Good Deals on Pickup Trucks Worth Big $$

The end of the year is typically a great time to get the best deal on a new pickup truck because dealers are trying to thin their on-hand fleets to make way for new models. What that means for you is a very flexible salesperson and potential incentives from both the dealer and automaker that could reduce your purchase price by thousands of dollars. 

Here are just some of the pickup truck deals we found according to (some amounts may vary by region) -- but note that most of the 2011 model incentives only last until the first week of 2012. 

2011_titan II
4. The Nissan Titan is offered with up to $4,250 cash on the hood and zero-percent financing, while the Nissan Frontier offers up to $2,500 in cash and zero to 1.9 percent financing. 

2011 Super Duty II
3. The Ford Super Duty with the 6.2-liter gas V-8 is offering $1,500 in cash incentives and up to $4,000 in a bonus cash and low-interest financing of zero percent plus $2,000 bonus cash. Turbo-diesel models excluded. 

2012_Silverado II
2. The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 are offering $4,505 cash incentive or low-interest financing of zero percent. We should note the Silverado 1500 Hybrid models are excluded. 
2012-Canyon II
1. Both the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon offer up to $3,000 in cash incentives or zero-percent financing. All models are eligible, except for the 5.3-liter V-8-equipped midsize pickups.


Are these trucks the only ones in the USA with rebates?

Definitely not the only ones, just some of the biggest and best values. As noted, some programs may vary by region and model.

I have read many times that the single best day of the year is Black Friday. Good luck to all the truck buyers!

i know if i was to buy a truck off the lot it would be between Christmas and New Years Eve week

Got a flyer yesterday that they will give me 80% of the orginal purchase price on my 08 truck if I buy a new one.

Not gonna take that bone though.

I always buy my trucks between mid Oct and late November when the next year model is on the lot. The big 3 always have trucks on the lot they need to move. They will usually advertise 10k off MSRP or a base v6 for $16k in the newspaper. I was able to buy a truck in 2007 and sell it while still under 36k mile factory waranty for just $1000 more than what I originally paid 3 years prior.

GM trucks are the best so you might as well forget the rest. Especially the ones witht he blue oval. I have spoken!!!!!!!

You know if you can just picture "Bob's" voice as Beavis doing Cornholio or Eric Cartman and his "respect my authoriti!" it is worth a good laugh reading his comments.

I am the great Bobholio.

Are you threatening me?

I need a new Silverado for my bunghole.

I am the great Bobholio.

Are you threatening me?

I need a new Silverado for my bunghole.

Posted by: Bobholio | Nov 22, 2011 3:26:36 PM

Shut up Beavis. You dillhole.

I have heard that the period between Christmas and New Years is a good time to buy a vehicle which makes sense because everyone is out Christmas shopping and the dealers are quiet. It will be awhile for me till I buy another truck since I bought in the summer of 2008 one of the worst parts of the recession. That really paid because I got 10k off of the price of a 4 wheel drive crew cab with heated leather seats and a tow package. Next new vehicle will be my wife's and I think I might buy it during the Christmas season.

I like to by my trucks in spring, I'd rather not buy a new truck and put it through winter right away, Keep it new for nine months before you cover it with salt and and gravel.

The Troll strikes back!

You will give me a new Silverado, bungholio!

The Troll strikes back!

Posted by: Frank | Nov 22, 2011 4:14:38 PM

I know. The nerve of those people....sheesh!

I wish I had a real man like Bob.

I am waiting for the new Colorado; hopefully with the 2.8 liter diesel.. :) Hope the General is listening and not Obama; he wants us to all drive electric cars and then blames the Republicans because we dont have enough electricity.

I've always found fall time when the next year vehicles surface as a good buying time.
There are regional variations. In my home town, all of the dealers set up shop in the local fairgrounds and have a "Super Sale" during the summer. I've purchased 2 trucks through the sale as the competition is fierce, and there are years where the manufacturer's throw in some big rebates.
It pays to keep your eyes and ears open, and do a lot of cross shopping.

Whatever you do don't buy a Silverado it will be in the shop alot!!!

The Troll strikes back!

Posted by: Frank | Nov 22, 2011 4:14:38 PM

I know. The nerve of those people....sheesh!

Posted by: Bobby McMichigan | Nov 22, 2011 4:32:28 PM

Frank must be talking about himself because Frank is the biggest troll in this website's history.

Wheres the F-150? I know they are giving deals on them things.

The only person here who talks about themselves is you Bob. Let's not get confused. You seem to have fun talking to yourself on these post. Please continue to do so.

