2012 Toyota Tundra Pricing Up 3%

Tundra reg cab action

Toyota just announced that base 2012 regular cab Tundras will increase in price as much as $720, a relatively substantial and unusual climb year-over-year.

Toyota says the increase in price on its smallest-cab model is due to several changes it's making to the level of content offered for the new year. Standard features now include 18-inch styled steel wheels, a heavy-duty battery (though not offered on the V-6), a stronger starter, a windshield wiper de-icer, daytime running lights, front and rear mudguards and heated power outside mirrors.

The base MSRP will range from $24,435 (not including destination) for the 4.0-liter V-6 with the five-speed automatic to $29,960 (sans destination) for the long-bed 5.7-liter V-8 with the six-speed automatic, or an increase ranging from 2.4 percent to 3 percent. For the year, Tundra production is down as much as 25 percent from 2010 levels. Still, the full-size pickup truck segment looks to continue its overall sales volume climb, with some analysts predicting a record year. 

Tundra int


They should not charge extra for for the 18-inch styled steel wheels nobody likes them and my Supercharged 2010 came with it and I got rid of them then put them back on after getting a chrome cladded version http://www.google.com/imgres?um=1&hl=en&rlz=1T4GZAB_enUS450&biw=1152&bih=549&tbm=isch&tbnid=g73z31DLg7KiGM:&imgrefurl=http://houston.craigslist.org/pts/2656386842.html&docid=h7LZhbBEXMmzuM&itg=1&imgurl=http://images.craigslist.org/5O25W65P43m83p43labai35c90d6a7a31139b.jpg&w=295&h=300&ei=5U_WTqrxLef4sQKJn6meDw&zoom=1.

If they let a little air out of the balloon it would look better and maybe they could justify the price increase.

I know I know, it's a good truck but I can't get over the "jet puffed marshmallow" look, especially seeing it in white!

It does kinda look like a rolling marsh mellow.

i like Toyota's but is that ever a ugly looking truck

I bet the product planning guys are wishing they could have 2006 back, when the slightly differently sized Tundra was nicely utilizing the production line in Princeton. Basically, the cold weather package becomes standard, which it was anyway, except on gulf-coast trucks. Styled steel wheels have always been a scam in my book. They cost the same as the black "holie" wheel. I have a set of each on my 03 Tundra. It came with black wheels/hubcaps and I got a set of silver styled wheels from Tire Rack for $26 a piece.
@53LOL- punctuation is still free, and really clarifies what you're trying to say. And, I LOVE having cheap steel wheels. I never have to worry about them.

I like the extended cab Tundra, but I do agree the regular cab is the ugliest regular cab on the market, I don't know if its the big doors or just the shape of the cab, but its the ugliest regular cab on the market.

Sales are off by 25% yet they are raising prices
substantially. ?????
I guess the marketing genious's are betting that people
who really want a Tundra will pay any price.

It would look half-decent if they would just straighten out the back of the cab / bed and then pick a straight line for the bottom edge of the body. The "I ate too much and am about to bust my belt" look didn't work for the Ford Explorer Sport-trac either.

Whatever and just for you I wont use a period

Why increase the price that much? A few base options shouldn't pump it up that much. I don't see a big deal about daytime running lights. They have been manditory in Canada since 1989 IIRC.

Can't believe anyone honestly likes the look of that truck, But to those who do. More power to you! It's great to have all the choices we have right now in the half ton market.

Also great to have some Toyota news on here! Great to see more diversity, and hope it makes all the Toyota fans day a little brighter.

No power increase?

The single cab Tundra is prob the best single cab among the fullsize truck line as far as space and comfort. But when it comes to pricing, these things are way overpriced compared to the competition.

If Toyota would lower their price by 3K it would make these trucks much more attractive to the contrators that buy the single cab trucks. Until that happens the big three will continue to own this segment.

Just when you thought in no way could the tundra get any uglier this bass fished elephant doored excuse for a truck shows up.Good Job toyota and keep up the good work.. lol

Why would anyone buy this hidious thing to begin with.Its ugly and goofy looking .The interior is even worse if that is possible and it hasn't had a major up date in forever.

Prices didn't increase as much as Ford's F-150....

Toyota does the best at keeping price increases down and resale value high...

Good job Toyota!

Can you support that statement oxi/george/team oxi?

EcoBoost went up $895 alone....

There were many other add ons that added to the price....

Auto 4x4, 36 gallon tank....Torsen diff on Raptor....

All add much, much more to the price than Tundra at $720...

Thank you Toyota!

it that all u guys can say about the tundra is looks?

@Frank- I don't think the Tundra is getting anything significant for the time being. Keep an eye on Lexus: once they have a new V8 pop up over there, the Tundra will be soon to follow.
@uh huh- well, thats the bulk of it. Say what you will about the powertrain, it pulls like all hell. Brakes are big. Bed bounce has been adressed (some different bushings, as I recall). While I'm OK with the exterior (just OK), the IP just looks dumb, with its 3 colors and clunky materials.

I thought for sure the driver would be the Michelin Man.

