Drive a Virtual Ford F-150 SVT Raptor


By Dave Lee

For the young and the young at heart...Attention truck enthusiasts and Xbox 360 gamers: The next batch of downloadable content for "Forza Motorsport 4" will include the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor. 

The add-on pack will be sold next week through the Xbox Live Marketplace for 560 Microsoft Points ($7). So if you ever wanted to drive a virtual Raptor in a virtual Pikes Peak in a virtual hill climb, here's your chance.

Ford licensed its vehicles to appear in "Sega Rally 1995" for the Sega Saturn game console and the PC. Since then, more than 250 million copies of games with Ford cars have been sold.



No thanks.

Does the game have realistic damage like bent frames after a hard jump?

I'm sorry but someone was going to bring it up eventually so I figured I should just get it out of the way :-D

This news gives me the urge to go out and buy an XBox -just so I can get my hands on this game.

Realistic action where you can only drive from gas station to gas station filling up, avoiding roving motorcyle gangs and fighting in big cages while tina turner watches on. Oh wait thats Mad Max. Too bad it gets 14MPG.

they should leave fords in the video games it the only way they can't break or bend frames

@Ryan Not exactly driving conditions in Broken Hill, NSW, Australia, where the movie was shot. They are a little bit more mundane in their driving conditions as well.

IMAGIN this ........ I now have this site listed as FORD PR SITE instead of

Please bring us some NEWS! RAM, TOYOTA, NISSAN, GMC/CHEVY...... All this FORD pushing is getting really old...and the news is BLAH! I'm so sick of reading about the RAPTOR.... We all know the capabilities/non-capabilities of this machine. NO MORE!!!!!!!

@JBrown - things do look lopsided, but what do you want? It is unethical to make sh-t up.

@ JBrown
Yet all the advertising on this site is from GM. I think one way or the other Ford is just making more news all the way around. Go try and find some news of any kind on the other truck manufacturers.

Thought so...

Awesome. I actually bought Forza 4 a few weeks ago and have been wondering when they would start offering more trucks for DL. Ram, 91 Cyclone, and a 05 Saleen just arent enough.

Considering the fact the GT mustang they use in the game is a 4.6 powered 05 rather than a 5.0 2011, my guess is this will prob be the 5.4 version.... :-/

I guess pretty interesting ...

here we go with more Craptor crap......this site shoud be

"Please bring us some NEWS! RAM, TOYOTA, NISSAN, GMC/CHEVY...... All this FORD pushing is getting really old"

Only 2 of the last 10 articles were about Ford. The rest were non-Ford. Stop lying.

This news gives me the urge to go out and buy an XBox -just so I can get my hands on this game.

Posted by: Buy American Or Say Bye To America

Me too.

Wow, so according to the comments, now our "hardcore pickup truck" drivers here in the USA are video game freaks (probably purchase their vehicels based on what game its on)?

This just gets better and better. People wanting to go buy a video game, (I am presuming they are MEN, as I have never read about women being excited to play video games), just so they can play a game with a Raptor?

Priceless! I wouldn't admit that even though I am anonymous on the 'net.


I see plenty of men playing the Raptor virtuality game at the auto shows. No matter how old they are, gamers will still love games, and the haters will still hate. I also notice that most haters on this website are complete idiots.

ew, xbox... no thanks!

Jason: lol, pun duly noted!

Seriously though, as ruff-n-tuff as these guys on here act, I would never have guessed they were "gamers" or whatever the term is (pardon my Ignorance...) Never would have guessed a pickup truck would have brought out so many newly claimed "gamers", especially the ones who bag on how "feminine" a truck looks....all the while playing like a kid in a candy store on a video game.

I think I've heard enough on the Raptor, its a good truck but I can't afford it, nor do I really have a need for it.

This reminds me of the Tacoma X-Runner in Grand-Turismo years ago...

I hope this Raptor will not be racing on pavement road courses because they will need to do a good job of smoking and spinning tires through the apex of every turn...

