Recall Alert: 2012 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon

GM is recalling certain 2012 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon vehicles because the electrical connector terminals on the driver's seat belt buckle may not fit snugly with the connector pins, causing a bad connection, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The result may lead to a missed visual or audible warning that the seat belt is not fastened, increasing the risk of  injury during a crash. The vehicles affected in the recall were built between Sept. 9 and Oct. 19.

GM will notify owners and dealers to replace the seat belt buckle electrical connector terminals free of charge. The recall is expected to begin on or before Nov. 30. Owners can contact Chevrolet at 800-630-2438 or GMC at 888-996-9463 for more details. Owners can contact NHTSA's vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or go to


I gotta believe the 2012 Colorado sales are dismal. Might be cheaper to just cheap them out another entire truck for other parts that will fall off... sorry.

Seems like a rather minor item. It's interesting to see how the large automakers deal with different types of recalls. This is obviously a relatively cheap fix with few significant risks. Compare that to some of the Toyota recalls of the last few years. Those were much harder to manage. All in all, it is quite impressive how trouble free modern vehicles are considering how much more complicated they are than vehicles even 20 years ago. Hats off to the manufacturers. Yes, we're paying a lot more for vehicles, but we're actually getting plenty of technology for that price.

Not the most horrible problem in the world. We'll see if it ends up as front page news.

They should just recall the entire truck and give everyone a refund.
This is the worst pickup i've ever owned. '06' Colorado

There goes the end of a rather nice streak of no recalls.

At least it was recalled. I have a Colorado cousin, an Isuzu I-370, and for the most part it has been good. The transmission went out and it was replaced and the towing was covered. Since then no problems. I do think it is time to replace these trucks with the new Colorado which is due in 2013. Hopefully the new Colorado will be better. It would be nice if the price differential were not so close to full size. Toyota Tacomas are good, but it would be bad to have just Toyota and Nissan in the mid size market. If Colorado is successful maybe that would entice Ford to either release the global Ranger in North America or come with a variation of the Ford Transit.

Nice to see nothings changed at GM....

On side note that this website only post stories on Ford, well here you

i was just going to say i wonder what would have happened if this was a Ford recall, you think we would have Bobs everywhere

My 2011 Colorado has been completely trouble free after 15K miles. Plenty of power, good skirt watching height (Z71 model crewcab), and 21-22 mpg average city/hwy combined. The only thing I wish it had is steering wheel radio/bluetooth controls.
All in all, I love it!

Bob is too busy on Tacoma World to reply to this.

Do we all need to know about every recall on every truck, I only care if my truck has one and the manufacurer sends me a letter about it in the mail, so I don't need to know that seatbelts on Colorados don't latch right.

Don I have a 2008 Isuzu I-370 crew with 4 wheel drive (Colorado/Canyon twin), tow package, heated leather seats, fog lights, 5 CD stereo, and auto dim mirrow with outside temperature and compass. I have been very satisfied with it. Isuzu covered the transmission and the towing other than that no problems and I really like it. It is Onyx black with charcoal leather interior. New with discount and rebates with no trade it cost me 21k. The 3.7 5 cylinder is more than adequate. I would like to have blue tooth and a MP3 port but I guess you cannot have everything and since it was the last crew on the lot with 25 miles on it they were willing to deal.

WOW! already Chevy and Ford do this every year,they want to get there trucks out so early they just slap stupid stuff on there and hope it works like fords new motor 6.7 they made that so fast theres so many things wrong with it we have already worked on 12 of them!!!! 3 blew up! wow at least DODGE waits till 2012 to release 2012 trucks cuz they test theres not just slap a sticker on there truck and push it down the line slappin dumb crap on it that we dont need then saling it for 50,000 when really its only worth 20,000 trucks today do the same as trucks in the 90's and they only 20,000 its dumb all these companies just want to make money they aint even really making a good product any more its dumb tired of it we need a good truck good price with out the electronics there still is a big market for simple people that dont want all the electronic crap! i stickin with my 91 Dodge 250 power ram with cummins its got 900,678 miles on it and still running strong same trany and engine!

