SEMA Video: AEV Brute Double Cab

American Expedition Vehicles' Brute double cab conversion kit adds 23 inches to the middle of a Jeep Wrangler Ulimited, but that's only the beginning. Watch the video to learn more.



Another sweet Chrysler product!

Now thats cool.

It would be nice if Jeep had the balls to finally build a pickup.

Jeep knows better than to build this. It wouldn't be long before the tree-huggers found a way to kill it just like they did to the whole hummer line. It was profitable and GM wouldn't have let it go.

I wish Jeep would build a truck like this! I'd buy one!

Wow. That's cool.

Nice Jeep, but 20K more for a p/u box and 2 extra doors? A Ram Runner conversion would be cheeper.

Another family vehicle...

Overpriced suburbia yuppie vehicle...

@oxi - Excuse me? Please be specific as to how this qualifies as a "suburbia yuppie vehicle"

I hope AEV sells a ton of these. Once again, its sad that Chrysler could build this basic vehicle for about the same money as a JKU. What is the Cab-and-a-half that you can briefly see in the back ground?
I wonder how well this works (visually) as a milder set-up: no Hemi and 35's. Is that enough to balance out the huge wheelbase? A TJ brute works well from skinny 32's to 40's.
@toycrusher84- because it isn't a Tacoma. Duh!

oxi, is upset that another turn-key production 4X4 pickup (includes Ford F-150 S.V.T. Raptor and Ram 2500 Power Wagon) is more capable than his "built" Tacoma. He gets jealous of the guys, with the Power Wagons and Raptors, driving by his house, on their way to go have some four wheeling fun, while his Tacoma still sits in the driveway waiting for the transformation into a competent 4X4 pickup.

@Greg B.


The Jeep Comanche was the last cool pickup. The only problem was no cab options beyond regular.

JEEP: Strip it down, give it engines that will sell, and price it so that regular folks can buy it, and watch it fly off the lots. Bring it.

About 1:15 into the video, what is the white six-wheel vehicle in the background ? Jeep based. or not ? It looks neat.

@Mike - it was made by Wild Boar Products
There is a full picture of it on the linked thread. Looks cool.

Nice Yeti bikes!

And Jeep!!

@Lou - Thanks for the detail and link. I like it, but some on the link/'site you gave think it's too much ! It does appear to be on axlestands at the front though ?

@Mike - I had tried to look at Wild Boar's site but the link was down when I posted that link.
They do have some cool accessories. They have a replacement top for the Jeep that gives it a Hummer H1 look to it.
They have a "workshop" feature that lets you try various accessories on a Jeep. Great idea.
That would be a great idea for this site to set up.

I agree with toycrusher the stigma from Hummer would be a public relations nightmare for Chrysler. It is cool to look at and there are some people who might buy it. If they came out with a regular and extended cab they might be able to sell this without too much damage to their reputation. In the 4 door version this vehicle resembles a Hummer, not that the Hummer was all bad only the negative publicity it received.

Oxi is very biased towards Toyota but I do agree with him that this is another suburbia vehicle which the Hummers became.

Love that truck! This is definitely the type of option Dodge needs to add to their line up.

Don't need a 4 door, well except for the dog, but an extended cab 2 door would be nice.

i wish my toyota looked half that cool

LOL @ Toycrusher and other right-wing nutjobs.

"Tree huggers" made SUVs popular, back when they were macho vehicles (CJs, Broncos, Blazers, Scouts) and not suburban wussie-wagons for fat guys and their spouses.

The Hummer was an example of might have been great off-road, but I never...ever...saw one with mud on it.

This Jeep is a step in the right direction. It begs to be used off-road. Now put a real bed in it and an extended and not double cab, plus a small-block diesel, and you have the makings of a real truck.

And we tree-huggers will brew our own bio-diesel and leave fat suburban boyz in the mudhole.

Tree huggers were prostesting logging in an area, the logging company couldn't log so they decided to do road and bridge maintenance instead. They warned the tree huggers that they would be replacing 2 bridges. They refused to leave and the 2 bridges were removed. Funny how those back to earth types couldn't survive and had to get the "eco-corporation" to helicopter in supplies. City types and their donated dollars at work. LMAO.

Living Farmville, Not Playing it-

I believe that the term, tree huggers, was used to reference people like the Sierra Club. People that fight to put gates up on forest trails to prevent access to the public that want to enjoy the outdoors. These tree huggers would rather people enjoy nature from a book, viewing pictures, rather than experiencing it in person. Tree huggers are overprotective extremists that want to preserve nature in a way that people would never get a chance to see what is being preserved.

@ Lou and Buy American - Thanks, that's exactly what I meant. Most "Tree huggers" don't come any closer to nature than the background of the Sierra Club website when they log on and pay their membership dues.

@toycrusher84 - one of my buddies is a helicopter pilot and flight engineer. He was telling me that Green Peace and other ecco types would hire helicopters out of New York and fly to the seal hunt. They'd unload, the copter would lift off, they'd do their photo op's and the copter would land, then back to Manhattan they'd go.
That sounds really eco-friendly to me. Same goes for this whole "Occupy" movement against big industry. These people need to get a real job, or just a job.
The only time I've ever considered hugging a tree was as an escape route for a pissed off bear or angry and horny bull moose.

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