2012 Power Wagon Wins Four Wheeler Award

The editors of Four Wheeler Magazine have named the 2012 Ram 2500 Power Wagon their "2012 Pickup Truck of the Year" winner. 

To qualify for the competition Four Wheeler requires that a vehicle be entirely new or substantially revised in some mechanical way. The Power Wagon qualified by offering a new six-speed transmission (mated with all Hemis) and all-new RamBox for their middle-length (6-foot 4-inch-long) bed. Previously, the RamBox was only available on the Ram 1500 shortbed but now it's available for both Crew Cab and Mega Cab 2500 and 3500 models. Power Wagons also are now offered in ST, SLT, and Laramie trim levels, where previously it was only offered in one. 

Although the field was small, John Cappa, Editor of Four Wheeler, said, "The Power Wagon crawls over the difficult rocky terrain...yet it's still civilized enough to be daily-driven...you include the RamBox and you end up witha remarkable factory-builty 3/4-ton truck that easily deserves Four Wheeler's Pickup Truck of the Year award." 

In some ways, it's no surprise the Power Wagon won as it seems a perfect match for a publication that heavily prioritizes harsh terrain capability. The Power Wagon comes equipped standard with electric front and rear locking differentials, significant underbody armor, 33-inch BFG All-Terrains, swaybar disconnects, 4.56:1 gears, Bilstein shock, and a 12,000-pound Warn winch. The Power Wagon beat out the Ford F-150 and Ram HD for the honors.  






I want one....

Always considered one. Now if it could tow heavy or have a diesel option then it would be a winner.

Great job Powerwagon! But how did the F-150 qualify for the test? I don't remember any changes for 2012 other than a paint color and I think a locking rear diff for 2wd models.

It was a 2011 F-150 that was used.

I love the ram trucks. Ram just sound naturally brutal with dual exhausts, although i question the tall gearing ratio? The Hemi continues to make strides with this new transmission. Tell you what though, when it comes to a new truck, it will either be a ram, f150 or sierra/silverado. The minute i can afford one i will gladly sell my 2001 f150. I wonder though, how was this a fair competition? The power wagon has exclusive features that neither the Hd or f150 will have. Wouldnt it be fair to run the power wagon against the raptor and the gm terrain concept?

Someone needs to hold a special test for Raptor, Power wagon, and Baja Tacoma (maybe even Wrangler Rubicon for good measure). I think Power Wagon still holds the edge for having a winch and sway bar disconnects if nothing else

@Allistar - this competition isn't meant to be fair. It just compares any pickups with significant changes for the model year that the manufacturers were brave enough to enter.

Way to go Ram Power Wagon!!! The king of off-road 4X4 pickups!

I sure am glad that I took a chance, by not buying a Ford F-250 and bought a Ram Power Wagon instead, because I have sure loved my Power Wagon. It does everything I need it to do; haul the family, haul heavy loads of firewood, tow my travel trailer/Wrangler Rubicon, AND off-road extremely well!

What about Tacoma???

Many years of ownership is a better measurement than what a magazine THINKS is the best just after they tested it for a couple days!

Power Wagon is too big and heavy for REAL off-roading...

It's great for farmers or construction guys who need a little help off-road but it is not made for REAL off-roading...

The Tacoma on the other hand is solid off-road truck that can handle just about any type of terrain...

Pure awesomeness! A Solid Front Axle and NO low hanging frame in sight. That's how Rael heavy duty trucks are built.


@Pete(oxi) - Please describe what "REAL" off-roading is.

How about a "REAL" world situation - Ever try pulling a loaded livestock trailer through a muddy pasture with a Tacoma? Yeah, Didn't think so...

