Ram Truck CEO Sees Stronger Days Ahead

Ram Lead II

With new responsibilities that include Mexico, Ram Truck CEO Fred Diaz is looking to expand the brand's reach throughout North and Central America.  

"It's been two years since we've created Ram Truck (breaking away from Dodge), and we've been building momentum and gaining share in both the U.S. and Canada," Diaz said. "And now we want to do more south of the border."

With a Ram HD (and some 1500s) being built in Saltillo, Mexico, as well as other Fiat, Hemi and engineering plants in the country, Mexico looks to be a good market for Chrysler/Fiat to focus on. 

"We've been working with our U.S. and Mexico teams, getting them together and on the same page to make sure we understand how the two regions think about Ram. ... Turns out that the Ram Truck guy in the U.S. isn't much different from the Mexico Ram Truck guy," Diaz said. "They want more, they want better, and they want it to work." 

Diaz went on to say that Ram can't waste any of this newly found momentum (an increase of 1.5 percentage points in market share for 2011 in both the Ram HD and 1500) as the year winds down. But even more important, Ram promises to reveal small and big surprises in 2012. We're guessing the small surprise to be at least two new performance models for the Ram — a 1500 and an HD — and the big surprise to be a new smaller turbo-diesel engine for the half-ton. We also suspect no announcement will be made anytime soon, possibly waiting for the 2012 or 2013 Chicago Auto Show. 

When asked about the recent attention in the midsize-pickup segment, Diaz said, "We like seeing the investment GM seems to be putting in the segment. ... If something were to happen and little trucks came back (ed. note: our mind went to the M80), we think, with Fiat, we're well-positioned to bring quite a few ideas to the party." 

Whether this points toward more specific products from Ram Truck aimed at the Mexican marketplace or whether we can expect to see a Saltillo Option Package — or if we'll start hearing Sam Elliott with a hint of Corona on his breath — we'll have to keep watching the skies. But it sounds like a few things are headed that way.


It sure would urinate on GM's new truck parade if Ram dropped the 1/2 ton diesel bomb on the truck market.
PS. not trying to troll Bob.
It would take a bite out of Mulally's EB 3.5 ass.
Bring it!

Who is rich enough in Mexico to afford a new full sized truck?
A new Ram called the "Cartelsman"?
That Ram box with gun holders will be really popular ;)

A new performance Ram?
392SRT or SRT6.4???
or factory Ram Runner?
or 1/2 ton Power Wagon?

A new performance HD? maybe a Diesel PowerWagon?


Guts. Glory. Ram

An HD Ram Runner with the new 8.7L would be perfect!!! Bring it on Ram!!!

No doubt the little TD would be a kick in the butt. Kudos to them. Hopefully it would be planned for both US and Mexican markets.

Who's rich enough to afford a new truck in Mexico? Drug
cartels! An up armoured truck will do well there.

Call Ram, its still a Dodge, has the same grill design as a Dodge.

well they have tested v-6 pentastars with turbos. If Ford can make a gas truck run with turbos Ram can do it better

As much attention as the Ford eb is getting, I still don't believe its durable enough in the long run(no, fords own biased test don't count) say versus its own 6.2 or competitors 5.6, 5.7's n 6.2 at if put to duty worked equally. I think it'd be in the best interest that RAM or any other manufactures stay clear of boosted v6's. It's just too much load for a small gasser.

Now, a turbo diesel would be a better route.

Ram > all trucks

Did anyone see the Chrysler 300S with 426 Hemi? Drop it in the truck.

I'm a Ford guy but I love to see the competition up the ante! I would love to see a diesel in the Ram. This would get Gm and Ford off there butt and introduce there diesels. Cost is not a issue with me with fuel being higher and the diesel option costing more. I drive them long enough to recoup the cost with the mpg. I've got 210,000 miles on my 2000 F-250 w/7.3 L diesel and get 18 mpg consistently, loaded and unloaded.
A small diesel could push 25 mpg or more.

Southern IL where did you go to School? A 7.3 towing will not get 18 mpg. I tow for a living and I will tell you that you are full of BS or you do not know how to figure mpg.

