First Spy Shots of Next-Gen Chevy Silverado

Silverado II

Speculation about the next full-size Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra is practically keeping an entire truck industry on edge.

At a time when the truck segment is just beginning to get some stability and momentum, at a time when the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500 are drawing all sorts of attention with their aggressive powertrain and model lineups, and at a time when few economic predictors are pointing in any direction other than "uncertainty," all eyes are on GM to see what its truck engineers have up their sleeves.

We've heard that the powertrain teams took a hard look at all the competitive options and mapped out several possibilities as to what will likely happen in the next five, 10 and 15 years, not to mention the looming 2025 fuel economy targets. We assume something drastic and significant must happen with a next-generation vehicle in one of the auto industry's most competitive segments.

No doubt GM is fully aware of the risk involved, and who would blame them for taking a more conservative approach with so much at stake? But we're hoping a vocal group of internals understands how important it is to push the envelope — maybe even several envelopes — right now.

Producing a vehicle that gets you up to the level of the competition does not cut it anymore. We've seen that strategy played out over and over in all sorts of automotive segments, with long-term losing always the result. 

Silverado Cab II

Expectations are certainly high, with quite a chunk of company survival at stake with this core pickup truck. Let's just hope the internals who are riding shotgun to this introduction understand it's much easier to ride the wave of success after you make a big splash than it is to try to increase the size and momentum of a wave after you start slow. 

Sure, we understand that GM wants to (and should) keep a tight lid on the information and various technologies related to such an important vehicle. The wrong leak or wrong slip of the tongue could literally cost thousands or millions in sales or jeopardize long-cemented job-hiring strategies at specific plants.

Still, when we hear from someone getting a snapshot of one of these rare beasts in the wild, we have to share what we've found. You can bet we'll have more to tell as we get closer to the reveal and technology backgrounders. (Some say that could happen in late 2012, but it wouldn't surprise us if that got pushed.) Our hope is that we'll see something futuristic, maybe a concept vehicle, at this year's North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

For now, we have to wait, but here's what spy shooter had to say:

"We've just gotten our first glimpse at a prototype for the 2014 Chevy Silverado out on the test circuit.  We were able to peek through the branches and catch this Silverado prototype moments before it slipped away into thicker cover. The camouflage is predictably heavy for such an important product — and one so fresh out of its design freeze — but some interesting details still show themselves. Most interesting is the Silverado's greenhouse and side-window treatment, which appears to be significantly different [from] the thick-pillared look of the current model. It's not that the pillars are really any smaller, but the way they interact with the side glass, and the roof rails' looks, and backlight to be quite a departure from today's truck.

"Reports have been circulating that GM engineers have plans to cut a massive 500 pounds from the next-gen Silverado, to improve performance and fuel economy. Extensive use of aluminum and magnesium are said the be the most likely course to realize such weight savings, but it's clearly a lofty goal that, if reached, could be a game changer.

"On the design front, our sources tell us that GM planners have been a bit sensitive about the look [of] the current trucks — seeing them as a more feminine look compared to the Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram. We're told to expect a brawnier look, and more chrome — especially on the heavy-duty models.

"This Silverado will continue to spawn truck-based offerings in the guise of the GMC Yukon and Chevy Tahoe, which are expected to be under test very soon.

"We've heard production on the Silverado is expected to begin in late 2013 as a 2014 model."


Silverado front II



I already like the front end from what I see.......mirrors maybe look a little small. GM rules.

thats looks like a crew cab with a 6.5 foot box! nice work GM! I didn't put the silverado in the running for a new truck buy partially because of the lack of a 6.5 foot box. this would be an awesome addition to the half ton lineup.

Even by that little picture they already look better than the GMT900 junkers.

IMHO Chevy hasn't done anything BUT barely stay equal with the competition since briefly leapfrogging them in 1999 with the introduction of the Silverado...nowadays they are pretty far behind in a lot of areas. (...And this is from a guy that owns an early Silverado 5.3 and put a 6.0 Liter in his old Jeep)

It seems to me that going to an all aluminum blocks across the board is pretty low-hanging fruit for Chevy... It's already on the shelf and would save around 75 pounds or so...IF they stick with the current engine architecture.

