SVT Raptor Sales on the Rise

Raptor 2012 II
We recently drove the 2012 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor in some of the harshest environments any 4x4 vehicle can handle. The rocks and trails outside of Moab, Utah, are legendary for destroying Jeeps and improperly equipped vehicles. The most popular trails in the area have names like Poison Spider, Metal Masher, Cliff Hanger and Hell’s Revenge. In fact, we recently drove with a group Ford and SVT engineers, taking a group of 2012 Raptor Super Cabs over Hell’s Revenge with relatively few scrapes and dents. But you’ll have to wait a bit before we offer the full report and photo gallery. 

In the meantime, we collected some information about the Raptor’s sales numbers that Ford seemed reluctant to give out in the past. 2010 total U.S. sales for the Raptor in its first year, was 7,085 units, which does not include a small number going to Mexico and Canada. 

As you recall, all of those were Super Cabs with the 5.4-liter V-8. Later, for the 2011 model year, with the addition of the longer wheelbase SuperCrew and more powerful 6.2-liter V-8 for 2011 (both came out at the same time), the vehicle became even more popular, and the sales numbers bear that out as well. 

So far this year, Ford has recorded more than 8,000 Raptor sales in the U.S., with a growing number going overseas to private buyers (mostly to the United Arab Emerits and Saudi Arabia). The increased popularity of the SVT Raptor has led Ford to increase production by roughly 30 percent for the 2012 model year, with the extra availability going to domestic and foreign sales equally. Production at the Dearborn Truck Assembly Plant will increase from two Raptors per hour to three Raptors per hour. 

By our count, that could mean yearly sales numbers approaching 15,000 units by the end of 2012, barring any major issues with the price of fuel or other domestic (or foreign) economic turmoil. No matter what happens, this far exceeds the numbers Ford was talking about at the beginning of Raptor's launch.

To date, the SVT Raptor has the lowest turnover rate of any Ford vehicle in their stable, with vehicles averaging less than 21 days from factory production to the time the vehicle is recorded as a sale. 

2012 pricing for a base Raptor is $42,570 for the Super Cab and $45,470 for the SuperCrew (pricing does not include the $995 destination fee). Other options include the Luxury package at $2,970, Navigation at $2,470, the exterior graphics package at $1,075 (hood graphic is another $900 and interior accents $750), and the front camera can be optioned separately (but you have to have the Luxury and Nav packages) for $525. 

Stay tuned for our rock-crawling driving impressions. 


Oxi! Calling all Oxi's! Can you wait to hear how poorly these oversized yuppie suburban tanks did on real trails?

It's a cool pickup but very odd to see them on the streets of Seattle. Of course it seems so many people around here like to lift trucks also. I think they must never use the bed for hauling.

Good to hear it is going so well with these. Big thumbs up. I'm surprised that there are about 8 grand worth of options left to be had. That pushes the price of a Crew cab over 50k easily. So with average prices around 47k (just guessing from options and base prices) it should be good news that so many people are opting for a vehicle they don't need (wait, no lynchings just yet) but rather want. If we're all honest, most Raptors are for recreational purposes (I'm not begrudging them of anyone).

Way to go, Ford -The King Of Trucks!

Way to go, F-150 S.V.T. Raptor -The King Of High-Speed Off-Roading!

I hope that this will encourage Ford to manufacture the Raptor for at least two more model years. That will give me a chance to buy a brand new 2013/2014 model.

Way to go, Mark Williams -Thank you for the news! I can not wait for the full report.

8,000 sold with only 4,000 alive because the other 4,000 that ready get use have bent frames great job ford for makeing more junk

Despite your loyalties I think sales of the powerwagon, r/t Ram, Raptor, SS silverado etc. are good for all truck enthusaits. Being a guy who uses his truck as a weekend toy a dailyl driver/work truck I am always rooting for good sales of factory performance models hoping that the competitors see the good sales and start trying to compete w/ each other. (example Raptor comes out I hate Ford but its a good truck sells good I get the ramrunner from my Chrylser guys)

"...Buy Ford Or Say Bye To must be the most brand biased person in here. Some people talk about me being biased...shesh." -Bob's Gourmet Chef

Yeas and no. True, that Ford is my preferred brand but out of the 4-vehicles I own, only one is a Ford. My 1968 Ford Mustang G.T. fastback. My other 3-vehicles are; a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited, a 2003 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, and a 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon.