@ uh huh - how many guys actually work their 1/2 tons hard? A baby Cummins would be great for high miler type guys, and guys who would work the truck hard. A regular weekend warrior who tows a boat or camper to the lake every other weekend, and the rest of the time commutes short distances would be better off with a gasser.

To burn off the particulates you need a diesel to work hard stop/start driving is not the best environment for a diesel, then again the new car diesels with adblue cope very well.
A small Jaguar with a tiny 2.2 litre diesel and weighing 3,800lb, crossed the US averaging 53mph and got 52 mpg US gallons or 62mpg British.

It always amazes me that people think a boosted V6 puts too much stress on a motor while an equal size boosted diesel does not. Fact is the ecoboost has a 10:1 compression ratio where a small diesel would be around 18:1. Diesel engines are probably always under more stress, especially at lower rpm where they produce considerably more torque. Why would Ford use bias in testing the ecoboost under severe conditions? Wouldn't it be to their advantage to know how much work an engine can take?

Tom, have you ever seen the differences between a gas and diesel engine? I'm guessing not with a response like that.

There is a reason why the 6.4 Hemi engine weighs ~400 and the 6.7 Cummins engine almost double. Sure, Ford strengthened the internals, but not the externals. The EB3.5 has the exact same block as the 3.5 used in the Taurus.

Now back to the topic at hand. I also expect so see the 8HP introduced at the end of the year. The 8HP and the Fiat 3.0 V6 Turbo, or an even better Cummins 5.0 V8 would be awesome options for the Ram.

Hey Ram, I just paid my truck off yesterday, and I am looking at buying something in 2012-2013. PUT THE 8 SPEED IN IT.

What the Toyota Tundra 5.7 was to the half-ton pickup industry in 2007 is what the current model Ford F150 is today. Ecoboost V6 is the new 5.7L Tundra V8!

The Tundra is getting long in the tooth now when compared to the current offerings from the F150 and neither Dodge nor GM can hold a candle to the F150. There's a reason why Ford sells so many of them. Ford made major improvements!

There will always be a place for Dodge and GM trucks but they've got a long way to go before they can even come close to what Ford has done with the F150.

When I trade my 2011 Tundra 5.7 for a 2016 model I'll look at what is out there at that time and will decide then what is the best in the market place. It could be Toyota or it could be Ford. But I doubt it would be Dodge or GM.

I haven't seen any innovation from either Dodge nor GM in ages and there is no reason to think that there will be any since Ford, right now, is so far ahead of the pack that the others can't even see Ford so far ahead of them.

All this talk about stronger days ahead is more wishing and hoping.

What Dodge needs is to put an all-aluminum, lightweight, 32-valve DOHC 340, 389, 426, 440 V8 over the front wheels of their trucks, and utilize the 4X4 drive systems from Jeep through an 8-speed automatic. That would blow even Ford away!

Fred Diaz needs to sell Sergio and the board on that idea. Imagine any Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep product with any of those drive train combinations. Hot cakes would be jealous!

@ BOB,

Yes very confusing....The RAM even says Dodge on the dash and the window sticker on 2012's say Dodge Ram !!!

They did say RAM will always be a part of DODGE,just not advertised as a Dodge,but it still is..I researched,read,listened to every article,press release and they still say RAM is a DODGE,but not advertised as such,as I said confusing..

..but the RAM is and always will be a DODGE !!!

I want a new RAM SRT truck with either a 392 or better yet a new 426 HEMI they have floating around !!!

Or hopefully have another DODGE RAM SRT-10 with the new 2013 Dodge Viper's 8.7 L V-10 (532-535 c.i )

If RAM becomes the first to put a small diesel in a half-ton, I will be shocked. Toyota and Nissan would've really dropped the ball on that one. They have no HD line-up to compete with unlike the big 3. I thought they for sure would offer a half-ton diesel first. Instead "TUNDRA: The truck that's changing it all!" is actually just like everyone else. IF it happens, Good Job RAM!


