LA Auto Show Display Splits SVT Raptor

Split Raptor 1

One of the best displays at the 2011 L.A. Show was a garage lift that pulled the top half of a 2012 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor from its chassis. Removing the body from the frame gave us a chance to see some of the parts and pieces we hadn't seen before.

The first thing we noticed was how big and heavy the engine and drivetrain look. No wonder these things don't get great gas mileage. The second thing we noticed looked very much like lift blocks between the axle and rear leaf springs. The third thing we noticed was a full-size (matched) tire with a full-size, matching Euro-flange wheel.

Split Raptor 3

Split Rator 2

Split Raptor 4

Split Raptor 5

Split Raptor 6

Split Raptor 7

Split Raptor 10

Split Raptor 9


it is a beast, still to rich for my blood nice truck though

That is pretty cool. Good job Ford!

I see Ford is eager to show up that toothpick back bone they got there! Maybe they want to show people how to fix it when it bends and breaks because Ford sure as heck won't do a thing when they break! These people need to be educated that there is a better option out there and its called the Silverado Z71! Its just as capable of doing high speed jumps and heavy off road use and unlike the Craptor, the Z71 has been out for a long time! Its Proven! Ford cheerleaders cannot deny this! GM wins again!

The obvious depth of sophistication makes the Fiat bolt-on-wannabe-Raptor-kit look pretty silly...

Kool pickup but lift blocks?

That is for mudding trucks with TSL's...

That front bumper does not look like much protection for the radiator and front engine either...

My yellow struts look so much better


And no lift blocks either:


Bump stops from a semi-tractor will be on soon...

please i hope everyone is adult enough to not respond to Bobbeh and oxi because nothing anyone says will change the fact that they are clueless morons and its the only way to stop them from ruining another comment section.


As was said before those aren't lift blocks. They are spring mounts and double as bump stops. Perhaps if Toyota used some of those on the Tacoma, they wouldn't have such bad axle wrap.

@ bobbeh, jump a raptor and fix the frame.
Jump a Z71 and you will be replacing the entire truck.
I guess GM wins again there because they get another sale? But that's ok they need the sale, they will never sell as many trucks as Ford.
GM loses again, You GM cheerleaders cannot deny this.

@ Daniel
i agree i really thought we made a lot of progress over the last few days and i saw that post to, you know what they just can't help it, it is called BRAND LOYALTY and they will never have a clue how nice other trucks are

OK, OK, PUTC comments section has turned a new page... I too will refrain from responding to bobbeh and oxi


call it whatever u want, they're still lift blocks. clearly it's a separate piece... aka lift blocks.

it's also getting old reading, mentioning, seeing fords. i wouldnt be surprised if ford is sponsoring this site. this site has become a ford promoter site.

@ anybody - Last picture, what is sitting on the left frame rail next to the spring hanger? My guess is something related to the EVAP system but i'm not so sure. Any ideas?

Ford sponsering? lol good one, if you had any idea you would know chevy has no news right now on their trucks get with the program. Your time will come when chevy relases the new model and there will be more than enough news for you.

It's called a jounce bumper landing pad which is critical to the set up. It's not a lift block for lifting.

The thing that oxi is talking about is offered by an aftermarket company offering aftermarket springs, and instead of the two or three-leaf of the production truck, they offer a multiple stack leaf, and what that does is, it actually deletes the jounce bumper landing pad, which is kind of critical. Obviously, the suspension was designed to work with all of its parts intact.

whats so bad about lift blocks? If they are designed to be there and are properly installed they should be fine.
How else would Ford build this truck on the same line as the other F150's, they cant have a totally different suspension set up for a niche truck.

Are lift blocks the best way to go, No, but they are far from bad when done right. I have seen some scary lift setups through the years (HS kids who thought they were BA with their jacked up trucks), even saw a guy once use literal BRICKS to lift the back end of his truck.

Ford is sponsoring when Chevy Silverado ads all over this site. Good one.

I have an idea. How about if the title of an article says something about Ford and you really don't like Ford then please for everyone's sake just don't click on it and def don't comment. Ford example i don't comment on mainly Toyota or Nissan stuff because i don't like them, no big deal. I liked the days when everyone commented and discussed the in's and out's of the vehicle that the article was about.
Just a friendly request to everyone.

