Another Look: Full View of the 2014 Silverado

Silverado II

We fully expect to see more and more spy photos of the next-generation 2014 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra over the next 12 months. This will be the big catch for spy shooters looking to satisfy a very curious group of truck-loving enthusiasts. 

This recent shot gives us a pretty good idea what the overall shape of the crew-cab body and standard bed will look like. With the exception of the smallish tires on the vehicle, there doesn't seem to be much visually unique about the shape. However, it should be noted that the tires themselves seem a touch smaller than normal and could be made of a special compound to work with new powertrains for added or extended fuel economy. 

The Ford F-150 is the full-size pickup truck gas-mileage leader, and you can bet both Ram and the new GM vehicles will be looking to employ every piece of technology at their disposal to move past the fuel economy leader. Fuel economy is likely to be the single biggest hurdle for big truck makers in the coming years as federal regulations will require pickup trucks to have much higher average standards than they do today. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the EPA will hold three public hearings next month (Jan. 17 in Detroit, Jan. 19 in Philadelphia and Jan. 24 in San Francisco) regarding the stricter 2017 and 2025 fuel-economy targets for U.S.-sold full-size trucks. 

Expect more MPG-stretching technology to make it into all full-size truck models — light-duty and heavy-duty — in the coming years. 


Chevy Silverado - The most American truck money can buy. Well, it is technically owned by the US Govt, so how much more American do you want to be?...

It looks like they have made the crewcab bigger. The frame seems to sit at the same height as the previous generation. They left the front bumper off of the truck. The mirrors look different. It looks like it has disc brakes in the rear. Hard to tell.
Reminds me of the old joke " is that a padded bra you are wearing, or are you expecting an assination attempt ;)



"The Ford F-150 is the full-size pickup truck gas-mileage leader."


Kind of a useless Photo to go along with a useless story.

Don't really understand the need for a F150 commercial in the middle of the article either.

@ Jack - true.

I hate when Ford fan journalist writes about GM and vise versa.

Who is the Ford fan journalist?

I don't see how f150 is a fuel leader. GM hybrid get better fuel economy, ford don't even offer hybrid at this time.
This is actually a 5 3/4 bed (standard beds are 6 1/2)
maybe it's not tires that are smaller, but a truck that is bigger?

@Dave Is it that hard to figure it out?

I bet it's more aerodynamic than the front padding suggests. Looks like the front windshield has a slightly sharper slope than the previous generation. The headlights are fairly high. Overall there's not much obvious difference from previous generation.

Those wheels look circa 1998 Dodge Dakota.

Wheres the 2014 Nissan Titan?

looks like the same gutless wonder to me

That truck has a shorter bed length than on the first picture posted a couple weeks ago.

I don't know about any of you people, but personally, I need a 8 foot bed to load Quads and or other items.

A 5 3/4 bed is laughable at best, leave it to GM.

the goal for cab space was to rival the crewmax. additionally, get rid of the torsion front suspension, db wshbn r the standard now-a-days. even furd knows to follow the tundras db wshbn suspension for better ride n handling. its ok to copy as long as ur not using the others parts. also hope the rear drums don't come back. how long will gm keep setting the steering wheel offset?

Frank are you that stupid? this is a half ton crew cab. you can get f150's in the same config. If you need 8 foot bed, go knock your self out since all domestic truck makers offer them.

Needs a 6.5' bed with a crew. Can never please the Chevy fanboys either. Do a Ford article they complain, do a Chevy article they complain. They are a bunch of whingers.


How many full-size Chevy's get imported into the U.S.?

Yeah you can forget about the "more American" comment...

Another girly man Chevy. For doing girly man jobs.

wow another ugly chevy. I hate chevy. POS.

i agree chevy is for girls or girly men. Real men drive fords

@Fred G,

Listen, I don't have the need for a small bed. Re-read the post you DOLT.

yeah who cares about some dumb chevy truck

@Fred G,

My Bad! I thought this was the rootin tootin HD Silverado.

GM 1500, 2500, 3500 all look the same to me.

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another dumb article on chevy trucks. Why don't the just call it

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You all are just haters. I love GM!