Ford's Ecoboost has a static compression ratio of 10.5:1. With 12lbs of boost that gives you a maximum dynamic compression ratio of about 19:1 (at sea level).

Dodge's 6.7L Cummins has a 17.3:1 static compression ratio. With 28lbs of boost that gives you a maximum dynamic compression ratio of about 50:1 (at sea level).

Under boost, the diesel has more than twice the compression of Ford's Ecoboost. Hence why diesels need to be so stout.

If one looks at the bottom end of Ford's Ecoboost, it's actually built extremely well for a gas engine. We're talking 6-bolt mains with a main cap girdle (something neither Ford's 7.3L diesel or 5.0L coyote have). It actually reminds me of the RB26DETT Nissan used on their Skyline, and anyone who knows anything about engines knows how much of a beast that thing is.

Not sure why the EB is being compared with the little diesel. It runs higher RPMs, higher temps, and burns more fuel in an effort to mimic diesel engine torque. The ram/mopar engineers a few months back hinted they did their homework and had a better solution.

Is there any chance we could get a bigger version of the pic? I think the black 2-tone Ram is a 1500 & is showing a new wheel option. Unless it's a 2500 model just with a better paint scheme.

You might want to do a story on the 2 mpg increase on 2012 Raptor. Yeah, I know, not another Raptor story. But I think this is important item to report and investigate. Google 2 mpg increase on 2012 Raptor.

Well since I found out that when towing 8,000lbs the the bigger 5.7L ifoce got better fuel economy than the EB I dont think that a really small displacement is the snwere unless your truck is a people hauler (nothing wrong with that). I would want Toyota to do weight reduction and add direct injection and VVEL to both the V8's and the V6 but also add a turbo to the 4.6L only along with a 3.73 axle ratio and a target of 15/21 city/hwy mpg and 380+ hp and 400+ lb ft with a flatter torque curve than the current 5.7L but I think the bigger displcament is better for towing as I noticed ford didnt do a towing fuel economy in the EB BFT Challenge. I also think Ram should do something simular but I just dont see Chrysler using forced induction on non diesel engine unless Fiat makes them so I still wonder what the future is for Ram 1500.

The tundra never caught on with its bass fish front nose and ugly interior but the motor was ok.Personally I think the nissan is a better looking truck in the foreign truck gambetand .

Ford has always had a better truck then toyota and even with it's 5.4 the ford still did a awesome job.Toyota has two strikes against it first with a little big truck then this gimick of elephant doors fish nose and wabbly frame.

Toyota has one strike left so maybe they can get closer this time around but I really don't see it happening.

No reason for a baby Cummins unless you're pulling baby horse trailers all the time. Even then, you can't beat a modern gasoline engine. Ford's gas engines come to mind when you say 'modern' but that could mean anybody's I guess. Guys have a certain 'bromance' with diesels dating back to childhood but even on 3/4 tons, it just doesn't make sense to spend the 7-$8000 on an overly complicated, emissions choked diesel when a simple gas engine will do the job about as well on less expensive fuel found in more places. In theory, a Cummins that's 1/2 the size would only cost 1/2 as much and deliver twice the MPG. In reality, not so much.

The 5.4 was nothing more than a gutless gass guzzling pig.
I would take a Toyota 5.7 ovrer the gutless 5.4 any day.

@Bob - always the troll.
I'm not surprised.
Kudos to the PUTC regulars for keeping the "truce" alive.

My comment wasnt a shot against Ford I think the trading of 2 cylinders for twin turbos is a good 1 size fits all idea for cars but for anything that has to do serious work its not a 1 size fits all which probably why Ford developed the awesome 6.2L and not a twin turbo 5.0L for the Super Duty lineup. It also makes since that they gave the F150 a powerful big V8 for heavy towing and a powerful more fuel efficient small V8 for towing and the powerful EB for people who dont tow that often. We all read earlier that ford is planning for a smaller EB engine for the F150 which when towing will always be in boost negating the point of overall better fuel economy. My thing was I see what Ford and Nissan are planning for the Future but what does Ram have planned to keep the momentum going other than the new V6 or possible 8 speed which I think will only help their market share a little bit kind of a if you love Ram trucks then you will love this sort of thing but not something that is strong enough to make the brand loyal pick up owner switch. This wasnt a shot against Ford or Ram and I am just stating what I want to see from toyota for their future as the 4.6L isnt doing much in sales http://www.tundrasolutions.com/forums/tundra/221613-isnt-anyone-happy-4-6-tundra/ so it would probably help a ot to fix that.

