SEMA Video: Ram Quicksilver Concept

There are some cool and interesting vehicles at the Mopar booth at the 2011 SEMA show. One of our favorites is the 392 Quicksilver. Watch the video to learn more.


That is a sweet looking ride!

Mark Williams:

What trans did this have behind it? 65RFE, 66RFE, W5A580, or something new.

Interesting. Chrysler has been selling the 425hp Hemi 300C here. They do not sell many(dated chassis, hard plastics, poor fit and finish) but it does have the 3 Litre CRD diesel,as an option that is the TOWING engine for the 300C.

@ION4--Considering all of the current SRT models use their respective 5-speed autos, I'd say this truck uses the 545RFE. It would be a smarter idea if Ram simply made the 66RFE the only trans for the Hemi (1500 included).

That's a mean motor under the hood but where is it's torque curve? Can it tow?

@toycrusher84 Good question, has the power doubts about the torque characteristics for towing. More a show vehicle than an actual working concept.

Robert Ryan-

It is difficult to grasp the idea of the Chrysler 300 used as a "towing" vehicle, regardless of whatever motor was under the bonnet.

@Buy American they do use cars to tow small trailers and less often European Caravans a lot here, then again virtually everything here seems to be able to tow something.
This fellow towed an US Hybrid Camper across the US, using his Australian Holden Commodore Statesmen(same car as the new Chevrolet Police Cruisers but they are stripped versions, that are imported from Australia). He eventually took it too Moscow with his family!!! Notice the Australian number plates on the car as he was towing in the US. He got a lot of strange looks in the US and people were puzzled why he was not using a pickup. Still he had no problems at all towing with the RWD sedan.

Towing from a US Trailer Park

At a campsite in the US

In Moscow with the family. in snow:

@Buy American I would have used a SUV or Pickup , but still an amazing achievement in a way. Brave man to tow across the US and into European Russia using a Right Hand Drive, RWD sedan. He said it was actually quite cheap and as not as difficult as it looked.

Prob detuned for traction, atleast in first gear. If there was no torque management and a cam that made ever more low end, the traction control would be so challenged. Bet it wouldn't have an issue with 6,000 pounds.

I wouldn't be so sure if it has the 545/65 RFE. All SRT vehicles with automatics use the Mercedes 5sp designated NAG1. I think the 66RFE would be the best choice given its higher torque capacity and extra (useful) gear.

People used to tow with cars here. I remember my grandparents towing their airstream with their Buick station wagon that had the big block in it. That thing was a tank.

Cool truck.


22inch rims? Road racers will tell you that anything above 19inches will reduce performance on the track!

You will not see any if none at all track vehicles running that large of a rim...

We need to see what is underneath, how is the power going to stick, if at all to the ground in hard cornering?

What are the alignment settings up front?

This is a taller vehicle so body lean will kill it in corners. A Honda Civic would run circles around this pickup on the track unless it is setup properly...

And if your going to run higher speeds like over 100mph, your going to need a wing for downforce in the rear or that rear end will become light and prone to break traction and loss of control and boom, into the wall...

Wrecker please!

Oxi, the only poser on here is you.

Of course nobody is going to use a Fu@king pick-up for road racing, you tool.

Thanks for adding nothing of use to this thread.

@PF Expo - +1

Really who would buy this truck to tow....thought so bass ass truck nonetheless

It will outperform, and outclass, any production Toyota!


Finally a reg cab short bed with some snap,

just don't want to pay $50K for it.

Ford's Eco Boost still not, available in reg short.

@ Robert Ryan,

Your comment is totally ignorant !!!!! Dated Chassis lol !!!! Chrysler used rear suspension design,on the 2005-2010 300 but changed by Chrysler engineers improved on it as the exact same part will not even fit a Mercedes...and the front seat frames, wiring harnesses, steering column,are mercedes design as Chrysler/Mercedes were one company...

Guess you never drove one,they ride smooth,corner like they are on rails....beautiful car to drive it wont rattle or rattle you teeth out,ignorance is bliss ,keep drinking the bashing koolaid and miss out on a 27 mpg 13 sec 1/4 mile car that is safe and fun to drive that will out handle just about any vehicle on the road !!!

Funny as a owner of a 2006 Chrysler 300 C (160,000 trouble free miles) I never had an issue,interior held up better than my import vehicles,in fact no wear it looks brand new ! The hard plastic is over hyped by ignorant journelists and people who had a base model with a totally different interior ,300,300 Touring have a cheaper interior than a 300C or 300 SRT-8...just like the old days the more money you pay the nicer the interior,true for the 300,as for fit and finish expalain your personal experience of where you find it is bad ? Oh let me guess you read some biased journelists opinion,right !! Nothing fell off/broke on my 300,or any other 300 owners I know !