@Fred G - GM's hybrid isn't really a fare comparison. Besides, the GM hybrid is a waste of money. It would take a minimum of 180,000 miles to break even on the hybrid system. One would be better off with a 5.3 Chevy. You could add some low resistance tires, a cold air intake kit and a few other simple mods and easily get better mpg than the hybrid.

Two reasons this truck will suck
1) No man step
2) Its a chevy

That is all I have spoken the truth

they should call this site Pickup Trolls. com

so if i go get a 2006 black chevy and cover it up with black raping paper they will take pictures of it and slap a name on it? wow this website is just terriable anymore

2014? That sux!

It is barely going to be 2012.

The Ford F-150 is the full-size pickup truck gas-mileage

Say what??? The F-150 certainly isn't the fuel economy leader with a V8 engine. I will say this again and again until I scream it from the mountain tops, GM'S 5.3 liter V8 engine is the ONLY V8 ENGINE that is rated over 300 horsepower and is rated at over 20 miles per gallon at 21 miles per gallon. What's the best fuel economy with ford or Dodges V8 engines IN A 4WHEEL DRIVE models??? Say it with me ford and dodge fans, your best 4WHEEL DRIVE V8 engine rating is 19 miles per gallon and that is TWO fricken miles less than GM'S 5.3 liter V8.

Sure ford can claim 23 miles per gallon in their 3.7 liter V6 engine IN TWO FRICKING WHEEL DRIVE. go to a 4 WHEEL DRIVE and the fuel economy is only 21 miles per gallon and this can be proven on

So what's my point??? My point is fords f-150 doesn't get any better gas milage than GM'S 5.3 liter V8 and I am talking about 4 WHEEL DRIVE MODELS. not your sissified panzy arse two wheel drive models. and you have to go to a wussy two wheel drive truck to get 22 or 23 miles per gallon with fords f-150 and it's only in a V6 engine.

I back up my statement with facts and EPA ratings.

Same old pile of junk it looks like to me. Those square wheel openings are butt ugly and ruin tire clearance. Chevy is so washed up compared to Ford. No SFA on their HD, No King Ranch interior, no Platinum interior, butt ugly looks. Ford will always own Chevy. And that GMC girly twin is a redundant joke.

GM'S 2014 trucks will be available in spring of 2013 and that is only just over a year away.

Great. More trolls.
I have an idea.
PUTC should have an annual troll shootout.
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AND each guy signs a release allowing a forensic audit of their personal records to see if their truck is as reliable as they say it is.
The losers have to STFU for a year.

Michigan Bob - Impala or 93 truck
Greg - 600,000 mile Silverado with just a shock change
Johnie doe - with his uphill 60 mph tire smoking 5.3 chevy
oxi - and his 1 ton capable Taco
Frank - V10 Ford
any other entrants that I have missed????

This is to the uninformed poster above that stated that GM needed to get rid of the torsion bar sprung IFS. FYI, they did so back in 2007 on the 1500 series in favor of a coil over shock set up. Only the HD trucks retained the torsion bars.


You forgot your 5.4L

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Our old pal: Frank aka "racing stripe"


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Thank you!


and you don't make fun of people's opinions or make wise assed comments? maybe that is why some people say the things they do about you.

The only thing that looks different about it is the wrinkled fabric on the outside.

That's fine by me though. I don't buy trucks for their looks. I'm more interested in what they can do.

@Frank - I don't recall anyone accusing me of being a troll.

@troll patrol - it would depend on who's personal truck won a "troll" shoutout not on who can bash the best.

The idiot above that claimed to be Michigan Bob spelled it like this: michigan bob. First, I would never spell Michigan or my name without capatalizing the name Michigan or my name. So I am calling anyone who uses my handle a COWARD if you can't use your own user name.

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Ford is the undisputed MPG champ bar none!!! 12F150 is M/T Truck of the year again. F150 is still on a roll and can do nothing except win every award out there. Most powerful engines, Best MPG, Best interiors, Best looking, Best towing, Best built!!! Even god drives a Ford cuz he loves the best!!!

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