Ford F-150 Named Motor Trend's 2012 Truck of the Year

It's official: The Ford F-150 is Motor Trend's 2012 Truck of the Year

In making the announcement today at Ford Motor Co.'s world headquarters, Motor Trend Editor-in-Chief Ed Loh said, “The bottom line is that the F-150 simply excels at being … a truck. It mastered every task we subjected it to, acing our instrumented tests at the proving grounds and swaying opinions during our real-world road evaluations.

“In fact," Loh continued, "our judges actually preferred the ride and performance of the F-150 when it was loaded with thousands of pounds of payload or saddled with a heavy trailer. It seemed the more we pushed the F-150, the better it performed.”

Motor Trend's award is a little unusual in that it is not a test off all new trucks in a given year, but vehicles must be all-new or significantly revised to qualify. As you might imagine, that leaves plenty of room for interpretation, and this year seems to have plenty of that to fill out the field.

Other trucks considered for the award were the all-new Nissan NV box-nosed van, the Ram HD Laramie Longhorn with the newly rated Cummins HO turbo-diesel (it does have a new torque converter) and the Toyota Tacoma (new front fascia). 

Motor Trend judges all its annual tests using the same six (quite subjective) criteria: advancement in design, engineering excellence, efficiency, safety, value and performance of intended function. 

For your information, we've posted links to both press releases below. 

Download Ford's TOTY Announcement

Download Motor Trend's 2012 TOTY Announcement



it´s not a diesel would never own a gas truck. Diesel is king :)

"In making the announcement today at Ford Motor Co.'s world headquarters, Motor Trend Editor-in-Chief Ed Loh said"

Doesn't Motor Trend have their own offices?

Why on earth would they be at at Ford's?


If you guys cannot see this obvious conflict of interest, your not very bright...

If Motor Trend is being wined and dined by Ford, no suprise to the results!

So the Tacoma won the small pickup of the year award...

The Ram won the HD pickup of the year award...

The Nissan won the van of the year award...

And Ford won the full-size of the year award...

That settles it once and for all!

Note: with testing 4x4's, they should have spent some serious time off-road but hey they do not want to expose the weakness of the other pickups off-road when compared to the Tacoma...

By default the Tacoma wins the off-road portion, hands down...

I just love how everyone always says " yah the old and outdated models like the Super Duty". First off who is on their own making and developing there own engines? surly not gm or dodge. Ford took off from navistar there making there own engines in house the 6.7L. Also there Frames and Suspensions are not the same Frames & Suspensions used when the first SD's came out in 99. Go and compare a 99 F250 frame to a 2011 F250 frame completely different. Yes there designs are the same, they based it off of the old designs and added on and made it better more effective. Also take the interior compare a 99 to a 2011 yeah exactly. Body styles, ford changed the looks 5 times now GM like what 3? well if you wanna look at it from your prospective, GM is still using the old outdated 6.6 dmax what a crap engine and the ole Allison transmission man talk about outdated that stuff been around since the dinosaurs roamed the earth. Maybe next time before you open your mouth do some research first and remember, Ford is putting our money to use making the customer happy and satisfied note the F-Series best selling truck for what? 34 YEARS baby! they keep coming back for more .

MIbob is a crack baby that acts like he's 12 years old...that's the only way you can explain the way his mind works. It's fine to like GM, but the way he acts...I'll never buy one and I don't have a thing against them, just his attitude!

I like Fords but I have a problem with this award. When I go to buy a new truck, I do not consider only those that are all new or substantially different from the prior year model. I consider all available trucks. And I think this award should consider all trucks, too. After all, isn't it possible that even though brand x's truck is unchanged this year it is still better than anything the competition offers? Again, I like Fords and heartily believe it a good choice for the award, but I still think it's a mistake to not consider all brands.

@Steve - I agree, to be a true comparison they should invite all manufacturers to enter each class. If the manufacturer refuses to do so it's their loss. That would give us a much better comparison of what's best for that model year.

And Oxi - if Motor Trend did actually test the vehicles off-road Ford would have sent a Raptor and Ram a Powerwagon. Toyota should have paid attention to how Motor trend tests and sent a lighter weight 2wd with the same engine to score higher on the tests. The winner is the one who best stacks the cards in their favor...

