Jeep CEO Still Dedicated to the Pickup Truck

Jeep Gladiator 2005 II

At the L.A. Auto Show, Jeep CEO Mike Manley struggled to communicate his enthusiasm for the idea of a Jeep pickup truck without actually making a hard commitment that it's a done deal — a common dance that executives engage in when the timing of an announcement is too far out from the reality of a decision.

It's worth noting that huge variables in the economy and in the competition can change quickly, and any ill-timed comment or statement could cost jobs and millions of dollars. It's no wonder execs can be so cautious with their on-the-record comments. Still, some speculators have the Jeep pickup truck coming out in a few years.

"If we were doing something like that," Manley said, "for it to be monetized properly, we'd likely partner it with another, equally appropriate, platform." He noted that tentative timelines have the next Wrangler redesign scheduled for 2014.

We've reported in the past about Manley's interest in creating some kind of pickup truck for the U.S. market that could also compete well in Asian markets, where their priorities are more squarely focused on efficient use of payload capability and strong four-cylinder turbo-diesels. Also, we've seen a company like AEV at the 2011 SEMA show garner strong attention for its interpretation of what the next Jeep pickup might look like as well. 

"I wouldn't want to come to market with anything that wasn't Jeep capable, no matter where we'd sell it," Manley said. When asked whether that could cause any problems with Ram and a possible re-entry of a Ram midsize truck, Manley was clear: "No matter what we do, it will have to play to our Jeep strengths and be different than anything Ram would do," he said.

What that means for Ram or how Wrangler-like a Jeep pickup needs to be remains to be seen. 



Interesting to see Manley refer to the "Asian Pickup Market" certainly the fastest growing in the world. GM and Ford have got their entries ready, Nissan and Mitsubishi are got their combined one coming and Toyota will have a virtually a new Hilux in 2013. Interesting time ahead.

oh my god this isn't new of ford there must be a god still

Now that is a truck! Not a huge land ark and not pathetically small. Perfect for the trails and still large enough to haul things. All around utility and an extended cab to boot! Whats not to like? I think I've found my Ford Ranger replacement!

Truck looks Bad Ass!

Mike Manley, --needs to shut the F@*%& Up and either make this truck or NOT how long has jeep promised a truck. They keep teasing with what "will come" but never deliver. So until they can actual make a production jeep truck they need just need to shut their traps.

I remember seeing this truck for the first time at the 2005 NY Auto Show. They should have struck while the iron was hot but too much time has passed. This ship has sailed. It is too oudated. If they were to do it, it would have to be on the next redesign like the article mentioned, 2014.

Would you rather have this Jeep or a new Tacoma?

I'd have to side with the Jeep fans that want a truck - Manley, p-ss or get off the pot!

Congradulations GM. It's only a matter of time before the all new Colorado is built for sale here in the US.

GM wins and Ford loses again!

@Detroit Bob - yada yada yad.
It's been nice around here.
I just hope everyone else is mature enough to keep the truce going.

Have you heard anything about GM's new 5.3? or anything specific about their next gen truck?
I thought that Mike Williams had said they were working on a test of compact trucks including the next gen Colorado.
That would be nice to see.
I'd like to see some new small trucks. I'm not in the market for one, but if fuel prices skyrocket, I might take a serious look at something next time I truck shop.

I'm not totally convinced that they (Ford) will completely walk away from the small truck market. All they have said is they are discontinuing the Ranger, and do not have any plans for bringing the "global" Ranger to NA. There is a rumor of a transit Connect based trucklet. I bet they will resurrect the F100 designation and apply that to a smaller F150 based truck.

@ Dave - all depends on whether or not Jeep offeres a crewcab.

Well, once again I state my hopes that this happens. I really like pretty much everything about that concept vehicle. Standard tranny, extended cab, jeep name, good looks, hopefully a 4 banger and adequate payload? Time will tell if we get it. Come on Chrysler! Give us either this or the M80!

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Hopefully Mike Manley dies of a heart attack, what a two bit no good rectum licking ball slapper that guy is.

2014/15 is going to be big, new Camaro/Mustang remakes, new Corvette, the re launch of the Viper, new Chevy pickups, and who knows what else, looks like AutoMax will be driving his HUMMER for the next 2 to 4 years most likely to see what is coming out next before AutoMax makes any serious buying decisions.

This is what happens when automobile manufactures don’t replace products, we need a rapid release schedule of new makes similar to the Google Chrome web browser, every 1 or 2 years give us a new vehicle, this 4 to 6 years between new models is for suckers!!!