My first wish is for Ford to have the most success. My second wish is for General Motors Corporation and Chrysler Group L.L.C. to succeed over any foreign company.

I will stand up for a good ol' American Chevrolet before I ever sink as low to buy a foreign jobber!

Way to go, Mark Williams -Thank you for the news! I can not wait for the full report.

Posted by: Buy American Or Say Bye To America! | Nov 12, 2011 11:26:41 AM

Dang man...enough brown nosing already!!!

[edit above] Yes and not Yeas.

The Silverado Z71 outsells this mall crawler by alot, that proves how much better the Silverado Z71 is over the F150 Craptor! The better truck will sell more! GM wins again!

This will not last long because this is an insignificant and obviously flimsy vehicle. People will wake up and smell the coffee eventually I hope.


It's the total package.

GM wins again.

@Buy American Or Say Bye To America!,

Get off the flag aving, these are PRIVATE corporations and have NOTHING to do with our government, Constitution or way of life here!

The FACT that the big 3 continue to be the largest importers into the U.S. tells of their priorities which is less to do with this nation and more to do with profit making with CHEAP labor!

You sould be one of those 'occupy' protester losers in front of ALL of the big 3 companies!

Unless your a shareholder of one of them, shut the up if you know what I mean...



A very close to STOCK Tacoma that does not even come close to the base sticker price of one of these tanks at over $42,000 can do just as good and better job at Moab!

Lighter and more nimbler pickups do not have to be modded like a Raptor to survive Moab!

The fact that a near stock 4-Runner did it when the 5th generation came out is evident of this!

The Raptor is a heavy modded F-150, I would like to see a stock-ish F-150 do it!

By the way IFS kicks you know what off-road!!!

@Bob & Oxi

I wish both of your computers would catch on fire...

@Bob & Oxi

I wish both of your computers would catch on fire...

Posted by: Nate.M | Nov 12, 2011 1:45:39 PM

That is not a very nice thing to say! I guess you are a Ford fan boi and you got your feelings hurt....sooooooo sorrrrryyyy

Yep Bob...I'm a Ford fanboi, I troll all these fourms with an insecurity complex, preaching about how my brand is ''better'' than everyone else's, all the while making false accusations then claiming it as a ''win'' for Ford, the childishly going GM LOSES AGAIN....Yep Bob, I'm such a fanboi I can hardly control myself.

I am glad Ford is making this, but I could NOT see the purpose of buying this kind of vehicle for a toy. I could afford one, no doubt.....but I could build one cheaper to play with. Looks as if we got plenty of money in this so called "recession" if people don't mind slapping down cold hard money (or on an expensive TOY such as this.

But, nonetheless, good job Ford, nice vehicle and no doubt damn capable. Glad people are feeling secure enough these days to pony up this kind of scratch for a toy offroader. maybe this pitfall in our economy is getting better? hope so.

Yep Bob...I'm a Ford fanboi, I troll all these fourms with an insecurity complex, preaching about how my brand is ''better'' than everyone else's, all the while making false accusations then claiming it as a ''win'' for Ford, the childishly going GM LOSES AGAIN....Yep Bob, I'm such a fanboi I can hardly control myself.

Posted by: Nate.M | Nov 12, 2011 2:29:46 PM

Thank you for your confession. I give you credit for finally coming clean.

Nate, you are a fanboi. I call a spade, a spade. I have seen you and other regulars (frank, benchimus, etc.) flame other brands, just not to the extent that Bob does with the multiple identity crisis he has. ya'lls hate towards other brands is at least tolerable.

bob: good greif guy, seriously? Why the hate towards Ford? Did they sh!t in your cornflakes this morning? You sure post lots of hate towards them, there must be a competing dealership in your area that is kicking ass in sales.

