Drive a Virtual Ford F-150 SVT Raptor


By Dave Lee

For the young and the young at heart...Attention truck enthusiasts and Xbox 360 gamers: The next batch of downloadable content for "Forza Motorsport 4" will include the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor. 

The add-on pack will be sold next week through the Xbox Live Marketplace for 560 Microsoft Points ($7). So if you ever wanted to drive a virtual Raptor in a virtual Pikes Peak in a virtual hill climb, here's your chance.

Ford licensed its vehicles to appear in "Sega Rally 1995" for the Sega Saturn game console and the PC. Since then, more than 250 million copies of games with Ford cars have been sold.



Bench: friend, you need a hug or something? I admitted I assumed hard core truck many on here present themselves as... (and many other auto gear heads) weren't into games.

I am not talking some parent who plays a game every so often with their kids, I am talking hard core gamers, the ones standing in line for hours @ best buy to get the first copies of Mordern Warfare 3 or the like. I know I painted the concept with a broad brush, but so do many others about other issues.

Just move along pal, ok, it was not meant as a PERSONAL insult to you. I hope like hell I have explained myself and you get a better grasp of the idea of "not taking the internet so personally". Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Ah, the Raptor haters come crawling out of the woodwork yet again. Somebody turn on the lights!

If you fanboys want to read some news from Chevy, Toyota and Fiat trucks, maybe your favorite companies should actually try to innovate for once. (You'd think Chevy could do SOMETHING with our tax billions, wouldn't you?).

You may hate the all-American Raptor, yet your heroes are doing little except introducing Raptor knockoffs. If you want something different, how about telling your favorite companies to invest some more of our tax dollars (or yen, or lire) into something that sparks the imagination instead of the same old tin-plated wannabe garbage!

@Red 4x4- Long winded response to my 2 sentence comment.... You explained yourself plenty well. A hug WOULD be nice tho.

@Robert Ryan - I found it interesting that side by side quads like the Polaris RZR are in the same class as pickups, cars, and Ralley Raid only vehicles like the Dessert Warrior.
I saw a few USA entries, a Jeep Wagoneer, and a Hummer H3. There was a Canadian entry in a Dessert Warrior.
I recognized some of the bike guys have moved to cars. It seems that once racing is in your blood, you can't give it up.

The "cars" category catches everything that is not a bike or Quad or 4X4 Semi trucks like the Kamaz. Personally I think the Bike category is frightening, so many have been killed. You have to be very very brave to take on the Dakar.

@ Lou,
Correction it does include the Quads, I thought they were at some stage in the Bike Category?

@Robert Ryan
Maybe the "side by side" quads get classed as dune buggies since they have a pair of seats, a roll cage and an engine in the back?

To bad this site doesn't cover the Dakar.

I love trucks and I love gaming to...I personally don't see any shame in gaming, it doesn't make me any less of a man or truck lover for that matter.

And yeah I play Forza 4! And I gotta say IMO its the best racing game on the market today. I really look forward to souping up a Raptor and spanking some Farrari's with it ''on the game''...Its all in fun, I don't know why some take it so seriously.

Could be. I guess the 4 wheels put them in the "cars" category. Doing the Dakar on a quad would be almost as bad as doing it on a Bike.

I always wanted to do the Dakar on a dirtbike. I'm too old and decrepid now to even consider it ;)
It is like the guys that do road TT's like the Isle of Mann. Crazy. That is a race I'd like to try on a road bike, but as previously mentiioned...

@Nate M- Hmmm, do you have LIVE?

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