Closures Loom for Two Midsize Pickup Truck Plants

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With all the good news involving big investments for new and retooled assembly plants making pickup trucks that came out of the most recent UAW contract negotiations, we should remember there are costs we may not like. 

Two plants slated for closure relatively soon just happen to be midsize pickup truck plants. The first is in St. Paul, Minn., where Ford Rangers have been built since their introduction in the 1983 model year. The Twin Cities Assembly Plant is the oldest Ford plant in operation, and the Ford Ranger is its oldest vehicle in production, with its last significant redesign coming in 1993 (we're not counting the minor suspension and cosmetic changes in 1998 as "significant"). Ford recently announced that the last day of Ranger production to be the week before Christmas. No word yet as to who will be allowed to buy the last Ranger off the line. 

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Additionally, General Motors will be closing an aging midsize pickup plant of their own about eight months later on Aug. 23, 2012. The Shreveport, La., factory also has been building GM's midsize pickups and SUVs since the early 1980s. Vehicles such as the GMC Syclone, Chevy S-10, Hummer H3 and H3T are among its most famous alumni. Now, the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon are the only models produced there.

The Shreveport Assembly Plant is the only plant slated to be closed as part of the most recent UAW contract ratified on Oct. 10. No word yet as to who will be allowed to purchase the last vehicle off the line. 

As a reminder, retooling and significant investments are being made to the Wentzville, Mo., factory, so at least one production line will be assembling the new Colorados, likely due in 2013. There are still no announcements by GMC as to production of a new GMC Canyon.



I hope the new Collie will be significantly better than the previous. I'd like to see the 3.6L V6 and possibly the diesel in addition to the I4 gas engine. For some odd reason I am tired of looking at the current Ranger and Colorado.

Man that rump ranger is butt ugly. The Colorado looks 10 times better even if the ranger did outsell the Colorado. Just look at the front end of that Ranger, only a mother could love that look. The Colorado on the other hand is handsome and I'm not saying it because I like Chevy's or GM.

The Colorado is actually a good truck but the interior was cheap in my opinion. The Colorado is also over priced for a midsize truck. I am glad that Chevy will keep selling the colorado in the U.S. The ford fusion ranger will not be sold in the U.S. for now. Ford and ford fans lose again.

They are both good looking trucks and they will be missed. I personally prefer the first gen ranger I had. It came with LSD's in both axles, dual fuel tanks, manual t-case and manual hubs. Most of those things will never be brought back by anyone but it is nice to see Ford using an LSD again up front in the new raptor.

The look of both were below average but the overall quality of the Ford was much better and it got better crash tests and fuel economy.

F-100 will be a 2015 MY introduction and will blow away the 2014 Colorado. New F-150 and SD will also blow away the competition. GM loses again? Yes.

My Dad owned a Mazda B4000 (re-badged Ranger with the 4.0L) for 12 years. Nothing ever broke on it that he didn't break himself.

As for the Colorado...yuck. Everything about that truck kinda rubbed me the wrong way.

So when is the new Colorado supposed to debut again in the U.S.? For the 2014 model year?

"There are still no announcements by GMC as to production of a new GMC Canyon."

Does anyone else think GM should cancel the GM clones? I think they should just concentrate on making the Chevy Silverado and Colorado the best they can be. Forget the GM clones.

F-100 huh? you say 2015 model year??? I guess that means ford first has to take the great innovations of the GM truck and then put them on their 2015 f-100 right? and then make the claim that they invented it right???

face it ford girly man fans, GM delivers and will offer the Colorado, ford gives you the shaft and will not offer the global ranger. ford girly men lose again.

You forget that Ford debuted the new global Ranger before Chevy debuted the new global Colorado. Ford does not need to copy the Colorado. GM does need to copy the manstep which they are copying for the 2013 Silverado.

F100 given the green light again

2014 release as a 2015.

@Bob the Colorado is the WORST truck GM makes. Just becaue YOU think its a good truck doesnt mean anything to anyone here.

too bad it is not a toyota plant their closing down. the ranger is an american legend


The F100 might be based on the Ford Transit connect platform. This will add to the F-Series Sales.

Bob will now have a heart-attack.