OMG that Ram Power Wagon is hawt! Looks like it was trying to pull a Raptor move in the last pic.

go ram. Glad to see it. I still far prefer the ford, even though I drive an 09 ram. Dang those incentives. I'm really starting to get upset with the quality of mine. 40,000 miles and the ignition broke (that crappy plastic key and plastic ignition I knew it wouldn't last) and my drivers seat has worn down and ripped exposing the foam cushion. After owning it for a while I can see where truck makers are really cutting corners for quality. My old 1990 dodge dakota had the seat double layered in that spot to prevent it from happening. And the sheet metal is so dang weak. But that's enough complaint from me for one day.

I wish Chevy would get their act together and build something like this. Give me a Real Off Road Silverado! SFA, none of this low hanging frame stuff and some Beefy tires instead of those little donuts you guys like to use. This truck reminds me of Old School Chevy trucks. Tough as nails..

Anyone know when the ST trim POWER WAGON will be available to be built online or ordered at my local dealer?

To answer your questions... The F-150 was an EcoBoost model. It was invited, but not available in time last year, so it remained eligible. Toyota was invited, but was unable to provide a vehicle in time, it will be eligible for next year. Same thing goes for the '12 Raptor. An off-road package shootout is definitely something we are thinking about. Also, the test is by no means "rigged" or "bought" as some have suggested. It is is handled very professionally and the scoring is done to make the test as fair as possible, for example, when we score dissimilar vehicles, such as a midsize truck and a heavy-duty diesel, the judges scored them based on the class, not necessarily others in the test. The only scoring data where all vehicles go head-to-head is our empirical data portion, which is worth 25% of the score.

@Sean from Fourwheeler - Thanks for the info. We look forward to next year with the Raptor and the Toyota!

To bad they do not make the Power Wagon as a half ton like they did back in the 70's other wise I think it is a great truck.

What the fuel mileage and turn by turn ratio?

Whaaaaaaat??? Ford didn't win???? What's going on??? A truck with no "man step" won? how could that be???

What ever, dodge is still 3rd place finisher and it's still a Dodge and will never have the quality of a GM truck. Oh, and Dodge's are also gas hogs.

Please try and keep the comments article-focused and not attacking.

Power Wagon kicks A$$

Not gonna lie, this test seemed like the perfect fit for the power wagon. Next year, even if the Power Wagon isn't eligible for the award, could you have it run the same route and see how it does vs some better competitors? Especially if the Raptor and Tacoma T|X (i think that's the best stock tacoma for the job) are in the running. now only if GM brings out the Sierra All Terrain concept, this would be quite the off-road showing!

Funny, I haven't noticed any Ford guys whining or bashing on the Powerwagon, only a Chevy and a Toyota guy. Who would have thought?...

@Sean P. Holman - thanks for your feedback.

Interesting to see the fact that Ram and Ford guys aren't fighting over who won.
The only 2 complainers didn't have a horse in the race.

Oh Michigan Bob. You must be kidding. GM trucks are the worst and have been for nearly 20 years. Their last decent truck ended in 1998. Their new Chevy trucks are not only ugly but have the poorest interiors of any truck out there. The trucks before those were rust buckets with standard GM cheap interiors to boot.

GM was an insurance and mortgage company who made vehicles to support their other businesses. Their 2500's went into the toilet after 1987 to save a buck. Their 1500's went into the toilet after 1998. Their trucks as a whole started going downhill after 1972 just like the rest of the Chevrolet products. Take your blinders off man. I was once a Chevy guy too but facts are facts.

There isn't a Chevy truck built after 1987 that could handle the abuse of this test. Their frames are slung low and they don't have a solid front axle. At least be honest about this. While I don't like GMC I'd at least like Chevy to win some of these battles as well. They can't though Bob. The men who built the old school REAL Chevy Trucks have long since retired. New Chevy trucks are built by the suits at ren cen and a bunch of new generation yuppies who have no clue as to what makes a real truck. It's sad but it's over for Chevy... and it has been for a good decade or two. Move on to a properly built, quality built Ford or Dodge Ram product. I did. Chevy trucks and cars left me so I left them... They did this to themselves.

