2012 Ram 1500 Wins Canadian Truck King Challenge


By Dave Lee

The 2012 Ram 1500 was named the Best Half-Ton Pickup Truck this week by the Canadian Truck King Challenge team this week, beating out the Ford F-150, GMC Sierra 1500, Toyota Tundra and the Nissan Titan. Five judges evaluated the pickups in tests that included towing 8,000 pounds, carrying 1,800 pounds of payload and some off-roading.

"The testing performed by the Truck King Challenge is a great third party evaluation of the highly competitive half-ton truck segment, and we are thrilled that our Ram 1500 took top honors," said Reid Bigland, Chrysler Canada's president and CEO. "The Ram 1500 is the most awarded Ram truck ever and has the longest lasting line of pickups in Canada. It’s no coincidence that more Canadian pickup buyers are switching to Ram 1500 than to any other truck."

Ram sold 5,282 pickups in Canada in October, a 53 percent increase over 2010, and the brand remains the second-best-selling vehicle in Canada, the company says, adding that Ram has seen the greatest gains in Canadian market share for 2011.

For 2012, the Ram 1500 remains mostly unchanged except for the new 65RFE six-speed automatic transmission. You can read our first look here.


3 said Ram, 2 for others. 3 vs 2 is harly an obvious fav.

@Ford owners,
Sorry about your damn luck! Ram wins again.

Even the wives of the drivers agree.

"Also of note is the fact that what started out as a courtesy to one of our judges turned into an interesting addition to the judging. Spouses and significant others accompanied each of the judges and were more than vocal in adding their opinions and observations to those of the drivers."


Ladies know best.


@ Ram Mechanic

-Ladies know whats best

-Testing trucks



-Soft coil suspension


That probably explains it lol

I and most of us here just would like to see data, and the only data provided is what trucks were used, one of the grades and fuel economy which the Ram got dead last according to them anyway. It just looks like a crappy test.

Truth is there is no bad trucks anymore. Looking at the test results, It looks like Dodge and Ford were the top contenders. Of the 5 judges scorecards, 3 judges scored the Dodge 1st place and 2 judges scored it 2nd place. Ford had 1 judge score it 1st place, 3 judges scored it 2nd place and 1 judge score it 3rd place. The Tundra was the only other truck to get a judge to give them a 1st place score. The Tundra also had 2 judges score them 3rd place and 2 judges score them 4th. The Gmc and Nissan were simply outclassed. I am a little disturbed that to get this information we have to look at sources other than pickuptruck.com. All the information i just shared should have already been included in pickuptrucks own article.

@Heath - agreed. PUTC dropped the ball on this one.

Why would anyone pay those prices for a half ton pickup? I would buy a one ton GM truck for the same money and have the best towing truck available today.

Bunch of Sociologists running a Truck Test, and you want Data?

Lets see some Mechanical Engineers

We are 12 years into the 21st century, and this is the best we can muster...for $64,000?

@multiple personality bob - you are correct that Ford didn't win, butt (not a spelling error) you and GM 1/2 ton trucks have one thing in common - you both are pulling up the rear.

Hey who the heck is Sean Bob ??? I am Sean , yes i like GM but do not lump me in with this BOB character please. I can't stand any of his posts, not sure if its even him posting all with the Name Bob. The site has gone rotten with this BOB, OXI,FRANK, LOU posers. I can't tell who is true to their name or just changing their name and saying stupid stuff under false name???? This site needs to have a different user name ruleing somehow, otherwise the posts are all useless.

RAM is the best. My next truck is going to be the RAM.Happy owner of 2005 HEMI Dodge Durango with 267 000kms and counting.

Lot of butthurt going on in here. No surprises there though.


Wow, lots of sore losers. People who question the outcome must be in high school still. Since when is the winner based solely on #'s in comparison tests. Also, for those questioning the rear coil setup obviously have no experience with the new ram. I have owned many trucks over the years of fords and dodges and had to replace leafs but never a coil and these trucks were equipped with a plow so the front suspension was getting a workout. Fuel economy, really, if that's so important then maybe a truck is not for you. I recently was reading truck trends and had to laugh when they stated how many have referred to the gm's as femenine and the execs got quite defensive when questioned about that. LMAO

I just read the whole line of comments. Seems to me that some people are cryin' wayyy tooo much!... for those who judging the truck without even sitting in it... shame on you. It's nice to see the Ram creating a name for itself.

We have sat in it. It is cramped. Better than GM but not that great. I don't like the coil springs for towing.

Hi all,

I found this quote from autonet.ca.

"In terms of the final rankings and other stats, we attempted to obtain more in-depth results from the organizers of the competition but they wouldn’t divulge them unless we paid for them."

