First Spy Shots of Next-Gen Chevy Silverado

Silverado II

Speculation about the next full-size Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra is practically keeping an entire truck industry on edge.

At a time when the truck segment is just beginning to get some stability and momentum, at a time when the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500 are drawing all sorts of attention with their aggressive powertrain and model lineups, and at a time when few economic predictors are pointing in any direction other than "uncertainty," all eyes are on GM to see what its truck engineers have up their sleeves.

We've heard that the powertrain teams took a hard look at all the competitive options and mapped out several possibilities as to what will likely happen in the next five, 10 and 15 years, not to mention the looming 2025 fuel economy targets. We assume something drastic and significant must happen with a next-generation vehicle in one of the auto industry's most competitive segments.

No doubt GM is fully aware of the risk involved, and who would blame them for taking a more conservative approach with so much at stake? But we're hoping a vocal group of internals understands how important it is to push the envelope — maybe even several envelopes — right now.

Producing a vehicle that gets you up to the level of the competition does not cut it anymore. We've seen that strategy played out over and over in all sorts of automotive segments, with long-term losing always the result. 

Silverado Cab II

Expectations are certainly high, with quite a chunk of company survival at stake with this core pickup truck. Let's just hope the internals who are riding shotgun to this introduction understand it's much easier to ride the wave of success after you make a big splash than it is to try to increase the size and momentum of a wave after you start slow. 

Sure, we understand that GM wants to (and should) keep a tight lid on the information and various technologies related to such an important vehicle. The wrong leak or wrong slip of the tongue could literally cost thousands or millions in sales or jeopardize long-cemented job-hiring strategies at specific plants.

Still, when we hear from someone getting a snapshot of one of these rare beasts in the wild, we have to share what we've found. You can bet we'll have more to tell as we get closer to the reveal and technology backgrounders. (Some say that could happen in late 2012, but it wouldn't surprise us if that got pushed.) Our hope is that we'll see something futuristic, maybe a concept vehicle, at this year's North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

For now, we have to wait, but here's what spy shooter had to say:

"We've just gotten our first glimpse at a prototype for the 2014 Chevy Silverado out on the test circuit.  We were able to peek through the branches and catch this Silverado prototype moments before it slipped away into thicker cover. The camouflage is predictably heavy for such an important product — and one so fresh out of its design freeze — but some interesting details still show themselves. Most interesting is the Silverado's greenhouse and side-window treatment, which appears to be significantly different [from] the thick-pillared look of the current model. It's not that the pillars are really any smaller, but the way they interact with the side glass, and the roof rails' looks, and backlight to be quite a departure from today's truck.

"Reports have been circulating that GM engineers have plans to cut a massive 500 pounds from the next-gen Silverado, to improve performance and fuel economy. Extensive use of aluminum and magnesium are said the be the most likely course to realize such weight savings, but it's clearly a lofty goal that, if reached, could be a game changer.

"On the design front, our sources tell us that GM planners have been a bit sensitive about the look [of] the current trucks — seeing them as a more feminine look compared to the Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram. We're told to expect a brawnier look, and more chrome — especially on the heavy-duty models.

"This Silverado will continue to spawn truck-based offerings in the guise of the GMC Yukon and Chevy Tahoe, which are expected to be under test very soon.

"We've heard production on the Silverado is expected to begin in late 2013 as a 2014 model."


Silverado front II


Why do we need Chevy and GMC? Don't understand... see this article.

That article was a nice opinion piece. I don't agree with it though. GMC is a complete waste of resources. Focus on making Chevrolet the best money can buy. The bottom line is Ford doesn't need 2 truck lines and they'll never start up another one to compete with itself. GM has been shooting themselves in the foot over and over again. People crossshop Chevrolet and Ford and Ford comes out on top every time. This is because GM splits resources between 2 trucks. Never do they make the worlds 'Greatest Truck'. Just 2 good trucks. They'll never beat Ford that way. They need to fold GMC into Chevrolet and Buick. Put serious money into Chevrolet trucks and roll with it. They'll gain more Chevy truck customers from other brands if they'd just step up to the plate and do it.

A few GMC guys may leave. So be it. GM needs to make Chevrolet trucks the best so they can sell Chevrolet cars and suv's as well to those same customers. Something GMC just can't do. Those GMC guys will be back when they see what a world class truck Chevrolet is. And if some don't come back, no big deal. We'll be pulling truck customers from Ford, Dodge and Toyota over to the Chevrolet brand all day long with our world class trucks.. Then we'll sell them Chevrolet cars too.

Looks like more rear leg/interior room in the crew cabs plus what looks to be a full 6' box on the cc 1500 series trucks. Two thumbs up so far, from me. I'm not going to be selling my '11 Silverado anytime soon though.