I'm sure they will probably toss in a turbo'ed-up version of the V6 from the Camaro or something to get good mileage and compete with the EcoBoost...will it be as good though?

Did Chevy stick with that composite box that came out in 2001? Or was that just a flash in the pan? That might be good for another 50 pounds.

Oh, and they could save some weight by going back to rear Disc brakes if they could figure out a way to get them to quit eating them up every 50k miles. Other manufacturers have figured this one out, why can't Chevy? That would save a few pounds of sprung weight.

IMHO, the only way they're going to lose 500 pounds without radically downsizing the truck though is by redesigning the frame from the ground up.

I for one hope they can do it and build a competitive truck again, instead of falling back on mindless brand loyalties that seem to fade a bit with each passing year...

4 door 6 1/2 foot bed. Do they offer that today?

@Ford850 - that isn't offered right now, you have to settle for a 5.5 foot bed with a four door truck. I find it to be a drawback vs other truck's crew / almost crew cabs and 6.5 foot beds. for chevy, you would have to jump up to a 3/4 ton truck

@Zach, GM does produce 4 door crew cabs with a 6.5" bed, but its only in the HD model. I like the look of the cab, it appears to be larger than the current models.

It's interesting that they say it will be a 2014 MY and not a 2013 that everyone was saying it would be. It's going to be a long wait.

I don't see anything particularly different than the current gen in those photos. That extra camo running front to back just under the windows is interesting. I wonder if they are planning a throw-back to 70's/80's trucks with that cut running at about that height?

The larger cab is interesting.

there is a fair difference between front and rear wheelwells on the first picture, wonder if the wheelwells could go towards a rounder design than current gen? I kinda like the rear's myself, not so much the front.

Lets get rid of the square wheel wells already, I mean the tire is round.

GMC had better come out with a product that leaps ahead of the competion by a significant margin. Their strategy is a risky one by releasing new drivetrains and a new body/chassis all in one shot. Many truck guys will not trust any radically new drivetrain, and it always takes a while to adjust to a new body style.
I can see the Cadillac twin turbo V6 finding its way into a truck, will GM release an 8 speed tranny?
The new 5.3 is the engine I am really interested in seeing.
There are rumors of active aerodynamics (shuttered grill openings etc.).
I'd love to see a 6.5 box option. A man step would be great too;)

Wonder if they will finally go with SFA in the 3/4 and 1 ton like everyone else.

Turbodiesel V6 in the Tahoe please! I'll buy one so I can drive it to work and not kill myself on fuel costs and then tow my racecar on the weekends.

I just don't get the fascination with solid axle front ends on 3/4 ton pickups. I have a Chevy 2500HD now and the way myself and so many people I know use trucks I only see negatives (weight, steering geometry, etc) compared to the SLA setup. Oshkosh just started converting it's 4WD heavy duty trucks to something similar. I just don't think a-arms are inherently fragile. I guess for articulation over obstacles the solid axle wins, but how many people really do that with a pickup? And if you do it, do you need a brand new truck to do it with?

The square wheel wells are direct evidence of the fact that whoever is designing this these trucks doesn't actually own/need/understand a truck. I have 17 inch wheels on my 3/4 ton Yukon XL and can't even go one notch up to a 285/70/17.

it be cool if they did a 70s 80s throw back it looks pretty flat up front like a 70s 80s truck from what i can see it looks like it have some monster headlights to it be cool if they bring back SFA

man what is up with the square wheel wells that looks like A$$

"We're told to expect a brawnier look, and more chrome — especially on the heavy-duty models"
I agree to both of these improvements, would also like to see the HD trucks be visually different (bolder looking) from the LD trucks. I think GM has done a pretty good job keeping up with, and in some cases surpassing the competition (remember Rumble in the Rockies?). Now if they would bring back the big block (I love my 8.1/Allison combo) mated to the Allison that would really be nice.