Furthermore,you are ignoring the fact that the 2011 Chrysler 300 is totally new with award winning interior,upgraded suspension , your comment doesnt make any sense !!! There are alot of 300's around,being a fairly expensive car and a full size car its sales are on target of what they wanted,did you know my Hemi 300 gets better average mpg than my 2004 Lexus v-6 got !! Plus the 300 C blows the doors off of it !!


This Ram will out handle a Civic,and stock Ram 1500 2wd will out handle a Civic..

My brother owns a new Civic SI, dont tell me some b.s,my daily driver is a 2011 Ram 1500 R/T and it can out handle the Civic,I have no real body lean around tight corners or at speed ,and the lean I get you still can power through the corner.

Ram's are not like Toyota's,Toyota is the worst riding/handling truck ! The Ram does and will handle without much lean,the Dodge Ram SRT-10 ran 154 mph !!!!! Traction is always an issue with powerful vehicles,trucks and cars !!!!!My 04 Viper had 0 traction,when it some what hooked it ran mid 11's and spinning and spinning more it ran high 12's-13's !!

Just because you are jealous,dont knock this truck !! I dont have any noticeable lean my 06 Ram SRT -10 at 90 mph merging and on "S" corners !! In fact it handles the same as my 07 Porsche 911 does for the exact speed I can go around a tight bend on canyon roads here !! (By the way the 911 is a 3000 mile mint 1 owner car I am selling) Oh yes for the uneducated you have to take a different line (possition) on the road in any vehicle to maximize its performance,and fly around corners,most people dont know this thats why they drive one vehicle and they say it doesnt handle,but they actually drive it wrong !

Remember Tacoma's dont handle dont let your experience with a Toyota determine that is how bad any other truck handles.

I drive a ton of newer vehicles as I am a auto broker and sell higher end vehicles !!

Obviously you didnt bother to look at the pictures this truck is lowered and many suspension mods,lean is not a factor here,please educate yourself about automobiles before posting such biased rubbish ! Toyota LOL !!! LOL !!! LOL.

Hope Dodge builds a new RAM SRT !!
This truck is awesome ,it is making brand x'ers already jealous as they know Mopar Rules !!! Toyota,Ford,GM all use a Chrysler Hemi in Top Fuel,for performance everybody is jealous of Chrysler products !! It is so true by the bashing,you cant beat you bash them,bunch of brand x posers !!!

Fear the HEMI -the 345 c.i., 370 c.i., 392 c.i., and 426 c.i. alike!

@: Canadian Dodge RAM Owner - that "Hemi rules because it is what is used in top fuel" is the lamest argument that I've repeatedly heard. NHRA rules dictate that a "hemi" like engine is all you are allowed to run. That is like a Harley guy saying Harley V-twins rule but you only race AHDRA (All Harley Drag Racing). You gotta be able to come up with something better than that.
If NHRA dropped that rule, there would be several engines that would show up that were more powerful and faster. Even Dodge would make a better engine if the rules allowed it.

@DODGE RAM SRT-10 and Ram R/T - I see you've met Oxi. LOL

The rest of the world thinks NA vehicles have cheep plastic interiors.

I find it hard to believe that a truck could handle the same as 911 Porshe.

@ Chrysler Owner. They are the process of discontinuing the 300C here and primarily only selling Jeeps. Jeep is definitely their best seller. You are right it the 300C is based on an old Mercedes chassis.

@Lou, Agreed on that the interiors are pretty tacky. Must admit under Macehionne fit and finish has improved. Of all the US manufacturers they have at least built RHD vehicles with diesels for our market.

@Robert Ryan ,

No the 300 is not based on a old Mercedes Chassis,only the rear suspension design,not the whole chassis......

@ Lou ,

The lamest argument,obviously you dont get it,it is a major point...Decades of reliability and the most powerful gas engine around,bulletproof reliable so much so Ford,GM,Toyota use is that lame,over the years Ford,GM tried to make and use their own engines but they fail !!! Cant beat a HEMI after all these years !!

Top Fuel Toyota,Ford and GM use a 426 Hemi engine block,it is not even close to what you even said about the Harley !!

Go to a drag race event talk to a Ford,Toyota,GM race team and if they are honest they will tell you its a Chrysler HEMI !!! as 99.9% of them are !!! Just Ford/GM/Toyota bodies and logo's on the valve covers !!!