@frank no u lose bitch!!
u r just too scared to admitt chevy can beat ford
chevys 3500 HD killed the fords powerJOKE at f450 and f550.
and ford stole chevys ALLISON tranny and dodges CUMMINS engine for the f650 and f750 ... btw ( i know chevy does'nt own allison - and dodge does'nt own cummins) - im just sayin

@hater gm did at one time own allison back in the day before selling it off

@BigEnos .. excellent point. But often it's not the shape of the wheel well that pisses me off. The big 3 all suck at this.. it's amazing. they go through all this trouble to design a truck and stock wheels and then you have to buy aftermarket wheels and lift your truck just to fit a 33x12.5 standard tire on a full size truck. A 33x12.5 size tire should fit every standard full pickup truck stock 2wd setup.

Anyways, the body looks good but how about some real change.. like i4 turbo diesel, Brake recovery, A midgate, A big rear window like the Titan, creative bed storage like the RamBox. I wanted so bad to buy Chevy last time.


Good for you! Want a cookie?

Now we have to worry about exploding Chevy Volts. Thanks GM for making this car garbage.

That square front clip camo is misleading. I see a very Dodge looking profile based on the lamps underneath. This goes along with the rumours of the GM guys liking the Dodge styling cues. Seems a bit silly, but those pictures really scream it.

Anyone else here think that Frank is a Troll?? I do.

Bob, what are you talking about? Your post is trolling.

Frank is the #1 troll on this blog bar none. He needs to stick that truck of his where the sun dont shine.


Good for you! Want a cookie?

Now we have to worry about exploding Chevy Volts. Thanks GM for making this car garbage.

Posted by: Frank | Nov 11, 2011 3:57:44 PM

I think Frankie is forgetting about all of the houses that Ford burned to the ground with their cruise control and ignition shorts. Thanks Ford for making so much garbage.

@cyberpine: I have 315/75/17 (35 inch) BFG AT KO's on my 2005 F-150 FX4. No lift, not even a leveling kit. I have a minor rub on the control arm at full lock right, which after 3 years with these tires has just now rubbed some paint off the arm, but have never had an issue with the tires contacting anything else. I even checked by driving and backing up a steep short 4ft hill I built just to check all 4 corners at full compression. I'm running these on the factory wheels also. No special offset.

More chrome..yippee! Ugh, I hate chrome. They have way too much chrome on them as they are now, let alone if they add more!

@alton - tires are like boobs, a guy always wants a bigger set to play with ;)

I work at the plant that makes the HD Silverado's,they are the best trucks that money can buy.All the versions of the Silverado's are excellent trucks,GM has come along way,they have listened to their customers.Their products are far better now than what they were 5-10 years ago,I am sure the next generation of Silverado's will be better than anything compareable,at least GM didnt copy another companies design,like how Honda did with their Ridgeline did to the Avalanche


They said they would definitely be puttIng some 70s/80s stuff in the new design

We have one of the new trucks in the plant i am working. I haven't personally seen her but have talked to people who know.

The thing that stands out about this truck from what i hear is what you can't see, the interior. I guess its awesome, real nice.

I asked a guy if he could sneak me in the room where they have her but he just laughed at me. :)

If the crew cabs were made in the US. it would be better.

Crew Cabs are made in the USA and Mexico. Flint, Michigan and Silao, Mexico.

un like Ford chevy dont need a turbo to get mpg and power it comes stock and out lasts ford by far. hav 92 chevy 270000 miles still runn all farm miles and still goin strong!:)

I think it look's ok it's different , but the until the camo comes off we don't know what truck looks like . I will always pick chevy .ford is junk and so is dodge ,and not going to burn rice ,I dont care even if its put togeter in USA .





I think Chevy should bring back the 5.7 and keep the 5.3 along with the 4.8 just for the simple purpose of having allot more options linked up with a 6 speed tranny, and for change the shifter from the steering column to the center console. That four speed is way outdated. Oh they need to get rid of the wood grain accents thats so eightys.

Ok, im in the market for a new diesel dually. Love the chevy I even race a 2009 Corvette Zo6. Where does it say that chevy will inteoduce a new body style in 13 or 14.
Last name is Ford, race a Chevy pull.the trailer with a Dodge. Where is the prooc and pixtures? Spending $60,000. I want the neq shix.
Big Dew

The new Silverado will need to put handles on the outside of the Extended Cab Doors like the Ram/Tundra to stay in the hunt for top seller. That would be my #1 item. #2 the 6 1/2 ft. box is the only way to go for me so the more trucks with that on the option sheet the better. The short short box is just too short... cant get my wheeler in etc. #3 would be the MPG.... GM needs to keep the truck Solid but get some weight off and MPG up..... whom ever does the best job on #3 is going to sell trucks. GM all the way....

that is a spy photo of a tundra.

I hope they have a bit more interior room in the crew cab but not any more wheelbase or overall length with a 6.5 ft box. Please don't listen to so many of the posters who want an "aggressive" look. What, more chrome and more radiator showing? The stupid looking Ram? I want a nice looking truck. Sure would be nice to get leather bench seats again. Hate the idea of a nice big truck but a stupid huge console and seats designed for a low slung and good handling sport car.

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