Ford to Drop E-Series Van, Replace With Transit


Ford has announced it will drop its E-Series vans in 2013 and replace it with Europe's Transit van, The Detroit News reports. Not to be confused with Ford's Transit Connect, the next-gen Transit will be unibody — not body-on-frame like the E-Series — and 25% more fuel efficient, according to Ford officials.

We expect to learn more as the auto-show season continues. You can get more details from our friends at KickingTires here.


FWD, RWD and AWD?! I wonder why I saw some with rear diffs and others without. I will agree that unibody while fuel efficient will be subject to harsh abuse on a truck...which is why I suspect there are busted Ridgeline frames here and there for those who use them as trucks.

@Buy American
Rather than providing significant updates or redesigning the old-butt vehicles and letting them die of old age is Ford's memo...Ranger, E-Series, Crown Vic, Expedition (latter not dead yet). There would be fear that the T6 Ranger would be the next F150 and the F150 would be the next Super-Duty.

On a side note dodge doesn't have a truck anymore either.

I call this a step in the right direction...fu@#ers are rugged:


The only place the Sprinter DID sell well was fleet sales. LOL

FWIW the whole Diamler Chrysler thing was a fiasco anyhow. I wouldn't compare what they did to what Ford is doing.

I think these Van will do great. The smaller version of the Transit is doing really well here in the states. ADT Alarms systems are running their whole fleet with Transit Connects. Ford is smart!

What the hell is this ugly garbage? Ford is becoming more and more un-American every year. Ford is too stupid to make their own current time tested vehicles more efficient so they cheat by discontinuing their American lineup and replace it with euro trash. All hope has been lost as Ford motor company has clearly been green-washed.

My next van will definitely be a Chevrolet Express or GMC Savana. Until then I'll just keep driving my 25 year old Dodge Ram Van.

Yeah, that's right! 25 years old and still running like a champ. That's proof right there that Dodge had the right formula when they built those vans.

As an European guy:
the modern Transit's are maybe popular in Europe (hones: probably mostly in GB), but they aren't known as the best/dependable cargo-vans here. Typical American built vans probably not so good in MPG's (that simple, because they have much bigger engines!), but much more reliable - the present European tend to have smaller and smaller, even twin-turbocharged engines and become weak with lot of needed gear-shifting! MPG's isn't everything even with sick European gas prices, when You have to haul more cargo, what's pretty normal. Most private cargo carrier and company with small fleets prefer older MY, because they last longer, dependable and not so complicated in service maintenance, without that DPF an other stupid things...

Quigley already working on 4 wheel version.Put a4 inch lift some beefy tires,roof rack etc this thing will be sick.More room better fuel economy,it will work

@MrKnowitall I hope so but the "fuel efficient' sounds like small diesel territory.

@Keith 32ft Class C's are built on the E350 and E450 chassis. E450 does ride a bit hard.
A 31ft Class C with slides.

A Ford Transit Motorhome

Ford Transit Cab Chassis

Than again here in Australia we do build 32ft Class C's on small Isuzu truck chassis. Has about 7000lb towing. GVWR is 19,000lb. They handle well, ride has been softened by different springs, shocks and airbags. Preferable to a E350/E450 in general driving characteristics.

Another manufacturer

Sounds like this is the work of CAFE.That means GM will have to drop theirs too,eventually.Get ready,vehicles in the next decade will be nothing like those today.Can you say FLIMSY?

I have owned Econolines since my 1st van at 17 now im 53 I still own one that sits in a garage all year till the summer and pulls my family of 6 and a 30 ft travel trailer for 8 weeks across american. I drive a E series 250 for my work van. I am really sickened as I will just keep my 98 in mint condition in the garage and not buy a new one of these mini lightweight vans. I guess when I die my 98 Chat club wagon will die with me. I own 4 fords now and a few Econoline since I was 17 all lasted me without and trouble all those years and as a die hard E series guy this new style will not be the same nor this transit will not have the tow rating to tow my trailer and my family of 6 and give me the storage behind the 3rd row and all the power to tow...... Who thought this out at Ford. I can see offering it in their line up for business that need a lightweight van but a lot of business people like me will pass on it as it wont serve me with enough power to do all I need.
Rest in peace E series I will hang on to my 12 year old that still looks like it did when it was new. Now I see no reason to buy a new one in a few years. Removing this E series van to a lot of Americans is like dropping the F series. Add it to you lineup dont drop it and see how your sales go with the transit first. Dont do it.