Nate, you are a fanboi. I call a spade, a spade. I have seen you and other regulars (frank, benchimus, etc.) flame other brands, just not to the extent that Bob does with the multiple identity crisis he has. ya'lls hate towards other brands is at least tolerable.

bob: good greif guy, seriously? Why the hate towards Ford? Did they sh!t in your cornflakes this morning? You sure post lots of hate towards them, there must be a competing dealership in your area that is kicking ass in sales.

Posted by: Red_4x4 | Nov 12, 2011 2:51:24 PM

I do not hate Ford but I strongly dislike the company because of their arrogance and their best in every class, model citizen attitude. Believe it or not the Ford dealer along with the Nissan are two crookedest dealers in the area. The smart people here that want a Ford will drive an hour to 3 other Ford dealers. Oh wait............did I call them smart?? I must be loseing my mind.

@Michigan Bob so you're saying you strongly dislike Ford based on their marketing, and the single Ford dealership in your area?

I could care less about the dealership here. I just don't care for Ford because of the way the present themselves. Not just in commercials (marketing). They are just an all around arrogant and cocky company in my book. Toyota places second in that catagory.

hey who took a red dump in this photo? they should see a doc if their shitting red

hey who took a red dump in this photo? they should see a doc if their shitting red

Posted by: johnny doe | Nov 12, 2011 3:51:47 PM

that was pretty good.


I'll agree with you there, I don't like the sleezy Ford ads either. I bought a 2008 Escape XLT V6 for the wife, ended up getting rid of that rattle trap 10 months later due to the hard ass seats that felt like you were riding on a 5 gallon bucket after a 3 hour drive, not to mention after 10K just felt like an inferior low-cost economy car...for ~ 20K that got the mileage of a S10 blazer. That "SUV" was incapable too, we took it out fishing and I had to climb a hill with it (well, more less wanted too) and it wouldn't go halfway up the hill! just spun the front tires...

Now, the same hill I approached in my wife's 2009 Sonata (replaced the bad gas mileage "uncapable" rough riding soapbox Escape) ..... for sh!ts and giggles....and it went up it with half the wheel spin the Escape had.... A Effin sedan with low pro tires went up a hill that Fords FRONT WHEEL DRIVE so called "SUV" would not. Not to mention, according to the scales here at the plant I work at, the SEDAN weighs MORE than the Escape by ~ 200 lbs. A midsize sedan weighs more than an SUV? How safe is that? I felt cheated, I figured an SUV should weigh more than a car, but it is nothing but a glorified station wagon with thin metal.

From that point on, I take their ads with a grain of salt to be honest, that low quality model plastic .. rattle trap ...tarnished me and Ford's relationship for a while. I could care less about their "non bailout" status or whatever.

Still doen't make their trucks bad though, I still own a 1992 F150 with a 5.8L and it runs great, stout little truck....but "sub-par" in todays world where 0-60 times and stop light jack rabbit starts matter. lol!

off topic.

@ Red_4x4

I agree on the Escape. There was an ad on TV the other day claiming that the Escape was a top safety pick. I did not realize that having 2 and 3 stars on the window sticker made it a top safety pick. Top safey picks usually have 4 or 5 stars on the window sticker. I do not think this was a national Ford ad though. It looked like a regional ad to me. Still false advertising though...kind of like the ones where Ford claimed made in the USA when the models that they were referring to were not.

email the editor to start banning all of these Bobs and oxi for their off-topic posts that have nothing to do with the specified blog posts.

email the editor to start banning all of these Bobs and oxi for their off-topic posts that have nothing to do with the specified blog posts.

Posted by: Tom | Nov 12, 2011 4:46:59 PM

what a crybaby. if you don't like what people post do not frickin read it.

Dave, Tom, Mark Williams:

Sorry guys, ya'll are right. Apologies for the thread/blog hijack. I'll try and refrain in the future.


