn't a Full Size SUV, I can maybe see the Durango, but not the Grand Cherokee, Full size would be like Tahoe, Expedition, Sequia, Armada,Escalade

Thank god I do not live in Texas because they do not know a thing about trucks. Must be the only thing they haul in their Ford super duties is a bale of hay because they sure cannot haul any real weight without twisting their frame.

The Ford dealers here in St. Louis are advertising, with dealer and factory discounts, $10,500 off Ford F150 4 X 4's. They give an example of a $41,000 truck, looks like they make at least a 25% profit as they are still probably making money off of them.


Ford PAID attention to their buyers and delivered an excellent product.




it is as simple as this Ford and Dodge have it going on right now since all the rest seem to be sleeping

Thank god I do not live in Texas because they do not know a thing about trucks. Must be the only thing they haul in their Ford super duties is a bale of hay because they sure cannot haul any real weight without twisting their frame.
Posted by: Greg | Oct 24, 2011 10:32:22 AM

you know that is interesting that you keep bring up the twisted frame yet i have never heard one Ford that has had a twisted frame from pulling or towing, the thing i find funny is two years i ran a stop sign (my bad) and a 2500 HD chevy hit my passenger side front wheel snapped the wheel of and did not have to much damage, but that poor chevy was totaled frame twisted and both people inside had to kick the passenger side door just to get out, how does that work a smaller truck almost walks away with nothing yet the bigger truck was totaled

Ford sells more trucks in Texas than all of Canada. Any company ignoring the biggest truck market in North America would be incredibly stupid.
I don't know the testing criteria used, so it would be hard to critique.
For guys saying the voting was rigged, what about truck trend? They had a Truck of the Year Competion and it was a Transit Connect versus a Ram.

@Steveadore, trust me, I'm right there with ya! I'm sick and tired of all these northerners and Californians moving to Texas and stinking up the place! All I see to/from work every day is out of state license plates! Go find another state to move to, ours is full, damnit!!! Not only that, but all you Northerners use to covering up and staying indoors are coming here and making our ratio of beautiful to ugly girls skewed! You can always tell a true Southern gal/Texan from an implant, especially in the summer, because the implant is out of shape, white as hell, ugly, and stinks (people up north don't wear deodorant because it's so freakin cold, they don't think they have to since they don't work out and don't sweat anyway). All you hard up guys moving to Texas looking for beautiful and intelligent woman (something you're not use to), you're out of luck because you're all dorks and not much different than the description I gave of your girls. LOL!! Suck it yankees, and stay out of our state! How's that Steveadore? :)

State loyalty runs deeper than truck loyalty.

Maybe all of the out-of-shape people you see in Texas are actually Texans. It's true, in fact, that obesity rates in the south are exponentially higher (around 25% are morbidly obese) than elsewhere (especially Texas, which is strange, considering the heat and humidity combined should be melting their subcutaneous butter). It is actually the northern states that are the least obese - probably because they are more educated.

Those states over 30% obese are mostly all southern:

•Mississippi: 34.4
•Alabama: 32.3
•West Virginia: 32.2
•Tennessee: 31.9
•Louisiana: 31.6
•Kentucky: 31.5
•Oklahoma: 31.4
•South Carolina: 30.9
•Arkansas: 30.6
•Michigan: 30.5
•Missouri: 30.3
•Texas: 30.1


Becasue the more you know....


It's all IGNORANCE if you ask me. Muck like Chevy owners!

Top 21 healthiest states (lowest body fat):
30. (tie) Alaska (25.9%); and Virginia (25.9%); 32. Idaho (25.7%); 33. (tie) New Hampshire (25.6%); and New Mexico (25.6%); 35. (tie) Arizona (25.4%); Oregon (25.4%); and Wyoming (25.4%); 38. Minnesota (25.3%); 39. Nevada (25.0%); 40. California (24.8%); 41. New York (24.7%); 42. Rhode Island** (24.3%); 43. New Jersey (24.1%); 44. Montana (23.8%); 45. Vermont** (23.5%); 46. Utah (23.4%); 47. Hawaii (23.1%); 48. Massachusetts** (22.3%); 49. Connecticut (21.8%); 50. District of Columbia (21.7%); 51. Colorado* (19.8%).

Notice the pattern. No southern states except for NM.

Source: F as in Fat 2011 Texas Press Release

Like we should listen to what Texas says!

Steers and queers come from Texas!

I think Toyota should move their plants out of Texas, what an idiot state!

@Mark Williams
You somehow found a way to make me miss Levine because he would atleast put a stop to BS like this.

"Steers and queers come from Texas."

Much like the Tundra/Tacoma that are built in S.A.

"Like we should listen to what Texas says!"

@Oxi: It's not only Texan automotive journalists who are voting. Texas Auto Writers/Texas Truck Rodeo is just the name. They're from all over the country.

@Oxi - where are Toyota Tundra's and Tacoma's made?
Quote""Like we should listen to what Texas says!"

Another contradictory comment from the offroad god.

wait a minute, Tacomas aren't all made in Texas, some in Baja California, Mexico.

The Texas Auto Writers have never picked a true winner. Who is going to pick a winning truck next? Consumer Reports? Funny article. Just as funny as the winner.

I'm proud to live in Texas and I am just as proud to drive my Ford F-150. Gm is still running the same 5.3 from 1999 with a few tweaks, and I wouldn't drive a Dodge if one was given to me.

I know Ryan, you'd rather have a truck known for just stopping running, right? Or one with the wrong doors-Supercab, Extened cab, Nissan. Ford has three great truck engines, the 6.2 is a miss. Besides that, they are good, but hey, they aren't as perfect as you might like to think.

I'll join this little rodeo and cheer for my favorite. The Frontier seems to be gaining steam, I'm excited to see if the redesign puts it up and over the edge.

Go Frontier!

How did Truck of Texas turn into "fat guy of the south"?
It is considerably more complex than location. Things such as poverty, education, and social class all play a factor in rates of obesity.

Looks like G.M. might be needing another bailout before long. Last place in all categories is nothing to brag about.

@ Chris
You sure are an angry dude...Sounds to me like you been following the sheep heard that eats the weeds around the Taco plant down there!!! I'll bet if you look hard enough you'll find michigan bob cutting in on your action!!! BAAAAA


I agree 100%

@ oxi toyota cannot compete with any domestic truck...none what so ever
@ danny you dumb yankees always think that your schools make you better and smarter however i know high schoolers smarter than you and besides we southerners actually have useful skills that help us do real jobs like mechanics or farmers

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