I agree with Evan. The Colorado and Canyon have the dubious distinction of being #1 on the Top 10 poorest products out of Detroit.
It is too bad that Ford will not release a new Ranger or replacement. Rumors still abound in relation to a F100 or Transit Connect based trucklet.
I can't say that I'll miss the demise of these trucks even though I've owned a few Rangers.

@Bob - stop the trolling. You had almost all of your posts deleted on the Raptor thread. You are now trying for the same outcome on this thread?
If you miss getting beat down, just re-read that thread. Everyone's antI-Bob posts are still there. Bwahahahahahaha.
bOB - The PUTC version of an STD.

This is great news!
Way to go Ford!
Way to go Chevy!
Way to go Chrysler!
Way to go Walmart!
U rah rah rah!

@Michigan Bob

Nevermind the Colorado was the worst truck on the planet, by denying it wasn't also the ugliest leaves zero doubt you're not a 12 year old troll. Thanks for the clarity!

Okay, In August here on Autoblog it was announced that the Shreveport Plant that makes the Colorado was shutting down in 2 weeks, now Autoblog is saying it will shut down 10 months from now, a year later then when they first said it would shut down. Just does not make any sence, Also on here you stated the New Colorado will be made in Wentzville Mid-year of 2012 as a 2013, so why over lap production of the old and new? Think some of these contractors on here need to verify the facts before putting the blogs on here.

I hope they still have a V8 option for the Colorado

I have a 2000 Ford Ranger and love it. I do not want a Ford F-100 or whatever. I don't want and don't need a big truck. The new Chevy Colorado bed is too high.

I'll buy a new Colorado if the price is right. I'm also looking forward to the all new Chevy Silverado debut in January at the Detroit Auto Show. Can't wait to get back into a Chevy again. Choices. Choices. Choices.


Parts for the New Colorado and a whole collection of other vehicles(including the New Global Ranger) have been seriously affected by the floods in Thailand.

Glad I purchased a new Tacoma good bye ford.


Ford must have bigger fish to fry. Enjoy!

@fake Lou - bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa

Maybe when I am ready to buy a new truck in 6-7 years GM might have a new truck released by then.
If it turns out to be the best truck on the market for my needs, I'll buy it.

That's just what I was thinking. Do you have a little more information to share with us? Well?

I was killing time in the area and decided to walk around a Chevy Truck dealership. They had 4 Colorados in the back. They looked tiny and cheap compared to the new Silverados. Stickers said only 18/25 mpg msrp was $29k ..
Pointless Really.

A few years ago chevy was workking on the Bare Neccessities truck concept with a reversable bulkhead. WTF happen to that? It was brilliant.

Build a lite, Short, low , fuel efficient truck with small bed and mid gate. No longer than a midsized, with a midgate . Give it muscle car looks and enough capabilities.. 4000lb towing, 1000lb capacity. 25mpg city, 5 seater with fold flat midgate and rear seats. There is a huge market for it.

cyberpine. I agree with cyberpine that they went a little to cheap on the Colorado. I have a 2008 Isuzu I-370 crew cab which is its twin. I originally looked at the I-280 with a 5 speed manual which had hard plastic floors and cheap vinyl seats. The I-280 rattled and had poor pickup. It might have been more acceptable if the price would have been 10k or less but it was overpriced. I have a 1999 S-10 that was several thousand dollars cheaper new than the Colorado in comparison. The Colorado is not the truck that the S-10 is. I don't think that the Colorado is a lemon, it is just not as well build. I like my Isuzu and it has nice features but they put cheap plastic handles on the tailgate and on the outside of the doors (the S-10 has metal handles). The door hinges on the Isuzu are cheap. The plastic door panels and dash don't bother me as much but I do think they went a little too cheap. As for the Ranger I think Ford is making a mistake. The Ranger should be updated with newer engines and transmissions and should be less expensive. There is still a demand for a real compact truck if it is competitively priced. I considered the Ranger a couple of times.

My mother had a Colorado for 3 years. It was hands down the biggest piece of junk I have ever had the displeasure of setting in. It rattled, was under powered, got lousy fuel mileage. The interior felt like it was going to fall apart at any second and despite FOUR trips to the dealership, the blower for the HVAC unit would only work on high most of the time. My Dad got sick of it and they just traded it off on an Escape.

Sad news for American car companies and for Americans alike.

Yeah China

Bring the world ranger to the US

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