As a proud half ton pickup owner, I would expect complete transparency and disclosure from the organizers of this challenge. Anything less, would be acceptable.


Modifying my previous post:

Last sentence should have read:

Anything less, would be unacceptable.


Posted by: Bob | Nov 11, 2011 11:11:14 PM


I threw a 90$ set of airbags on mine. Towed a 3200 pound racecar back from Colorado with a complete extra Dodge 340, extra transmissions, various other parts. Tows fine. Want to tow more get a heavy duty Ram 1500 or Max Payload Max Tow Ford F-150 ($$$$$$$$$$$$$) or 2500 and up. Bunch of complainers.

@NickinNC - that is obsurd.The guy who came up with truck king challenge (HOWARD J. ELMER) is a shoddy journalist trying to sell his wares. No different than some dime store novelist at a book signing.

Not that I'm making excuses, but why would all the other trucks have top tier engines but GM? The 6.3 would have returned better results in performance and FE.

Congrats Ram.

I think the reason for the 5.3L over the 6.2L was the fact that most buyers opt for the 5.3L then the 4.8L followed buy the 6.2L which probably only outsells the V6. Most of my local GM dealers I looked at have more 4.8L on the lot than 6.2L trucks. Most F150 owners are buying the Ecoboost or 5.0L, Most Ram owners are buying the Hemi, Most Tundra owners are buying the 5.7L and Titan owners can only get the 5.6L. Thats the reason I said a while back that in a shootout neither 6.2L from Ford and GM belong in the test if you are actually test trucks people own because not enough of their brand loyal owners buy them. Also for the record I didnt care about the V6 1/2 ton shootout because Toyota only sells 6 of them a year so nobody cares.

@ lou

i live in canada, and for a fully loaded diesel truck you can spend much more, sorry not being clear, but a well equiped
diesel truck sold for about 64 000 (canadian $), personally i would take more power, towing, hauling and durability
than leather seat and big chrome wheel

i saw at a dealership the sticker price of a 2500 hd
gmc denali 4x4 with diesel, and it was over 80 000 (canadian)and a sle package was more close to 64- 65 k

@ bigtowing - sorry for assuming you were American. I am Canadian as well. It does piss me off at times at how expensive certain models are in Canada. The high end stuff seems to be around 10,000 more than the USA stuff. The local Ford dealer actually went to the USA and bought 3 low mile Raptors. They were still selling them for 60,000 a pop (SuperCrew).
The local Dodge dealer had some custom "copycat" Harley 3500's that were in the mid 80K mark. What surprised me was that they sold quickly.


i agree, last time i compare quite same truck on the internet
there was a 10 000$ difference
i will wait for a nice used 2011 diesel in 2 or 3 year

More details from article on this test in Calgary Herald Fri Nov 18.
180 miles towing a trailer 8000lbs/3636kg grades up to 9%
120 miles payload 1800lbs/818kg
100 miles empty
5 drivers cycled through all trucks on all tests. Of the 5 tester two were journalist and three were regular Joe's who have towed for years.

This review is very shaky. I live in Canada, on the flat prairies where it can get very windy. I tow a 7800 lb 32 ft travel trailer with my 2004 F150 Supercrew 5.4. My friend has a 2011 Ram 1500, he tows a 27.5 foot Fifth wheel, 6600 lbs, and my brother in law a 2006 GMC with the 5.3 tows at 23 foot fifth wheel, 5300 lbs.

To date, my friend has broken 3 coil springs, put air bags on his truck (of which he has had 2 break) and gets a steady 8 mpg (imperial) loaded. Brother in law in his GM gets 9.5 mpg on average loaded, and I have been averaging 11 mpg. Even though the other two are fifth wheels, the F150 provides the stablest pull of the group. I may not have the power of the RAM, but once I am up to speed, I get better fuel economy and confidence - which says a lot. The GM, well, doesn't really shine in either area. I have not had any mechanical failures and am on my 4th year of recreational towing of about 2500 miles per year. The GM, well, he is on his 3rd year of towing and now 2nd tranny, and the RAM being new, other than the springs, has not had any other failures. My truck has around 80,000 miles (135,000 kms), the GM has 77,000 kms and the RAM was still under 10,000 kms.

We see a lot of RV towing out here, not many Tundras (if there are, they pull mostly 25 feet and under) and even less Titans.

Hey that obviously not true the dodge ram is the longest lasting truck in the junkyard try explaining why my 2010 ram need a water pump at 30000kms obviously form over function whoever voted this king is an idiot its the worst truck on the road most unreliable truck on the road cause we all love that fake hemi pushing 50hp the people who reviewd it are obviously not qualified.

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