And what’s with Raptors still having 35 inch tires on their third year of production, AutoMax says it is time to get serious and bring on 40 inch tires from the factory, no more jacking it behind a tree, we need to bring boots to asses and teach these CEOs we want real trucks, not trucks with little playpen tires for sissy girls.

And that’s the bottom-line because AutoMax said so!!! AUTOMAX!!!

Jeep should follow AEV's lead...

Please do check the new car clunkers to avoid below

Seriously, just build it!

I do think the wheelbase is too long, and an extended cab as this sits is virtually useless for additional people, unless they're small kids.
Give it some cab room after the seats, but keep the wheel base more in line with the Wrangler Unlimited or within a few inches; else it starts to look too long as this does. Otherwise, I would highly consider one of these as my next truck.
After all, if I want a useable extended cab, I'll buy a full-sized truck.

New-Car Clunkers To Avoid

2. Chevrolet Colorado/GMC CanyonBoth versions received “below average” ratings in the J.D. Power & Associates Initial Quality and Reliability surveys and are projected to retain “below average” resale values according to Automotive Lease Guide. Crew-cab models, which were specifically tested by the Institute for Insurance Highway Safety, earned an “acceptable” rating for occupant protection in frontal collisions, a “marginal” score for roof strength and rear-end impacts and a “poor” ranking for protection in side-impact collisions.

4. GMC Sierra/Chevrolet Silverado 2500 The Sierra and Silverado 2500s ranked at number four and five on Consumer Report’s least-reliable vehicles list and get “below average” ratings for residual value from Automotive Lease Guide. The standard-duty 1500 models are better choices for truck buyers with more modest needs.

"...was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?... "
"... just let him go..."
Wow, I wanted to stop reading autowax's post, but as with any trainwreck, you just can't look away. I am a little dumber now, for it.
@Dave and Lou- No way would they develop a pick-up at this point and not offer a real back seat, and doors to get back there. Tough call. Jeeps and Toyota both have rediculously high resale value. Both whould suit my needs. The Wrangler still has a lot of quality problems, but the new gen might take care of that. I think it would really come down to how close to my ideal package each one comes, in tems of powertrain, suspension, etc.

I wonder if automax knows that Hummer is now a Chinese brand?

Then again, considering his knowledge of history, maybe not.

@Mrknowitall: Well, I'll agree with you about automax's commentary; of course, sarcasm sometimes sounds like that.

On the other hand, there are some people in this world who simply don't need a full-sized back seat in their trucks, since all they carry there are their pets and their guns. The Gladiator concept does have some interesting, though unlikely openings to that area as a half-door on the curb side for letting kidlets crowd in and a porthole panel on the driver's side for stuffing fishing rods or maybe even a golf bag under that back seat. To me, the truck displayed is almost perfect as it is, though the engine/tranny combo might need some work.

I wouldn't mind a diesel as long as the economy overrides the higher cost of diesel fuel or a 4-cyl engine if the power at least matches what I have in my current Wrangler Unlimited. I think the Pentastar 6 with a little more solid tranny (compared to the Mercedes-based 4-cone 6-speed stick I currently have) would offer the best of both worlds though again, a diesel might offer everything but the acceleration some people feel they absolutely need.

Face it Ford girly man fans, GM delivers and will offer the Colorado, Ford gives you the horn and will not offer the global Ranger.

Ford girly men lose again.

@Michigan Bobby - This is a Jeep article. Try to pay a little more attention next time...


@Vulpine - I had a Ranger Extended cab. I would not carry pets and guns back there. I wouldn't want 2 wet labs crammed next to my firearms.
As far as the little kids, legally (in most jurisdictions) they need to be in approved booster seats with proper restraints. Most current extended cab compacts do not cut the mustard.

If I had no choice (in a small truck),I'd be inclined to loose some box length for cab space.
Thing is, I can have my cake and eat it too. That is why I bought a full sized truck, but I'm not hung up about or worry about a truck that is too big.
Currently the 6.5 box crewcab Tacoma is the only small truck that I like that would work for me or most family guys.

@mrknowitall - "Autowax" kudos on that one

@autowax - I'm not sure if you are trying to be funny or are just plain mental but - your beloved Hummer H2 SUT is basically a Tahoe with a real ugly body supplanted in its place.
40 inch tires would do more harm than good to the Raptor. It would make it a much more expensive truck to be able to survive with that kind of tire.
I think you need to rejoin the herd of Wallmartians.