And regarding rally events, this pickup would seriously lose control very easily and crash!

A small 2.0 liter powered kit car would kick the daylights out of the Raptor in a rally event!

@oxi - Top Gear USA ran a Hennessey VelociRaptor on their track. It was 3 seconds slower than a Lancer Evo, a car that can run with a Lamborgini on a track. Don't bother with the racer boy reply that 3 secondfs is a long time. We are talking about a huge pickup with 35 inch offroad tires.
You seem to forget that a Raptor ran the Dakar last year. It did pretty good.

That is badass Lou. For a 6K pound truck to damn near keep up with a tuned sports car, is phenomenal!

The Raptor is a damn nice offroader out of the box, but you better have deep pockets.

@red4x4 - just don't tell oxi it was the supercharged 800 hp Hennessey VelociRaptor ;)


What were the modifications to keep that very light rear-end to stick to the ground?

Was it a legit road course like we have here Road America? With elevation changes, off-camber, late apex turns or just a flat airport runway like TopGear always likes to run on?

Flat runways are NOT real road courses!

An Evo on Road America would kill the Raptor no matter how much power the Raptor had on the straights. The Raptor would loose in braking, acceleration out of the apex and aerodynamics/downforce at higher speeds to an Evo.

I rode with Peter Cunningham's older Evo-VI on Road America riding shotgun with the multiple road racing champion driver Peter behind the wheel and no way in hell would a Raptor come even close to what that Evo could do on Road America.

We are talking a REAL road course. I know what pickup trucks can do on road courses at high speed and what will kill the Raptor on a REAL road course like Road America is the heavy braking that will be needed because it is so heavy. I say it would last about 5 laps before the brakes would fade enough to be a safety concern!

Than ofcourse the breaking of traction from the apex to turn exit and will the Raptor stay on the course or just spin tires like crazy?

I flag at Road America for national SCCA Club events and ALMS and I see what high performance machines properly prepared can do at high speeds.

A Raptor may be great on the straights AFTER it gets traction back but no way it would survive at speed on Road America with as tall as it is in the air and the weight...

What a surprise, "one-up oxi" with another "Bro, your story was ok, but listen to what *I* did..."
You must really be the life of every party.

Keep the Raptor news coming! I love seeing the girlie men cry.

@Oxi - does the Raptor have a light rear end or is it a heavy tank? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

Btw... When did this become a comparison between an off-road truck and a pocket-rocket street racer? The bottom line is the Raptor will handle any race better than the T/X Tacoma

"...This just gets better and better. People wanting to go buy a video game, (I am presuming they are MEN, as I have never read about women being excited to play video games), just so they can play a game with a Raptor? ..." -Red_4x4

I am going to be in the market for a new travel trailer, in two years. About the same time I will be trying to work out buying a 2013 Ford F-150 S.V.T. Raptor SuperCrew.

Anyway, Keystone R.V. makes a toy hauler model called, Raptor. I wish that they had a non-toy hauler model of the Raptor because I would buy one in a heartbeat. Seriously!

I am not a gamer but I would be willing to buy a game console just to have a racing game with a Raptor and other Fords in it. I kind of do the same with just about anything with the Jeep name. Heck, my Jeep Grand Cherokee and my Jeep Wrangler both have Goodyear Wrangler tires.

I am brand loyal and I like to stick with a theme.

"...We are talking a REAL road course. I know what pickup trucks can do on road courses at high speed and what will kill the Raptor on a REAL road course like Road America is the heavy braking that will be needed because it is so heavy. I say it would last about 5 laps before the brakes would fade enough to be a safety concern!..." -oxi

You do realize that this Ford F-150 S.V.T. Veloci-Raptor, on Top Gear, was piloted by the tame racing driver -called the Stig, don't you?

