Spied: 2013 Ford F-150

2013 Ford F-150 front II
Our friends at KickingTires.com have noted that Ford is doing some interesting design work with their new products, most recently seen in the new Ford Flex that will be at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Along those same lines, Ford looks to be trying some new looks with their half-ton pickups as well. 

The camouflage on this prototype is quite transparent so the new grille and chrome-outlined headlights on this XLT SuperCab are easy to identify.

The new face looks to have the same "vice-clamp" on the front crossbars as does the current-gen Super Dutys and new Ford Flex (although the Flex has a single bar). The C-clamp design feature in the F-150's grille is the most obvious example of Ford's desire to give all their vehicles (at least on the truck and SUV sides) a common face.

It's not yet known if the interior or powertrains will receive any tweaks for the 2013 model year update. As you can see, this test unit has EcoBoost badging and common tailpipes. 

This is likely to be the last facelift for the F-150 before it gets totally redesigned in less than three years time.

2013 Ford F-150 grille II

2013 Ford F-150 front 2 II


Ugly as usual, The Ram is the best looking truck, these Ford's are Butt Ugly.

Using the same 2 bar grille design as the super duty. It seems like they're doing something slightly different with the headlights. A subtle change until the next revamp

Hey ford..please lover that bed about 1 inch.

These trucks just keep getting uglier and uglier

I count 7 lugs on the wheels, this is a HD F-150 mule...

It makes sense since the SD with the huge chrome grill and C-clamp design is completely dominating the HD market. Carry that grill over to the 150 line to boost sales there too. Although in the F150 line there will be many grill designs based on model.

Ugh! I've seen the Flex in the article (click on the link Mark posted). I'd rather see the SD look than the 2013 Flex look. And I like the 2011-current SD look.

oh not its a whole brand new truck they changed the headlights again i guess that is what ford people call new like every one else said so far this is butt ugly and has been since 1997 think i rather shave my dogs ass and look at that before looking at a f150

Heavy Duty short bed SuperCab - that's a combo you can't get currently.

That is a long bed supercab HD truck (8200 GVWR). Not a short bed.

That's a 6.5' short bed. The 6.5' bed is the short bed for the SuperCab since there is no 5.5' bed SuperCab except for the Raptor. You only get a choice between a 6.5' and an 8' bed.

The 8' long bed would have a much longer space between the cab and the rear wheel.

There are no 6.5' SuperCab short beds with HD so this is new.

Ugly Camo job

I'm not sure it's humanly possible to make anything other than a crew cab look good with an 8' bed.

@chevygay Have fun with your dogs ass weirdo!!!

@Scott, why do you think this is a HD payload package? It is a max tow, but how can you tell the payload?

I'm guessing it's a HD because it has 7 lug wheels which are only available with HD payload trucks. Do you think they could be bumping up the F-150 to knock down the Ram Tradesman F250/F150?

You know the episode of In living Color where they ask if you have the Ronco detachable arm for those occassions when you wake up next to someone that you thought was hot when you were drunk but realize when you wake up that they are butt ugly and you don't want to wake them up so you just use your Ronco detachable arm.

That's what ford girly men must think when they wake up and look at the face of their truck and realize how butt ugly it is. I have always maintained that beauty is in the eye of the beholder or beer holder and not everyone has the same tastes. I still think GM'S trucks are the best looking trucks on the road today. I will say that ford's current edition of the f-150 is much better than the previous generations.

Ram looks better than before but in my humble opinion, GM makes the most handsome looking trucks.

I sure am glad not everyone has the same tastes. Variety is good for everyone.

The truck shown is definitely a Heavy Duty Payload Package. The 7-lug aluminum wheels as mentioned earlier are the giveaway.

And this is a 163" wheelbase SuperCab with the 8' box. The 3/4 angle of the truck in the image makes it difficult to tell, but it is.

Fords look ugly all together. SDs look like a person with a big head and small body. 150s...too square. Putting aftermarket rims and tires makes the truck more uglier.

Even though I am a devout Ford lover, the 13' Flex grille is ugly. I don't understand why all mfg's seem to want to share the same basic grill design's for the lowest model to the top of the heap. To me , there's no separate idenity. However, ugly or not, the Flex is a remarkably comfortable vehicle to drive.