Cars.....used to be body-on-frame, now all uni-body.
Suvs.....replaced mostly by uni-body CUVs.
Vans......slowly switching over to uni-body.

It's only a matter of time before pickups, at least in the light-duty sector, become mostly unibody. Can't say I'm looking forward to that.

It's almost as bad ( well maybe just as bad) as the new van from Nissan. Can you say "red headed step child"? I saw my first Nissan van last week, wow can you saw ugly. This is right there also. Looks like some weird van out of an Arnold S. movie.
As far as the Sprinter goes, almost every white one I see that's only a couple years old already has rust breaking out all over it. Nice Job!!!!

How is this a mistake?
Time will tell.
Anyone pining away for the return of the model T ????


Model T, no. Model A....Yes.

I guess no one watched the top gear where they state transit is one of the best selling vehicles of all time in the UK

@ Lou,

Judging from most people on this website Grog and Ung should have never invented the wheel 20,000 years ago because just dragging prey or supplies behind you was the preferred method and anything that makes life easier is bad.

Change is tough for some people. I hope they don't have these irrational fears about the daily changing of underwear.

@ Mopar4wd
Interesting that you bring up Top Gear UK. They had an episode where Sabine Schmitz drove a Transit van around the Nurburgring. She had made a joke that she could go around "the ring" faster in a van than Jeremy Clarkson in a diesel Jaguar. She was able to get within a few seconds of Jeremy.
It was hillarious to see a girl in a van passing Porche's and sport bikes. Her driving skills are impressive.

@mhowarth - heaven fordid the wife brings home the wrong brand of boxers or worse speedo's. LOL


Good find! I love how the van is racing against smaller mini's and keeping it's lead.

Damn that Transit hauls!

Wow you people are so scared of change, Ford must be doing something right, No Obama bailout, making a profit. Thank god you people don't run Ford it would look like GM.

I love it! I have a Mercedes-Benz sprinter with 390,000 miles on it and it still gets 22mpg and puts down 300ft lbs of torque. It makes all the domestics look like piles of crap. I'm excited to see what the transit can do.

"@mhowarth - heaven fordid the wife brings home the wrong brand of boxers or worse speedo's. LOL" -Lou

Nothing wrong with bikini briefs, is there? They come in a variety of colors & patterns and they do not get bunchy like boxer shorts. I limit my thong wearing. My wife gets freaked out that I am concerned about not showing any (panty) underwear lines.

@american- all that ass hair wood hide those panty lines

GM said Thank you very much Ford

Thank you very much GM and Nissan said

New Global Ford Transit Under test

"It turns out, that Ford already being testing a new generation of Ford Transit. The new car is a global project, because it should replace not only the European model, but taken out of production in the U.S. Ford E-series also. The new generation Transit will be equipped with a 2.2 and 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engines, as well as 5-cylinder 3.2-liter diesel engine. The photos shows you new body of the van"

So what happens to Lorain Assy?

I like the full size Transit. I just hope Ford is creative with interiors. Ford needs to offer 4 captains chairs and high capacity A/C and heat for rear in the passenger version of the Transit. Also add a electric fold rear seat/bed for rear. Don't make us send a shell out to a aftermarket up-fitter to get what we want to haul our families .

I like it.
Looks like it will hold more stuff.

I'm an import guy but I think this looks a hell of a lot better than the NV. Those things look ridiculous.

Want a one ton with a high roof to replace my current E-350 super cargo! It was the last Ford van worth buying! Yeah 7.3 turbo 2003! Haven't made a good one since and she has 250,000 so I'm looking and hoping for a good one!