I like Jeeps, but I think the concept shown in the photo is ugly. Put the spare tire underneath and give it a fleetside box. Keep the dimensions, but shorten the wheelbase.

I still prefer the look of the AEV kit on the four door Wrangler, especially now with the new Pentastar and if they get the Diesel in the US, it will be a very good buy!!

I'm confused. The local Jeep dealer here has had one of those- at least one, probably several out in front of the dealership for the past few weeks. Yet I keep reading about how they are going to maybe introduce a jeep truck??? Apparently, the trucks are already here. Unless it's some kind of hard topper that makes a jeep look like a truck.

Ya, I've seen those as well Max. I think they're kit conversions on a Wrangler frame.

@Max, Dan J - you've seen the Chrysler JK 8 conversion kitted Jeep.

@Lou- The access cab Taco has a back seat that flips down, making a nice, flat deck for the dogs. I've seen some nice gun lockers that go above the rear window, flat against the head liner. Not sure if a 12G w/ long barrel would fit up there w/o breaking the gun down, though. If kids weren't part of my picture, that would definitely be my answer, but alas...


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For crying out loud Jeep s**t or get of the f***ing pot make a f***ing pickup or shut the f**k up about it !

Another thing I sure am glad these guys running Jeep now were not running Willy's in WW2 because by the time they figured out how to make something the Germans would be goose stepping down Pennsylvania Ave by the time they figured it out , another thing build a Jeep pickup or shut the f**k about it !

"Clean-up, ilse 7. Clean-up! Isle SEVEN!"
Can we get a moderator to clean some of this up? Thanks.

i like to shower with people who drive fords.


I am truly disappointed in you...But I'm not going to argue with you anymore and bring this site down anymore than you have already brought it down.

With that said...I think this little Jeep truck looks pretty cool! I just hope they don't make that PoS minivan 3.8L V6 the only engine option in it. The Pentaster V6 seems like it would be a more fitting engine. A small diesel would be really nice. And it would be really cool if they offered it with a Hemi. But I have my doubts about the ladder.

Jeep's CEO is an enthusiast like the rest of us I'm sure but Fiat didn't buy the Chrysler group to move it forward or even turn a profit necessarily. They'll maintian/update existing models but I wouldn't hold out for much else. Their mission is use Chrysler to help flood the US with as many of their compact turds before we realize this and they retreat to Italy dumping Chrysler on the way. Meanwhile if you want Jeep/Ram/Dodge innovation, leave it up to the aftermarket.

"There’s clear interest in the U.S. for a pickup,” Manley said, “It could [also] give us potential for some of our international markets even though the pickup market is slightly different outside of the U.S.”

In global regions, such as Southeast Asia and Europe, fuel-efficient midsized crew cab pickups with a hauling capacity of one metric ton (1,000 kilograms or 2,205 pounds) are highly popular.

Manley thinks a Jeep pickup sold outside of North America could find new territory to compete in."

My comment: The Pickup market is more than "slightly different". The Jeep would need to improve dramatically as far as NVH, on road capability, durability, build quality. The 3 Litre CRD VM Motori 405lbs ft of torque.engine is used by Jeep here.

This is really amazing considering Mike Manley wasn't at the 2011 LA Auto show

@Jeeper they must have been prior comments.

I ate a large bowl of beans for lunch and my farts smell like sulfur. My wife is mad at me and banished me from teh bedrom.


I would still rather have a Tacoma, I have payload demands that this small bed of the Jeep cannot handle and that cab looks very small...

@Automax ================================
" @Vulpine

You toilet licking backwoods sister riding tub of rectum waste!!!

AutoMax just got done saying yesterday that GM still owns the HUMMER trademark!!!

The sale to China did not go through!!!

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So you enjoy trash-talking people. Well poor boy, your baby is dead. You should have worked on helping that deal go through if you wanted to keep the brand alive. GM has flat told you and everybody else that there will be no more Hummers and at $61K I'm really surprised you would even consider one; it's nothing but a status symbol that no longer has any of the capability of the H1 or the original HMMMV military truck. Quite simply, it's too big, too heavy and too expensive for anyone actually trying to live in our current economical environment.

