Texas Speaks Out: 2011 Truck of the Fair Voting Continues

State Fair Voting

With less than a week left to vote for PickupTrucks.com's Truck of the Fair, we're getting close to naming a winner. Our votes have not changed much from our earlier reporting; in fact, the top three vote-getters are pulling away from the rest of the pack.

Here's what we have to date:

1st: Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2nd: Ford F-150

3rd: Nissan Titan 

Our last report identified some of the fan favorites. This time, the top three trucks continue to dominate. We'll report the final results in one week, right after the 2011 State Fair of Texas comes to a close.


Weird that the truck maker that had the least presence at the fair has the most votes so far.

Hmm i am realy surprised by this. there must be more Fans than actual owners of these vehicles...lol

haha... Its only a matter of time before all the Ford and RAM fanboys come out in full force clogging up the blog with dumb excuses.

Nissan Titan? What do they sell, like 2000 of those a month? Hardly relevant. I guess only the fact that it's made there helps.

Mark Williams

Any update on number of votes cast?

Also, Ford fan boys want to combine raptor votes with F-150 because the world may end if Chevy does come out on top...

Nice of ya to advertise the texting info so the ballot box can be stuffed by people who didn't attend.

Worst Reporting EVER

@ toycrusher84 - the world won't end, but once Bob starts to brag, you'll wish it did :)

The fake posters are out again.

@Fake Frank - kinda like the Sierra and Silverado combined excuse?

I wonder how Bob's carpal tunnel syndrome is doing?
All that texting has gotta be hard on the wrists.

Chevrolet actually has a large presence, but not a large truck presence. They had a test drive course where you could test drive any Chevrolet vehicle you wanted.....after you test drove the new Chevy Sonic. The Sonic was actually a nice little car! After driving it, I drove an HD Diesel truck and the Camaro! Too bad the track is for driving no faster than 10 mph! But it was cool, nonetheless. I got a T-shirt and a water bottle/flask like thing. The 2012 1/2 ton Silverados actually look pretty cool with the chrome grill and silver air dam, a nice little change, but not enough of a change, damn it! I'm ready for the 2014 Silverado!!


Honestly, are you trying to skew the actual results?

Chevy fans -

Text Silverado to 35350 to vote for Chevy!

Get out the vote. One vote can make a difference!!!

This is our truck. The Chevy Silverado.


seems to be a real disconnect between this voting and what actually sells.

All of those Mcdonalds hamburgers have a poor fan base I see! It doesnt matter if you sell the most trucks, what matters is who makes the best truck, and that would be GM!
@ Lou
GM sells the most when you combine the Sierra and Silverado sales together, just proving that GM makes a better truck!
GM wins again!

WHOAH! Slow Down Bobbeh

Is Ford McDonalds cause it sells the mosts or is GM McDonalds cause it sells the most combined?

NEVER let the sheep vote for anything!

Society in general is stupid and dumb!


That is a mystery to us all.

I am quite flattered that Bob has a need to impersonate me.

Thanks! I know you just want to be me, but please, it is very flattering.

@toycrusher84 - that would be like combining sales for the Big Mac with the Quarter Pounder.
Go MacDonalds um.....er.... GMC

Regardless of which one you buy, your going to end up with indigestion and hardening of the arteries.

@oxi - "society is stupid and dumb"

That would explain why every pickup on the market including Toyota has shock mounts below the axle line.

@Frank - Im not impersonating you. I dont like pretending im someone who drives a honda civic and cleans toliets for a living....... END RANT!

@ Bob
that's better than driving a Impala

i used to live in texas i know what they drive alot of down there and its all cummins and powerstrokes every were you look you all ways see the cummins pulling everything from bulldozers to cattle to hay to steel beams then you see the fords jacked up with stackes.that place was full cummins when i lived there doe

Strange how Ram is getting beat my Titan when Ram sales are astronomically higher. Heck, even the Texas built Tundra is getting beat by the Mississippi built Titan. Go figure.

Texas has spoken -They do not support the Toyota Tundra!

@Dan the man,

You mean "Its better than driving 'AN' Impala".... If your going to insult me, atleast do it right buddy.

Bob has nothing else to do than to talk bad about people's grammar.

When all else fails like GM, he starts the grammar insults.

This is the same person that spells yeah, "yea."

What a dolt!

@Buy American Or Say Bye To America!,

You Drive a Titan?? Oh Lordy, THAT.... IS...... HILARIOUS!!

Little off topic, but why do all the other Bobs seem to like to argue all the damn time? Read the article, say what you think, and see what everyone else thinks about it. Seems like every article has some Bob saying something stupid and everyone else making fun of it. They call it comments for a reason. If they wanted stupid comments, maybe Mark could make a stupid comments section so people who want to say stupid things, can go talk there.

@Frank - Careful buddy, Big words like that aren't meant for such young and tender people like you.




Fake Lou again.

What's will all the fake posts?

@Bob - you drive an Impala and consider it an insult.

Funny. So would I.

How are those hamburgers working out for you?

Wrists sore from all of thsoe texts? or do you have tough hands from all that bowtie polishing?

"You Drive a Titan?? Oh Lordy, THAT.... IS...... HILARIOUS!!" -Bob


Good catch! I meant to put "...by Titan..." not "...my Titan..."

Oops! Where is that edit feature?

@Frank - don't bend over to pick up the soap. Bob thinks you are young and tender.

Is there not AN Impala website or forum anywhere? Kinda sounds like someone really doesn't have a horse in this race.....


What do you even drive anyways? Do you even own a pickup? I'm sure everyone would like a full description


It is getting creepy in here! I am glad you are the only sane person in here, besides our fellow Buy America!

@Bigger Bob - Michigan Bob removed the trunk lid from his Impala and considers that a truck.


I am not your Buddy!

It all makes sense now

Woot! Go Titan!

ZzZzZzZzZzZ......... Oh im sorry, fell asleep listening to all of you girls whine.

@Lou - BTW Hertz just called, They said they want the keys to the scion you're renting.


We were enjoying the peace of you not replying


Hey bob, You're funny!!


You are very funny Bob. I will obey your commands.

Now WTF, a fake Bigger Bob

OOOPS!!....... Double posts.

@FAKE Bigger Bob,

IM the real Bigger Bob.

These post from these Ford cheerleaders just prove how buying Ford is automotive Satanism! Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected driving a Chevy to battle the evil of Ford, who had copied and betrayed GM! But guess what?! Evil will never win! So let it be written, so let it be done!


Amen to that brother!!


Grow up, thanks

I know you wanted to feel liked like me for a lil bit, and that's fine. Now you can go back to your name anytime

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