Yup, just the looks. If we could just find a big enough bag to go over it i'm sure we'd all be happy with the truck

@toycrusher84 Agreed in that side view ,does look odd.


the truck costs more because there's more truck there than a dodge, ford, or gm. Toyota doesnt dumb down the product with cheap crap products so they can sell the base model for way cheaper. This truck still has the same brake system as a crew max platinum with a 5.7 in it, the others make you pay more for it. the radio is nicer, the truck has fluid to fluid heat exchangers on the engine and trans that you cant get period on the others, windshield de-icer grid (may not sound like much until your wipers are iced up and wont wipe clear with snow stuck on em). bigger starter and battery ARE added cost too, its all the little things that make the difference.

Say what you want but compare all of the most stripped down trucks and this one will outdo it in every way, ESPECIALLY 10 years from now.

OH and looks are subjective, if you saw this SAME TRUCK with painted bumpers lowered or raised with the 5.7 in it and it looks totally different than the stripped down model shown here.

@hemi lol


The issue with trucks outside of the Big 3 is just that. In general, pickup buyers are loyal and unless there is some compelling reason (technology, bad past experience, etc) people will buy what has worked for them in the past - little risk. Toyota and Nissan are way late to the game. First to market has carried the Big 3 for decades. Just look at the Sales numbers since the Tundra and Titan were introduced, nothing much has really changed. Tacos and Frontiers do well because they have been around (in the US) for a much longer period of time, allowing a brand loyalty to take hold. If your family bought Chevys/Fords/Dodge for generations, and have always been reliable, the likleyhood to rebuy the same brand is pretty strong.

the toyota's are good trucks,but where the work is being done you seldom see toyota's,they are mostly a city guys truck,someting to pull his jet ski's to the lake.

@Grnzel - you raise some excellent points. It is true that truck guys have traditionally been more loyal and conservative. I find that guys tend to buy what their dad did. I've read articles were journalists have made the same observation.

Nice Tundra did it come with a purse?

That single cab Tundra is one fugly truck with that huge door and window. It needs to go on a diet.

I find it ridiculous how the prices of regular cab pickups have gotten over the years. I remember when you could get a fully loaded regular cab pickup with a V8 in the low $20,000 range. Now, these trucks are priced alot closer to $30,000. Hell, for the price they are selling these regular cabs, you can get into an extended cab or spend a few extra grand and get a 4-door crew cab.

Toyota still builds a great truck, I have had them all and Toyota at least doesn't hang their owners out to dry on resale because they dump fleet sales on the market.

I'm glad I bought my 2011 Tundra 5.7 this year. It was expensive enough as it was - more than $5K more than a 2011 F150 and more than $7K more than a 2011 Silverado, similarly equipped.


Not sure where you live or how you got those numbers, but similarly equipped the Ford, GM, and Dodge are MORE expensive than the same Tundra. You must remember everyone looks at the 5.7 Tundra, but the 4.6 is the comparable to the gm5.3, the ford 5.0 and the dodge 4.7. If you equip those trucks with the upscale heavy towing package to match the capability of the Tundra and buy up on the engine to their perspective big engines to match the 5.7 I-force then all the sudden they are MORE expensive than the Tundra. the Tundra has the biggest value of them all option for option.

Looks awesome... if you're in to mediocre white goods.

@HemiLOL- yes and no- Door to door, sticker to sticker, the Tundra actually IS a good value, BUT...
The tow ratings on the Ford 5.0 are higher than the small V8 from Toyota.
With Chrysler giving away free Hemis, the 4.7 is barely even in the picture.
For the most part, the incentives and discounts just aren't there. Same way an $8k diesel option turns into more like 12 grand this time of year, because gasoline HD's carry bigger discounts.
Historically, Tundra resale values have NOT kept pace with the rest of Toyota.
Yes, if you're buying GM, you have to get the high-zoot model to get more power than the 5.3, but for some that doesn't change anything. Ram and Toyota seem to be the only ones who don't mind selling every power config in any trim/bodystyle, except V6's in 4wds and such. Ford will gladly do that though, and I suppose, there can be a lot of value in a V6 Crew 4wd WT.

Be glad for fleet sales of big 3. Cause your plant your foreign truck was built wouldn't have happened! Drive what drives or great country American trucks.!

These are really nice trucks...I don't understand why they get so much hate. Yeah, they may be a bit big and ugly, but they ride nice on the road and can haul some serious ass even with a trailer hooked up.

Back on 2007 when they came out, my dad (a contractor) picked up a regular cab long bed 5.7 4WD for around $26 grand. Seems like a steal when you compare what they're getting for them nowadays. I think it has something to do with the value of the dollar dropping or something...


The tundra was a truck i closely considered, but I didn't want a crewmax (ginormous, without a 6.5' bed) and I wanted more than a double cab (carseats are crazy long, the double cab forces the passenger seat forward with a carseat). The power and tranny were great, but sometimes you need to satisfy both your power AND family requirements.

Still no ITBC I see.


anyone who thinks all trucks should have an ITBC dont tow very much or very many things. that system can be a problem if the trailer your pulling is set up for a different system than the truck is pre-wired for.

