Product Highlight: Last Rides For You or Your Loved Ones

Last Ride Urns II
By Larry Edsall

Christopher and Erik Enriquez’ father, Jessie, is an artist and fabricator and mechanic and woodworker in Tucson, Ariz., who sometimes comes up with rather bizarre ideas, including this one: Create one-of-a-kind urns that look like your favorite scale-model vehicle to hold the cremated remains of car guys (and gals). 

And thus Last Rides Custom Urns was perhaps the most interesting if macabre booth at the 2011 SEMA Show.

After consulting a client, they sculpt from clay a scale version of the client’s favorite vehicle -- the one in which he or she would like to take his or her last ride. It may be a car the person restored. Or one they always dreamed of owning. 

After sculpting, the urn is cast, hand painted, and mounted on a wooden base. 

“The idea behind ‘Last Rides’ came to us one night as we contemplated the current state of the economy and the expense that is incurred even at death,” it says on the company’s website. “We came to the conclusion that planning ahead would be the best way to avoid having loved ones makes these difficult decisions. Since we knew that cremation was our choice, we decided to research what was available in funerary urns. After viewing hundreds of different urns, we realized that none of the urns we had seen expressed anything about us. Contemplation of that final journey and our enthusiasm for cars launched the idea of creating that special car that would provide our ‘Last Ride’ to our final resting place.” 

Several customers have taken delivery of their Last Rides and display them in home or office on a sort of buy now, use later plan.

The cremated ashes are added to the urn through the bottom of the vehicle. For details, visit

Last Ride Urn II



Now that's a thought.....I would want my ashes in a model of a good ol' American V8 engine.

'Product Highlight: Last Rides For You or Your Loved Ones'

When a Yugo came into my brother's shop for repair some years ago, "Last ride ..." was my exact thought.

So cool!

Time for me to put my order in for a model (urn) of my 1968 Ford Mustang G.T. fastback. That way I can preserve the real car for my children. I always told everybody that I would be buried in my Mustang. Now the two kids will have to arm-wrestle for it after I am gone.

Buy American-'68 Mustang GT Fastback hard to get any cooler than that. Is your Mustang like Steve McQueen's in Bullitt? That was a neat car and so was the dark green '68 Dodge Charger. That was the era of the great muscle cars. Bullitt had the classic car chase scene.

Intersting idea. Do they make Impala's?

Lou what's wrong with Impalas? Not everything has to be a Ford. Maybe you are too young to remember but some of classic Impalas like the first one which was a 1958. My grandfather had a '58 two door which was Coppertone with a white top and had spinners on the wheels. That was a cool car. You probably never heard of a Chevy 409 (that was a song). You probably have never seen a '61, '62,'63,'64, '65, '66, or '67 Impala Super Sport. There were some pretty neat American cars including Ford Galaxie 500 XLs, 440 Dodge Polaras, Plymouth Furys, and Chrysler 300s but you probably were not born yet or were too young to remember. Not everything desirable is a truck although they were some neat trucks back then. I realize you are trying to get Bob stirred up (which is not hard to do) but the Impalas of yesteryear are as different as the Impalas of today as the current Chevy Malibu is from the 1964 thru 1972 Chevy Chevelle Malibu Super Sport. Also the Korean made 1988 Pontiac Lemans is not a 1963 thru 1972 Lemans. Google some of these old cars if you do not believe me. They were great.

My husband says he is considering buying a 2013 Chevy Silverado Scottsdale edition.

Maybe Lou you are not completely biased if you are considering a Silverado, but it sounds like you F150 is a great ride. Check out some of the classic cars.


Thanks. Yes, my Mustang is similar to the Bullitt Mustang. I can not even try to guess how many times I have watched the movie chase scene. Only suffered through the whole movie once, though. The movie car was a 1968 Highland Green G.T. (c-stripes, fog lights, G.T. gas cap, dual-quad exhaust outlet, and G.T. styled steel wheels removed) with the 390 c.i. and 4-spd.

Mine is Acapulco Blue with a 302 c.i. and 3-spd. auto (with a performance shift-kit). All original, with only a transmission rebuild back in 1992, with over 240,000 miles. Timing chain and gears replaced at 160,000 miles. My mom bought the car, from the the original owner, back in 1969/1970. My parents gave it to me, for graduating from high school, back in 1993. I worked my butt off for a year and got the car repainted, in the original color with the factory G.T. C-stripes, in 1994. I only drive it about 300 to 500 miles a year. I take it to car cruises, car shows, and running occasional errands.

@Jeff - I like all of the cars you have mentioned, I like the old Impala's.
Bob drives a late model Impala.
He doesn't own a truck.
He talks tough about trucks, and drives a current edition Impala. (Not an older cool Impala).
When Bob comes clean about what he drives, I'll lay off of the Impala comments.
I like most of the 60's and older muscle cars. There are a few from the early 70's I like as well.

@Buy American - cool Mustang. The history that goes along with it makes it even more special.

Buy America--It is good you are taking care of that Mustang of your mothers it is truely something to pass down to one of your children. I can't tell you how many times I have seen Bullitt and the classic car chase. I don't think I will ever get tired of it. Cool car hold on to it!

