Jeep CEO Still Dedicated to the Pickup Truck

Jeep Gladiator 2005 II

At the L.A. Auto Show, Jeep CEO Mike Manley struggled to communicate his enthusiasm for the idea of a Jeep pickup truck without actually making a hard commitment that it's a done deal — a common dance that executives engage in when the timing of an announcement is too far out from the reality of a decision.

It's worth noting that huge variables in the economy and in the competition can change quickly, and any ill-timed comment or statement could cost jobs and millions of dollars. It's no wonder execs can be so cautious with their on-the-record comments. Still, some speculators have the Jeep pickup truck coming out in a few years.

"If we were doing something like that," Manley said, "for it to be monetized properly, we'd likely partner it with another, equally appropriate, platform." He noted that tentative timelines have the next Wrangler redesign scheduled for 2014.

We've reported in the past about Manley's interest in creating some kind of pickup truck for the U.S. market that could also compete well in Asian markets, where their priorities are more squarely focused on efficient use of payload capability and strong four-cylinder turbo-diesels. Also, we've seen a company like AEV at the 2011 SEMA show garner strong attention for its interpretation of what the next Jeep pickup might look like as well. 

"I wouldn't want to come to market with anything that wasn't Jeep capable, no matter where we'd sell it," Manley said. When asked whether that could cause any problems with Ram and a possible re-entry of a Ram midsize truck, Manley was clear: "No matter what we do, it will have to play to our Jeep strengths and be different than anything Ram would do," he said.

What that means for Ram or how Wrangler-like a Jeep pickup needs to be remains to be seen. 



After some thought: A pickup that has an honest-to-god option for manual roll down windows. 0-60 in about 10-12 seconds but will pull a house and has decent ground clearance. Loud enough when you do get to 60 that you absolutely cannot hear a word of what your wife is saying (if she even chooses to ride in it). Flat fenders and a box big and high enough to carry stuff (if they keep the fold down cab back. Sorry, don't see any downsides. Now make one that gets decent gas mileage. Fred

@automax - You say you are in advertising and one needs to mirror one's intended audience. You first need to know that audience.
You have made the common assumption that truck guys are a bunch of red neck foul mouthed hicks. Things did get out of hand around here but I am happy to see things have cleaned up.
I do not intend to make fun of your favorite brand, but I need to point out the obvious - GM's Hummer flagship was skuttled at sea.
I do find it sad that the once proud war hero brand died such a death. Even more sad is that the last Hummers were not sold to the loyal faithful but went out to low bid car rental companies.
At least the military Humvee proudly lives on.

Why doesn't Jeep do to the new Grand Cherokee what they did with the Cherokee/Comanche ? the new Grand Cherokee in pickup form would look sweet .


You are right about the fact that AutoMax needs to know his audience here at PUTC.

Yes, AutoMax assumed there was a lot of beer drinking mud hole stomping readers here and wanted to fit in by acting in a very similar likeminded fashion for maximum impact from day one.

Sure, AutoMax can clean things up if that’s how it has to be although some of the entertainment value is diminished.

Yes, the HUMMER flagship brand has been the favorite of AutoMax since it came out around 2002 in mainstream form, sure AutoMax seen a few H1 HUMMER vehicles before 2002 but not in any volume to speak of.

Yes, there are very few 2009 HUMMER H2 vehicles, less than 2,000 which is a shame.

AutoMax likes the military HUMVEE but needs a daily driver, too hard to park downtown plus there are no creature comforts, AutoMax already considered buying one but when discovering it was stripped down that kind of killed the idea of buying one with no weapons or armor, just a base model but wanted air conditioning which they didn’t have the last time AutoMax looked.

Kind of ironic considering most of these go to the desert, must be hot as an oven, glad AutoMax never became a MP as that was something AutoMax was thinking of doing as a teen for easy money but then decided to go to school. Not easy the part about getting shot at, easy as in you just sign up and start getting paid.

So now that the HUMMER is dead AutoMax is looking at the Chevy HD Z71 and Power Wagon both of which are not all that great, hoping to see a F350 Raptor powered by the 5.8L Cobra engine plus a HD Ram Runner powered by the 8.7L Viper engine, will cross shop both of them for sure.

