SVT Raptor Sales on the Rise

Raptor 2012 II
We recently drove the 2012 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor in some of the harshest environments any 4x4 vehicle can handle. The rocks and trails outside of Moab, Utah, are legendary for destroying Jeeps and improperly equipped vehicles. The most popular trails in the area have names like Poison Spider, Metal Masher, Cliff Hanger and Hell’s Revenge. In fact, we recently drove with a group Ford and SVT engineers, taking a group of 2012 Raptor Super Cabs over Hell’s Revenge with relatively few scrapes and dents. But you’ll have to wait a bit before we offer the full report and photo gallery. 

In the meantime, we collected some information about the Raptor’s sales numbers that Ford seemed reluctant to give out in the past. 2010 total U.S. sales for the Raptor in its first year, was 7,085 units, which does not include a small number going to Mexico and Canada. 

As you recall, all of those were Super Cabs with the 5.4-liter V-8. Later, for the 2011 model year, with the addition of the longer wheelbase SuperCrew and more powerful 6.2-liter V-8 for 2011 (both came out at the same time), the vehicle became even more popular, and the sales numbers bear that out as well. 

So far this year, Ford has recorded more than 8,000 Raptor sales in the U.S., with a growing number going overseas to private buyers (mostly to the United Arab Emerits and Saudi Arabia). The increased popularity of the SVT Raptor has led Ford to increase production by roughly 30 percent for the 2012 model year, with the extra availability going to domestic and foreign sales equally. Production at the Dearborn Truck Assembly Plant will increase from two Raptors per hour to three Raptors per hour. 

By our count, that could mean yearly sales numbers approaching 15,000 units by the end of 2012, barring any major issues with the price of fuel or other domestic (or foreign) economic turmoil. No matter what happens, this far exceeds the numbers Ford was talking about at the beginning of Raptor's launch.

To date, the SVT Raptor has the lowest turnover rate of any Ford vehicle in their stable, with vehicles averaging less than 21 days from factory production to the time the vehicle is recorded as a sale. 

2012 pricing for a base Raptor is $42,570 for the Super Cab and $45,470 for the SuperCrew (pricing does not include the $995 destination fee). Other options include the Luxury package at $2,970, Navigation at $2,470, the exterior graphics package at $1,075 (hood graphic is another $900 and interior accents $750), and the front camera can be optioned separately (but you have to have the Luxury and Nav packages) for $525. 

Stay tuned for our rock-crawling driving impressions. 


wow the trolls were out in full force yesterday.
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@ Lou: I agree about the price. But the Ecoboost will pull everything I used to want a Superduty for. My Max towing weight ever is 10-11K and that is usually short distances. Average is 3-4K. Plus That Molten orange would look awesome pulling the Current RZR XP, and future Orange/Black RZR XP I'm currently trying to talk the fiance into. When we bought the current red XP it was because both out trucks are bright red and the only other color available then was white. Would've had to wait 3 months for the Orange XP to be available, and patience is not my greatest virtue. lol. Plus I hoped she would like it so much she would want her own and I could get an orange one too :-) BTW have you driven/towed with an Ecoboost? I am a believer in them 100% The stuff my 5.4 struggles with the little V6 will honestly accelerate so hard I'm afraid to give it too much skinny pedal. Now the FE isn't that great towing, but it matches or beats my 5.4, and destroys it empty.

@ Bob with an outie: Lets get this straight. Either A: You drive a 93 model chebby with a crap load of miles, which is probably a rusted out shell if you actually live in Michigan. So why do you even join conversations about new trucks, or tout the greatness of ones you don't own (cant afford)? If the new ones are so great why don't you have one?

Or B: You are the guy from the toyota forum who just comes here to act like a prick. Which if so, the person running PUTC should put a stop to it. Ever hear of professional courtesy? Nevermind, that would involve you being professional, at something other than being a douche bag. Are you mad that this is a better site than yours? (It is. Yours does suck, I checked.)

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Yours Truly: ALTON

@alton - I must be turning into an old fart, I can't seem to bring myself to trust a twin turbo V6. Might not have a choice when it comes time to replace my F150 ;)


As I said on an earlier story here, this site is degenerating to a kids sandbox namecalling fest.

To try and click open a story to get info or real folks opinions is getting to hard with all the clutter. I sure wish the site owner/administrator had a way to bleep this s#!t out cause its really tough to bother to spend time here anymore.

