Texting Texans: Vote for the 2011 Truck of the Fair


In the past few years, PickupTrucks.com has sponsored several different types of on-site events as well as online voting competitions. This year is a little different. This time, we’re asking State Fair of Texas attendees to be the judges of which vehicle should be named the Truck of the Fair.

Placed all around the Truck Zone at the fair are huge billboards in the beds of each midsize and full-size pickup in each manufacturer’s display. Attendees will be able to text their vote, like casting a ballot, for their favorite pickup. Among the various manufacturers are Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota, Ford, Ram and Nissan.

Once fairgoers have spent time viewing the pickups on display, they can text their favorite truck model to 35350, then receive an automated bounce-back message directing them either to Cars.com or PickupTrucks.com for updates. We’ll know in real time what the voting looks like, and we’ll report it periodically.

Voting for Truck of the Fair started Thursday and runs through Oct. 23. Stay tuned. 



Hopefully someone gives Ram, Sierra, and Silverado an advantage- by removing the signage from the Ford trucks. Not that it would really help because the Ford is sure to win regardless.

Another dumb and ASSuming comment by Buy American Or Say Bye To America! Any more brilliant words of wisdom you care to share Buy American Or Say Bye To America!?

McDonalds sells the most hamburgers in the world but that certainly doesn't mean they make the best now does it. What has ford won recently??? ahh nothing. Oh yea, they did win the best "man step" award. Yep, that's it.

@ bitchagain snob
what has your chebby's won lately for sure not the $30,000 shoot out

No Chevy didn't win the $30,000 dollar and under shootout but neither did ford. Infact ford was disqualified for sending a regular cab truck. Yes, I disqualified them. If your going to have a shootout of any kind, at least have the trucks be the same cab configuration. otherwise the shootout has no merit.

Don't worry about which brand is the best in another 10 years or so we all might be driving Chinese built Fords, Chevys, and Rams on Chinese built roads and bridges which will all fall apart at the same time.

i see if chebbys come in last the shoot out has no merit

To add to that^^^^ the ford in a REGULAR CAB really couldnt outperform the HEAVIEST truck there the double cab Tundra. LOL interesting that the tundra didnt win when it DOMINATED the other trucks there.

And even Ford's "Man Step" is a STUPID! idea. you put a step in the middle of the tailgate............. so now you have to put a pole on it to hold onto LOL LOL. they should look at the one from Toyota made for the tundra, it drops out from below the rear driver side bumper and the "pole" you use to pull yourself up with is this naturally occurring thing called a "bed side" lol lol. Someone at ford didnt think about that one long enough before they built it. Its funny though how useful the step is on the tundra and as always they dont drive it down everyones throat like its the best thing since sliced bread. oh and did i mention if you "use" your truck all that crap you haul falls into that pole and step and the tailgate is NO LONGER FLAT so IF you carry say drywall it will destroy the bottom piece....................... I BET noone thought of that either huh.

@Michigan Bob,

Chevy sells the most half tons trucks, but that does not mean they are better, heck McDonalds sells tons of 99 cent cheeseburger but they are horrible!

You've lost it! It's hilarious, love laughing at you!

Everyone text 2012 Raptor to 35350...


Since the majority of drivers are lazy, they will most likely text while driving home thanks to their gurly automatic transmissions!



I am thoroughly convinced that with all the hatred and stress showing up on this site all of you are within 6 months of a heart attack, coronary or stroke.

Chill out people all of the trucks are very capable, even the oldest (GM and Nissan). Bragging rights over 200lbs one way or the other is nothing in long run. Be glad that all of the manufacturers are doing significantly better financially and offering what the public wants (more or less anyway) and as it appears by Ford and Ram they are being more proactive in getting changes out to the consumers rather than waiting until the next product refresh.

All of them have their issues and positives. In the next 18-24 months we should have three new/newer trucks that continue to push the bar (I count GM’s twins as one, Nissan and likely Toyota although Ram may have a refresh too). I hope the bar is pushed on the MPG side rather than the ubiquitous 200lbs of towing as none of us are going to be towing 11k lbs in a half ton even if they can do it.

