Ram Truck Offers Special Service Package

Ram Police II
Ram Truck will start offering a special Ram 1500 Crew Cab 4x4 Special Service package for law enforcement and other emergency agencies through Chrysler Fleet sales, starting this month. The vehicle is designed with specific heavy-duty features and options for extra durability, reliability and overall value. 

The truck will include a heavy-duty 220-amp alternator, capable of providing power for multiple light bars, radar and camera equipment, and high-powered sirens computer gear. The Special Service package also includes a power distribution center with two separate 100-amp main fuse lines, a unique instrument panel, reinforced doors, and 10-way power front seats to accommodate multiple-sized officers. 

A special headliner with auxiliary dome lamps sit over stain-repellent cloth bucket seats in the first row, with a vinyl bench seat in back. The center console is removed to add space for extra equipment and the shifter is located on the steering column. The truck is also available with the RamBox option for those agencies that might need the extra bed storage for safety gear or firearms. The truck will have 3.92:1 gears and the 5.7L Hemi.

No pricing or volume projections have been given out at this time but Ram is saying they are quite hopeful this vehicle will fill a niche for many urban and suburban municipalities that have postponed their support vehicle purchases. 

Ram Truck II


I might be convinced to pull over if I saw that in my rearview mirror. Wonder if my hot rod Silverado would be faster, but thinking that radio would end all my hopes of a clean getaway.

I WANT ONE!!! I wonder if we could get the part number of that alternator for a factory upgrade on a 1500 hemi? That would be SWEET!

All the police on my department would rather have a Suburban or Tahoe over anything else. For ride, style, durability and power nothing comes close to it, but the cost keeps it mostly out of the fleet and we have to settle for special detail Suburbans.

I would be a happy deputy if that were my cruiser.

Now they just need to apply this SSP to the Power Wagon (or a Cummins/MT 2500 4wd, for that matter). Suppose we could group-buy these (since it's a fleet package)?

@tj, could you envision ever needing a bed much? I would think most of your gear would need to be locked up inside the vehicle. I bet I'll see a few game wardens in these though.

Sweet cop truck. RamBox for the firearms. With it being the ST model of course it's going to have the column shifter. All needed is to paint the steel wheels black. RAM is awesome!

@Uncle Bud- think more multi use. on top of patrol duty, setting up barricades, possibly hauling an ATV, pulling patrol boats and those speed awareness trailers. In many places, there aren't NFS/F&W etc to augment regular law enforement. Fire depatrments could have even more uses.
I would love to be able to get cloth front/vinyl rear seats in ANY vehicle.
Q: Does the RamBox have power locks?

The greatest feature about this Ram police truck is it's not a girly man ford truck. Baaaa hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

For those worried about the open bed, there's always a tonneau cover to put back there. Michigan Bob, I'd take a "girly Ford" over a Dodge any day. Why do you think Fords have been the #1 seller for 34 years? Dodge (Ram) has come a long way over the years and is a nice truck, but you still can't beat a Ford.

It would be nice if the California Highway Patrol adopted these Rams, versus the F.W.D./A.W.D. Ford Taurus.

@zigto- take your trolling somewhere else.

dang! i would totally love to get pulled over and talk to the cop about his truck!! haha

Best selling truck for 34 years??? That's the biggest FRAUD,LIE,FIB,DECEIT,CRIME,UNTRUTH,FALSE committed on American society in American History!

No pickuptrucks.com members, there were several years during that 34 year stretch where GM sold more trucks than ford did. Now does ford out sell Chevy? Yep, but ford doesn't ALWAYS out sell Chevy and GMC (both made by GM) and that is why the claim of best selling truck for 34 years is totally FALSE!

Right now ford is outselling GM, but there were several years where GM out sold ford and that is a FACT. So Yes, ford is LYING when they claim best selling for 34 years straight.


Maybe if you were not such a law breaker, and the people you associate with, you would have better feelings towards the men and women that would rush to your rescue if you were in trouble. The men and women that risk their lives everyday for our protection -even protecting the ungrateful citizens.

Why the hec can't Chevy build pickups like these anymore? Now they're about 6" off the ground, they're as ugly as Sarah Jessica Parker. And they're built to satisfy liberal politicians instead of the people who own them.


@Bitchagain Bob- no, actually, that little tid-bit, while being questionable in its accuracy, is merely a bit of trivia, which no one really gets upset about. Please leave it at that. I'm so SICK of having to wade through pages of useless posts, to find any actual opinions about the topic.
@1993- "why the long face, Miss Parker?"

"Yep, but ford doesn't ALWAYS out sell Chevy and GMC (both made by GM) and that is why the claim of best selling truck for 34 years is totally FALSE! " - Bob

Those are two trucks.

Ford's claim is best selling truck. (singular)

Mean looking trucks! I bet they can hold their own off-road too.

Nice Truck!

LMAO at the uneducated comments!

"10-way power front seats to accommodate multiple-sized officers"-- now that's funny! Seriously though, cool truck. I am sure the police officers who get to use them will be pleased. Btw, are the "stain-repellent" seats used to ward off coffee and doughnut stains? Ok, I quit. God bless our police.