AND, who needs it when the testing was done on the trucks with TSC WITH an ITBC they performed worse than the Tundra WITHOUT an ITBC. so why add it if the truck's system is so advanced that it can correct Trailer sway BETTER than a truck with TSC AND an ITBC?

@ MRknowitall

I expect more intelligent responses from you, but we all have off days................... you CANNOT compare towing ratings between the Ford 5.0 and the Toyota 4.6 because Toyota's towing numbers are set by the SAE J2807 method, and the Ford is whatever their engineers feel like saying.............. You would have an argument if it was the other way around. If Ford was SOOOO confident in their trucks they would've adopted the new towing standard, but they didnt......... because they wouldnt be able to claim they can tow the most anymore.........

You also cant say the Tundra's havent held the same resale value as other toyotas. I'm not sure where you live but here in Cincinnati Ohio a 2007 crew max tundra limited with 50k miles still sells for OVER $30,000 TODAY. Personal example my 2008 crew max 4x4 was 2.5 years old with 38,000 miles. MSRP was $44,666.00 I TRADED the truck last year (for my 2010) For $32,000.00!!!!!!!!! let me do the math for you thats 72% of the original MSRP at 2.5 years old! how is that NOT holding its value? that truck didnt have nav. or dvd either. Show me an example of another truck that you could TRADE IN for that much at 2.5 years?

Hemi lol, I live about 90 miles northeast of El Paso, TX, and in MY market the Tundra, ANY Tundra, costs more than ANY F150, Silverado or RAM 1500 comparably equipped.

Log on to the El Paso Times newspaper and look at the new car& truck ads in the autos section to get an idea of what the real-world prices are for MY market. They're accurate.

I bought a 2011 Tundra 5.7 DoubleCab Long Bed SR5 with factory tow package and on January 12, 2011, I paid $32K+ for it, before tt&l, while the 2011 F150, Silverado and RAM1500 similarly equipped, were selling for $25K-$27K, before tt&l, in MY area.

All in all, this Tundra is the best truck I have ever owned, and I have owned a couple of new Silverados and a 2006 F150 since 1988.

I cannot imagine ever going back to a domestic half-ton after my Tundra experience. Ride, Handling, Braking, NVH, smoothness and vehicle dynamics are all much better in the Tundra. Much, much better!

Where my domestic trucks all had to go back to the dealer for warranty work, the F150 most of all, the Tundra has been trouble-free in over 14K miles on the odo. I hope it stays that way. My shortest drive to the nearest town is 26miles on desert roads and Hwy54. Gives you an idea of the abuse the Tundra has to take on a daily basis.

The Tundra costs more than the domestics, but it may yet prove to be worth it if it doesn't need any warranty work done to it for the next 5 years I plan on owning it. Time will tell. I recommend the Tundra 5.7 for anyone looking to buy a new half-ton. No sales pitch - just a fact!

It doesn't sell, it is the worst full size short cab truck on the market. It is out performed by the cheapest work truck Chevy, or Ford has to offer, and only a complete idiot would waste their money on a truck that looks like it was hit from behind and crushed in the front. Uglier, junkier, and more expensive, looks like sales are going farther down if that is possible.

When the latest generation of Americanized Tundras came out, they got way too expensive for me. When I bought mine it was back when they were trying to attract customers and pricing was very reasonable. I paid $19-$20k for an SR5 v6 doublecab 5 speed.

But now $30k for a regular cab base model farm truck? Get outta here.

I guess luckily for me, I have no reason to buy a new one. I like the size of the 1st gen tundras and they have not improved mpg, now they're shoving v8s and automatic trannies down our throats. Still no diesel. They took away the suicide doors which are a must IMO. Great it's another huge american truck with poor mpg and more capacity than most people need. Congrats on that toyota.

I'd like to get a crewcab someday but a 4.5' box is a joke. Why is it you can get a longer bed on a base Tacoma crew cab than on a Tundra crew cab? Makes no sense.

@HemiLOL- I'm well aware of the fact that currently only Toyota uses the SAE standard. What sells trucks, however, is Mike Rowe (Tim Allen) spouting off numbers on TV. Not sayin' its right. As for resale, a 2005 Tundra crew sells for the same money as a 2005 Tacoma Crew.

I'd like to see standardized tow ratings, problem is - they are not retroactive.
I think that a 5.0 Ford would outpull a 4.6 Tundra. I have yet to read a test so it is all bench racing at this point.
If Toyota was any indication, the bigger, and heavier crewcabs will take the biggest hit. I doubt Ford's 6.2 will drop much. The EB 3.5 might drop more. Time will tell.
Another thing that will be a game changer even for Toyota is that once the new standards are universally accepted, everyone including Toyota will have new trucks on the market. That will negate any direct comparison to current trucks.

They are more expensive because they are better quality. They come with tons of stuff standard that GM, RAM, and Ford only offer as optional. Quality wise they tear the other trucks apart, price wise, they are expensive

@max the crew cab does not have a 4.5ft box, it has a 5.5ft box. the ford f-150 XLT crew cab has a 5.6ft bed. The tundras bed are not as small as they look.

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