@Jonathan I agree. It does have 7 lugs wheels (I missed that). And the bed is 8'. 6 1/2' beds have the rear wheel centered on the length of the bed and the spacing ahead of the rear wheel would equal the rear 'door' width. This one clearly has much more bed length in front of the rear wheel. So it is nothing new, other than the grill.

Wow Bob, that was nearly a grownup responsible post. We are all proud of you, keep up the good work!

I agree with the poster about the height of the 150 bed. The truck is the same size as the SuperDuty. I much prefer the bed height of my 01' 150. As for product loyallty, I love Fords but in my retirement, my side job is transporting vehicles for a local dealer who has 7 stores, Ford,GM,and Chrysler/Dodge. Get to drive them all and all are great trucks. Would not be ashamed to be seen in any one of them. I do draw the line with the foreign brands though. I know they are good also, but I'll wave my flag till I'm gone. Not trying to start anything, but that's my opinion. Thanks

Yawn, Ford loves to play with grills. It's hard for me to get excited about that.

@Michigan Bob except for using that terrible analogy, calling the ford 'butt ugly' and making sure to remind anyone who likes ford that they are 'girly men', I think you bring up a good point. I actually really like a lot of the chevy pickup's sheet metal. I do think Chevy and GMC look a little more old school, which I kinda like. I think I like the Ford super duty series for the same reason, it resembles some of the older designs and for me, that definitely works. I think all manufacturers should dump the tailgate logo monstrosities and go back to putting Ford, Chevrolet, or Dodge (maybe ram?) on the tailgates.

Don Ragan- Amen, brother!

Everyone else- Looks are obviously subjective. I personally like the looks of the entire Ford F-Series line. Ford F-Series sales prove that the naysayers are in the minority.

Go Ford! The Best Never Rest!

Ford is making classier looking vehicles than any other American brand. I used to be a Chevy guy (and still have a 2005 Silverado) but the 2007 and on are so ugly. They just look and feel cheap.

Average people can't understand what Ford is doing because their designs are ahead of their time (along with their powertrains -- EcoBoost!) and much more refined than anything from GM or especially Chrysler.

I really like the new grille, I think the clamp look will work better on the F150 than the Super Duty. I agree with a commenter above that the Super Duty looks like a person with a big head on a small body (Ford needs to raise the sides of the bed a few inches).

I think that the F150 needs a little tweak after looking essentially the same since 2008.

But now that I've said my two cents I think we should all remember that everyone likes what they like and that's all there is to it. I know passions run high with our trucks but there is no reason to say things like "shave my dogs.. and look at that." That's just rude!

Fuel economy pop quiz for anyone interested:

You and your wife both drive 100 miles per week on average. She drives a 100 mpg hybrid and you drive an 11 mpg big block suburban. For $2,000 you can either trade in your wife's 100 mpg hybrid for a 200 mpg hybrid, or tune-up your suburban to get 13mpg.

Which is the "greenest" and most economical way to go?

Looking fugly.. especially with the offset front license plate.

@toy.. the 13mpg Suburban..

I bet if it had a 4.4L Diesel it wouldn't look as ugly now, would it?

I love reading comments from the Chevy fanboys who talk about how ugly the Ford is when they need to step out the door and look at what they are driving. When has the Chevy had any kind of update?... I'm still waiting.

Ram has the best looking truck for sure but they all can't look the same.

I'm not a fan of Ford's HD snout. It looks better with the colour matched bezel. It might not be such a monstrosity on the F150. This grill looks more flush to the lights and hood. The HD snout sticks out more. Ford needs to clean up the front ends on their trucks. I like the looks of the Raptor nose the best followed by the FX4 front end.
Ram has the best looking truck. I like the looks of the Sierra. The Silverado on the other hand is ugly. The bumper looks like it was put together from the scrap parts bin. I'd rate the Tundra higher than a Silverado in looks. The titan looks okay from the front.
I was trying to find more information on the new Silverado and Sierra. It looks like GMC will have the market to themselves for a year. They are 2013 MY so sometime 2012. Everyone else plans on releasing new trucks in 2014 MY or sometime in 2013. This strategy may work for GMC but I think it will give everyone else a chance to do some last minute tweeks to try ot one up GMC.

why didn't they change the taillights! looks interesting integrating the super duty style but Ford has really got to make those tail lamps look stronger. meanwhile doesn't look like much of the change like the recently spied chevy silverado.