You look overseas and you simply will not see people driving something as huge as a Hummer--in fact, in most countries even the F-150 Ford is too big for their roads considering the comparative light loads they carry. A 6-cyl diesel truck hardly any longer of wheelbase carries the same load America's "HD" trucks pull behind them. Is this really an example of American superiority? We need trucks that are tough, strong and economical and quite honestly we Americans have gotten fat, lazy and conceited. If you want to change my words, first prove that I'm wrong.

Am very impressed with all the self-regulating that was done the other day and the current level of the discussion. Would be a huge help if that continues. If not, I will be blocking those who abuse the priviledge of an open forum.

Also, sorry for the confusion in the Jeep piece. This lead photo is from the 2005 Detroit Auto Show. Mike Manley nor Jeep had a press conference at the LA Auto Show but I did meet with him for about 30 minutes while he was in LA for a dealer meeting and a quick walk of the floor.


Was trying to but Brian at is a flaming douchebag and banned AutoMax if you can believe that!!!

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Brian has effectively been shutdown.

GM execs can drop dead.

AutoMax loves the H2 as it just fits through the parking gate, the H1 would be too hard to park downtown, in fact AutoMax never seen an H1 parked downtown so point proven.

AutoMax is an advertising software developer, owning a HUMMER ain’t nothin for AutoMax.

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@Mark Williams

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Censoring swears is a real low blow, what is this, grade 2. You’re not the only person that can run a truck forum so keep that in mind.

@Autowax- freedom of speech is a right, but posting on a privately owned domain is a privilege.
If you chose to be irresponsible in what you say, you loose that privilege.
That is why most of us are trying to be more responsible in what we say.
Self control and respect for one's privileges negates the need for censorship and/or banning.
What goes around comes around.
You may think you are being funny, but the laughter has been directed at you, as opposed to with you.

Show me where to send my deposit when you can deliver this pickup with a V-6 Pentastar or I4 diesel. Add a strong automatic transmission (Allison can make'm, why not you?)and I'll buy one. Fred

@ AutoMax -- I would echo Lou's point and strongly advise to be very careful about comparing anything we're doing here to keep the tone of our conversation civil to 40's Nazi Germany. By using that type of comment you minimize the horror and import of the historical fact and expose your own inability to keep perspective. With that said, you are more than welcome to join in our PUTC conversations, like anyone else, as long as you can be civil, respectful of other opinions, and stay on topic.

@Vulpine In a a a lot of overseas countries, the loads they carry are heavier or a lot heavier than in the US.People should not get confused by the small sedans they drive, it is the loads carried by Vans, Van Cut aways,, pickups and Trucks of all sorts. The roads are small as part of the land management in many countries.
I have experienced some fun seeing these 10-30 tonne trailers attached to Tractors on very narrow European country roads.


AutoMax has tons of private domains however one thing AutoMax has learned over the last 10 years is it is not that easy to control who posts what and where they post it at, just look at what anonymous did to Scientology when they tried to censor Tom Cruise.

AutoMax has a 24/7 fulltime team monitoring hundreds of thousands of posts per day however that doesn’t mean nothing slips through the cracks as folks always seem to circumvent our systems no matter how elaborate we make them.

AutoMax has no problem with keeping things here at PUTC civil if folks respect the HUMMER flagship brand however it is only when folks don’t respect the HUMMER flagship brand is when AutoMax becomes irate.

Most celebrities are laughed at, not laughed with however whatever pays for the yachts and private jets is okay with AutoMax.

To be honest AutoMax is normally not so course in his speech, however since this is a pickup trucks site, AutoMax was simply trying to communicate to his audience in a way they would understand, it’s not like AutoMax is some hick that don’t know any better.

In marketing school AutoMax was taught to mirror his audience, if you are not all backwoods pickup truck drivers and AutoMax was wrong in his approach, then AutoMax apologizes to everybody here and retracts his earlier crude comments.

@Mark Williams

AutoMax doubts you know much about 40’s Nazi Germany or any war for that matter.

AutoMax has had family members die on both sides including some living under swamp water to try and escape bombers and others shot in the head while piloting their planes while back at home it was not uncommon to see people hanging in trees who didn’t want to be shipped out to die in dugouts.

Okay, AutoMax will join in on PUTC when time permits.

Can’t wait to read about the new F350 Raptor or perhaps the new HD Ram Runner with the new 8.7L V10 out of the Viper in it, need something worthy to replace the HUMMER with and right now nothing is coming to mind that is going to live up to what AutoMax already has but for sure there are possibilities as stated above.

Keep on truckin pickup truck readers.

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