Lou-Don't mean to be hard on you. I agree Bob can be a little too much. I like Chevys but sometimes his comments are enough to make me want to buy a Toyota Tacoma. The current Impalas are ok as transportation but they are about as interesting as a Camry or Accord (which are good cars but boring). A bread box would be about as interesting as the current Impalas.


Thanks. The history of my Mustang: being a rare fastback, a true G.T. which makes it even more rare -and my mom buying it as her first car when it was only a couple of years old, is why I would NEVER sell it and why I tell everyone that it will be buried with me when I die.

She was "pressured" into buying the Mustang. Her co-worker, at the time, had this Mustang that be bought new and was not driving it because he was sharing his fiancee's car. He had been trying to sell it to somebody at work but nobody was interested or had ever noticed him driving it. He decided to clean it up and drive it to work to show everyone. Nobody was interested still. My mom took one look at the car and fell in love with the metallic medium/dark blue (Acapulco Blue) color. She had one question -"Does it have an automatic transmission?. The answer was yes, so she took it over from her co-worker, shortly after. The rest is history -that remained in my parents history, and mine, ever since.

Lou-Some of the 70s muscle cars were neat too as you mentioned liking some of the early 70s. I always liked the 70 1/2 Dodge Challenger, the 70 Ford Torino (muscle version), Mercury Cyclone, 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS, and the 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo SS. I like the 1969 Mustang but not so fond of the 1970, I like the 1967 thru 1969 Camaros but not so much the 70 1/2 and forward, and I love the 1967 Mercury Cougar. I also like the Pontiac GTOs and Grand Prixs from 1963 thru 1972.


Actually "Lou", I drive a '93 Silverado. I've had it since 1996, it's fully stock, and It currently has 187,092 miles on it.

Oh and BTW, I find it kinda hilarious that a guy who drives a van for a living thinks its funny to drive an Impala.

@Jeff - My husband won't admit this to anyone here, but privately he is tired of F-150 and is looking forward to a change. Lou tells me he will be trading in his truck for a 2013 Silverado Scottsdale edition.

I was very very surprised and shocked.

I asked why and my husband said, "I'm sick and tired of this 5.4. I should have waited! I really didn't want to trade in so fast. I really wanted to like F150, but I need a truck that works as hard as do."

Lou then told me, "Wherever you travel across this land, you’ll see that Chevy Silverado is on the job. Carrying the weight. Building the bridges. Working the family farms. And sometimes, just working to take a break from it all. Whether you need a pickup truck to haul a truckload of materials to a job site or simply haul it out of town for a weekend camping trip, you need a pickup that works for you — even when you’re not working."

Lou said, "That truck is the 2013 Silverado 1500, the long-lasting, dependable full-size pickup truck that fits my lifestyle. I have made my decision and it will be the 2013 Silverado Scottsdale edition."

The new Scottsdale interior is going to be a game changer," said Lou.

@Lou's wife,


@Jeff- the only 2 things that turn me off about any GM product is bailout and Bob. I'll probably get over the bailout;)
I love most old muscle cars, I have favorites like the hemi Cuda, old 50's and 60's Vettes, the 50's BelAir's, any Ford Galaxie from 62-69, or Failaine, Apache trucks, old Ford trucks, the list goes on. My all time favorite is a 427 SC Cobra Shelby (not the Mustang).

@lou's wife - you are funnier than my real wife .

@Bob- let me see, a one ton chassis cab ambulance conversion is considerably closer to a pickup than a car is to a truck.
Opps, I forgot, you are talking about Chevy trucks, that is like driving driving a car. (I better not mention Impala since I said I'd stop bugging you about Impala's if you came clean about owning an Impala-I mean Chevy truck).

@Upper Peninsula Bob - creepy, you are starting to sound like my wife.

@Bob: actually you are just littering up the board.

Congrats on your Silverado. I imagine it is holding up well. I guess this is where Chevy gets their longest lasting trucks on the road from. Do you have a 5.0? Auto or manual? Thanks for any info you can provide. I am in the market for another early 90's truck.

Bobs chevy has a HEMI

Great, the bob's are trying to have a conversation with themselves.
I'll get you this lovely white jacket, no worries about the fact that it ties in the back, we'll go for a nice drive and see some nice people, trust us, we are from the government, and we are here to help you;)

@ Jeff - in 6 or so years, I'll buy the truck that my research says is the best, that meets my needs, and gives me the best deal. If it turns out to a Chevy, then that is what I'll buy.

03 Dak - I remember Bob mentioning how he liked the 4.3 V6 and how reliable it was. I bet that is what he has in his truck.

There is about 1% chance of Lou buying a Chevy Silverado let alone a 2013 Scottsdale edition.

You guys are weird.


It's a 5.7 and it's an Automatic (I really don't care for manual's).

@Tom - that chance would currently be zero. I bought a new truck in the fall of 2010. I'll consider a new truck in 2016 or 2017. If GMC has the best truck on the market at that time, I'll buy one if it meets my wants and needs.

The caveat is Bob. If he still is a raging, inflammed butt hole, I'll buy a Mahindra before something that supports his ideology.

I wonder if they could do a statue/urn of a black father's best friend was his lab "Bubba" and it would be amazing to have him be with his buddy forever.

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