@multiple personality Bob,
@Red 4x4
My wife wanted to buy an Escape, I told her that my research indicated they were crap. It doesn't mean that all Ford's are crap.
It is easy to fall into that trap because of a bad experience. It took me a long time to get over the crappy Dodge Grand Caravan we had. I won't buy another one because my research still indicates there are better mini-vans out their.
My wife doesn't think a mini-van is cool, her trendy friends have all gone to small SUV's. Our Sienna is a bland but reliable appliance. It has been flawless over 2 years. Our family is 2 growing boys, 2 big labs, and my wife and I. There isn't anything out their short of a full sized SUV that can do what it does.

I bought an F150 because it and the Tundra had the best ratings for quality and durability. I got more features and a better priice on the Ford.
If GM comes out with an awesome product when I go to replace my truck, it meets my wants and needs, and I can get one for a good price, I'll buy a Mahindra (kidding).

I'd love to own a Raptor, but as a toy, they are too expensive for my tastes. Give me a garage full of side by sides, quads, dirt bikes and sleds for the same price.

I'm buying a Raptor within the next 6 months to a year. I just hate they discontinued the molten orange. It would look awesome towing all the toy's around. Especially the RZR 900 XP. Who cares about gas mileage! Buy a smart car if that's what your after. Besides, we will still have the Ecoboost for mileage and heavy towing. I would love an Expedition Raptor though, just in case anyone from Ford is listening... as long as I'm dreaming could you throw a 5.0 Ecoboost in it too?

Well,my wife insisted on a 2008 Sienna because her co-worker has a Caravan that broke down a few times (I found out it was a 2002 with 260,000 miles ! )
I wont buy another Toyota because of my Sienna issues,it was babied ,oil changed by myself with quality oil and it developed what I found out as a major issue with Toyota's,sludge.Now with just 66,000 it needs a rebuild due to sludge,engine lost compression.I had gremlins with it,c.v joints,transmission was replaced under warranty at 8k.Now lucky for us we are just over the mileage so no warranty , Go figure !
We had a 2008 Corolla for 6 months but we had to sell it for 2 reasons 1.we were surpirized by news of a 3 rd child for us and 2.The Toyota had sulfer smell from the exhaust we couldnt get rid of,exhaust replacement complete from Toyota,they didnt want to do a second,it made our eyes tear up and children cough/choke.Follow them on the road the smell you smell is inside too.
My Brother owns a 2011 Grand Caravan and loves it only has 23k and more importantly 0 issues with it (my Toyota needed a transmission well before that mark), He always owned Caravans since the late 90's,and none had anything major going wrong with them .
I owned VW,Plymouth,Oldsmobile,GMC,Ford,Toyota so I really have no brand loyalty nor do I care,just want a reliable vehicle and talking to several Toyota Sienna owners they are not reliable,many have the same issues I have,I researched them and Sienna's have alot of problems,next problematic vans are Honda (those are real bad).
Time will tell how good our 2012 Grand Caravan will be(getting one next week after the Toyota is fully fixed),if its good my next truck is a Ram 1500 .My current truck is a 2001 F-150 crew,but only 88,000 miles,I have a company truck,new one every year they insist on Chev,so If I bought a Chev it would feel like I am off to work,so no Chev for me,reason why I got rid of my GMC in 01 lol !

Bob is Jerry Sandusky

@Lou. The Escape which is sold here is having a very tough time with the Japanese and Korean competition. The Diesel engined Falcon based Territory on the other hand is selling very well. It is Explorer sized.

@Sean - it is always interesting to hear people talk about their experiences with vehicles. I don't know anyone who has ever had a problem with a Toyota or Honda. We had a friends with the same year Grand Caravan, it has similar problems to ours. We kept it until the warranty ran out and we limped along a few more years but the repairs added up to were we chose to replace it. I know a few people who haven't had any problems with the Caravan. I still don't trust them and sources like JD Power and even CR rates the Sienna higher. Time will tell. We like the local Toyota dealer much more than the Chrysler dealer. They are the only independant dealer in town. One guy owns Ford,GMC, and Honda, another guy owns everything else.
I like the looks of the Ram, I do hope they come out with a 6.5 box crewcab. It is a great idea. It seems odd that only Ford offers it.
My brother has driven every brand of truck based on what ever his company buys. He currently has been driving Chevy's. At first he thought the IFS wouldn't hold up, but it has been okay. He finds it doesn't take too long before the Chevy looks like a beater. He used to be a Ford guy but likes the Ram the best out of the big three.
I see your point about not wanting the same truck as your work truck. I've driven many diesel's on the job, I love the power but I just don't need one.

