Another New Website From Ford Targets Work Duty

Lately, Ford seems to be coming out with new websites more often than they introduce a new vehicle. But this one might be a little different. Oh sure, as you might imagine, this Ford site does quite a job of tooting Ford's rather loud horn but it does it with some pretty interesting information with some pretty cool stories to tell. In fact, if you own a Ford Super Duty or have some incredible work you get done with your Ford pickup truck. 

The site ( is an interactive website that lets you know how popular the Super Duty is with certain commercial industries. In addition, using a template that resembles a baseball trading card, visitors can create their won card to reflect the tough job their Super Duty help them complete. Cards contain information like mileage, industry, region, and other tough facts about their truck and their job. Users also can upload an image of the truck they use. Once finished, they can embed the card in the website, share it on Twitter or Facebook, or simply print it out. The functionality and animations are available for iPad users as well. 

Here's a good chunk of the information on the website here in an elongated jpg, but there is plenty of animation on the site which is pretty interesting. Yes, it's a lot of promotion but we like the interactive aspect that it offers for real-truck Super Duty owners. 

WeOwnWork II



Kool site! I don't have a SD, but I can vouch for mt F-150 HD 4X4!! with Ecco-Boost! great work truck and good on gas, I reg get 17mpg in town, loaded or MT, and as much as 23 on the hyw!, and when I pull the Airstream I get an honest 16mpg! hyw at 70mph! on flat ground, but in the mountins I get about 14! the truck is amazing! all you need to do is feed just enough gas and keep the boost in check, it's almost unbelieve able! even on the most steep and longest hills in New England all you need to do is keep the tow/haul mode button in, and just feather the pedal, and let the trans. do it's thing. I wanted a SD untill I found this F-150 HD, the dealer said to at least drive it, and the rest is history, I am keeping my fingers crossed tho, the videos of the grueling punishment that they put one of the engines threw, well we will see. Oh and if I try to pull the Airsteam with the Chevy, when I need the ext cab, there is realy no comparison IMHO. the Chevy is the best cruzer and the Ford ias the brewser. Take care out there, ona atrip right now will keep you all posted OK?

I wonder if Ford will come up with a Canadian version of this site?
Canadian truck demographics are decidedly different than USA.
Ford ranks #1, Ram #2, Sierra #3, Silverado #4.

63 seconds? Dont know if I would brag about that, but if it is true put it out there. I work in the medical field and it seems most ambulances these days are going to gm's product. More reliable, better ride quality, more time in the field vs the shop. But we will see how the new ps performs.

They ought to change the campaign to 'We Own Low-Bid Fleet Sales to Government/Utility/Construction-ect.'. Most of the industries identified here buy low bid, and they could care less what it says on the hood. Whoever gives the best fleet discount wins, period.

It's a Ford Website, Of course they're going to rank the Super-duty in first place for everything.

It's called Marketing.

ford make good advertising to get fish..2011 y dont remember ford win any 650,,cumming diesel,Allison frame...and the only ford part the cab....

Hey bob, quit trolling!

Diamond energy is a local oil field service here and they wont even deal with gm! They only use Ford and Ram trucks.

Bad choice in a way to use Australia as an example on that website, as Super Dutys as they as rare as hens teeth
@Lou work practices here are vastly different to what you would get in either Canada or the US.

What a joke! After watching the video showing how weak the Super Duty frames are, and how much the rear suspension drops under load. Ford does not build a real work truck unless you are not going to haul any weight in the bed. Ford may have updated their sheet metal on their trucks but their trucks underneath are outdated.


Thats rarely the case here where i live. I live in oklahoma city, theres Devon energy, chesapeak energy and many more. They all use Silverado's, They might have atleast one ford here and there, But they are EXTREMELY rare.

This is false advertising! If you add the Sierra and Silverado together you'll find that GM dominates sales and the work force! For cheerleaders have to make excuses and BS to get to win in their own way. They try to say crap like add the Lincoln Mark LT and F150 sales together and it sells better, thats cheating! Even though they are both owned by the same parent company they cannot be added together for sales because they are competing against each other! And thats why Ford stopped selling Mark LTs too! GM's Sierra and Silverado wins again!