@Michigan Bob: Ok, so here I am, biased Ram owner. How can you say the Fords are girlie man trucks? Good payload, ok, awesome payload, good suspensions and brakes, and a V-6 turbo that gets better mileage and lower rpm max torque then any V-8 Chevy (and my Hemi) Cause it has a manstep that is pratical, or in some cases flat out a need for less capable folks?

@michigan blob
Wayne just happens to be wrong!!! According to Pickup trucks.com:
F-Series Celebrates 25th Anniversary As America's Best-Selling Truck
Source: Ford Motor Company Press ReleasePosted: 01-04-01 22:00

When it comes to silver anniversaries, people often think about weddings. But for Ford, a silver anniversary inspires thoughts of something else: trucks.

Ford F-Series is celebrating its 25th anniversary as America's best-selling truck, and its 20th anniversary as America's best-selling vehicle – car or truck.

That was 10 years 11 months ago!! Do the math...25+almost 11=almost 36 years!!!


If you don't like what they have to say here, I'm sure they, and everybody else, wouldn't object to you being banned from posting! You're such a dip stick!!

I wish you drove a taco cause I'm not too fond of Toyota!!
Go BIG 3!!

I vote no Dodge trucks for law enforcement.

Too bad you guys are in love the idea of the police cracking your skulls and paying for it at the same time. Gluttons for punishment.

In other words your FEMA camp bait. You're the type that will want to go inside to keep you safe. Or you'll love the experience of a no knock warrant mistakenly served on your house when your shot to death.

Some of us are aware of what's happening in our country, and then the masses simply are not.

Good luck with your future. You're going to need it, and luck isn't much of a strategy. :P


It would be a totally different story if he gave you a ticket.... LMFAO!

Ford can make any claim they want and and you ford minions will eat it up because your ford girly men and can't handle the truth. What truth you say? The truth of ford not being the best selling truck for 34 or 36 pick a number years.

Now if we are talking samantics about ford out selling a single line of trucks like Chevy then yea they can make that claim. I am simply saying that GM has sold more trucks in the last 36 years than ford has period end of story. GMC and Chevy are produced by GM. together they out sell ford on many years and that is a undisputed FACT!

So ford is lying and the ford girly men on this site can't handle the truth.

If Chevy wants to make that claim then they are going to have to kill off Gm. Does anybody know why Gm even exists? That's a serious question by the way.

Bob, you're the one who is playing games.

Ford is saying they are the best selling truck for 36 years.

What you're saying is is to take the Silverados and the Sierras and add them together and then pick and choose each year they are the best selling combined compared to one truck from Ford and that makes GM the best selling for whatever year.

I know you are a GM loyalist and will blindly defend GM but what Ford is saying is a lot simplier and meaningfull.


Just obey the law and you will not have any negatve run-ins with the police. Just saying.

I think that this is a good idea. There is some versatility to a truck that SUV's can't match. You can use various slide in utility bodies, carry quads, dirt bikes, specialized gear, baracades, and tow boats.
I rarely see any private or public fleets with 1/2 tons in my neck of the woods. I was surprised to see a F150 SuperCrew the other day in RCMP colours. CrewCab HD's are what I see all of the time as well as Suburban's and Tahoe's. The dog handlers all have Suburbans. The rural patrol guys use HD's or SUV's. I think a 1/2 ton for most police duties would make more sense than a HD.
The funny thing is that many of the SUV's and crewcab trucks get scooped up by the officers and NCO's. They use the excuse that the younger guys will just go play offroad with them.

Makes sense,cars today have small trunks and with all the gear todays Cop has , a truck/suv is a perfect fit.Even the new Charger has a small trunk,the Australian Chevrolet Caprice that is coming for Police duty has a small trunk and the Volvo based Ford Taurus is fwd and a small trunk,Police dont like fwd,harder to control at speed around corners.

I can see more Trucks and SUV's as Police vehicles,Dodge also has a Pursuit Durango with built in emergency controls in the dash,ensuring more room inside.Mopar ruled the Police car industry from the 1950's-late 1990's when Chrysler abandoned it.They built heavy duty cars,extra welds,thicker doors and roofs,heavy duty everything.

I guess I am gonna have to dissent here. I have never understood why the cops need need such fuel inefficient large vehicles for regular duty. It is a complete waste of tax dollars.

Also, why are tax dollars being used to support a foreign company, Fiat. I would prefer them to buy Ford Escapes which are much more efficient and have a higher domestic content.

@Dav - I agree that for the average police cruiser doing duty in a city or large urban centre, a fuel inefficient large vehicle is not the way to go.
There are applications where trucks and large SUV's are appropriate such as SWAT/ERT, K9 units, remote rural patrol, dive teams, MCI response, Hazmat response, bomb squads etc.
This kind of vehicle would be handy for game wardens, park Rangers, DOT/MOT, and even some industrial applications.


I understand the need for limited specialty vehicles, but it has gotten ridiculous, IMHO.

