2002 Ford Super Duty Sold with One Million Miles on the Odo

Ford Million Mile
All-State Ford Truck Sales of Gardiner Lane, Kentucky, outside of Louisville (where Super Dutys have been built since 1998) sold a 2002 F-350 Super Duty with over 1 million miles on the odometer (on its third engine) for just under $10,000. The article about the truck and it's new owner is from Saturday's Louisville Courier-Journal. There are even a few videos. A little strange that the photo is of the guy who just bought mega-miler instead of the guy who took care of it for all those years, but still a good story. 


Nothing to brag about if it is on it's third engine. If it was on it's original engine, then it would be exciting. Second engine, maybe. Third engine...not! Sorry Ford.

A well maintained diesel will usually get 300,000 miles. The original one here lasted 641,000 miles.

That is what I was going to say. I would admire over 1-mill miles on any vehicle.

My dad bought an F-250 from a guy who is a Road Ranger on I-75 in the Naples/Ft. Meyers, Fl area. The bought truck had 600K-700K on it. The truck that they guy he bought it from and still uses had 1.3-mill on the same engine.

Now here is one that IS impressive.

Even more impressive is that it is the gas powered model.

the link didnt post right

Now here is one that IS impressive.

Even more impressive is that it is the gas powered model.


Now where's Bob to claim his Impala and/or Astro Van has 1,000,001 miles on it...

I wan't to read unbiased truck news, not some advisement for ford that been lately going around here. Besides there is nothing to brag about this truck, I've seen many GM and some Cummins with over a Million on original engine.

3rd engine?

That should not qualify for anything!

yea i agree having three engines not impressed

A one-ton in a one-ton.

The article didn't even specify which engine it had or how many transmissions it went through. A million miles doesn't mean anything if it's had axles, suspension, etc... replaced. It could be a brand new truck under the sheetmetal. I'm a Ford fan but this article doesn't mean anything.

A Toyota Tacoma properly maintained....will last forever!

Any Toyota...for theat matter...if properly maintained...will run forever on its original engine...

Truck buyers haver better sense than to sink money into a Ford rustbucket!

@ Team Oxi - That's true - just dip them in chloroform and seal them in a glass case. Works on slugs and butterflies too...

They got cummins in dodge trucks with 1.2 million miles and still goin strong but they got 1,000's of dodge trucks with cummins engines with over a million miles,same trucks,some same trany and same ENGINE NO REBUILD OR ANYTHING AND THERE STILL GOING STRONG and they got semis with cummins with over 4 million miles on them with no rebuilds thats pretty amazing still going strong now thats pretty amazing

Was the front seat cushion orginal? I bet not.

The engines in OTR diesel trucks (semi tractors) will go well over a million miles between rebuilds. I worked my way through college as diesel tech for Ryder (leased tractors mostly...not so much the yellow moving vans you think of when someone says Ryder, but we worked on those some too).

Anyhow, Ryder would always sell them and buy a new one for the customer before they'd hit a million, but I've heard that 2-3 million is possible with routine maintenance and a little luck. (Okay...maybe a lot of luck.)

Incidentally Fords (Aeromax) were the WORST semis as far as maintenance goes. Not necessarily the engine (Fords were available with Cummins/Cat/Detroit just like any other brand of semi tractor) But the electrical systems in them were SH!T. The Peterbuilts were good (relatively trouble-free), but more expensive, followed closely by the Volvos. And Kenworth/Freightliner/International and all the rest were somewhere in between.

This was back in the mid-late '90s...things are probably completely different nowadays.

On another note: that guy looks like he needs a one-ton dually just to haul all of that blubber around...

You guys are being ridiculous. This is impressive. The first engine lasted 641,000 miles with probably most of those miles hauling a 5th wheel trailer. The second engine probably wasn't a new engine but a used engine taken out of a wrecked truck because it didn't even last a year. The third engine has probably gone for close to 300,000 miles already and still going. 300,000 miles in a diesel pickup truck is impressive period. 600,000 miles on an original engine is extremely rare. I don't buy Fred's crap about seeing "many" gm pickups with over 1 million miles. If you think 300,000 miles on a pickup engine isn't impressive you just don't deal with hard working trucks much. I've owned duramax, cummins, and the 7.3 ford. I maintain my trucks well, I work them like hell, and I have never reached 400,000. I also have a close friend who owns a large calf ranch. They haul three 5th wheels with calves average 300 miles a day 6 days a week and he rarely gets over 300,000 miles on an engine. He owns dodge ford and chevy and says they're all pretty comparable for overall value.

It all depends on where you live, how you drive, and what you do with the truck. I had read a story about a guy with a Chevy gasser that hit a million miles. IRRC, the guy did it in 8 years. He delivered newspapers. Experts said that was because he lived in a warm climate, the truck got up to operating temperature quickly, and was mostly highway miles. I think Chev or the oil company that provided his oil (used the same oil religiously) bought the truck and used the engine for advertising purposes.
This truck looks like it is in good shape.

