Nissan's Fullsize Van Becomes Passenger Friendly

NV 3500 Pass Van II
Nissan has come out with a new passenger version of its function-first (and can we say hideous looking?) NV commercial vans. 

The new NV3500 HD van is offered for personal (read: family) and fleet use, offering more seating configurations than any of its two competitors in the segment.  In fact, the NV3500 HD can hold up to 12 passengers when optioned with four rows of seats.

The 1-ton van will be offered with a choice of a 4.0-liter V-6 (261 horsepower and 281 pounds-feet of torque) or a 5.6-liter V-8 (317 hp and 385 pounds-feet of torque). Both engines will have five-speed automatics mounted behind. 

NV 3500 Pass Van Int II
The NV3500 HD uses a modified Titan front-section boxed frame that gives the NV a very low load floor, an important feature for the commercial van segment. Likewise, NVs can be ordered with a roof extension that allows drivers to quickly grab cargo from the back of the van (from either the driver’s seat or rear doors). The new passenger vans, most likely ordered without the extended roof, are designed to meet the needs of both large families and small-business fleet operators. 

NV 3500 Pass Van seats II
The passenger vans will be offered in S, SV, and SL trims and will include option packages such as Power Basic (power windows and locks), Towing (Class IV hitch, wiring, heavy-duty batteries and extendable heated mirrors) and Technology (rearview camera, XM radio, navigation system and Bluetooth connectivity). 

The NV is built in Canton, Miss., along with the Titan, Pathfinder, Xterra, Armada, QX56 and Frontier. The NV is available through a select network of certified Nissan commercial dealers. For more info, go to  

NV 3500 Pass Van side II


That's only if you bought from a brand that was average. There are brands that are above average...Honda, Toyota, Ford, etc.

Here is the link to the JD Power ratings:

That thing is just hideous; in photos and on the road.

What an unfortunate front clip. There was a corporate decision to let that happen.

I think I'm in the minority, but I think this van is buetiful, I want one.

Bro, who cares if your a minority or not or the van is beautiful or not. If it works for your needs then is good.

I got really excited when NVs were about to first come out. It made me hopeful that someday Toyo would get into making cargo vans but most of all, I thought they were actually going to put into production something like the prototype they took to the car shows... That is a van with a lunch truck style window on the side, a really nice looking workstation inside where the driver's seat swivels around to a wraparound desk and there was tool storage everywhere you look. Now THAT was something truly unique that I would have been interested in buying.

Instead of being something that re-wrote all the rules, it was just another cargo trailer with an engine. But I'm encouraged by this passenger van. Hopefully it won't cost $50k like the Armada.

Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder. My guess is that those who find the Nissan NV unappealing would also see older Land Rovers, Isuzu Troopers and even the XTerra in the same light. Fortunately, there are still many of us who prefer the rugged looks of a boxy cargo vehicle.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but I'd venture to think that many of those posting comments haven't seen one of these on the streets because it looks better than its photos. It is a big bad *ss looking truck. Because of the front, it makes one think of an SUV on 'roids. One of our neighbors has one in black with windows tinted and custom wheels and it screams, "Get the @#$% out of my way! "

Nissan should consider making this in 4WD version...use your imagination: safari rack, brush guards, off-road tires, etc.

I need a 12 pass van and for the options out there I think this looks awesome- the others are so ugly!!! I am in my 20's and excited to say I will be buying this for my family... finally something that is big and way better to look at then the others!!! If you think this is ugly you have never been in the market for a large pass. van... or you are a little older:-)

Can it be used for disabled people to (a) drive from a wheelchair or in the seat (and does the seat come with an option that lowers it out the door to the ground so the driver - or passenger - can get in & the seat will lift the person up into the van? (b) can you put in a full lift (one that takes a person in a wheelchair or scooter) in the side or the rear? (c) can you put in a lift that will take the wheelchair/scooter into the van if the disabled person can walk short distances? (d) Do you have to raise the roof/lower the floor to install lifts? (e) What is the mileage? (f) can it take 2 disabled people, one with a wheelchair & one with a scooter? (g) What kind of headroom & legroom are there in the van? (h) can you get non-power windows (power windows SUCK, they are always breaking down like every 3 years & they cost around $1000 per window to repair/replace, they don't work in very hot or very cold weather, so I'd prefer crank windows)/ If it can do all that, then I don't care what it looks like. Auto workers' unions are running US auto companies & since they've started, things are going wrong all over the place (for one thing, the US banned Fiats because of their inferior workmanship making them a hazard on the road, & now we have to put up with that Italian garbage on the roads again; for another, there are the fires on Chevy Volts; unions worry about lining the pockets of their hierarchy & could care less that in giving so many benefits that no other workers have, they are bankrupting the companies & will have all those workers out of work & struggling on unemployment. I won't buy American until this idiocy stops. So, I'm checking out foreign vehicles for the first time since my mom & I tried out a VW bug in 1968 & got burned by Fiats after the bug bit the dust.

I think it looks more truck-like and like it more. Shoot I'm buying a van for my big family, upgrading from a mini-van. Looks aren't going to be my thing anyway.

My concerns are with van roll over.

this NV VAN is the ONLY van that will tow over 8000 pounds - it has this ability because Nissan did not compromise a full frame structure for the sake of making money on their product.

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