That is cool. If you don't like ford products please do us all a favor and don't even read the ford articles. Almost every article about chevy dodge toyota etc. is too boring for me to even read. So BOB Please we all know you hate ford and love GM so please just don't read the ford stuff or comment on it since you seem to think it's all irrelevant anyways.

haha daniel didn't mean to copy you we just had the same idea. We were writing same thing at the same time.

Well im not a fan on Ford but im mature enough to say when they make something I like or say I dislike something without turning it into "SCREW GAY FORD ME POS ITS ONLY ABOUT RAMS" b/c that is pointless and moronic.
I love when companies make cutaways or lift the body off like this. This is when you really get to see the heart and soul of the truck and it can often answer questions youve had that couldnt be answered any other way.

Nice TRUCK!!!!

But not at nice as this...

Or this!


Sweet truck, bro...

I am surprised that Ford doesn't have two separate [jounce] bump stops on the rear suspension. [one long soft-er one which makes first contact, and a second harder/shorter one]
Seeing as the Mazda6 had two separate bump stops, and Ford has had plenty of experience with that platform.

Unless there is ancillary bump stops inside the Fox damper. craptor

"The first thing we noticed was how big and heavy the engine and drivetrain look."

A big and heavy engine and drivetrain is not good for off-road use...

Full-size trucks are too heavy for REAL off-roading...All they do is sink into the ground...

Those of us that actually off-road know and understand this because we have been out there and would know unlike some of the children on this forum!

I do not like the big and heavy dimensions or weight of a full-size tank! Get it through your head!!!

Did you know....On just the trails oxi went on this year he would have done hundreds of thousands of $$$ worth of damage if oxi went with a full-size!

I agree with oxi...

@Uh Huh

This site keeps referencing and talking about Ford because their products are new. The Raptor is relatively new with new tweaks and add-ons every year. Add to that a new engine line-up this year. GM hasnt changed a thing since '07 except the 6 spd tranny. When their new Silvy and Sierra comes out in 20whenever, I bet that is all this site will talk about.

I'm still wondering about that thing sitting on top of the frame. Does it have vents with white caps?

Ok, sorry guys, but I give in...

@Oxi(s) - Give it up! "Those of us that actually off-road know and understand this because we have been out there and would know unlike some of the children on this forum!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAH LOL!!!!

Cruising the back yard in a Powerwheels Jeep doesn't qualify as off-road experience!

Awesome display!!!

You have to love Ford's marketing techniques -I know I do!

Mommy (wife) I want a Ford F-150 S.V.T. Raptor SuperCrew and I want it NOW!

wow, some of u ford guys r sensitive. almost goes with the girlie men step that keeps get reference on here.

sorry but fords "new" isn't interesting anymore. n yeah i have to click n read, im here to read whats out n all i see r boring ford stuff.


I don't think so...

Ever ride down in the Baja? I didn't think so...

You have no idea what REAL off-roading experience is as the other children on this site...

Just buy your big and heavy full-sizes and stay on road please, I'd hate to have to recue your big and heavy drivetrains off-road...

i agree with oxi...

How long does it take for a comment on PUTC to show up, any other website is real time, seems this site is ancient from a technology standpoint or is it simply negligence on the part of PUTC and nothing to do with the software in general?

@oxi / george - pay attention to what name you are posting under before agreeing with yourself

Test post, seems some posts go through and others do not, will have this working soon!!!

wait, i know im falling for the bait, but there are people on here showing off the vehicle SOMEONE ELSE built to talk smack about the truck in the article! Thats cool bro...

Still havent gotten a response as to why lift blocks (if thats even what they are) are so bad...

Ford gets attention because they do things, GM hasnt done a whole lot, Dodge is bringing out lots of new packages too, and they get attention.

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@oxi / george - pay attention to what name you are posting under before agreeing with yourself @toycrusher84

yea the $hit has been going on a lot lately posters arguing or agreeing with themselves they must really have a low self esteem LMFAO

Those leaf springs and engine are so last century.
No any progress. I am sick of it.

That's a nice piece of tail up there working the hoist.

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