Look at the "as tested price"

You can buy two loaded tacomas for the price of the F150.

I built a similar equipped F150 to my TRD Sport Tacoma and its $10K more.

Ill settle for the 90% solution. Id love to have a raptor or full size fully loaded F150 but wont pay for it.

I have heard that you can buy 2 Tacomas argument before but you are forgetting nobody pays MSRP and you don't have to buy a loaded Platinum. If it's $10k more for the F-150, it will probably be only a few k more in reality and you'll be getting more for your money.

You can buy two of anything but you can only drive one at a time.

You can only tow with one at a time.

Only haul with one.

But if you buy two you'll double the price paid.
Double the insurance costs.
Double the registration.
Pay double the taxes.

You'll need twice the storage space. I thought the object of the Tacoma was that you couldn't fit a full-size truck in your garage now you say you can get two trucks?

I'll stick with one of the same.



Way to go Mike Levine -for going to work for the best automobile company (Ford Motor Company) -in the world!

good point dave, and steve. Good to see something useful discussed instead of name calling and brand bashing. I like fords as well but the motor trend awards mean very little to me.

One thing I learned about vehicles, they all have some faults. One thing I learned about Ford - they suck as they don't back em up. Toyota made mistakes but at least honoured their quality boasts and fixed at no charge. Ford put in front windows that leak and fry the electronics, back sliders that leak and blowing spark plugs - all not covered by this company. Ford may have followers but some of us got shafted. Funny how a union company doesn't support the customer but a non-union company does.

You can buy two Tacomas, but it still won't tow as much as one F-150. Waste of money I say.

@ryan - like Dave pointed out, most people don't pay MSRP. I bought a 2010 F150 SuperCrew. I looked at all of the brands including the Tacoma and Tundra. My top 2 choices were the Tundra and F150. With rebates, my F150 was 4,000 cheeper than the Tacoma, and 8,000 cheeper than the Tundra. That was looking at comparably equiped trucks. In actual fact, the F150 has a few options the other 2 did not. I've read of other guys paying less for the so called USA brands.
There are always going to be seasonal,regional, and national variations.
At the time I bought my F150 I could of bought 3 Ford Rangers for the same price. It doesn't mean the Ranger was better.

10k more?

That would be the profit margin alone!

Overpriced I say...

At least the Tacoma is the best pickup in retaining its value over the years according to KBB...

You will never change the minds of the biased cry babies, even if the F-150 could fly at 40,000 ft, cruise at 1,000 miles per hour, and get 1000 miles per gallon, there will always be a reason why the boring Tacoma is better. That said, most people here are smart enough to give credit where credit is due. The F150 EcoBoost is an awesome truck!

I can buy 12 hamburgers for the price of one full course steak dinner. It doesn't make the hamburgers a better meal.

Where is the problem? The F 150 is a nice truck, the Chevy Silverado also nice and the Ram same.
Thanks god they are here. They are the last real American vehicles in a world of all the same soaps on 4 wheels.
The eco boost v6 is a great engine, why not build an eco boost with
the 5 liter v8 and twin turbo? I love the v8 sound. Congrats to Ford, great Truck.!

Hmmm...Not exactly a surprise win for Ford here. What with addition of the new EcoBoost to an already-good truck design, this was pretty much a formality. I mean, just look at the competition! It's bunch of warm-overs and a really ugly imported van!



Way to go Mike Levine -for going to work for the best automobile company (Ford Motor Company) -in the world!

Posted by: Buy American Or Say Bye To America! | Dec 13, 2011 10:33:50 AM

Dang, dude. You need to go and wipe your nose off. It is brown as the stripes in Frank's underwear.

@kanasas bob,

I promise I will wear cuter underwear when your bobbing my knob. Next time, bring knees pads so I won't hear you whine the whole time.

the only reason ford win,because dodge gm win before and they have nothing for the book cover.... ...we no ford is not a truck,,substitute of a truck...we no the real boss gm dmax one day maybe ford build a real pickup maybe,for now ford lover keep dreaming.....sorry


Thanks for the laugh!

I wouldnt want to own two trucks thats for sure. If the F150 was the exact same price as the tacoma, similar comfort options and etc AND i was willing to park it and work on it outside, I might own one. But I built one online, i priced one in person and even the out the door price was higher. And aside from size and a v8, it wasn't equipped better than the tacoma.
Tacoma aint for everybody but i have a truck that is big enough 95% of the time, and cost me 10K less that i have already put into accessories. As it stands now, its way better!