I also second the proposal of bringing the diesel to the Tahoe/Suburban, if there ever is one. For the life of me I can't understand why they didn't put the Ecoboost in the 2012 expedition.

Gawd help them if it's another squared off brick with crappy aerodynamic drag.

That spy photo is a crew cab with a 5'8" bed and not a 6'6" bed. Anyone with brains can see that, oh that's right alot mind num posters here.

And for every post that I read that says the current trucks are "junk", well the public must really like junk because they are selling almost as much of GM'S trucks as ford is with their much newer engines and platform.

What ever GM comes out with you can bet it will be the standard in the class and all other trucks will be measured against it for years to come. I have spoken and it will be done.

@Big Enos:

I've gotta dissent on the Solid front vs IFS... The articulation is nice too, but If you live somewhere where you use 4WD alot (up North) and you are REALLY going to use the truck hard (i.e. put a snow plow on it or tow/haul heavy in the wintertime/at muddy jobsites) the SFA is going to win every time due to durability.

Personally, I don't really need it (nor do most people) and enjoy the weight savings and ride benefits of IFS, but if I ever bought a 3/4-ton for plowing snow, it wouldn't be a Chevy.

It looks a lot like a current US Colorado? Square wheel openings and light placements.

@Michigan Bob the bed length appears to be longer than the cab height is tall, and according to the current cab height specs from the chevy website (73.7 inches high) that would make the bed length longer than 6 feet. yeah i'm taking some guesses, and i'm using the chevy website specs in my assumptions, but are you so sure that the bed length is 5'8" that you're willing to be a huge jerk about it? my logic might not be perfect, but I don't think it's a bad guess. on top of that, with a 6.5' box option on the chevy, it would have been neck and neck for me when i purchased my f-150 back in july. i really liked the chevy, and it's 6.2L (except for mileage), and some of the features i could get, but in the end the Ford narrowly beat it out due to some features which included bed length. i think a 6.5' box option would be a great move for GM as a whole, allowing customers to choose a crew cab and still get a good amount of bed space.

i should see the truck before i go out and buy a ram or ford.

More bad news for GM.

With a 2014 introduction of the regular trucks, this means the GM All Terrain won't come out til 2015 or 2016.

GM comes out with a concept in 2010 and people get all excited about GM "coming out" with new products. But GM doesn't deliver.

Being 6'6" tall I have to be one of the few who are going to say, "shrink the crew cabs!" They are already too big/long for any reasonable purpose.

My frame is significantly taller/longer than most and there is no reason that I need to extend my legs straight in the back seat. I'd gladly give up 3-4 inches of rear legroom for an extra 1-2 inches of depth so I am not chewing on my knee caps. The Ford's are especially bad for this due to the "non-wussy" frame that doesn't hang down (don't flame me I am only quoting some commenters on here). the lower frame gives me more seat height room which I care more about than the extra couple of inches in length.

I think Dodge/Ram had it nearly right with their 4 door extended cab. Another inch and a half or two would have offered the right blend of comfort for hauling people and having the extra bed length and lower weight and overall shorter length (I'd kind of like to have a truck fit in my garage)

This cab looks really big and that is going to be counter to saving 500 lbs.

Personally I have no brand bias and I'd be happy if GM can make me a truck that fits in my garage, has at least a 6 foot bed, seats 4-5 reasonably comfortably, accelerates 0-60 in 8 or less seconds, gets a combined 20 mpg and can have a payload at or over 2000 lbs and can reasonably tow 7-9000 lbs. ALL IN THAT SAME PACKAGE, not in 10 different one off versions that are going to make me compromise somewhere. (fat chance of that happening any time soon from any of the brands. I'd have to go to Europe, Australia or basically anywhere else to achieve close to this.) Here's to hoping.

@Lou & Dave - At least GM is out there testing with their new models.

Where are the Ford spy photos? I don't see Ford out there testing.

Ford, we give you the girly man step, loses again!

2013 lol........ looooooooooooong wait GM boys. By that time Ford and Ram will probably be close to their new model releases. Damn GM, step-up would ya!!!!!!

