GM To Stagger Full-size Truck Plants for New 2013 Pickups

2012_Silverado_LTZ II
In a story published by Automotive News a few days ago, GM spokesman Chris Lee let it be known that 21 weeks of plant shutdowns will be spread across the three full-size pickup truck plants in Indiana (Roanoke), Michiagan (Flint), and Texas (Arlington). 

The plant closings, usually in one week increments, will be spread over several month in 2012 to allow for the change-over teams to upgrade and rennovate the production machinery in order to produce the new GM full-size trucks, due out in 2013. GM reports they've been building up supply of the current-gen full-size trucks to accomodate the staggered plant closing so dealerships should not have to deal with strained product supply. 

The company said it had 202,720 full-size pickups in inventory at the end of November, 105 days supply on a selling-day basis. The company has said it’s targeting year-end inventory of about 200,000 full-size pickups, or about 90 days supply.

Capacity in 2012 at GM’s U.S. full-size pickup plants will be about 640,000 units, according to an Aug. 4 slideshow presentation. That’s down from “normal” capacity of about 780,000 units, the automaker said.

Scheduled down time for GM’s plant in Silao, Mexico, that also makes full-size vehicles will be finalized after January 1, Lee said.


git r done!!

there you go boys some GM news

I see a fire sale when all this is over

Boy I hope these new Silverado's are better than the last couple have been. My 03 was a rust bucket with piston slap. Ugly as could be too. It almost looked Japanese with that slant eyed front end. I'm still not sure why I even bought it. Even the interior was as chintzy as could be. Old Chevy loyalty I guess.. When the new 04 F-150 came out I wished I would have waited instead. I didn't bother with this current Silverado. What an even uglier mess. I simply had to jump ship after all those years. I have an 2010 Platinum F-150 now.

My 2 favorite Chevy trucks are the 67-72's and the 88-98's. If somehow they could combine those 2 and make them modern I'd be in heaven. Round wheel openings and bold yet clean looks. Chevy really needs to get it together and compete with Ford. If I do like the new Silverado and decide to give Chevy another chance I most certainly want King Ranch and Platinum type interior options. If not what's the point? Might as well just stick with Ford. I always bought Chevy trucks but they've really let me down. I'd come back though if the new Silverado is a winner. I've always been more of a Chevy guy.

A lot of girly men will be excited when their marshmallow, hand bag hauling trucks go on sale with huge rebates because nobody wants these trucks. 105 day supply, good luck with that GM.

They make Chevy Trucks in Mexico?? Wow. Didn't know that.. I thought only Dodge did that. Why not make the GMC's down there instead? They're a good rental brand. Chevrolet is the Heartbeat of America and America's Truck is it not? I wouldn't even own one if it wasn't built here. If it was a GMC I wouldn't care but Chevrolet?? Very disappointing.

Does this include the 25/3500's? Are they going to put a SFA back under those and tuck that frame up? Heck I'd buy a new Chevy HD if they do that. No way is Chevy going to come out with an ugly truck again. They've been bashed for years on their designs and lost too many customers to Ford. I'll bet this new one will be a looker but I'm not buying one until they hide that frame and put a real axle up front. Sorry Chevy, either compete with Ford or continue to lose my business. I drove Chevy trucks forever until you yanked out the SFA and went to that junk torsion bar set up and low slung frame.

@chevy sucks go sniff you're exhaust pipe and do us all some good

So Tim who THOUGHT the Silverado was ugly and a rust bucket and had piston slap still bought it anyway. So Tim claims the 03 Silverado is a rust bucket huh? Well, did you rust proof the vehicle Tim? Did you drive it in the winter? I guess next you'll tell everyone that your F-150 platinum will never rust right Tim? Chintzy interior huh Tim? Wow, for somene that had all these negative thoughts about the vehicle I am asking myself why you even bought it?

I don't care what brand of truck you own, if you drive it in the winter and your vehicle is exposed to the elements aka Salt it will eventually rust.

And to answer your hope that the next generation Silverado will be "better than the last couple have been" is no GM plans on making no improvements over the current truck.

Of course it will be better in every way. Dumb question. The next generation Silverado will be improved in every catagory, Fuel Economy, powertrains, interior, appearance, safety, comfort and convience, coefficency of drag, quieter, and probably have some features that nobody has thought of yet. Unfortunately, the 2014 Silverado will not be available to the public until spring of 2013.