Dont get me started on steak. I want to go to Texas!

The tacoma is weak powered smaller and pretty ugly and is riding on a older chassisIt can't haul as much as the f 150 the ride is worse.Nothing about a tacoma can match the f150 but if they rust like the older tacomas you'll be in something else in about 5 more yrs.

Fred all was good your mom saved me and took the blunt of it.You can call me mac daddy now lol

The Tacoma does look better then the F-150, The F-150 is to square, has no good lines on it. They try to add a lot of chrome and 20" inch wheels to hide the ugliness but its not enough.

@ Ryan - it ultimately depends on what you want in a truck. I looked at the Tacoma as well as full sized. My wife would of prefered something smaller to drive but we are looking at getting a camper trailer that is out of the tow capacity of a Tacoma. If one looked strictly at MSRP, the Tacoma is cheeper to buy, but not by much. My F150 had a MSRP of 47,500 and the Tacoma with similar options was around 41,000 (Canadian prices). I got 12,000 off of the F150 and the Tacoma only had 2,000 off.

@ Frank
I believe I will pass. At least we know what gender you prefer to play your skin flute. I don't think you wifey is going to like this at all. You may be living in you spark plug spitting F250 if you don't shape up.

Nothing will beat the new Silverado except for a new Sierra. The ecobust racks up another award. Rigged fake award. Only loozers win this award.

I swear when a certain truck won the 2010 Motor Trend truck of the year award, Bob made a big deal about that. Now all of a sudden, this award does not mean anything. Amazing how much changes in a year.

@ Alex
yea i remember every post bob made over the last year always included how chebby won the MT award and how great it was and now it is a loser award i guess chebby is a loser just like the bob's

@bob, why would the Sierra beat the Silverado? Is GM still that dumb? All the money we gave them and they still can't figure out it's Chevy Vs. Ford in the world of trucks. GMC has no place in it. They were just a rebadged Chevy for other GM dealers to stock. Now that all of those brands but Buick are dead, there's no need for GMC. I swear, those idiots at Ren Cen were a bunch of highschool dropouts.

Look at how ugly this Silverado is compared to the Sierra and it still ousells it 4 to 1. Imagine if the Silverado looked like the Sierra instead. They'd have sold twice as many. Complete morons I tell you. This is why Ford will always win and this is why I drive Only Ford trucks and cars. GM ruined Chevy.

@ LOU> If i was hauling a trailer, i sure as hell wouldnt do it with a tacoma either. The thing has terrible low end torque and a hard time cruising on the highway with the oversized tires when it is fully loaded. Under powered some of the time but the v6 does get respectable mileage otherwise.

The 1/2 tons are amazing trucks anymore. Just look at the towing and hauling capabilities of HD's just 10 yrs ago and compare that to today's 1/2 tons.
Pretty much the same. The one-up-man-ship of the manufactures is giving the consumers more truck for the money in my opinion.

the only truck that is almost as ugly as a tundra is the tacoma.Toyota has ugly rucks figured out.
The tacoma is under powered a rust bucket with arched fenders that look like a chevette bolt on replacement kit. The interior is almost as ugly with a goofy dash and the front end looks like it was ran over by a ford monster truck then painted.

@ryan - I like the Tacoma. it just didn't fit my wants or desires. I've owned a few compact trucks. I just buy what I think is the best truck (for the price I'm willing to pay) that fits what I want it to do.
I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Tacoma if that is what I fealt I needed. It is the only real choice in the compact market. I'm willing to bet that it will still be the best choice once the new Colorado finally shows up. I could be wrong, but I'd be really surprised if GMC could make a better product than Toyota can.

Lou> Agreed. I could do with smaller but the current colorado was such junk and th eranger did not offer a four door. So here we are. At least we can all agree on one thing, pickups kick ass.

Mike Levine was interviewed on a local radio auto talk show today. The subject: 2012 Motortrend Truck of the Year-Ford F-150.
You ain't seen nothing yet coming out of Ford all across there portfolio including trucks! Stay tuned truck fans.

I really love the colors of these trucks. Especially the red one reminds me of my RV back then.

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