Anybody see September auto sales? Chevy/GM still outsold Ford by quite a bit even though they are beaten in just about every possible catagory by Ford. Performance doesn't seem to matter. In the end loyalists will buy their brand regardless and those who are undecided will end up being taken by whoever has the slickest salesman.

Government motors lol.

Oh so frank finally admits that GM sells the most half tons not ford eh? in most years Yes frank GM'S half tons have been better than fords half tons period. Now, does ford have the lead with the all much newer platform and all new engines for 2011-2012 models? yes. Don't worry frankl, GM will certainly have a response to ford and ford will have to wait another 5-10 years before they copy GM AGAIN!

So again frank, glad to see you finally admit the truth because most everything that comes out of your mouth is either sewer water or is outright false. Glad your a ford fan frank, hope you like finishing behind GM all your life.

Michigan Bob = Bob Lutz


Cry me a river Michigan Bob! You are annoying in every way, you are like a bitter wife I will never know.

Get over yourself, FORD builds better trucks then the TURDS from GM!

hemi lol-

How can you brag, with a straight face, that the big 5.7L i-Force barely edges out the small 5.0L Coyote? That is a .7L advantage for Toyota.

How about we have a head-head battle between the:

Toyota Tundra 4.6L vs. Ford F-150 5.0L (only .4L advantage)


Toyota Tundra 5.7L vs. Ford F-150 6.2L (only .5L advantage)

That would be closer, yeah?

@Buy American Or Say Bye To America!

Watch Hemi lol spin this in 3..........2..................1

@ Michigan Bob
You've got to give it up guy, you sound like a broken record with the Mcdonalds comments; It's you vs. everyone else on here. I'm a GM guy too, but you've got to realize when you have no argument. Yes, GM sells the most half tons, but right now if I were in the market for a half ton it would have to be a Ford because they are offering the best product as of now. Next year will almost assuredly be a different story, however, when GM's next gen half tons comes out. GM is just keeping their mouth shut about what they're holding for unveil next year, which has everybody frustrated, me included, becuase they're current truck is out dated and in dire need of new technology. But until they sell off their current inventory you wont hear what they're coming out with so for right now your just going to have to deal with the fact that Ford is leading the way, minus the HDs. Stick to the Duramax cause your right when you argue about them, it smokes the outdated SuperDuty, but not current half tons.

I agree with mhowarth all these trucks are capable. If one of the manufacturers come up with a better idea the others will adopt it and possible improve on it. It is not worth getting so excited about. I would be happy with a Ford, Chevy, GMC, Ram, Toyota, Nissan, or a Suzuki. I have never been that loyal to any brand. On any given day a manufacturer can produce either a great truck or a lemon. If you get a great truck take care of it and keep it for a while. It is much harder for any truck manufacture to get by with poor quality then it use to be. With the internet and with a poor economy the word gets out quick. A few lemons will cause the consumer to lose interest in your product. If you get a couple of bad Chevys or Fords you will probably not buy another one. The internet will spread the news of a poor performing product quick. My only concern with the auto industry is that they do not outsource all the manufacturing overseas as what has happened with other consumer products. It is much better to buy an American made Toyota than a Chinese Chevy. This has not happened yet but it could happen in the near future. Do not be under the assumption that because you are a loyal Ford owner or a loyal Chevy owner that the CEOs and corporate brass care about manufacturing in the USA. Most CEOs and corporate brass care more about their bonuses. If you really want to rant then you should let these CEOs know how you feel about this trend toward outsourcing. This would be a constructive avenue to vent your frustractions and possibly save more American jobs and our economy. You are entitled to your opinions but do them in a polite and constructive manner.

@HemiLOL - I haven't seen a single Tundra with a man step. If a guy doesn't want one then don't order or buy a truck with it.
I love mine. It is a very usefull device. I haven't had a problem loading or unloading cargo. There is one positive aspect to having it in the middle of the tailgate that you haven't considered. It is a great place to put a ramp.