I was raised in BFE Idaho, and very few of the police/sheriffs had anything but sedans.

I now live in New Mexico and it seems like the majority of police vehicles are V8 SUVs for simple duty.

Dav & Lou-

Try to imagine a smaller economy car used as a patrol vehicle:

1) It would not have the backseat room to transport prisoners.
2) It would not have adequate trunk space for all of the required police gear and tools.
3) It would not have sufficient power to accelerate and keep up with violent fleeing felons.
4) Most importantly, it would not have the strength/crash worthiness required in a patrol car.
I believe that the current standard (most agencies) is, for a patrol vehicle to withstand a 70-m.p.h. impact from the rear, while protecting the officer behind the wheel. I can picture; a Chevrolet Malibu, Dodge Avenger, or Ford Fusion disintegrating in an accident like this.

@Buy American - in a large urban centers, a huge vehicle is unneccessary.
Who cares if bad guys have poor leg room in the back of a PC.
High speed chases usually cause more problems than they are worth.
A Crown Vic or most modern large PC's barely have enough power to get out of their own way let alone catch up to anyone.
Why do you think police agencies use Mustangs and Camaro's for interceptor work?
Large centers like LA have helicopters.


Who cares if bad guys have poor leg room in the back of a PC. - No argument there.

High speed chases usually cause more problems than they are worth. -You might have a different attitude if the police were pursuing some violent perpetrator that just committed a heinous crime against you or a family member.

A Crown Vic or most modern large PC's barely have enough power to get out of their own way let alone catch up to anyone. -With proper training, which all police officers receive, a Ford Crown Victoria can perform quite well. Not as well as a "skilled" driver behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution or Subaru Impreza WRX, of course, but skilled drivers are far and few between.

Why do you think police agencies use Mustangs and Camaro's for interceptor work? -True. But these limited use/availability vehicles are not always at the scene of the crime just committed. I have not seen (in California) a Mustang patrol vehicle, 1993 LX, since the late 1990s. I have not seen a Camaro Z28 patrol vehicle, previous generation, for about 5 or 6 years. The California Highway Patrol still use the previous generation Z28s on a very, very limited use.

Large centers like LA have helicopters. -True, but in can take upwards of about 15 minutes before the helicopter is on scene. Critical minutes wasted during a sensitive and urgent situation.

A good quality patrol vehicle is the first line of defense and a safety tool for the thankless officers that protect our dangerous streets and communities.

@Buy American
I've seen first hand the aftermath of high speed chases gone wrong.
There have been a few high profile cases where meth heads or other drug addicts use the high speed chase as an excuse to turn things into an expensive demolition derby.
Litigation from any "lights and sirens" response has taken a turn for the worse because of rulings made in the USA and subsequently in Canada where "does the end justify the means" aspect of the response comes into play. For example: a car thef taking out a family in a minivan opens the police angency to a expensive legal loss. Even an emergency response for a chest pain - if there is a crash and the response turns out to be a false alarm, there has been legal presidence set where a savvy lawyer will win because it wasn't worth the risk.
It even gets taken one step further as you pointed out, police recieve specialized driver training and therefore are held to a higher standard in a court of law. A MVC may be criminally ruled someone elses fault, but in a civil suite, there have been many cases of successful litigation.
I rember a case of a jogger with a walkman on and a hoodie over his head ran into the side of an ambulance. It was completely the guys fault, but it was cheeper to settle out of court than to try to prove the ambulance service wasn't to blame.

@michigan blob
As you said;" I am simply saying that GM has sold more trucks in the last 36 years than ford has period end of story. GMC and Chevy are produced by GM. together they out sell ford on many years and that is a undisputed FACT!
I could say that I could cut the price of all trucks by 50% and then bring peace to the world and that would hold as much water as your statement above! I have shown you my source...Do the same or STFU!!!

@multiple personality Bob - Quote"Best selling truck for 34 years??? That's the biggest FRAUD,LIE,FIB,DECEIT,CRIME,UNTRUTH,FALSE committed on American society in American History! "

Here is a top 10 list of vehicles (ever) sold in the world.
1. Toyota Corolla
2. Ford F Series
3. Volkswagen Golf
4. Volkswagen Beetle
5. Ford Escort
6. Honda Civic
7. Ford Model T
8. Nissan Sunny/Sentra/Pulsar
9. Volkswagen Passat
10. Lada Riva

I don't see any bowties on the list.
I do see 3 Fords.
Even the model T has sold more than the Sierra/Silverado.


1. Toyota Corolla
2. Ford F Series

What an Embarrasment. LMAO!

@nick-toons - I agree, GM products are nowhere on the list.

I find it interesting that the F Series is sold predominantly in NA and the only vehicle to beat it is the Corolla which is sold in virtually every country in the world.

It's all Dodge police vehicles where I am. Chargers, one Ram 1500, and my old Dakota.

That would kinda suck if the cops could start chasing us after we leave the pavement. I think I'd prefer they stick with impalas.

Not that I plan on breaking any laws or getting in any high speed pursuits or anything just that the 4wd roads have always been my safe haven from traffic enforcement.

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