For the first time ever the bob made me laugh. I love beavis and butthead. And agreed as other have said oct-dec is the best time gotta get those leftovers they want off the lots!

what i like about the tacoma sales are that they consistently greedy. No big rebates and they sell for about the same price. Meanwhile the big 3 offer 8-14K worth of discounts. Who pays full price for a truck knowing they downplay the value so badly?

Wow, they are really trying to give away GM trucks. Too bad their engines are dogs. Too bad the trucks look too feminine.

I see that Ford is giving the Super Dutys an incentive. Too late the smart ones already bought a GM HD.

@Michigan Bob: supply and demand, Ford can't keep the Ecoboost on the lots hardly. Meanwhile, GM built too many thinking they would have a great year with nothing new to write home about. No wonder the GM trucks are selling good, they are the second cheapest to a Titan, (after all the dealing is done) and not many are buying those. But I will say a Titan has good ground clearance.

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LOL. Bob is epic. I love this guy. He needs his own tv show.

Bob reminds me of a character on the Bob n Tom show, like the guy too busy with whatever to get any. The constant jacking his jaws, or typing in this case, of useless garbage, most of the time getting off topic and stinking this forum up

@Philip Pinter You may have to wait a while, the Floods in Thailand did a lot of damage.

I have no issues ignoring Bob anymore. But Lou's right, if people keep feeding him responses to his trolling he'll only continue.

The only way to beat Bob, is ignore him. eventually he/they will grow weary of the fact that no one on this site will give him/them the time of day.

Lou--We have the tent sales too twice a year at Turfway Park, a horse race track in N KY. Everything from Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, and etc. Usually in late winter and late summer. There are some good deals to be had on whatever you want. There have been ads in Cincinnati where one of the largest Ford dealers advertises extended cab and crew cab F150s and 250s from 8k to 10k off sticker. One of the Chrysler dealerships has done this as well on RAMS. Fall is a great time to buy new as well but around Christmas time they advertise some unbelievable deals.

Silverados are great trucks. My neighbor a landscape designer has a 2007 crew cab with a tow package with over 100k and besides regular maintenance he has replaced the tires. My handyman has a 2004 F250 crew cab he bought new with a 5 speed manual and a Power Stroke that has almost 200k and runs strong. It is stripped down and he hauls a large trailer with all his tools. He has some rust along the fenders and his ball joints are going but he is going to fix it and keep it as a backup truck. He previously had two other F250s. He wants to get an Isuzu commercial diesel truck and convert it to haul his tools. Lets get over this my brand is better than yours, they are all good.

I like the Titan, tons of ground clearance, no low hanging crap up front.

I found out that a friend was posting under my name on here. I love so I am sorry about that. I have that fixed now.

I will try to be patient with Frank, knowing most of the time it’s the economy pushing people to trash talk.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

What I Don't Get:

With vehicle manufacturers offering 5-10 grand just to move these things, it undermines the resale value and they're worth less than half of their "MSRP" in a couple of years...

Why do people buy new?

My guess: more dollars than sense. Discuss.

I know this list isn't exhaustive, but Toyota is offering 0% for 60 months and some cash ($1500 I think) on Tundras here in the Front Range. Good time to buy a truck, almost every manufacturer is offering zero percent and some cash.

@Jason H. I buy new because for a little bit more I get a vehicle with no mileage and a warranty that I plan on keeping at least 10 years. Resale value is unimportant to me because I literally drive them till they fall apart. Years ago when I was looking to replace my Mitsubishi Might Max the prices for used trucks were almost as high as a brand new one and many of the used trucks had 100k and over. If you do not want to keep a truck at least 5 years then I would agree with you. If less than 5 years and you do not drive much then leasing might be the way to go. For me it makes dollars and sense to buy new for you it might not. It depends on how long you plan on keeping a truck and how many miles. Toyotas traditionally hold their value better, especially Tacomas, because they discount very little and they have an excellent reputation. I have a neighbor with an 2002 Tacoma 4X4 extended cab that was offered cash more than what he paid for it new. His truck is like new with 60k miles. He was not interested.

What I Don't Get:

With vehicle manufacturers offering 5-10 grand just to move these things, it undermines the resale value and they're worth less than half of their "MSRP" in a couple of years...

Why do people buy new?

