Ford to Drop E-Series Van, Replace With Transit


Ford has announced it will drop its E-Series vans in 2013 and replace it with Europe's Transit van, The Detroit News reports. Not to be confused with Ford's Transit Connect, the next-gen Transit will be unibody — not body-on-frame like the E-Series — and 25% more fuel efficient, according to Ford officials.

We expect to learn more as the auto-show season continues. You can get more details from our friends at KickingTires here.


hand me a bucket i gotta puke i just looked at this ugly thing nice job ford

Big mistake Ford, big mistake! Just give up your fleet sales of vans to Chevrolet/G.M.C..

As a long time E-series buyer (going back to the Econoline pickup), Ford really needs to do this right, or they are going to piss off a lot of people, myself included.

This is a perfect replacement. The load floor is lower and easier to get stuff in. Less drag so better fuel economy and no hump between the front seats that keep your leg's cramped to one side. better comfortable interior with a built in pass threw behind the seat so you don't have to try to heat and cool the whole work space yet you can remove the pass threw if needed in about 2 minutes

Lower windows on the doors to aid in backing up and access to the mirrows.All around its going to be a great replacement for the older vans with built in floor tie downs and e tracks along the sides to hold cargo secure.

LMFAO!!!!!! This box is totally ugly!! Who in there rite mind at furd thought this ugly pos would sell 1st, but be a replacent for the E series 2nd. This is the U.S. not Europe, what are they thinking. Heres to you GM and Dodge, the cargo van market is all yours!!

If you want a real body on frame van the Nissan NV is the best

Slap an Ecoboost in it and slaughter the competition, oh wait, there isn't any!

jb? Dodge doesn't make a van currently and Fiats makes the Transit look like a Victoria Secret model.

What happened to Ford's promise that they were going to keep the E-series for the rest of the decade? They said they were going to offer them side-by-side!

The Ford press release gives more details. They do plan to continue making the E Series for some time. I think the Transit will take most of the E sales within a year and then they will phase it out. It is quite a shock to that market since the E vans changed little over the years. But this new Transit really offers some great design and option advantages over the E Series.
They also plan to continue with the E series heavy vans that are converted by many manufacturers.

They are going to offer the E-series for "some" transition time period to get all the yahoos who think only a 15 year old van design can accomplish anything to see the capabilties and dependability of this van. It has been the number 1 van in Europe for years and years like the E-series has been here.

Ford has done their due diligence and this will sell at least as well as the Econoline and be more capable with lower running costs. What isn't to like? (if one more person says looks, just look at the current van with 900 sq ft of black plastic or mirrored chrome on the front, bleck)

This should be a good amount cheaper than the Sprinter and that is basically the only complaint on that vehicle.

i bet it will have more room, weigh less, is more efficient n will be well executed despite is vertically stretch fusion looks. for fleet buyers, function over form anyday!


They are. They're keeping a basic white work van, a chassis cab model, and a cutaway model.

Basically, they're keeping the least expensive E-series model and the highest GVWR E-series model. Otherwise, the next generation Transit is taking over for everything else.

Honestly, I would have no problem with the Transit, as long as Ford does the next generation right. The current Transit is ok, but the styling is obviously European and it lacks a model designed for towing heavier loads.

"If you want a real body on frame van the Nissan NV is the best" -Bob

Wow! No confidence in the Chevrolet Express or G.M.C. Savana? Are you from tacomaworld or frontierfever?

Big mistake Ford! No frame and ugly to boot. GM thanks you!

Not the prettiest thing but its a work van. Its not like its a pickup where looks matter too. If its more functional and more fuel efficient good idea Ford people will learn to love it I know you Ford boys are a little slower than the rest :p. But seriously I wonder how something this tall body wise would tow. all i have to say bout this

I wonder if this will be another "American" Ford product that is made in China/Turkey and then "built" in Kansas similar to the Transit Connect... .

whoops--Kansas City

When Dodge did this,they replaced the good selling (one time best selling) B-Series vans with the Sprinter,the sales went from 100,000 per year with the B SERIES RAM VAN to under 4000 per year with the Sprinter,due to its aweful looks,horrible driving position,uncomfortable and no get up and go ,the Sprinter was doomed from the get go !!

GMC/CHEVROLET will be the full size van sales leaders,until they get a Euro Van to replace its full size van !!!!

Ford is done !!! Basically all new Ford's are based off the European Ford's now,next they Ranger will replace the f-150,people are always asking for the new Euro Ranger here,better watch out Ford will cancel the full size f-150 and replace it with the euro-Ranger,you guys better watch out what you ask for !! Next F-150 will be replaced with the small,ugly Euro-Global-Ranger !!!! You think I am kidding about the cancellation/replacement of the f-150 with the Euro Ranger....The Econoline owns the full size van market,best selller, and they are replacing it with the Euro-Trash van LOL !!! Ford is done,ever since they advertize the "ECO" you know a company only has a few more years left,Ford is done in a few years !!!

People say looks don't matter in the work van world, and maybe that's true for large fleets.