GM is Johnny on the spot with them redesigns , 2 more years is a long time to wait .

"At least GM is out there testing with their new models.

Where are the Ford spy photos? I don't see Ford out there testing."

lol, Ford doesn't need spy photos anymore since, well, you can actually buy their new truck already.

@paul - The 09 F150 is a refresh of the 04 F150 which actually came out in 03.

The 11 Super Dooty is a refresh of the 1999.

The 11 Ranger is a refresh of the 1993 and 1999.

Use common sense. Thare no new trucks from Ford that you can buy. Ford loses again!

Sorry Bob, er.. Michigan Man, What '11 Ranger are you talking about? I'm interested even if it IS just a refresh from '93.

And BTW, why are you so sure the 2013/14/15/whenever new silverado will not just be a refresh of the current model?

What I'm saying is the Ranger is just a continuation of the 1993 and 1998 refreshes with some changes along the way.

The same thing with the F150 and Super Dooty. F150 released in 2003 and refreshed. Super Dooty released in 1998 and refreshed.

There are no new trucks from Ford that anyone can buy. Ford fans and the girly man step lose again.

The more I look at it, I think it is a HD with standard bed. That cab looks huge!

well we all know bob's a nutcase for sure now he's writeing to himself and don't even know it

@Michigan Man- So? They looked good in 93/99, they still look good now.

@chevy guy- A throwback body style would be awesome no matter who did it. Just like they all did with the mustang, camaro, and challenger, designing their trucks to look like old ones would be cool. Id love to have a 2012 F150, FI 5.0, 6 spd, and all the other goodies that come with a new truck all in a 79 Ford!

The only reason GM went to the girly IFS was to appease the increasing women buyer demo. It gives a smoother ride vs SFA even though coils have replaced the buckboard leafsprings on Fords and Dodge. Besides its reliability and articulation, SFAs have near zero camber change with a compressed or unloaded suspension and that equals more traction, control and safety.

To Michigan Bob,Detroit Bob, UP Bob, whatever BOB..
check this out Bob

As you have pointed out, the newest Ford Superduty is still basically the SAME truck as came out in 1999
it still outsells and looks better than this 2013/2014/2015 whatever Chev

The Chevy Girlie has spoken. Let her run her trap!

@Michigan GM Bob or what ever your dumb alias is - why does Ford need to go out and test new trucks??? All of their new drivetrains hit the road fall of 2010. If Ford comes out with a new frame, they will hide it under the body of a test mule, same goes for 8 speed tranny's, rear ends or suspension changes. You don't need to be doing much driving with a new body. That is what wind tunnels are for.

GM will release a completely new truck, and Ford will release a new chassis and body, Ram will most likely tweek their body and release new drivetrains. Tundra will e releasing a completely new truck.
GMC will have to really come up with something great to stand out from the croud as everyone will have something new to offer.
That is great for open minded buyers, but not so great for GM stockholders.

I think its a half ton, 3/4 tons usually ride higher have more room in the wheel wells, also defiantly a 6'6" bed just by judging the distance from the back of the cab to the back wheel.

I agree!

Look at the Dinosaur eat up SALES!

Sorry Chevy GIRL!

@Bob Industires, LLC

Sorry Chevy GIRLS!

Chevy loses, again!

Looks like they made the rear doors bigger and the front smaller who are they trying to fool!!!

@Bob Industries, LLC

Chevy loses again!

You are not worth the talk!

GM loses, again!

You guys are reading too much into these spy shots. There is camouflage all over that truck that has a bulg here and a crease there to throw you off. The wheel wheels are different front to back. I would say they will go with the rounded ones on the rear. You are seeing only one spy photo and think that they are going to make one box length. They have to give us a couple box options to match Ford and Ram. They have to start making these trucks more aerodynamic so forget about retro styling. I want to see this truck look like a 2013 the minute you see it. Not the hum drum decade old box they have now. My 2 cents

y hop they not coming whit a stupid design,,back light out of the fender,like dodge,,,and stupid ford whit logo partner..

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