@ alton - I agre, I had never seen a molten Orange Raptor until a few weeks ago. It was a SuperCrew that definately looked like it had seen its share of trails. It looked great. In Canada they are so bloody expensive that I can't see anyone wanting one. I could get a fully loaded diesel F350 for the same price. Well, actually less because there are no rebates on a Raptor.
I'll just have to keep buying Lottery tickets and hoping for the best.

@Sean - good luck with the addition to the famly. Sometimes I think I have 2 boys too many (I only have 2). LOL

Lou: Well said, that is why I agreed that Ford makes good trucks. My 1992 drove my but to work this morning as a matter of fact, It just keeps going, nothing fancy, but it just works. I agree on the Raptor as well, very nice rig, I couldn't pony up that kind of scratch for one. I could build a toy cheaper, if it is in fact a toy.

A converstaion piece for "burbanites on the other hand.........


I think you just like starting fights with people...You call litterally ANYONE who has a love of a brand...A Fanboi.


Go ahead...Name one news article were I unfairly bash GM...Do it...I dare you to try. I haven't even been commenting regulrarly on this site for about 6 months now because of moron's like Bob.

I've been nothing but fair with other trucks. When GM won Rumble in the Rockies and The Hurt Locker...I happily congratulated them for their victory, as I ALWAYS HAVE.

Yeah I'm a Ford guy, I always have and always will drive a Ford. But I can certianly see past my own brand preferance enough to throw out a little congratulations when someone else win's a comparison.

Lets put you on the spot now, how about that.

I've seen you call multiple people fanboi's for doing nothing more than supporting their brand. And ''fanboi'' is someone like your apparent new pal Bob, who blatently claims their brand to be without fault. In his case its GM. So lets here it Red...Why do call people who love certian brands Fanboi's huh? You just feel the need to project your own insecuritys out on others via the Internet? I think you are just a Ford hater honestly...The only one's you've pointed out so far are Ford Fanboi's ''And for the record Bechimus makes good points''...Yet you faild to acknowledge any of the GM fanboi's that exsist on this site...Yeah I've heard your arguement before, that you ''just hate fanboi's'' But I can tell there's more to it than that.

And for the record when I argue Ford vs Chevy with someone like Bob, its because someone like BOB, can't keep their fool mouth shut and say something like...GM's Hybrids are 10 times better than Fords Ecoboost...GM WINS AGAIN!


Ford is the McDonalds of trucks, they may sell the most, but that doesn't make them the best! GM WINS AGAIN!

That kind of talk is what gets under my skin...

Lastly...Red...If you don't like the way I comment, then you better learn how to deal with it or just move the hell on to another site because I'm not leaving ANYTIME soon.

I will second buy American.

Our college graduates have no jobs to find the unemployment numbers are climbing it is a headache for everyone - the cost of living is going up our wages do not match the price increase unless if you work in Wall Street.

I am proud that an US Corporation is doing well and it is financially healthy (does not wait or demand bailout from my tax dollars due to its own mismanagement) - I am also proud that corporation it afford American jobs so they can put food on the table - it also gives dividends to the share holders and investors - good job to that corporation - have you visited any college today? have you seen our young ones what kind of future they will be facing? any day I will buy American.


I am proud that my last 3 Tacoma's have all been built in the U.S.A.

Just because it says Toyota does not mean it is not made by hard working U.S. citizens!

The Tundra is the 2nd most "American" built pickup while the Camry is the most "American" made car in the U.S. market.