My guess: more dollars than sense. Discuss.
Posted by: Jason H. | Nov 23, 2011 10:11:13 AM

i feel if i was to buy a truck at the current time it would be a tough decision used or new, used trucks around my area are sky high and new they are offering some great rebates,
new you get a warranty used you get someone else's leftover, back in '06 when i bought my truck new was out of the question because they dropped $10,000 when drove off the lot today i don't think it is quite as bad, like i said tough choice

Never trust a dealership to tell you what your truck is worth and never ever trade a car in... that rule will save you big bucks. It also does not hurt to completely understand what the total cost of ownership is .. including taxes, interest and fuel.

Usually, to buy a new truck, I got a sell a old truck and that takes 3 to 6 months and patciences . This will sound stupid, but my truck is always for sale. :)

@Jeff - I agree that all of the new trucks are decent. It boils down to personal preference, and what one values as important.

@Jason H - I'd have to share Jeff's point of view. I started looking at used trucks but with huge rebates (up to 12K), I could get a new truck for the same price. It sucks bad for guys selling 2-3 year old trucks because those rebates hurt resale. I think that is why Toyota's have great resale, it is rare to see rebates. In my region you can find decent used trucks but they are rare. There are too many hunters, fisherman, and guys who work offroad for a living to find something that hasn't been used too hard. It also matters as to whether or not a guy is okay with doing a lot of their own repairs. If you are not handy with a wrench, the stealership shop rates will suck your wallet or Visa dry pretty damned fast.

I buy new because i keep a truck 8-10 years. In my area (Ky) the local dealers advertise new well equipped HD's for around 10K off MSRP,and on the next page the same trucks 3 or 4 yrs old with less equipment and a lot of miles and very little warranty left for maybe 5K less. It just doesn't make sense to me.

@Jeff . Interesting comment. There was a fellow here who had a F250 diesel (never got dirty) and a Isuzu Cabover Ultra Light Truck for work purposes , ladders on roof and various tool trays, but it came under the 10,000lb GVWR needed for a Truck Licence. . The Isuzu would be a whole lot cheaper. to buy. I have another not far from me who has the husband driving a cab chassis version of a Holden Ute for work and his wife has her 1995 GMC 1500 to do the shopping in.

I agree with Lou and 1954 chevy. Most of the used trucks around where I live in Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area have lots of miles on them and many have hard use. Sometimes you can find a gem at a reasonable price, but that is rare. A couple of months ago I was getting my oil changed on my Isuzu and a lady with a 2002 F-150 with 30k miles wanted to sell it because she and her husband were no longer able to drive a manual transmission. I already have two trucks but if I only had one I would have made her an offer because it was pristine and low miles. Sometimes you find a good used vehicle when you either do not need it or it just happens unexpected. Several years ago had an opportunity to get a 6 year old 4 wheel drive Silverado with 19k miles for under 10k from my lawnmower mechanic who bought it new and took excellent care of it. He was a retired GM worker that got the GM discount. That was a truck I should have bought. If you are looking for a good used truck you have to be patient and act quick when an opportunity like that comes.

@Robert Ryan--Fortunately there are not the same restrictions where I live. You see a lot of Isuzu cabovers used for commercial use. My handyman likes his F-250 but he does not want to haul his trailer around anymore. He has a workbench built into his trailer with tool drawers and bins for bolts, nuts, and screws. He also likes the Isuzu diesel. I enjoyed the pictures you posted on one of the other articles of the global Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and the Colorado. Would like to see anyone of those or all of those offered in the states. It probably wouldn't happen except for the Colorado but I like all those trucks.

@Jeff getting a basic truck licence is no big deal for a tradesmen. A lot use much heavier trucks on building sites.
The little 3 Litre NPR is great for landscaping, small jobs on building sites etc. Here it is derated to 9,900lbs . A Basic truck licence here is equivalent to your Class 4/5. You are looking at around 15,000lb GVWR for most trucks that need a basic licence The Australian classifications do not really mirror US ones There are four truck licence categories ; categories of loads you see here:68 metric tonnes (149,000lbs)is the maximum over the road, but trucks and trailer can be rated for 90 -100 metric tonnes, confusing you will see 220 tonnes for a Road train and 500 tonnes for a Mining Road Train.
Small Isuzu on a House site.
Powertrans 500 Tonne Road Train. 800hp Main Prime Mover slave 750 hp engines on some of the trailers.

Ok I understand Robert. Just a license. Enjoyed the pictures. Is that second one a mining truck? With all those trailers it looks like a train.

@Jeff Yes it is takes ore from a remote pit to a ship loading terminal. Dirt Roads created by the mining companies.

I too am one of those that buys new and drives it into the ground.

So I never really thought that much about resale value--until my wife's car got T-boned and the insurance company paid out virtually nothing.

That is just one more reason why I replaced my old Ford with a newer Tundra... .

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