However, I can tell you right now, as a smaller fleet owner, I'm not buying something I think is ugly if I've got a choice. I mean, I have to look at these things all day long, with my name on the side no less!

The loss of the E series will wipe out companies like Quadra-Van, Quigley and Sportsmobile who rely on the E Series to build 4wd conversions.


I was wondering about that. A uni-body van means we likely won't see a 4x4 version anymore. That's a real shame if it's true, 4x4 vans are awesome vehicles.

Hopefully Ford takes that into consideration with the next Transit.

A Unibody can be AWD. Funny some of the conclusions being drawn by looking at a photo on a website. LOL If Ford makes good on the 25% efficiency increase the article states they will sell like hotcakes over the Express/Savannah. As a business owner would you rather have a body on frame gas guzzler or an equally capable but more efficient unibody?

Ram Van good selling? Perhaps in the 70's and 80's. Ford has owned the van market since the 90's. Dodge never put a Hemi or a Cummins in a Ram Van either. The Sprinter also sold better than 4000 a year. The Sprinter was more intended for commercial than consumer use. You can see tons as conversions and delivery vehicles. Personal use passenger vans have not been relevant in many years. Replaced by minivans, SUV's and crew cab pickups.

I am sure the E series will live on for some time as a conversion or HD commercial model for use as ambulances and RV's.

I understand why Ford is doing this. They are continuing to streamline global operations, and the Transit will help meet emissions standards in the coming years (it probably would've been near impossible to significantly raise the Econoline's numbers, even with improved powertrain options). But what I don't understand is dropping the Econoline/E-Series name. Transit has a great reputation in Europe, but none here. Why not just call these vans Econolines here? It wasn't long ago that Mulally brought the Taurus name back because he felt it had substantial brand equity. With a 40 year history, the Econoline certainly has as much brand equity.

@ Dr. Hughes
You may be right about the global Ranger. I wouldn't be at all suprised to see it sold here (maybe slightly modified form) as the next F-150.

Yuck. I don't like these Sprinter type 'vans' (if you can even call them that) one bit. So, no Dodge for me, no Ford for me, I can't stand the redundant girly GMC brand (not that they sell any Savana's anyway)... It looks like Chevrolet actually makes 1 product I'd buy. Express van here I come! That is, if they stick some serious build quality into the interior. The've been junk since the 1996 model came out and that's why I stuck with Ford's. It looks like Chevy will be my new work van now though. Holy cow, I can't even believe I just said that.... I see a million Express vans on the road though so maybe they're better working man vans than I thought. I'm keeping my Ford trucks though! Chevy trucks both 1500 and Heavy Duty continue to suck.

big mistake, I am sick of the new trend of "unibody" vehicles. I miss the good old vehicles of body on frame.

What a Fugly van. My dog pooped a turd this morning that was more attractive to than this thing. Chevy Express WINS....Ford Transvestite LOSES

E-Series variants will be still be produced through most of the decade. :-) - Mr. Levine!/mrlevine

@ keith ,

Dodge was the best selling van until the early 90's ,then diesels caught on and Dodge didnt offer one and didnt offer a box/cube van,so Ford really took off,plus Ford's restyle in 92 or so helped ! Econoline was on the top 25 selling list of over all top sellers.

But the Ram van sold well, despite no Diesel offering until its demise in 2003,basically the same design since 1971 !!! Plans were for a new Dodge Ram van but,Mercedes scrapped that in favour of the Sprinter,they thought it would be the best selling van,they were wrong it was Chrysler's worst selling vehicle of all time !!!! Besides the limited edition Viper,that was never intended to be a huge volume car,as per the Sprinter was intended to knock out Ford in sales !

The reason I know so much about vans is since the late 70's I had a Dodge van for recreational usage,and I have a 2003 Ram Conversion Travel Van,I bought hearing the news of the Sprinter coming.I was thinking about getting a new Ford in a year or so,but not now Chevrolet here I come.I was loyal in buying vans from Dodge,I own a couple import cars,BMW SUV,but the Dodge vans were the most reliable.Dodge crapped on me (to use laymans terms),now Ford is doing that on its loyal van owners,GM better not mess with their vans because they will make millions on their vans.I have a feeling I will hold onto my Dodge for along time coming,most likely wont trade it in even if I buy a new GM van.

As for Ford,now I know why in my area they converted to GM Ambulances,as Ford is to stop making a real van.Dodge owned the ambulance market form the early 70's untiul the late 90's when they switched to Ford box /cube truck Ford diesel 's here.

@Dr Hughes you maybe more right than you think.

The Transit Van is not that bad in the metal to look at. My gripe is the tiny 2.2 Litre diesel, same as in the smallest diesel in the Rangera . They should be putting a 3.2 Litre one in at least. The Transit has a slightly smaller payload than the Sprinter, which in turn has a bit less than the IVECO Daily(9,000lbs)

My take on this :is Ford should have been developing the Econoline for a more Global market. Instead like the US Ranger, let it die. No surprise they are now getting the Transit. Even a Cab Chassis or cutaway version of the Transit is not going to be much of a replacement for the Econoline in the Motor Home market. You are not getting a 32ft Class C out of this.