If i'm allowed to add some fuel and fan the fire - I would like to bring out a quote from last years PTOTY competition regarding the Sierra HD. If I remember correctly this is how they summed it up against the other competitors - "So if the Raptor was an undisputed joy to drive in the dirt, the Chevy Silverado HD was our penalty box. With a punishing ride and stunning lack of flex, the Silverado spent much of its time watching the other trucks at play."

RandyK your so full of Ship In High Transit and you don't know your donkey from a hole in the ground. last good trucks from Chevy are 1998 models???? Are you kidding me??? Your post implies that GM trucks are only good are pavement and wouldn't dare step off road.

Nothing could be further from the truth. To top that off GM did make a superior off road vehiclle when they still made the Hummer. Gas prices were the reason for it's demise.

It never ceases to amaze me the ignorance of several of the posters on this board. 1998 trucks were better??? What a joke. As far as the toilet goes, you seem to know quite a bit about the toilet and that's where your head has been.

The 2011 and 2012 trucks made today are the best trucks GM has ever produced period. and it's only going to get better. Randyk your post has no merit and is baseless.

@Michigan Bob - You are certainly correct in regards to HD trucks, they are the best GM has ever made even if they aren't as tough as the SFA trucks of times past.

Great truck,Mopar has the best trucks around for along time now !!! Power Wagon's Rule !!

the new 2011/2012 GM hd trucks sit up as high or higher than the super duty trucks of the same model year. since gm redesigned the chassis/frame, the frame rails sit much higher off the ground. ford keeps removing leaf springs from the back of the super duty to make them ride better, therefore they keep getting lower to the ground.

@toycrusher84 - I'd have to agree. they may be the best that GM makes, but not the best made.
I see many HD Sierra and Silverado HD's for recreational use, and not too many work trucks. Low bid fleet trucks is a different story. lately, that market has gone mostly to GM. (Disclaimer - There are regional variations, results may vary)

@ Michigan Bob. Randy is right and so are you. Why do you include the defunct Hummer though? I thought we were talking about trucks not suv's. That and Chevrolet does Not use a portal set up that Hummer did/does so the point is a wash.

You're right in that the drivetrains and frame strength (psi rating of the steel) is the best GM has ever made. Randy is right though in many other areas. The new Chevy trucks ARE Pavement Pounders Only. They are the Best at it! They are however WORTHLESS Off Road which is what I think Randy was pointing out to with his 1987 comment. The 1998 trucks (GMT-400's) were indeed superior in their body and bumper durability though. These new one's are like tinfoil on wheels.

Chevy once made the best Complete trucks on earth. Now they make the best pieces of the puzzle only. Namely their Powertrains. The truck and suspension set up that carries those world class powertrains leave a Lot to be desired.

And the more Ford and Ram improve Their powertrains to surpass Chevrolet, The farther behind Chevy Trucks fall.

The Power Wagon really is an awesome truck.

The Power Wagon is a REAL truck, through and through. No one can argue with that. Congrats!

@Sean P Holman . It would be interesting to see the Amarok, Hilux etc in one of your comparisons. I guess sponsorship and a suitable location maybe a bit hard to come by?

I love Dodge trucks. Wondering why all the hate?

I have got news for you guys, there isn't a truck on the market that is a heavy duty offroad machine. We have a fleet of Dodge trucks at work (06-07). The front ends on these trucks are a literal joke (everything minus the Dana 60 axle). We employ one full time man just to keep front ends in these trucks. After some time and miles offroading the Dodge trucks are the king of slop/slack. We are constantly replacing upper and lower control arms, track bars, steering dampers, stabalizer links, etc., etc. Dodge must have realized that they had some sort of problem, because they changed the design of the lower control arm from a square box design to a round tube-like design. All of the replacements that we get from the dealer are the round tube control arms. Our warehouse man told me that the parts manager at the Dodge dealer told him that we were their best parts customers. In my opinion, both Dodge and Ford made a huge mistake when they switched from leaf springs to control arms an coils on the front of their trucks. there is simply too much weight up front and not enough support with this design. If you guys like sloppy front ends with death wobble, that is your perogative. You need leaf springs to support a solid front axle.