@Brian "Chevrolet is the Heartbeat of America and America's Truck" well not according to yearly truck sales.
That's just marketing spin on the 2nd best selling trucks in America.

Please tell me they're not going to have a GMC twin AGAIN are they??? How redundant and ridiculous does GM need to be? Is this what my tax dollars paid for? You only need Chevy trucks guys. If you made them as nice as Ford's you might sell more. I'm not buying a Silverado until they axe GMC. I'll drive a Ford instead. I have too much pride for that nonsense. I prefer to drive an exclusive truck as they're more valuable. Ford is exclusive as a truck brand and car brand. Chevy is still caught up in a 'general' mess. I prefer specifics.

Just heard from a reliable source, the two new never thought of before features the next generation Chevy trucks will have is a handbag/purse compartment and tampon dispenser. Two awesome feature to help girly men Chevy drivers so they can drive their trucks everyday of the month!

I'm looking foreward to the next generation of Gm/Chevy trucks. I hope they are as good as Bob thinks they are.

This information only relates to the half-ton or 1500 platforms--not the HD models for Chevy or GMC.

I believe Ken, Tim, Brian, and Ron is the same d!ckhead poster. These posts all say the same stupid thing.

@ Michigan Bob, I had piston slap by 30k miles. The dealer told me it was normal and not covered under warranty because of that. It got louder with each passing year. And yes, the truck was ugly. I thought it was ugly from day 1 but didn't like the Ford or Dodge designs either in 2003. As for the interior, it was fine for about a year. Then my seats started wearing out, my armrests went to hell, the cheap plastics started creaking and making noises all the time. By year 4 several interior plastic parts had broken and had to be replaced, even my speedometer and gas guage quit working. By the time I traded it off on my 2010 F-150 the rockers were Completely rotted away, the cab had holes coming though and the bed had lost a good 2 inches of sheetmetal due to corrosion over the rear wheels. Heck, even by year 2 the frame was coated in rust. I even had to replace rusted through brake lines because one of them blew out nearly killing my wife!! I paid alot of money for that pos and the crap Chevrolet gave me for my money is Not Cool at all pal. I bought Chevy trucks for nearly 30 years and I got screwed on that truck plain and simple. No quality whatsoever. I have coworkers with 2004 F-150's (the first model of the new style) with ZERO Rust.

Nor are you giving me any credit. I SAID I'd be interested in Chevy trucks again but NOT until I know they are Better Built than the Ford I presently own. Nor am I playing the 'GMC' game with GM. I Do Not Want a GMC. Either give me the same interior options and all else in my Chevrolet or forget it. Ford doesn't do this crap that GM does with 2 truck lines. I'm sick of it Bob. Flat out sick of it.

Now there are 4 Full size trucks available with 14 different engines; only one of which is direct injection. All are entirely too large, too heavy, having the aero drag of a barn door, and the looks of a mutant elephant.

There have been some incredibly beautiful pick-up's in America. Time to start seeing them again and get away from this Mack Truck look...68-72 C10, 53-56 F100, 40-41 Ford PU, 55-57 Chevy Apache, and 34 Dodge.

Lets hope Chevy can help lead the way, do something dramatic and not just rehash what they've got. Pretty sure We'll have a small black with DI.

The smart thing if you don't have to buy a Chevy is to wait for F-150 to come out a few months after. Then compare the two and buy the best truck at the best price.

Yup, going be some big red-tag sales. And for a couple of monthes the GM boys will be saying "look at the sales!" Well yeah, when you have to take a bunch of money off to move it cause it's over produced and not the most desired, or even the second most desired, cash will sway alot from buying what they'd rather have to "I can get by with" brand X. Cause it sure isn't performance, mileage, design or resale that moves 1500 GMs (the mileage is hype)

@: Scott - That is sound advice as everyone should have new trucks on the road in 2014.
My truck will be 4 years old in 2014. By the time I'm ready to replace it, all of the trucks will have a few years out in the real world, and everyone will have had a chance to test them.
I hope that they move away from the HP and towing wars, and concentrate on MPG and durability.

Ah, the ignorance is bliss here on's message board.

#1 The INDEPENDENT FRONT SUSPENSION allows each front wheel to react independently to rought terrain, helping keep each wheel in a vertical position and more firmly planted on the road. Compare this to a solid front axled desighn where movement on one side affects the wheel on the other.

