Day 3 on the Floor Continues to Impress: SEMA 2011

Day 3 Lead
I suppose if we have to endure blisters, blood-shot eyeballs, and aggressive crowds (I wish I had a dollar for every time someone bumped into me) in order to spend another day covering the SEMA Show for you, it's the least we can do.

Here are just a few more examples of some of the interesting things we got to look at while walking the show today. We can probably guess which one is your favorite.

We'd ask you to be patient as we digest all that we've collected. We've got more to come and will likely need time to download a lot of the information we've collected for you (the good thing about OE engineers that attend SEMA is that many of them can't hold their liquor).

We'll also have some videos coming your way so stay tuned. Enjoy.

Day 3 Military replica

This military-looking resto is actually a compilation of Jeep, Bronco, and Dodge mechanicals. 

Day 3 International

We almost walked right by this truck because there were so many other impressive vehicles around--it almost got lost. We were told the only way to survive driving this truck over the long-haul is to have the highest quality air-suspended seats. 

Day 3 Mobsteel II

Built out of Detroit, this F-650 is the creation of Adam M. Genei from Mobsteel. He drove it to the show, towing three other custom cars. We'll have more on this truck at a later date. 

Day 3 F-150 UA EcoBoost

This is a customized Ford F-150 EcoBoost the boys at 4 Wheel & Off Road Magazine modified to run in their yearly Ultimate Adventure extreme trail ride. Oddly, it was sitting in the Nitto tire booth that had an ultra-modern and ritzy black and white theme, complete with a very stylish model. The contrast was too much for us to resist. 

Day 3 Kodiak

This stretched Kodiak came complete with a full wet-bar, big-screen TV, and reclining seats. 

Day 3 Rat Truck

One of the themes we saw this year was the practice of leaving the exterior sheetmetal looking as if it had just been discovered in a barn after years of neglect. The patina-look works for a lot of rat rods but now is overflowing to into pickups builders as well. 


Can you zoom in a bit on the F-150? I'm curious what kind of headlights those are.

In all seriousness that F-150 is gorgeous.

I am anxious to read-up on the 4 Wheel & Off-Road Magazine's Ford F-150.

Ya UncleBud that F150 is awesome!
The F650 looks kinda cool to, if your into the huge truck with a pick-up box thing

The whole rat rod thing is getting a bit crazy. Spend a wack load of cash just to make your ride look like an old beater?
That F650 looks cool and so does that F150 EB. It took me a few minutes to notice the truck;)

where is this off road f-150 everyone is talking about? haha

Check out that F150 in the Ultimate Adventure 2011 EcoBoost video over on the forums:

but ifs is not for offroad they say why does the pro with in the first 2 mins of the video say ifs is what its all bout ford fans are confusing either way i like the jeep

I'd rather have the gurl than the F-150...

Too bad the F-150 is not street legal!

Those tires stick out wayy too much, you will have to make it a trailer queen...

It depends on what state you live in as far as making it street legal. For example, Kentucky, the state I live in, has no tire coverage laws. A set of flares will make it streetable elsewhere.

This video made me feel so good about F-150:

There are no tire coverage lawas in TX. No fenders. No problem.

Alabama, either. But all the same, I wouldn't mind hauling that truck anywhere. Might just pull it around everywhere I went just to show it off if it was mine. lol

What's wrong with that woman? She's nearly blocking our view of the F-150!

I'm amazed they got it back together after mashing that side up on the trail. Also, that first pic of the Kaiser-like truck is pretty sweet but what's with the baby tires? It's been said you can fit 44" tires without a lift on those things.

Nice Tires on the F-150.

The tires on my truck stick out more than that F-150 and it's legal here in Florida. I can't stand the Florida heat but I must say that it is nice to not have to pass emissions tests.

@oxi- the F150 was built for the FWOR Ulimate Adventure. All vehicles are licensed, insured and plated. They will all be driven between trails. Its actually a really interesting build...

@Ford850 - great video of the EB Ford 4 Wheel & Off Road Magazine. I love the sound of the truck. Usually V6's sound lame. I saw a Ford GT with the exact same paint job as this truck. Cool ride.
It wouldn't be legal where I live, but throw some mudflaps on it and if you weren't a complete idiot, the police would leave you alone.

This F-150 needs to ditch those Japanese Nittos and then throw on some American -Goodyear Wrangler MT/Rs.

I cannot fathom why somebody would lower a pickup.

@Buy American Or Say Bye To America!

Do you even know where rubber comes from?

Rubber trees are not grown in the U.S.! Imported raw materials no matter what brand you prefer...

By the way how many foreign plants does Goodyear hae, you'd be suprised!


"Goodyear made the first radial tires in Southeast Asia when its Malaysia truck tire plant opened in 1973. Of 73 Goodyear plants worldwide, seven are in Asia, 32 in the United States and 37 in 24 other countries. Forty percent of Goodyear's revenues are from outside the United States."

@oxi- lots of raw materials are imported, there's no way around that. However, all BFG KM2's, KX'x, and Goodyear MTR's are made in the USA.
In defense of the build team, tire choice is lagely based on who bucks up for sponsorship, directly, or with their advertising dollars. In so much, you could put the blame on BFG, Goodyear, or even the specialty brands (Pro-comp, Interco, etc) for not making sure they were featured on the project.
@A different Luke- I cannot fathom any more or less why someone would make an HD diesel truck so useless by installing HUGE lifts and tires (w/ 20" rims) and drive them on the street.

There are many ways people will go to get attention. I just happen to have more respect for those that choose to creatively modify their vehicle to attain that attention.

It has nothing to do with increasing capabilities / usefulness of the vehicle, because after putting all that work into it, who is gonna risk damaging it in regular work?


It is better, for America, to buy from an American company, manufacturing in America, that has no choice but to use foreign materials.

Buying from a foreign company, that is not manufacturing in America, does not help America.

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