As for driving it down people's throats - would that be in response to GM's Howie Long commercials?

We all know you have a strong opinion of the Tundra, and most of the time your comments are in retaliation to negative Tundra bashing, but right now, you sure are sounding like a salesman.

@Norcal Greg, don't waste your time trying to correct me because your words are meaningless to me. My McDonalds comment was spot on. There is a war on here that will never be settled. You have second place ford fans (first loser) and you have loyal GM fans (fist place and brand of champions) and you have dodge fans (bring up the rear)

So save your breath and stop giving me your two cents. Go buy a ford and shut your yap. You aren't changing my mind or making me go away period.

@@Norcal Greg - kudos.
Most guys on this site will cite Bob as one of the reasons for not liking GMC.
I think he secretly is a Ford PR hack and is out to discredit GMC with his posts.
Seems to be working rather well.

I don't know why you guys still worry about Bob. The Bobs are not real people. Their fictional chrachters that pretend to be GM fans. Their fictional identity was outed in 2010. If you want to argue with them, you are just wasting your time.

I don't know why you guys still worry about Bob. The Bobs are not real people. They're fictional characters that pretend to be GM fans. Their fictional identity was outed in 2010. If you want to argue with them, you are just wasting your time.

It's very entertaining ready all these back n forth arguments. especially how one points out one thing but leaves out another...... Anywho.... Carry on...

GM trucks outsell Ford when you add GMC and Chevy together!!!
McDonalds sells alot of burgers but they aren't the best so the same goes for Ford and their 34 year best selling streak!!
Ford copied GM's Onstar!!! The manstep is useless! The heated steering wheel is win! Ford is disqualified for beating Chevy! Chevy wins! The Superduty uses an old platform so it sucks! Gm used the same engine for many years so it proven! Quit bringing up bailout and ignore the fact that GM failed on n epic scale and was taken over the by the US government and given billions from Canadian and American taxpayers to save our sorry asses! GM is the bestest ever and the 5.3 gets better MPG than the ecoboost! Ignore PUTC's $30,000 test where it got far less MPG than it was supposed to because Ford cheated! Mike is biased to Ford because he drives a Tacoma and left PUTC because Ford offered him a job! Drum breaks are the best brakes! Texas badge on a truck means its the bestest ever truck! SO let it be written, so let it be done!

Bobbeh, I just added them. Ford outsells them you poor soul!

Dude, you are like a waste of sperm.....errrr child!

Parents neglected you much!!!!


It never cease to amaze seems like we no long have any intelligent conversation on truck here at all. When I first starting posting oxi was the resident super fan boy idiot. Now he seems to be rationale compared to most of you. I like dodges I think they are the best will be screaming it over the internet change your opinon of if I skewed numbers in my favor would it help? no. Lets just talk about trucks you should need to register to post here thatd make this alot nicer.

@Bobbeh- Epic lulz.

Well it's hard to vote, all the American trucks have their good and bad points. The anger and despair on this site is ridiculous. Every news item ends up with the same posters saying the same thing over and over again, name calling and all the crap on here is a turn-off, grow up Kids.

I swear you GM queens are the worst!!!! Go back to school, Ford outsells Chevy & GMC combined, try your math again bunch of GM loving Nancy's.

Ford = the official truck of Fudgepackers-R-US

With Fords "keyless entry" and most having cell phones WHY would anyone need to have/use "Blonde Star"??? And pay stupid fees to unlock a door? Wait just in, news Blonde Star got caught tracking people w/o them knowing, Oppps.

"Ford has dominated among voters since we started our competition," says Williams. "This year, they'll face some tough competition as manufacturers continue to roll out better trucks with more standard features than ever before."

Looking at the picture of the trucks, I would vote for the black GMC dually. Besides it is the best towing pickup built today. Just ask pickup truck.com and that is a fact!

I personally like Ford pickups the best for work trucks because they are built better. If you want to cruise up and down the road and never work out of it then GM is the truck for you.


I second that. Sierra and Silverado are white-collar pavement pounders. Ford and Ram HDs are blue-collar stump pullers.

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