@5.3L LOL - I think that the 4.6 doesn't sell as well because there is a stigma about smaller engines. One guy in the link you posted a comment about 5.X being some sort of psychological barrier. Makes sense.
It might be a carry over from Ford's 4.6 or even GM's 4.8. The 2V head 4.6 was just as hard on fuel as the 5.4 and wasn't all that powerful. I know guys with the 4.6 3V Ford, and they love it.
GM's 4.8 isn't all that great either. I don't know anyone who owns one and is perfectly happy with it. They all say the same thing "should of bought the 5.3".
Only one couple I know really needs the power 0f the 5.7. They tow a camper trailer that is at the Tundra's max rating. They have no complaints at all.
I think that Ford has the 6.2 for the HD's and offered it in the 1/2 tons for the halo trucks, but also just in case the EB 3.5 wasn't accepted as a towing motor. A plan"B" so to speak. We will see more twin turbo V6's. Ford's success will pave the way for other companies to follow suite. I read somewhere that Ford was making 10 million a month from their V6 truck engines.
GM seems to be the only one (based on strong rumors) that will follow suite. The Cadillac TT V6 seems to be the engine most frequently mentioned as an EB 3.5 challenger.

Exciting times lie ahead for truck guys, especially if you are not brand loyal. Someone is going to make a kick ass truck.
My money is on Ram for releasing such a truck.


Believe it or not, the 6.2L was really meant to be Ford's Halo engine. The 5.0L and the Ecoboost are both based heavily on previous architecture, whereas the 6.2L is the most modern clean-sheet design. It might seem kind of old fashioned with the iron block and 2v heads, but don't let that fool ya. That engine was designed to compete with the SRT-10 Ram if Ford needed it to.

Unfortunately, the market shifted from maximum horsepower to maximum fuel economy almost overnight, so the 6.2L took a back seat to more fuel efficient options.

@ NoStopN

It's the new wheels for the Laramie Longhorn, I saw one on the dealer!

@Scott - The Craptor gets the same crap mileage.

@ Lou - You're so jaded because I'm the one who jaded you.

Ford loses and GM wins again.

There is a time to put economic, modern V6 under the hood of 1500. Ford has one and economy is great.
I'm gonna give RAM from 6 to 8 more months and if they don't get of their asses, I'm sorry to say, but I'm gonna buy Ford.

@Lou i'm in with the truce, it's working and it's a great idea.

as far as the new trucks, i hope Ram (dodge) doesn't take TOO much input from fiat, because i saw one of those fiat 500's the other day and it was a nightmare. Ram should be Ram, let them unleash a diesel and let the competition catch up, and then we all win in the end.

Dear Ram.. we need a truck with these specs:

- wide like full size, but no longer than a midsized suv (like the cherokee)
- 5 seater cab / Small bed
- fold down midgate and truck tailgate open for full sheet of plywood
- Rear floor seating and cargo space folds completely flat.
- Rambox.
- 300 hp, 22mpg City, 5000lb towing

Maybe they can do this with a i4 diesel.

paul810 - true, and that is exactly what we have seen. The 6.2 has been available only in the Lariet, Platinum, Harley, and Raptor. Many would like to see the 6.2 offered in all of the trucks. It would give hotrodders an awesome base truck. There seems to be many who's like to see the
EB 3.5 in a Raptor and a base truck.. That might be interesting.
I do agree that the 6.2 has huge potential. Guys have slagged the 5.0 as being a car engine and same goes for the EB 3.5. The 6.2 was designed as a truck engine, but many forget that many of the first high performance engines were borrowed from industrial truck applications. It works both ways.

