Spied: 2013 Ford F-150

2013 Ford F-150 front II
Our friends at KickingTires.com have noted that Ford is doing some interesting design work with their new products, most recently seen in the new Ford Flex that will be at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Along those same lines, Ford looks to be trying some new looks with their half-ton pickups as well. 

The camouflage on this prototype is quite transparent so the new grille and chrome-outlined headlights on this XLT SuperCab are easy to identify.

The new face looks to have the same "vice-clamp" on the front crossbars as does the current-gen Super Dutys and new Ford Flex (although the Flex has a single bar). The C-clamp design feature in the F-150's grille is the most obvious example of Ford's desire to give all their vehicles (at least on the truck and SUV sides) a common face.

It's not yet known if the interior or powertrains will receive any tweaks for the 2013 model year update. As you can see, this test unit has EcoBoost badging and common tailpipes. 

This is likely to be the last facelift for the F-150 before it gets totally redesigned in less than three years time.

2013 Ford F-150 grille II

2013 Ford F-150 front 2 II



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@Billy and @Don Ragan Luckily they only sell the Flex in NA. That design "DNA" is awful, makes the CUV look like a chrome wrapped box.

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It doesn't look much different than the current XL grill.
Add a C clamp, and delete one cross bar.
The headlights look similar to the 2011's. The masking makes them look bigger.
The bumper and hood look unchanged.
I'm willing to bet that the only difference is the grill.

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Ford, Ram, Nissan, and Tundra thank you.

I guess one big question is do these new tweaks change the coefficient of drag to improve the highway mpg's a bit.

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@mhowarth - I'd say nadda. It looks like a new grill and maybe a headlight tweek. Keeps people from confusing the 2012 with the 2011, and 2010 and 2009. LOL

Looks good, I'd like to have a black extendo cab with 6.5 footer bed.

Ugh Ford, you can do better. The bumper is hideous. What's the two black pieces that jut out just inside of the fog lights? They have always looked goofy. I hope for the Ford lovers that the next full redesign is much better.

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"Using the same crap over and over isn't very good because it cant keep up with modern technology! This is why GM makes the best truck! They keep pushing for new innovations rather than using the same thing over and over! With the proven engines used for over 10 years now, GM leads the way! Ford needs to keep coming up with new engines to beat an old GM engine! GM wins again! " -Bobbeh

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The new SD grill is just plain ugly! The 2010 grill was attractive. To follow the SD line is a dumb mistake. But that is Ford for you.

This might be the heavy duty test mule because if my eyes are correct those are 7 lug rims on bfgoodrich rugged trail tires that right now only come on the super duty from the factory.....that same tire also comes on the heavy duty Dodge Ram standard from the factory .....interesting indeed

looks more like the nissan titan from the front of the truck.

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It looks to me like a HD payload F150 that has been availble for many years, though it seems many here did not know a 7 lug HD payload option has been availble for years.

The only thing I can see new is the grill and maybe the headlights maybe not. We all know Ford has 3 or 4 different grills in use today. It will be interesting to see how all the different variants play out.

I think it is just a new grill. The headlight shape is partially hiden but looks basically the same. I can't see Ford spending extra cash to remodel fenders to fit a new headlight. THe 2014's will be out in a year's time.

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