"Even though they are both owned by the same parent company they cannot be added together for sales because they are competing against each other!" - Bobbeh

A field day for cross-examiners.

A GM truck is build every 2.2 seonds. Ford loses again!

"If you add the Sierra and Silverado together you'll find that GM dominates sales and the work force! - Bobbeh

"They try to say crap like add the Lincoln Mark LT and F150 sales together and it sells better, thats cheating! Even though they are both owned by the same parent company they cannot be added together for sales because they are competing against each other."

The pot just called you retarded!


True, however, A Ford F-Series Truck is bought every minute.

Ford sells 48 F-Seires Trucks per Hour.

GM loses, badly!

Wow a entire web page with facts that girly man Chevy loses every-time. Sorry Bob the facts have spoken, America has spoken. It is written and I repeated it.

@Big Bob - unfortunately, you get lumped in with the rest of the bob's.
Most big companies go with lowest bid. It all depends on where you live. I see mostly GMC products being bought or leased by big fleet operators in my region.
Smaller contractors go with a fairly even split between Ram and Ford. Probably the remaining 20 % goes to GMC.

@Jason - there are regional variations. I've only ever seen one GM chassis cab ambulance conversion on the streets. I see mostly Fords. The rescue units are mostly Freightliner, or similar sized class 5 - 6 trucks. The smaller 1 ton units are mostly Ford.

@Bobbeh - keep up the good work.

@Frank - you have to remember that Bobbeh does a comedic parody of multiple personality bob.

@Greg - most upfitters prefer C-channel frames for mounting accessory bodies. That is a big reason why Ford still makes them, and Ram offers a 3500 - 4500 chassis cab with a C-channnel frame. That is one of the reasons why Ford probably outsells GMC.
Fleet operators requiring upfitter bodies won't look at a boxed frame.

The bottom line is that this is a Ford site. It is advertising, PR, and a pat on the back to loyal Ford guys wanting their "name in lights".
Good idea.

Gotta love Ford -has always been the best and will always be the best!

Ford rules and Chevy drools... Chevy the oldest, ugliest, most outdated trucks on the road. But just wait 4 years when they come out with the new GM's! Wait they will be outdated by then too. Crap, it sucks being a Chevy wimp. No wonder all the chevy losers hate on Ford and Ram so much. But as long as your happy driving inferior trucks, more power to you. Just gives the real truck owners more to laugh at as we pass you towing up a hill. and don't bring up the rumble in the rockies unless you own one of those trucks. Because a Peterbuilt would haul that weight better and stop it better, but guess what I don't own one so that don't matter. Talk trash all you want. just actually own whatever you want to brag about. If not your just a pathetic wannabe who cant even own what they want to apparently.

Ford, the McDonald's of pickups!


Exactly, Just like mickey-D's. They suck a$$ But people buy them anyways.

The New Global Ranger is getting the Ford is tough treatment on the Ford Australia website and a "work challenge"contest where you win a a new Ranger if you can suggest a work challenge for it.
Some of the Videos:
Towing with some "Seth Effrican" Ford Employees.

River Crossing.

Hill Slip

Hill Climbing without using accelerator.

@The Truth i'll wrap a chain around youre pos ford drag it up the steepest hill around backwards while pulling a 30ft full loaded while passing a pos ford have fun at the shop i'd drive by laugh at youre over pierced pile of crap they call a ford and when your frame flexs and snaps in half don't worry i'll throw a chain on it and drag it to the junk yard for yah then hand you a towel to cry on

@oxi, Good one! Ford Super Duty trucks don't stand a chance against the design and power of Toyota's HD trucks.

@ Johnny Doe: Learn how to spell. I'll wrap a chain around your special ed neck and throw you in a lake. What kind of cheby do you even have? Loser.