Just watch this video

Part 1

Part 2

@James - Sabine Schmitz sure can drive.

ford will keep the cut-aways but the full size e series vans will be done by 2014 sorry get with the times!!

I think they should keep making the E series!
This thing is ugly.

We operate a fleet of 200+ E-350 passenger vans in a 10-PAX configuration. As a business owner, the E-350 is no longer providing the advantages it used to. We are running a test with 10 Mercedes Sprinters and our passengers LOVE the extra interior space. Our drivers LOVE the increased stability and overall driving performance. And I LOVE the fact that I am getting over 30% better fuel economy. The Blutec Diesel provides all the power we need and we operate in a mountain environment. It does not have the hard shifting or the cabin noise of the E-350. It is better for what we use it for.

Ford needs to address the issues of markets like ours. If they can compete in performance with the Sprinter, we will give the Transit a hard look. We do not care what people think initially of the odd exterior, once they sit inside a roomier, more quiet and more stable ride, they prefer it over the E-350. The Transit will be made in America, the design will come from their proven European application. We welcome the change!

Learned to drive in a 66 Ford Club Wagon, customized a 72 Chev G20 (ran into the ground over a decade), replaced with a 88 Ford Conversion (again, ran into the ground over a decade), and now a 2001 Ford E150 conversion. This one gets 16mpg in rush hour traffic and 19.5mph @ 70mph with the ac going full blast! For me unless you can get 40-50% better mileage its not worth the "upgrade"...... if you can call it that. Fleet users.....maybe. The killer for the US market..... performance. You did notice that the Top Gear video mentions 0-60 time of OVER 20 seconds, right? My wife says the GM vans are ugly the the Transit is much worse. And she rules on style here. What happens to the 15 passenger vans used in van pools here by the thousands? Offer both and see what happens. Fleet use, maybe. It will bomb everywhere else.

I think is a great idea. Always loved that design and wandered when it would come to US. First the connect, now the real thing. I will be able to carry a lot more stuff now than in my econoline.

You think this is a bad move, wait until Obama and his crowd are finished with their energy bill. The new CAFE standards for US vehicles cannot be met without seriously downsizing the size of the US car, displacement of engines, and end to body on frame heavy vehicles. If ford wants to keep making the F-150, it's best seller, it has to seriously curtail the sales of other low gas mileage vehicles to reach the average Big Brother has demanded of them.
Ford, (and others manufacturers in the US) have already introduced V-6 engines into even high end trucks. The new F-150 Platinum is a luxury truck with a V-6. Ford claims it is more powerful than the V-8 it normally would have installed. But like the last experience some of us had with CAFE standards, those smaller engines are not going to last under heavy use the way a v-8 will. They are more complicated, have far more parts and history tells us will not last as long without needing major repairs. Our way of life is doomed, the leftists have decided we need to have a lethargic energy starved economy like Europe, instead of finding ways to fuel our needs and still be clean, they prefer to attack our industry and cripple our way of life. Wait for it, some lib will chime in about the fuel savings will offset the costs......that v-6 Ford is using gets the same MPG as the V-8, because it has to work harder to move the smae mass. Which cannot be changed or the truck becomes useless as a cargo hauler.
Prices are going to skyrocket, or you will have to downsize, not just your car or truck, but way of life. Just like in the late 70s and early eighties as the economy shrank and automakers nearly went under, except right now, the economy is already toast, and the car companies have failed, except Ford. We shall see.

All I can say about the new Ford Transit is WOW! It's hands down the coolest looking van ever built! Its edgy appearance is really sweet, and the Fusion like front facia is a real nice touch. The Transit is the coolest looking new Ford since the Flex. I'm certain Ford will sell boatloads of these. If I needed a van I'd be first in line to buy one.

What a joke. In 2005 I paid 24,000 for a E-350 Super Duty. Today , for that same dollar, I couldn't get even buy the smaller Transit. What a complete disaster. What a joke of a truck. Ford, u messed up big time! See ya later jerk-offs

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