The Raptor info in the original writeup is a good read but don't bother with the comments.....


I speak of the truth and back it up with facts. I give credit where credit is due. You can not handle the truth.

You forgot to type your name "Bob."

I am flattered, really! Get off my NUTS!

Don't get me wrong...I love Ford trucks. But this is a potent toy, not any sort of truck a working man would use for work (even hunting, which can be work).

I wish the Big Three would put this much energy into a truck that could get 40mpg highway with a small-block diesel and a real bed, plus still tow a small load.

Oh, wait. It's called the non-US-market Ranger. Alas, can't bring that here for owners who work their trucks, because that would cannibalize F-series sales. Silly me.

@Living Farmville, Not Playing It -
These trucks are used for work. Border Patrol has them. I was watching "Ice Road Truckers" and Alaska DOT had one, and this season there was a Raptor used by a "pilot car" service on the northern Manitoba winter haul roads. I'd say that most of them are toys and status symbols. I've only seen 1 Power Wagon used as a work truck. The rest were recreational/personal use trucks.

@Lou: I'm was the old school, no replacement for displacement type too. Then I drove the Ecoboost, lol. 12000 miles later it still impresses me. We did wuss out and get the extended warranty though. There is one down side to it however. 12000 miles and it is ready for new rear tires..... It's just plain fun to do a burnout through 3rd gear in a 6000 pound CC 4x4. lol No to mention a good boosted 4 wheel drive launch.

You need to put big, big tires on it.
Like the saying goes - tires are like boobs, guys always want to play with a bigger set ;)

I saw two S.V.T. Raptors last week and one today!

@Lou: That's another thing that kinda worries me about the Ecoboost. I have 315/75/17 BFG AT KO's on my 5.4 and it cost me about 1 mpg. I wonder if putting those on the EB would cause it to lose that nice 20-22 mpg cruising empty, by making it stay in the boost more. If I drove the EB everyday I wouldn't care. I only have 47000 miles on my 05 5.4, and I bought it new, but my fiance drives the EB mostly and has put over 12k on it since June. She is a RN also and has a 90 mile round trip highway commute her 3 days a week she works. Compared to my 20 mile round trip my 3 days. That's the main reason we bought the EB, She wanted a truck for a graduation present and already had her job lined up at the time, so we bought the most fuel efficient full size we could. Ford's were all we considered also. A Raptor was her first choice, but after doing the math it just didn't make sense at the time for her. Our dealer is pretty cool, and just told us he would honor our warranty if we did intake, exhaust and programmer if we would bring it in afterward and let them try it out. lol That's what she wants for Christmas, and tires like mine. I'm hoping the upgrades will even out the tires, economy wise. Honestly though, the more I drive the EB and pushing it more and more, the more I like it. We test drove all 4 new motors and the 6.2 is nice, But I honestly liked the EB better. I do wonder if my efficiency theory is why the EB is not an option in the Raptor though. When I buy my Raptor in a few months, it would be hard not to get one with an EB if it was an option. The only downside is I would miss that V8 rumble!!! I have straight duals cat back on my truck :-)

I saw two S.V.T. Raptors last week and one today!

Posted by: Buy American Or Say Bye To America! | Nov 14, 2011 7:19:40 PM

It was probably the same truck, and you just saw it multiple times.

"It was probably the same truck, and you just saw it multiple times." -#1 Bob

You are probably correct, about the two from last week? They were both black SuperCabs and on the same freeway, around the same time, on different days. The one today was a white SuperCrew.

@ Alton - it would be interesting to see how the EB will fare with some bigger tires. I was impressed with the video of the 4 Wheel & Off Road Magazine EB offroad truck. It even sounded cool in the video.
I like my 2010 and it will be a while before I decide to replace it.
It could be worse, much worse. I could be stuck with a rusty '93 pickup and have to view driving a company car as a step up in the world.

where did you get your 2010 Raptor Buils #'s from???

Actual 2010 Raptor Build #'s
The Total Raptor Build for 2010 was 10437
(which included 19 Pre-Production Units)

4635 5.4L's and 5802 6.2L's

Blue Flame - 1472
Black - 4642
White - 1825
Molten Orange - 2498


When the banksters want to find their inner redneck, they buy these raptors I guess. I don't know who else could be buying them right now. Especially with gas prices. I guess they should keep marketing to the Saudis, good job ford.

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