FRONT SUSPENSION ENHANCEMENTS: to better manage larger capacaties, the steering knuckle is taller and 66% heavier than before. dual front jounce bumpers provide two load transfer paths to handle the increase in loads going through the frame and lower control arm.

And Ron says he will NEVER buy a Chevy truck again until GM goes back to a straight front axle and gets rid of that "juink torsion bar set up and low slung frame"

Well Ron, do us GM guys all a favor and stick with Ford.

Hey Tim, let's get one thing straight right now! I am NOT your PAL you got that punk. So you know someone who owns a 2004 ford truck and has as you say "zero rust" Yea right. Maybe he keeps it stored in the winter or maybe he had brains enough to rustproof his truck and undercoat his truck. To bad Tim your such a cheap ba..ard that you didn't take measures to protect your truck from rusting. I say anyone who does not rust proof his vehicle and then it rusts deserves exactly what he got.

Tim, just shut the puck up and stop bad mouthing GM'S trucks. NEVER come back to GM again, because we don't need idiots driving GM vehicles. You'll be happy and I will be happy.

The new GM trucks look and sound very promising to me. I am going to try to get my dad to trade his Eco Boost in on one of them when they debut next spring.

@ Tim

You must be pretty hard on pickups. I had almost 200,000 on a 03 Silverado and it looked like new on the inside. Only put in a fuel pump, water pump, and brakes. And never a problem with rust in the Pacific NW

But I must admit every day I had it I wished it had a SFS so I could really make it around the mall parking lots. Those Fords with the SFA always got a better parking space due to the ablity to traverse over curbs.

Tim's right on the rust. I have a 2001 with the same issue. Those things are rotted out all over up North. Much worse than Ford's are. Old Ford's always rusted over the wheelwells. The 99-06 Chevy's rust over the wheelwells, rockers and cabs. The doors don't rust as they are treated. You can go from a perfectly looking 12 year old door skin and directly under that will be a completely rotted away rocker panel. I know many guys who wouldn't even give the 2007's a chance when they came out because of the rust issues on the previous generation. He's right on the piston slap as well. Same thing here. And even Peter is right on how long these things run. Over 227k on my truck. It is however a rust bucket that knocks when cold.

Mexico EQUALS imported trucks!

Tundra is 100% made in U.S.

Bob, guys like you who make excuses for GM truck shortcomings don't do the company or it's investors any favors. And telling guys who would like to come back to Chevy trucks to get lost isn't all that bright. If they were old loyal customers and Chevy fixed the issues, why wouldn't you want them to come back if you really cared about GM? As for the IFS, there's a reason GM trucks are dead last behind Ford and Dodge. GM just needs to fix it and be done with the issue so as to take it off the table for good. Go back to a straight frame and beam axle. I prefer 2500's but wouldn't buy a Chevy simply because it doesn't have a straight frame and beam axle. IFS is for 1500's unless it's a modified portal set up which Chevy trucks are not. Once again GM is stepping over dollars to save pennies. Just fix the frame, put the axle back underneath and sell the heck out of em. It's not rocket science, it's called giving the customer what they want.

I also agree on the interiors, no King Ranch or Platinum type options in the Silverado whether it's a 1500 or 2500 is a deal killer for me. I plan on buying a new Chevy Silverado but not if it's lacking to Ford in any area.

Finally getting rid of this sad truck. Its too low, to weak, to cheap on the inside, and doesnt get great MPG. Id take an F-150 over the Chevy. The Spy shots seem promicing and the gen II 6.2 should compete with the 5.0 well if not the Ecoboost. Just rember that Ford has some updates in order for 2013. The Fords updates should give it a strong standing against the Chevy

4 wheel disc brakes ftw

crew cab 6+' box do it chevy


The Dodge Ram 1500 is ONLY made in the U.S.A !!

The Dodge Ram has the most American content.

Why do Ford truck guys pick on GM trucks ?

The Ford Heavy Duty trucks are an ancient design,going back to 1997 (sold in 97 as a 98)

The Ford F-150 is the same design as 2004 !!!

Sure,they changed the grill,dash,powertrains but Ford is way behind GM and especially Chrysler in refreshed trucks,and the Eco-boost gets worse gas mileage than V-8's !! Wow 15 mpg in a Eco-Boost !! I remember last year Ford fans thought they would average 25 mpg LOL !!!