AWESOME!!!! I cannot tell you how glad it made me to see this! The Power Wagon is by far the most capable truck one can buy right now. Hauling, Towing, People Mover, and Off-Road capabilities put this beast at the top!
*The BIG 3 all make great trucks...it's 2011/2012 people. If you were making junk you would not be a player in todays economy! Each has its up and down side.... Everyone here that constantly bashes the other brand is waaaaaaay to dedicated to a single brand! Get over it!

I don't comment on here to often because of the troll bob or who ever he is. Oxi is bad too. I own a Ford F150 and I've had it since 1997. Bought it new and I sure didn't waste my hard earned money because it still drives like new and runs strong. I also like Dodge trucks even though I have never owned one. I've had chevys over the years but they left me walking. This Power Wagon is awesome! Good for Dodge. Hope it sells good. I'm a Ford Guy and always will be but I love this truck! Bob needs a man step up his A@@##. No reason for so much hate. I'm glad he's a chevy lover because it makes them and their followers look so bad and I mean BAD! Get a life bob. You need one.

Great news for Chrysler,more award winning vehicles !!

Love the new Dodge Ram's !!

"AWESOME!!!! I cannot tell you how glad it made me to see this! The Power Wagon is by far the most capable truck one can buy right now. Hauling, Towing, People Mover, and Off-Road capabilities put this beast at the top!..." -JBrown

With extra emphasis on the last criteria (Off-Road capabilities) that is what helped cement my decision on buying a Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon versus my original plan of buying my dream Ford F-250 Crew Cab, long-bed, FX4 Off-Road 4X4, with the diesel.

I am glad that I made the choice that I made because otherwise I would have ended up with the 6.0L V-8 Power Stroke. The 345 c.i. (5.7L) HEMI Magnum V-8 is more than adequate for my needs.

Bravo (Dodge) Ram 2500 Power Wagon!!!

If you looked up feminine in the encylopedia you would see a picture of this truck and the Ford Super Duty. The Ford is more feminine though because of its girly man step. Give the Dodge a man step and it would be as feminine as the Ford.

sincerely yours.....Bob from the Cornhusker State.

GM Truck are feminine, it came straight from the Donkeys mouth and posted here on PUTC.

GM Truck are feminine, it came straight from the Donkeys mouth and posted here on PUTC.

Posted by: Frank | Dec 5, 2011 6:50:55 PM

I heard through the grapevine that Woman's Day magazine was thinking about selecting the F-series for its PU truck of the year award. Why don't you grab the latest copy in your magazine rack at home and see if you can find out anything about it for us. Report back if you find anything out.

I've always wondered who decides whether or not a vehicle is masculine or feminine ?
Machines are machines.
Who cares?
I've never once looked at my truck, or quad, or dirtbike, or streetbike,or minivan and assigned gender.
If a truck was feminine with nice big boobs - no guy would ever leave the garage.
Tires are the closest things to having a female attribute - tires are like boobs. Guys always want a bigger set to play with ;)

Be careful with the warranty coverage of the winch on the Power Wagons Crysler doesn't honor warranty on the winch past the 3yr term. If your not machanically inclined with the winch you are whooped. So if your going to purchase the extended warranty be careful the winch is NOT included in that coverage. My beliefs is that the Power Wagon is sold and built around the winch as it was a major selling feature for me, along with the locking system of course, but without these features I would have just a Ram 1500 as the ride is much better. I need your guys help to fight this issue at hand. Please post your thoughts or your advise if you've gone through any warranty isses concerning Crysler.

GM Truck are feminine, it came straight from the Donkeys mouth and posted here on PUTC.

Posted by: Frank | Dec 5, 2011 6:50:55 PM

i think you were the donkey in question

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