RAM, why did 3 blow up? What exactly was the problem? What was the issue with the 12 you worked on? Have any specifics? Problems with the 6.7 seem to be pretty quiet as far as what I know. (And without all the electronics you won't be buying a new truck since it'll never meet emissions,safety, performance targets, etc.)

Ram--If you have a 91 Dodge 250 with a Cummins with over 900,678 miles and it is still running strong then keep it. The best truck is the one that you already own and its paid for. If you want or need a new truck then take advantage of any of the deals. Yes these companies still make money but if you are going to buy a truck then keep it for a while it is to your advantage to shop any deals. I still have my 99 S-10 which has only 94,000 miles and I will probably keep it for another 10 years. It is in excellent shape and it is paid for. I don't really care what it is worth at this point, I got my money out of it long ago.

Too ugly to take photos apparently.

Yeah, I hate punctuation too.

This truck gets way too bashed. It is not the right vehicle for everyone it is a rugged reliable good looking truck that performs as advertised. It is inexpensive to own and gets decent mileage.
I have owned 2. The first was a 05 4x4 crew180000kms. The current an 09 4x4 the current has 150000kms nearly 100000 miles. Other then regular maintenance and a few minor things I would buy another. Cannot wait to get one of the first 2013's.

no the most garbage truck is the ford ranger,,trany,4x4 problem y believe ford always have trany problem for years and years and they continue whit the escape/....the dealer said is only do up grade in the computer,they change the trany..

You wanted to keep an eye on the Baja 1000.

Well, Mike Levine just wanted to say congratulations to @McMillinRealty for winning the Baja 1000 in their Ford F-150 Trophy Truck!

Source: Mike Levine

Ford F-150 wins again. ;)

I was at a repair shop in my hometown and two different people came in today complaining about their Ford pickups. The one individual was in his early 70's and has always owned Ford pickups. He said he always bought used but the one he owns now was bought new. His quote was " what a piece of junk" Anything fromm front end parts wearing out after only 26000 miles to a cheaply built fuel module above the spare tire which has left him stranded two different times. He planned on this truck being his last at his age but he said it will never last long enough. He swore that his next truck was going to be Toyota. His truck is a 2005 with only 36,000 miles on it. The other individual owned four Ford F350s that he uses for his landscaping business and plowing during the winter. A 2006, 2008. 2010, and a 2011. The front end has gone out of the 2006 once, the 2008 twice, 2010 once and now the 2011 needs a new front end. Ford replaced the first front end on the 2008 under warranty but the second one he ate. The 2010 was also covered under warranty and 2011 will be covered under warranty also. The 2006 was out of warranty when it went out on that truck. I stood and just smiled when these two dividuals were talking about their problems because I am a GM man. The front end repairs consisted of all contol arms, tie rods, and ball joints. I offered the history of my truck and the truck I owned before that. I had over 600,000 miles on my GMC with everything original except the shocks and 260,000 miles on my 06 Chevy and everything on the truck is original. Their jaws dropped and did not know what to say. They sure made my day as I walked away smiling.

@Greg- what kind of work do you do with your truck?

600,000 miles on what

a 350?


Hi bob

Happy Thanks giving to everyone even the trolls.

@Jeff - good comment. We have much to be thankful for.

Add another future headache to GM,0,2017860.story

Ford should recall the crappy frames on the Craptor.

@David Robertson - 1st their windshield washer tanks were catching fire, now their battery operated cars.
2 things that I never would of thought could catch fire.

That Craptor is way too masculine for me. My Silverado is a perfect match for my lifestyle. The color matchs my purse.

I have a 2012 Colorado and it spark knocks in low gear. The dealer is working on it but Gm is stupid.It has been back 4 times and still not fixed, It isn't the dealers because gm keeps telling them what to do. I have bought gm all my life but am ready for a change.If anyone else knows about this let me know it is a 5 cylinder engine.


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