Labeling vehicles like Toyota's as "Japanese" is a form of racism. Corporations like Toyota or Ford in the U.S. have NOTHING to do with our governments in power thus buy what you seek is best for you BUT try to buy a vehicle that was built locally if you can, that is in your respected nation.

For the Tacoma's I bought, Fremont, California and San Antonio, Texas are sovereign parts of the U.S.A., not Japan!

I think th Raptor will do fine at Moab because of a subject that most overlook and do not talk about much. GROUND CLEARANCE! You can add approach/departure/break-over angles likewise...

Though for its size and weight the Raptor could use more ground clearance, the key is how the suspension will survive the long run with hard off-roading. It may be fine with 20,000 miles on it but what about 100,000 miles, etc... can the suspension hold up with that amount of weight?

Big engines, gearing do not mean jack when you do not have the proper ground clearance for the weight of the vehicle or the proper approach/departure/break-over angles!!!

In BAJA, we had a saying: the big powerful engine gets you to the rock that puts you out of the race faster, that is all it is good for.

BAJA 1,000 is this week!!!

Lol @ fake Oxi and Nate. M

Nate, I didn't ask or even suggest you leave... I could care less either way. I do however, certainly agree with you on the Bob issue (yeah, that guy that is my new "bud" lmao). I will move on in time, but ya gotta admit, it is fun on these boards when fanbois and Bob's get involved, then we get to sift thru personal attacks (Like I did calling you a fanboi) for the next 100 comments. Hey, I used to skip thru all the rhetoric and try not to get involved, but lately it is so profound I have felt compelled to jump right on in with you guys on the bullshitting.

This site is a version of the "Enquirer" ...for trucks anyway. I wouldn't take my comments so seriously like you and a few others do. I give Ford credit where its due (EcoBoost, Raptor), and I slag them where I see fit as well (Like I think their new crop of trucks are HIDEOUS in the front end when deccorated with the cheap looking pepboys chrome, yeah uglier than a GMC, but not so than a Tundra or Chevy...happy?).

I mean, serious fanboi's, Multiple bob's, self proclaimed "patriots. Entertainment doesn't get any better than this. This site gives me my laughs for part of the day while I am at work, when I have loaf time. I mean, look at some of you grown men....crying when someone bashes your brand, slinging mud at each other....I am just engaging in the same type of vitriol that others do....Whats wrong with that?

Oxi: lol, yeah because someone "LOVES" a brand, they don't deserve the name "fanboi". So, what is the correct term for someone infatuated with a certain brand to no end like some of the people on here?

Well, since I didn't know so many people are soft when it comes to brands, maybe the mods need to start cleaning up the boards (starting with my comments, I'll set the example....Mark Williams, ya listening?). I for one, will profess to stay on topic from now on. I would hate to think anyone would really and truly get mad/feelings hurt at what they read on the internet. I won't post making fun of fanbois, people with multiple personality disorders (Our resident Bob's and others that have multiple screen names), any more.

In 1985/1986 my parents bought a 1984 Toyota van.

Within the first two years the factory radio burnt out.

Around year 4/5 the fuel pump went out.

Around year 7-9 the catalytic converter went bad.

When it was 9/10 years old the differential locked-up and broke 5Th gear.

When it was 11/12 years old the alternator went out and the power steering pump developed a bad leak.


You forgot to mention Frank on your last post. He is the biggest troll on here. Otherwise, decent post man.

I'd be a liar if I said I wouldn't have fun rolling around in a Raptor but it is hard to cough up that kind of money when, as others have mentioned, you can buy a diesel for similar scratch.

Having siad that, if I ever go back to contracting I'd buy a niche vehicle in a heart beat. I'd likely go with a Power Wagon since it would be more suitable for my use. I think it's great these factory built trucks exist. When your day rate and mileage is paying for your vehicle, might as well enjoy it!

In these parts, 20year olds with lifted diesels are the norm and they aren't paying out of their own pocket for them either, their jobs pay for the truck. As long as this type of situation exists there will be a market for expensive, purpose built niche trucks.

Plus, we love selling our Alberta oil! lol

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