The main reason AutoMax doesn’t like the current Power Wagon is the wheels look too small at 33 inches but the 35s scrub up front so will need a new nose design for bigger wheels.

The Chevy HD Z71 is just an appearance package, no real off road capability.

The GMC HD All Terrain is a cruel dream.

So Ford and Dodge are the only hope for a real off roader we can be proud of without having to do mods as AutoMax finds mods are never as good as factory, always seem to break or go bad after a few years so prefer to just buy something out of the box that is ready to go with no modding required.

Have a super week.

this pickup could be an interesting one, but i seriously think mileage needs to be addressed. mid size trucks (i think this would be a midsize) need a serious MPG boost. Jeep could be big...could be bold...and deliver a small displacement diesel... That, above looks, offroad capability, and payload, would set this truck apart.

Ive got a question for jeep owners. Whats wrong with the 3.8 engine? I had several in caravans and they were fast enough and never broke down on me, I know there a little old but is the only thing wrong with them that they were in the minivans? Just asking a serious question. No jokes.

@Automax - you have a good week as well.


The fox doubts the majority of your claims because of the language you use and the way you use it. Were you truly in advertising, you wouldn't be as lackadaisical in your word usage. Even I, poor Jeep driver that I am, find your language use ridiculous rather than entertaining or informative.

I, for one, would find a Jeep Wrangler-based truck to be a perfect fit for my needs and wants. I don't need a $61,000+ hunk of oversized metal that is almost exclusively owned by pampered rich kids and their parents. I can tell you that baby blue over white on such a blocky slab of metal looks hideous, and until the owner of it traded it on a more conventional Chevy Suburban I had to look at that thing every day as it drove past my house.

Now, don't get me wrong; at one time I would have loved to own an H-1 or even an HMMMV itself--military surplus, but I'm not willing to pay the tens of thousands of dollars more for something that still has trouble going some of the places a Wrangler can. Sometimes it is possible to be too big.

Okay, before you get too worked up by the photo:

hit me with a seven-bar grill, but isn't that picture just the Gladiator Concept?

I would have a hard time living with a 6' bed, but put a small-block diesel in there and I'd made do. Need to buy a trailer anyhow for the current beast.


AutoMax is in advertising at this very moment, taking a break to surf PUTC and can tell you if you want to make millions of dollars you need to be lackadaisical because that’s what people find amusing.

Folks that have a don’t give a you know what attitude seem to get the largest followings, example, think back to Stone Cold Steve Austin, he would get huge pops from fans.

Now think about Kurt Angle, he does it by the book yet is booed due to the fact he is annoying even though he does the work or maybe more work than say your Stone Cold Steve Austin’s.

However AutoMax is not a professional wrestler but is a registered black belt, but not a pro wrestler at this time.

Best pops AutoMax got in karate was getting hurt, the more hurt you get and keep fighting the more the fans get behind you, but after the fight driving home is often hard to do especially if you have a long trip home between cities.

Our fights of course were fake, but even a slap in the eye socket can cause it to swell up pretty bad and lots of moves that should connect at 1% power can go at 50% or more if timing is off which is not good and most black belts hit pretty hard when timing is off, got broken ribs and fingers to prove it.

Anyways, AutoMax loves advertising and speaking of which must get back to it, have a great day.

I will buy one, new, especially diesel! We don't buy new cars anymore, but I am starting to make payments to myself in savings to buy this truck!!!

uggggg....stop running around showing the prototype and either build it or throw it in a museum... they have been teasing us with that for the past umteen years...getting tired of it...did I want one...yes....but, I got tired of waiting and bought an f150

In other words, they lost by business

Just build the Nukizer already! Put a Hemi in it! Too much talk, not enough action.

Yo! GM make that jeep truck . !! Make it with a biger and stinger motor . Make rubicon modle. With hd body. Enough with Toyota and nissan . Step up to the plate make America proud again . Make it !! Not talk!!

" He noted that tentative timelines have the next Wrangler redesign scheduled for 2014."


He was off a little bit. Try 2019...

"Chrysler Group LLC has decided to extend production of its Dodge Avenger until the end of 2015, extend the current-generation Jeep Wrangler until mid-2018"

Just wanted to update this with new info.

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