The HEMI does rule...old and new..My new RAM 1500 q.c 4x4 HEMI beats my buddies F-150 eco-boost 2 wd and I get 1.5 better mpg !!!! HEMI RULES !!!!!!! Plus his Ford sounds like a old Areostar minivan,6 cyl are the worst sounding engines around !!! My nice rumble of a V-8,better gas mileage and no turbo chargers to screw up,yeah ,HEMI RULES !!

@Robert Ryan ,

That is Chrysler/Fiat plan,in some areas to stop the Chrysler 300 as they renamed the car a Lancia Thema to sell in most places in Europe !

They also have a Maseratti SUV that is coming out and it is a Jeep Grand Cherokee they have a version of the Dodge Journey ,Chrysler 200 renamed a Lancia and a Lancia Voyager aka Town & Country ! Chrysler/Lancia in Europe sales increased 17 %.

Award winning vehicles with best in class interiors !!

By the way the Chrysler 300 is the worlds most awarded car ever !!!

Nice looking truck,build it they will come !
Dodge RAM has the best trucks around,and NON - RAM owners are very upset and when they put down a RAM they just prove my point.

@Chrysler Owner. They only sold 60 of the 300C last year, so emphasizing the Jeep, a no brainer. At least they moved 600 Jeeps. The new Jeep SUV's should be snapped up by the increasing number of "caravan towers" and selling more than the small numbers they sold last year and so far this year.
Lancia is a Italy only brand, not sold in other parts of Europe. redoing the 300C is a relatively cheap way of introducing a new model. All the other "Lancia's " are for the Italian market. Fiat did not have the funds to develop a unique niche vehicle in small numbers for Italy alone

@Chrysler Owner on the other hand the Maserati SUV would be aimed at much wider European audience.

@Canadian Dodge RAM Owner - look at the rules, a hemi like engine is all they are allowed to run, any company could use modern technology and build a better engine. EVEN CHRYSLER!
Your excuse is lame.
Sure, a hemi is a much better engine than a Harley V- twin, but you miss my point.
The Harley example was a metaphor for Top fuel.
I've seen basically stock, inline 4, overhead cam, 4 valve or 5 valve per cylinder sport bikes slaughter drag only Harley V twins.

What do you think would happen to the top fuel hemi if modern engines were allowed to race against it?
It would get its ass kicked, or the rest of the car would not survive the extra power of a modern engine.

Why brag about an engine that the rules say that is all you are allowed to use?

I don't have a problem with hemi's.
A hemi Cuda is one of my top 10 cars I'd like to own.

@Canadian Dodge RAM Owner - cool link, but I've already seen those facts before. The power those cars produce is incredible.
I used to provide paramedic services for the local drag strip. That is probably why I find drag racing boring.
I've drag raced motorcycles. That was fun, but it is more fun to run on a road course.
I'd rather watch amateur motocross, or oval track racing.

@WestCoastRam - I do think the Ram is the best looking truck out there. It is nice to see that they have improved quality and durability. They now rank 3rd in that regard (1/2 ton). I think it is great that they are offering more trim packages like Ford. I'm willing to bet that Ram will take 2nd spot in sales in the USA. They've already taken 2nd spot in truck sales in Canada. I'll take a serious look at them when it comes time to replace my F150.

@Chrysler Owner - can you post your proof. I just read a story saying the Hyundai Genesis held that honor.

Exerpt - "TURIN, Italy (Dow Jones)--Saad Chehab, the new head of Italian automaker Fiat SpA's (F.MI) Chrysler and Lancia brands, has a lot of work to do.
His challenge is to convince skeptical European drivers that Chrysler sedans imported from North America and rebranded as Lancias are worthy alternatives to the Audis or BMWs they are used to driving."

Exerpt - "That’s the latest step in an evolving global strategy bringing Chrysler and its Italian partner Fiat ever closer together. With the European maker planning to control more than 51% of the once-bankrupt American automaker before year-end, Chrysler and Fiat are rapidly consolidating product development, distribution and finances"

Lancia may be more recognizable as a brand in Europe, and they do have a great reputation in ralley racing, but they do have a poor reputation for quality.
North American products will have a tough sell in Europe. There is a common belief that NA cars cannot turn, and have cheep plastic interiors.
I'd like to see an NA product do well in other markets. It increases the survivability of the so called domestics.

@ ALL (especially Canadian Ram) - The top fuel comparo is just a little silly. Yes, they are all "Hemi's". Sure they put out 8,000HP, but they are the LEAST reliable engines EVERY MADE! 4-5 seconds of durability is not much to brag about. Needing to be rebuilt each and every time you turn them on? Also not much to brag about.

Real cool truck but as far as I'm aware they never made a challenger ACR, they made a challenger with a 392, but the acr label was strictly a viper option.

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