Jay Leno Talks About His GMC Syclone

GMC Scylone
Watch night-time talk-show host Jay Leno give a rather lengthy video walk-around and take his '91 GMC Syclone out for a drive. And he sounds pretty knowledgable. At different points he calls it a "brick," a "rugged sports car," a "sports car pickup truck," and a "sports truck." No doubt he really likes this classic GMC. Watch and learn. Thanks Jay.


If ford and dodge are doing the off-road thing (raptor & power-wagon) and owning that market, why couldn't GM make a new Syclone based off the new Colorado and own that market?

So how would it have compared with the last generation lightning? First Gen lightning was obviously no contest.

And Bob(s), sure, Ford copied GM by putting a turbo v6 in a truck.

Can it tow?

Interesting ,much lighter than the Ford or Holden Ute, similar performance to the Holden Sports Utes and FPV Falcon Utes without the handling and road holding abilities of the Utes.

I love 1990's pickups. You could get a pickup for around 8 grand. Those were the good ole days. Where have the 90's gone?

@ DGLR ,

Dodge owns the performance truck market !!

RAM has the only new performance truck out on the market..The RAM R/T !!! 4.10 axle,suspension tuning,different torque conv for better take-off,it is the quickest ruck out on the market today !!

GM would be second ,RAM has just about every enthusiasts truck corner covered,Power Wagon 4x4,R/T performance truck !! Rumors are out about a new SRT RAM,as SRT has jeep's,chrysler's,dodge they need a RAM..At SEMA they have a RAM 392 Hemi QuickSilver...future SRT,maybe !!

@ Bobby,

Trucks are cheap today you can get a full size new GM/Ford for $15,000,count in inflation it is cheaper than the 90's !!!

Remember we make more money now then in the 90's !! Back in the 1960's a new $4000 car was like buying a $50,000+ car today !!

ford ground breaking stuff rofl their 20 years behind GM and turbo v6's ha ha


A Stock R/T runs even with the Ecoboost in the 1/4 mile at 14.5.

Adding 4.10 will muster 13.9, but then again, it "out of the box" anymore.

Remind me where Ram is leading.



"RAM has the only new performance truck out on the market..The RAM R/T !!! 4.10 axle,suspension tuning,different torque conv for better take-off,it is the quickest ruck out on the market today."

Sorry, this is not stock from the factory. FAIL!


It's still way more expensive even with inflation! Inflation is going to be about 50 to 60 % from the 1990's.

S10 $8k in 1993. Adjust for inflation that's around 12 grand.

Ranger and Colorado $17-$18k today. That's over 200% more. Inflation was only 60%.

$18k / $8 = 225% more than it cost in 1993

Adjusted for inflation $18k / $12k = 150% more!

Don't bring up the 1960's. That's 50 years ago. The 1990's was not that long ago.

I don't know what has caused the price to jump so much but it is not inflation.

People their is and will only be 1 truck for peformance that is the Supercharged 5.7L Tundra according to motor trend http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/trucks/112_0811_2008_toyota_tundra_trd_supercharged_test/. While I have not had a chance to drive any of ther great performance trucks like the GMC Scylone, SVT Lightning and SRT-10 Ram I do own a a Supercharged 5.7L Tundra DC with 4.30 axle and just taking off from a stop at 2500rpm will snap you back.

A 1990 Ford F-150 Reg Cab, V6, Short Bed, 2WD invoiced for $10,500.

A 2012 Ford F-150 XL V6, Reg Cab, Short Bed, 2WD invoices for $22,990.

Working under recorded inflation rates, that $10,500 would be worth $18,230 today.

However, I say that modern trucks easily have $4,500 of valuable extra equipment today.

Also, the Ram 1500 Sport R/T comes with 4.10 real axle. The standard Sport package doesn't.

You guys can thank uncle sam for the remaining price increases; multiple airbags, tighter emission standards, TPMS(thanks firestone) just to name a few.

I'd love to spend a week or maybe a month hanging out with Jay Leno.


You actually can go see his garage and take a tour. He is there a lot of the time and will meet with those takign a tour. It is quite impressive and there are more than just automobiles in there.

Well worth it if you find yourself in the LA area.

X-Runner what? 20 years old and would still destroy any production Tacoma.


Do you mean Syclone?

I love GM

@mhowarth - my wife wants to go to Disney. She can go there, and me and my 2 sons can hang out with Leno ;)

I really admired the G.M.C. Syclone when they first came out. I would love to own one today.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

if i ever saw one for the right price i'd buy it for sure. That would be really cool to have sittin right next to my 86 Grand National.

hemi lol-

That pair would make for a great dynamic-duo!

I have owned a 1992 Typhoon since 1994, 160k miles of hard beating year round, original engine and trans (knock on wood). 13.9 quarter mile, .89G's on a skid pad, and neck snapping acceleration off the line. Not bad for an early 90's Jimmy.

I have a 1500 1990 GMC and it still runs great...ordered the short box 2 seater for looks and it still looks good !!

I ran up and over a fire hydrant and guess what..they do not spew water eveywhere...

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