WOW, its getting to where someone looking for "real" information will probably quit coming to

The first time I ever posted and just put my real name "bob" I got some weird replys beforse I knew about the "BOB" problem on here. I even baited him a few times for which I am sorry as it makes it too hard to find the info in between the drivel...
I may do some reading when trying to find the latest info on whats new but to post on here any more seems a waste of time.

Toyota- The McDonald's Salad Shaker of cars & pickups.

Its interesting to see that lower down on the info sheet that the people that actually buy their trucks such as the farmers and the heavey haulers have a better representation of Dodge and GM. The categories that are very high sided to Ford are fleet vehicles. Maybe that is a better representation of who is actually buying the trucks on what each company has to offer. It makes me sick to see grown men talking to each other this way, don't you have anything better to do than say how your truck is so supreme? I doubt any of the guys that ramble on about how much their truck is better even own a truck that was made in the last 10 years. Keep PUTC a respectable website and come here for info, not just a pissing match.

Go to any campground and look around. You will see that Ford owns recreational towing, too. I would guesstimate about 2/3 of all trucks towing are Fords.

@Jason, I noticed that last year at a campground. My son and I did a survey of brands while we drove the roads on our bikes. It was over 75% Fords, from all over (many states). Honestly, I think it was a fluke to see that many Fords on that day. There were some nice trucks of all brands represented though.

I think that Multiple Personality Bob is impersonating Oxi. Pathetic really. Oxi has never used the term Macdonald's before. Oxi doesn't usually comment on HD threads unless it is about offroading.
The Ginger and Gerald name has popped up. More variations of MPB.

I have to agree with Bob from Canada. It really sours it for guys who come to this site.

Fleet sales are cyclical. I have been seeing more GM fleet trucks in the last few years than Ford (Northern Canada). I also have been seeing an increase in Ram fleet trucks. My brother works for a big company that buys/leases hundreds of trucks at a time. They went from Ford to Dodge, now to GM. The GM's dies just as quick as the other 2. They just have their own unique quirks or problems.

I think the whole point of this site is to encourage and strengthen brand loyalty to Ford. Small and large fleet guys get to post their stories, brag about their trucks, and feel good about some public recognition. THese guys will most likely consider Fords on their next purchase because of it.
Good idea.
Repeat customers, especially in the fleet market is probably more important than conquest sales.

It's no concidence that Bob and oxi are both from Tacoma World.

"It's people like you - on both sides - who give the offroading hobby a bad name." - Tacoma World on oxi

i'd bet that 2002 f350 with 1000000 miles has a cummins conversion!

Am I missing somthing? Doesn't the chart acutally show Ford losing market share from 78-88.

lllllllllll a ford whit 1million mile .....they have problem pass 100,000 before you need a engine job ....and rebuild the front end.......


Wow, just wow!

Does anyone like that guy oxi?

I see more GM and Ram HD's towing/hauling loads then Fords on Interstate freeways.

Nate- American trucks are supreme!

Jason- I have observed the same thing at campgrounds. Ford always has the most representation. Dodge (Ram) and Chevrolet jockey for second/third. G.M.C. brings up fourth.


No, you are not. Ford is being honest and coy.


What about oxi?

People don't like when oxi tells the truth...

Jeep's don't make any real world sense, they are only play vehicles...

This is the truth....

Quote the oxi never more!

I realize one thing...

That it's better to not be liked and have a background in what you are talking about, than to be liked and have no experience!

It's also better to stay quiet and be thought a fool than to open your mouth (or keyboard) and remove all doubt...

Team Oxi, are you kidding me. YOU ARE PATHETIC.

You are like the most hated person on the internet. If I were you, I would not be posting pic's of myself.


@JASON, have you been to a campground lately, GM trucks rule that segment by far.

@Greg, he posts 29 post per day on average? We all knew he was obsessed, but that is taking obsession to the extreme!

Lolll @Shawn, have you been to a Chevy dealership lately? GMC rules that segment! I couldn't resist... If you start nitpicking every segment you are going to find favored trucks. It could just be the way the winds blowing as to what truck you see more of at a campground anyway...

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