2012 was the old rumor. The latest is GM is realeasing their new trucks in late 2013 as 2014 models.

I dont know who is desiging the grilles at Ford, but they need to fire the whole crew!!!!

@Danny - thanks for the clarification. I had 2013 stuck in the brain. If everyone is coming to the table with new trucks in 2014 MY or 2013 release date, all of the companies had better bring their "A" game.
Sierra, Silverado, Tundra, and Titan are going to take a beating because Ford has it's new engines, and Ram will have the 8 speed for 2013 MY or sometime in 2012. Huge discounts can only prop up GM sales in the short term.
I'm really interested in Ram's 8 speed, as well as GMC's "all new" 5.3.

Has Ram confirmed what MY an 8 speed will go into their Ram? I'm also interested in GM's 8 speed and Ford announced one as well.


YAWN!..... Looks like any other ford out roaming around.

Nothing to get excited about, NEXT!

Good Looking truck, nice to see an 8' box. My main hangup with buying an F-150 is a) I think their regular cabs are ugly, particularilt directly to the rear of the side window, that black region that covers until the edge of the door, and b) my number 1 issue, no automatic locking rear diff like GMs patented (I think they hold the patent anyways) G80 locker. I absolutely have to be able to instantly spin both wheels in 2wd. The F-150 lockers in the rear are only available to be locked in 4wd, on the superdutys, they are available in 2wd, however I drove one and it'd never unlock around turns. This is hard on the axle and tires etc. I think GM has the perfect solution with the G80.

The Ford is the most beautiful, manly truck ever created by GOD!!! They just keep getting more manly and gorgeous. Chevy is Ugly and it's step sister GMC is Ugly and always has been. Dodge, who cares? Nobody drives Dodges. Lets not even get started about Toyota. Do they even still build trucks? Titan? Titans are like baby pigeons and Eskimos. I've heard rumors about them, but never saw one in real life, so not sure they even exist. Ford rules the world!!! If your not driving a Ford you should shave your dog, or wife or whatever dude said earlier. Go ahead and push your chevy, and we real men will just keep driving our real trucks, FORD trucks!!! Because they never break down or have any issues. They run forever!!! Never even have to do maintenance! Best selling, longest lasting, best fuel efficiency, most power, tow the most, haul the most and go the fastest, loaded or empty!!! Ford is the best ever and always will be!!!!
Sorry, was just testing to see if making a post like that would make me feel better. Honestly started feeling like a real loser half way through it. Makes me wonder about those on here who's post are always like that but are more GM biased.... Speaking of which, how is the weather in Michigan today Bob? I'm secure in my choice, notice how i didn't even post on the chevy article? It's because I could care less.... Is Bob real or fake anyways? Every time someone post that he is a fake and is really guys from a toyota forum he kinda disappears. If that's true, those dude's really should get a life or hobby, or something. Maybe stay on the toy website. Or is it kinda dull over in those parts?

"Those dudes should really get a life or hobby" - alton (Notice he doesn't even use a capitol letter for his name, 3rd grader? i would be surprised)

Hey, Maybe you should too.... Dope.

"Those dudes should really get a life or hobby" - alton (Notice he doesn't even use a capitol letter for his name, 3rd grader? i wouldn't be surprised)

Hey, Maybe you should too.... Dope.

and the loser responses

Looks like that truck is spec'ed out to do some work. 8ft bed, Ecoboost, 7-lug heavy payload package, ect. Good stuff!

As far as the nose goes, I kinda like it. It looks more in proportion than the Super Duty's larger and more bold nose.

You want to see ugly, go look at those Chevys. I hope those design guys at GM are not getting paid.

Not nice bob, I asked how the weather was. lol.For your information, I got out of the 3rd grade last year!!! Only took me 4 years to! How do you like that mr. smarty pants!!! I got lots of hobbies too by the way. I play my Wii, and swing on my swingset when someone is here to push me. DUH!!! Thanks for answering my other question though ;-)

I'm looking for you bob..... Don't be bashful. You wouldn't hide from a 3rd grader would ya?

Using the same crap over and over isn't very good because it cant keep up with modern technology! This is why GM makes the best truck! They keep pushing for new innovations rather than using the same thing over and over! With the proven engines used for over 10 years now, GM leads the way! Ford needs to keep coming up with new engines to beat an old GM engine! GM wins again!

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