Coming from a long time Chevy family, I switched over to Ford (F-150, Ecoboost). Was surprised how good the Fords are. The quality is pretty outstanding. I lost faith in GM when I bought a 1995 GMC Sierra 1500 from my dad. At 40k miles, it drove like my Bayliner, drank oil at 1qt per 1000 miles, and the stupid parking brake release kept breaking off in my hand. GM would have to do a pretty big turn-around for me to consider their trucks in the future.

It will be nice to know what GM has up their sleeves for 2013. They've got a lot of ground to catch up on.

Obama said he personally designed the new chevys himself. Took pen and paper and drew up a picture that he approved of since he ownes government motors. Said the grille will resemble the first ladies smile. The rest is still a secret so hold on chevy fan boys, obama says your in good hands!


Tundra is 100% made in U.S.

My German American neighbor asks whether if Volkswagen was assembled, made or manufactured in USA - will you consider Volkswagen is 100% made in U.S.?

You guys with rust issues need to move to a nicer part of the country. I grew up in North Dakota and they used way less salt then Mn on the roads. And we ND's would never buy a used Mn car or pickup. My friend bought a 1970 Cougar Eliminator in the dark in Mn and boy did that turn out to be a rust bucket. But that thing did move.

Of course in the Pacific NW we do get a nice shade of green growing on most things.

I heard the new trucks will have 8spd trannys, and that they are working on the 4.5 liter duramax to put in the new escalades. I think they finally are getting the stuff together. Shouldn't take long after that for it to be in the trucks and tahao's.

This is old news. I read this two days ago on GMinside news. Drove from Florida to Michigan and then to Pennsylvanias before Christmas. Saw 6 F350 Fords sitting on the berm with their hood up. Must be some of the Ford owners are trading their F350's in on GM trucks, the best HD pickup built. Bec ause I usually count at least a dozen sitting along the road driving a trip like that.

@ Forest,

GM trucks are completely different then the 1995 models,you cant compare them...Its like saying I used to flood the carb on my 1962 Ford 390 duel 4bbl all the time,then the points went I will never buy another Ford again,get a clue !!!

As per Fords 250 &350 trucks are the same since 1997 (1998 model year sold jan 1997) and 2004 the f-150.The eco-Boost is bad on gas,uses more than a 5.3 GM,more than a Hemi and the same as a Ford 5.0 !!

@xs29L: My 2010 was 76% now I believe the same configuration Ram is 70%, want to say Tundra's are 80%?

lol at Bob getting so angry at a little GM bashing yet is so quick to label anybody defending Ford as a baby and insist on not being able to take a joke. Again, el-o-el.

Saw the suburban with a 4.5 duramax at the Sema show. Hoping that it'll be going into production sometime soon!

So true Double J. Can you imagine what the Ford fanboys would say if any GM trucks had a cab as old as the SD.

Look at all the little wee wees that left GM for Ford. What a bunch of unpatriotic loosers. Pathetic. Semper fi applies to trucks to. Move to Mexico or Japland.

I think this is brought on by all the unsold trucks GM has stashed around the country. They can't sell them cheap enough, even with $10,500 lopped off MSRP.

In my area they have distributor lots with hundreds of unsold 2011 GM trucks, as far as the eye can see.

When you have a choice of buying the latest and the greatest from Ford or Tundra, why buy a dinosaur like GMs trucks?

That may change for the 2013 model year, but until then what is GM going to do with all those unsold 2011s?

You guys are right on the money. Lots of people aren't going to buy the 2012-2013 Chevy trucks because 1) Ford trucks are better and 2) they are waiting for the 2014 new Chevy trucks. Then there are those who will be waiting for the 2015 new Fords to compare. Chevy dealers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. This is what happens when you wait too long to update and don't constantly update along the way like the truck leader, Ford.

@Lou - GM's new trucks will be out before Ford.

GM wins again!

The company is planning to invest $328 million in Flint, $275 million in Ft. Wayne and $331 million in Arlington, creating at least 100 additional jobs at each factory. If the retooling is done through 2012, production would begin in 2013. News media reports have said the new trucks would go on sale as 2014 models.

I agree with Michigan Bob. GM wins again!

2014 baby! Here we come!

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