My best engine has been the cummins, making it over 300,000 I believe. My brother just lost the original transmission on his late 90s cummins after 420,000, still has the original engine, but he babies it like no other and has never towed more than his jetboat.

Google K&N million mile truck. It was a 3/4 ton Chevy V8 gasser on the original engine and transmission.

So this is Ford's version of a million miles! This is cheating when you consider it had 3 new engines in it! Thats very unreliable and Ford should give the owners a full refund for this piece of junk! There are plenty of Chevy's with over a million miles on them, original everything! Ford cant do that! Maybe they need to install a man-step to the front bumper considering how many times you'll need to go under the hood! Powerjoke! GM wins again! Duramax wins again!


Are you like 5 years old?

Are you even old enough to drive?

...Just wondering.

My God that thing is ugly.


The difference is that Ford engines are actually working, while the Chevy's are just being used as delivery newspaper vehicles.

I have a 1987 Ford Taurus with 1.2 million miles on it, original engine, replaced tranny twice.

@Jack - it wasn't that one. I just ran a search. It was a guy running Pennzoil. Here is the link:

The amazing thing is not that it had done 1,000,000 miles, it is that some guy paid $10,000 for it! What was he thinking?

LOL "Someone stopped me in the Walmart parking lot and asked me when are we goin muddin'?" and " This is a testosterone machine".

Are we talking about the same truck here?

I think I know the one Jack is referring to also. I think one of these was also in a GM commercial, a 1990 or so halfton.....Alot of GMs have over a million on the small block v8.

just another pile of junk from ford built ford tuff to be in the garage should put a duramax allison trany in it then maybe it could make a true million built ford tuff with chevy stuff!!

"The truck has been through some changes. The first motor blew a cylinder at 641,000 miles, Debbie Conner said. A second engine failed after the first year of service and was replaced by a third, 7.3-liter diesel. A second transmission is mated to the latest International engine. The back end is home to its third differential. When the Conners traded in the truck last month, the mileage was 1,000,060." what a pile of junk

It's sad how he appears destined for a heart attack.

His description of it being testosterone dripping is the opposite of my opinion. I wonder if that truck did any work during those 1 million miles.

@Jason H You are right not that impressive. Taxi's here that are used constantly get over 1 Million miles , not Kilometres and they are petrol(gas) engines. I know of a Isuzu Gemini diesel small car(very few sold) that has 1.3 Million miles, original engine. A Toyota Hilux used in the Outback for oil drilling, 900,000 miles on original engine(It was using occaisonally the oil found and bio diesel from shops), it has hit 1.6 million miles on its second engine.

Still impressive since it was on the same frame, same electirical and such.

N/a ... Go D-Max power!

Slow news day?

Wait a minute!... Is that Lou on the picture?

Lets all keep in mind that these are towing miles, not grocery miles. So they are hard.

Not hard miles at all. The article states it was 'babied.'

"Conner, 54, and husband Norman, 73, babied the red F-350 on its cross-country journeys hauling new Jayco trailers from a Pennsylvania factory to RV dealers in the U.S. and Canada."

1,000,000 miles on this junker is nothing. Our 95 Chev 3500 6.5 diesel in our fleet of 20 trucks went 1.2 million miles on the orginal trans and engine towing monster trailers. GM WINS....Ford Sucks as usual....thank you, please drive thru.


Have you ever towed?

So ford dosn't have a million mile club like dodge/cummins? My cummins ram 1998 has 300k on it, guess I have a while to go

@Ken - "babied" would mean properly cared for, and not abused by poor driving or rough use.
The truck was used to haul Jayco trailers. Go to their web site and see for yourself as to what sizes they have.

Why does every thread have to turn into a bashfest?

LMAO at at 6.5 chebby towing anything. Maybe pulling a greased string out of an elephant's ass.

I don't get the bashing either. I won't own another super duty because the one I had, and darn near every other one I have seen have all had the same cosmetic problems- Rust in rear wheel wells, rust along bottom tail gate, paint chipping around the belt moulding on the windows, deep scratches in the windows, paint chipped away behind rear tires. My 2005 looked like a 95 when I traded it off and it's a shame because I really liked that truck. Note how i didn't bring the 6.0 issues into it because if the truck LOOKED like it should have I would have spent the money to upgrade the 6.0 through the aftermarket to address the issues....

The only thing I can say about the gm's of that era compared to the Ford is they both share the rear wheel paint chipping.

1 million miles on 3 motors doesn't do anything for me. Just as the 1 million mile GM that had 2 or 3 trannys and rusted out really doesn't impress me. If the truck makes it a million on original eng/trans then I'm impressed. with the right amount of cash you can keep anything going.

In the article they say its on its 2nd transmission and 3rd diff.

I am more impressed with all the accessories installed on that one than the fact it went 1M miles on three engines. I have seen a lot of later model gas engines (Ford, GM, and Chrysler) go 300,000+ miles.

I could be wrong but this truck doesn't look like it's even done much work as a real truck, especially with the aero-kit. On the 3rd engine for this to be impressive, I'd be expecting some battle scars, but hey, I drive a Chevy, and I'd still be on the first engine.

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