@Buy American - I assume you won't be getting a Dutchmen Denali RV to go with a certain vehicle? ;)

@Red 4x4- So guys who like trucks arent allowed to like other things to? Ive been playing video games since I was 3, its been something I have always enjoyed. Then when I was a teen I started taking an interest in weight lifting, guns, and vehicles, specifically trucks but I still play games quite a bit. I suppose to you this is wrong? Should I just focus on one thing and not like anything else? You sound like Bob, thinking people should only like one brand of truck and nothing else...

@ Oxi - I knew you'd post a reply like that. Point is, the Raptor was basically engine and tranny modded. I'm not completely sure what Hennessey does to the rest of their 800 HP Raptor but it is geared to offroad performance. A Lancer Evo turbo 2 litre is far from a basic car. The Hennessey Raptor is not stock either, but a big heavy truck with offroad tires with the same driver on the same track pulled off those kinds of numbers. Buy the way - Stig drove the Raptor in 4x4 with all of the computer nannies turned off.

It would take you to turn a story about a friggen computer game into an arguement based on your alleged expertise.

The raptor is good for some very mild off roading. yes it ran in Dakar last year, and it lost to several toyotas, and even a lifted mini cooper. not that great of a truck, way over priced.

Again, was it a REAL road course or one of those flat airport runways?

Big differance folks!

By the way 3 seconds in road racing speak is about $10,000-$15,000 worth of mods and I would guess to make up that time it would be closer to $15,000!

Even at 14mpg the Raptor still outsales the chevy Volt. Go figure.Ford has a better idea. Have you driven a Ford lately.


Yes even a heavy pickup will have a light rear-end!

How you say? Simple...

I know Road America so I will give an example of a light rear-end going into turn 5. Going into turn 5 is a long straight that slopes down towards the turn...

Now imagine the large Raptor coming in full speed into turn 5 and having to brake and downshift hard to slow down enough to make the turn!

s you are applying those brakes and downshifting, guess where the weight of the vehicle is moving?

Towards the front axle and I am sure the Raptor does not have a stiff road racing front suspension, so I can just imagine how much the front end dips and the rear end creeps up under hard braking from doing triple digit speeds?

As that rear end creeps up, hence the lighter rear-end that will have a tendency to break traction that much easier...

Than imagine hard cornering going out of turn 5 and the body lean of a Raptor likewise and more breaking of traction chances...

Like I said before, big differance from an actual road course and a flat airport runway type!

When I ran my X-Runner on road courses, I purposely set my front end about 1 inch higher than the rear to counter to help to counter the rear from getting lighter under heavy braking and cornering...

Under heavy braking, that front end is going to dive down and pickups by nature will become light in the rear as the a$$ end will lift up...

Another good way to offset that is a rear wing to grab free downforce though that will work best to keep the rear under control at higher speeds...

I beat a Ford Lightening years ago in raw time on a 1/3 mile Nascar bowl type track with my V6 Tacoma because my pickup was lower to the ground and could take corners more aggressively and I could out brake the heavier Lightening...

He had straight-line speeds, I had finess in the braking and cornering dept... result, I beat him despite giving up 2 cylinders...

It's like watching a Civic beating a Vette on a parking lot course...

@oxi - You open your gaping pie hole and talk about road courses in one breath then mention parking lot courses.

Pull your head out of your butt.

Point is - a modified Raptor (mostly engine mods) run on the same track by the same driver wasn't much slower than a ralley car.
The point that is impressive is that a big heavy truck did as well as it did.
Nothing more, nothing less.

No one cares about your experience because your arrogance kills any relevance your may have to the topic at hand.

@Reed -

The Raptor and Sue Meed's team did well considering it was their first run at Dakar with what amounted to a privateer team.
The teams you mentioned had more Dakar experience and much bigger bank accounts to play with.

@Oxi: Come on man, the Raptor is a great truck for those who can afford it. It performs like it should. A tacoma is a great truck, I get that, but you do have to give credit where it is due.

The Raptor is a good truck, does what it is intended to, and sales of them agree.