I hate how an American car company (Ford) is force feeding America these "global" Euro contraptions. It should be the other way around. Ford should be forcing American designs on foreign markets! America keeps losing it's heritage every year.

What incentive is there for loyal Americans to stay loyal to American companies? If American companies continue to import or bring foreign looking products to America why would people want to buy the "American branded" product? Might as well by the imported and foreign looking products straight from the foreign companies.

Ford, you are selling out America, and Americans, just for the sake of being global.

I'm not sure what the fuss is all about.
It is a typical knee jerk reaction. Ford said they will keep the E - series around for a decade.
They didn't say what part of that series. It sounds like the chassis cab units will still be made. Ford would loose way too much money abandoning that market. Most of the ambulances I see and the majority of domestic cube vans I see are Ford. Same goes for RV's.
Why do guys pee their pants whenever someone mentions unibody?

I have to laugh about the anti-foreign remarks.
Talk about mixed emotions, an American (read USA) company killing domestic vehicles for foreign made ones.
But, but, but ....
it's a domestic company.
Makes Toyota look good. At least they build their trucks in the USA.
Look at the bright side, profits won't leave the country.

Welcome to 21 st century dinosaurs are dead

@Buy American "Forcing American designs" on Foreign markets , would be a disaster. Ford US , not some Foreign company is bringing these vans to the US . They will be assembled like the smaller Transit Connect in the US.

I bet Ford will keep the Class C chassis, I am betting a Ford will also offer a Transit-based motorhome chassis for people who want more than 6 mpgs out of their camper.

I was really skeptical of this thing when I first saw it but after seeing one in person, I've changed my mind. The European version is available in multiple lengths and roof heights, and the largest of them would make for a fitting smallish motorhome. It'll take some getting used to and frankly they could make the face a little more masculine, but from the standpoint of a small business owner who's more interested in function over beauty, I'm going to be happy with one of these.

I love how everyone says they're ugly. Its a van all of these things are ugly. Everyones just trying to rip Ford because Ford's ripping GM and Ram a new butt hole right now.

they do the right move look dodge ...Mercedes ,,unibody limited for load...

i am Really Starting to hate PUTC theres never any new cool post

Just another example of Mually Ford team making a big product mistake!

Unibody is not the right way to go for work trucks and I have owned a lot...Ford makes a great E 150 work van,, not everyone wants this topheavy columsy van the transit!

This will open the door to brands in this market....just like losing the police market, cutting the Ranger pickup, killing Mercury, Fords product people seem to lost their way!!!!!!

Whats next, and unibody F.150?

All of a sudden no one likes '25% more fuel efficient' but they will love foreign automobiles - they will allege they get better fuel consumption in their foreign automobiles - one wonders hmmm.....

Anyone badmouthing the Transit has not seen what it offers. It's available in so many varieties it makes our truck options look limited. It seems like a lean, mean, working machine that is very productive. And it is available in Front wheel drive, Rear wheel drive, or AWD. Take a look at this UK brochure.

The GM guys should be grateful that Ford is doing this. It will force GM to move out of the 1970's and join Dodge and Ford with a work van that offers modern features.

@Johnny doe- and you're going to tell anyone with a straight face that the current E-van looks good????? You're delusional.
@Buy Amercan- why would fleet managers not buy a proven, more efficient vehicle?
@jb1023- handing saels to Dodge???? you do know they're bringing the Ducato and maybe the Daily, right?
@Paul810 and Gene- Ford does have a 4wd version of the Transit right now. Of course they havent said if they'll bring that here. Buyers of on-road 4wd vans, this will be great, but those who intend to use them off-road will have to rethink. Seikel in Europe makes severe duty Sprinters.
@Robert Ryan- We'll (most likely) be getting the RWD version here, and that has the 5cyl available. We'll probably get some gasoline engines as well- 2.0 EB and 3.7 V6, maybe the V6 EB and 5.0. As I understand it, the Transit we are getting here will be the next generation, so it was designed with engines other than small European diesels in mind.
@Alex- I wouoldn't be surprised if the E- Cab/Chassis start rolling off the SuperDuty lines, Effectively turning it into a short-nose/high-cab version of the SuperDuty. Small RVs based on the European vans are actually really nice. You can afford to feed 'em, so weekending somewhere is a great proposition.

Did someone post mention of a 32ft class c motorhome? At that length you are out of chassis cab territory.

Why does everone assume top heavy for the Transit? Regular roof height should be on par with the current E Series. Also factor in that is rides lower and will carry cargo lower. Not like current vans are prime autocross candidates anyways.

"...Ford would loose way too much money abandoning that market. Most of the ambulances I see and the majority of domestic cube vans I see are Ford. Same goes for RV's...." -Lou

It did not stop Ford from killing the proven, and well respected, Crown Victoria.

"...@Buy Amercan- why would fleet managers not buy a proven, more efficient vehicle?... -Mrknowitall

Daimler-Benz-Chrysler, thought the same thing when they introduced the hideous Dodge/Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Look where they ended Dodge van anymore.

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