@ Tawkinn--Thanks, they looked different from the previous wheels I had seen. And I like 'em.

You can get the 3.5EB in an XL. Agreed on offering it in the Raptor, that would be interesting.

What happened to all the talk about Ram getting into larger commercial trucks? We were supposed to see Ram 18 wheelers by now. I guess those big Rams turned out to be just like those Jeep concepts that never ever happen. Too bad........

@Luke in CO - hot rodders would like to see the EB3.5 and the 6.2 offered in a regular cab short box. A SRT10 killer is what some guys want. I should of been more clear. Sorry.

@Big Bob - I bet that once Fiat gets their commercial vans into the NA market, we will start to see Iveco commercial trucks show up as rebadged Ram trucks.

@Scott - The Craptor gets the same crap mileage.

@ Lou - You're so jaded because I'm the one who jaded you.

Ford loses and GM wins again.

Posted by: Bob | Nov 20, 2011 10:14:04 PM

great song and a great band. good post!

Posted by: Craptor LOL | Nov 21, 2011 3:56:49 PM

Great posts!

@Lou- "hot rodders would like to see the EB3.5 and the 6.2 offered in a regular cab short box."

That would be amazing. A stripped out regular cab/short bed 6.2L or EB3.5L would be a ridiculously fast truck. I'd want mine with AWD though, since traction would be kinda tricky with RWD only.

@paul810 - 4x2 is okay if you own a tire shop. LOL. I knew a guy that used to do that, he'd grab the old cast offs (pre-recycle days) and go do burn outs all over the place. Fun if the tires are free or you have deep pockets.

Just wanna comment to the people who think that a PU truck is a good place for a diesel engine. I've owned a snow clearing company for 24 years , and for what it's worth these are my comments. It's 40 below , and I need a truck

92 Dodge Dakota 4x4 5.2 gas - 120 k miles ,always starts, easy on fuel, pulls like a bull , costs nothing to maintain ,makes me big bucks

95 & 97 F350 4x4 7.3 diesel - 65k & 55K miles respectively. Why you ask? You can't get them started or get them to run right when you do start them. The trucks are hard on brakes, front ends, batteries,and they don't like constant heat&cool cycles "makes em leak bad"

I won't bore you with my entire fleet description .I own lots of trucks. If you want a diesel get a real truck 26.000 lb GVW or greater.I own an 02 F650 plow truck , Cummins 5.9 & Eaton 6 spd with 2 speed rear diff . Nothing stops this beast. It is only 2wd so I keep the Dakota close by as it is the only truck I own capable of wading into 3 feet of snow and pulling it out NO BS

@ Greg:
I divide number of gallons used into the number of miles traveled= mpg figure.
I pull a 17' Walleye boat all spring/summer/fall and consistently get 18 mpg. I have a 6-speed manual so that helps big time.
I drive a tractor/trailer for a living and get fuel bonus's all the time because I exceed company goals.
It's easy: operate the engine between 1200 to 1800 rpm's and you get max mpg.
My last trip I got 10.1 mpg at work pulling doubles on I-44 in Missouri. Lot's of hills.
So don't tell me what I can or cannot due because your results differ.

@Southern IL Man - interesting comment. If I drive my F150 with 5.4 in the same RPM band as you do, I can meet or excede the EPA 14/18 for my truck. My best has been 15/20.4 US MPG.

@ Lou
Your hwy mpg figure is just shy of 14% above the EPA rating.
It goes to show you driving habits play a HUGE role in results.
My commuter car (2010 Ford Focus 5-speed) is rated 24 city/35 hwy. The worst I have gotten is 34, a week of snow storms and the best was right at 40 mpg.

I have owned pickups, from each, Dodge, GM and Ford, and the Dodge has proven to be the most reliable and lower in cost to operate for me. I would suggest with the current unemployment rate in this country, they should bring all manufacturing back to the US. Some ram trucks are considered more American made than Ford and GM, but they need to be more American than Toy-kill-ya for sure.

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