@Bench: Another "Bob" reference, good grief guy....try harder? I never implied that anyone should do things the way I want, or that I think anyone should own just one brand of truck ( I bet that you would LOVE to see everyone driving Ford trucks/cars and nothing Don't take it so personal, it is just the internet. The "gamers" I know are computer geeks to be honest and could care less about trucks/cars beyond basic appliance transportation. I just "assumed" most on here were gear heads by the way many talk about HP/Tq, drive trains, suspensions, 4x4's, etc......., and don't personally know a gear head that plays video games. All of the gear heads I know are very outdoors type people. Take it easy, wipe those tears is nothing personal. :)


It's not arrogance!

I have been on road courses at 130 with a pickup truck, how is that arrogance?

I ran with SCCA, NASA and Midwest Council, how is that arrognace?

I have also ran down in Baja a few times with a pickup truck in actual off-road races, how is that arrogance?

I may not know the pulling/payload, etc... but I know pavement racing and off-road racing which may I add is far more brutal to a pickup than simply pulling a heavy trailer on a smooth highway...

The Raptor is a fine pickup, but it is not God to all pickups!

@Oxi - It is in how you present your knowledge.
Skill in itself is just that - skill.
If you present that skill and knowledge properly , one comes across as a mentor, trainer, or educator.
When knowledge or skill is presented as you present it, it is perceived as arrogance.
Then nobody walks away any wiser!

@Reed very timely post as we do not have to wait long to see the start of the 2012 race.
Seeing VW will not be competing, there should be a lot of competition from the BMW(Includes Mini) , Mitsubishi and Nissan factory teams and Robby Gordon's well funded entry for outright honours. It will be interesting to see how the Raptor does this year as it is not a factory effort. Your right there were quite a few other very good performances from other underfunded teams.

Ox: I think what Lou and some others are eluding to, is that your info can be great (example would be the pics in the payload thread), but it is often presented as "grand standing" and basically thumping your chest in pride. Many people know that there are inadequacies with a stock truck, this is whey many lift them, put better traction tires on them, better lockers/air lockers, better shocks, better stereos, etc.

But sometimes when you are describing the inadequacies of said trucks/autos, you do so in a demeaning way that basically insults their purchase/ideas/intelligence (and I know I am not perfect, I spout tripe as well as others here do no one is perfect by any means). I think that is what people are getting frustrated with, same as others get frustrated with my opinions sometimes.

I personally am working on the inadequacies of my Jeep Wrangler right now (and lord knows, it could use some help) and some of your offroading wisdom can be informative.....but if it was to be presented in a grandstanding, snide dialogue, It could create a peculiar atmosphere for some (I don't take this site and its comments to personal, but astoundingly, many do).

I have work to do myself to watch how I come across on certain comments because some people take this stuff personally without acknowledging that it is harder to see expressions over the net (the person could be smiling, but does not have quite the proper ettiquette for responding on the net and being PC about it...I have this


That Rubicon travel trailer line, by Dutcmen, sure is nice. Only problem is, I would not be able to tow it with my Wrangler Rubicon. I would much rather have a Keystone Raptor to go along with my F-150 S.V.T. Raptor.

Now if a travel trailer manufacturer decided to come out with a Power Wagon model -I would certainly consider that as well. A few years ago, R-Vision had a travel trailer line that had the Dodge Ram logo as their theme. I would not mind one of those to go with my Dodge.

Everyone it appears at this late stage, there is NO Raptor entry for the Dakar. There are two US drivers listed with no manufacturer for their entry.
Still a Dodge Ram 2500 and several Jeeps, including a Wrangler are included. No Tacoma, but several Hiluxes. All Pickups are listed under the cars category.

@Red 4x4- Dont assume, it makes an ass of you and me. Wipe away the tears, very nice.

@Robert Ryan - there is a Raptor.

@Lou, Thanks , I completely missed it. I would assume Darren Skilton may run a Raptor as well as he partnered Sue Mead last year. His entry has the blank for manufacture.

incredible truck...wouldnt mind having one of these on my driveway.

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