Mitsubishi Truck Wins U.K. Award

Mitsu Fleet L200
By Larry Edsall 

We’re not sure how often it shows up among the media elite on London’s Fleet Street, and you certainly won’t see one running around your neighborhood, but the Mitsubishi L200 was awarded “Pick-Up of the Year” at the 2011 Fleet Van Awards in England.

Although it’s not sold in the United States, the L200 holds a 30.5 percent market share in the U.K., and it beat the stout Nissan Navara, Toyota Hilux and Volkswagen Amarok for the award.

“The L200 won this award thanks to its greater range of derivatives and load bed options and level of availability,” according to the awards judge. “Mitsubishi offers all the options for all fleet requirements. The L200 is also strong on residual values, comes with a big range of horsepower options and enjoys strong backup from the Mitsubishi dealer network. Add in competitive pricing and the L200 justifies its place as Pick-Up of the Year.”

Mitsubishi proclaims that “for many years, the L200 has led the way with its innovation, styling, specification and its 4x4 capabilities.”

The award is nothing new for the L200. What Van?, the British magazine, picked the Mitsu as pickup of the year 15 times in 18 years. 

“We’re delighted that the Mitsubishi L200 has again retained the Fleet Van Pick-Up of the Year title,” said Lance Bradley, managing director of Mitsubishi Motors in the U.K., “but it’s easy to see why. The versatility of the range is unmatched, with everything from practical and functional single-cabs through to powerful lifestyle double-cabs. It is an honor for us to receive this award as it firmly establishes the L200 as the clear favorite among commercial vehicle operators.”

The L200 is available in single, club and double cab configurations. All are powered by a 2.5-liter turbo-diesel. The L200 double cab in Barbarian trim (pictured here) includes an engine tuned to provide 175 horsepower and 295 pounds-feet of torque compared with 134 hp and 231 pounds-feet of torque in standard guise. Other L200 versions are 4Life, 4Work, Trojan, Warrior and the top-of-the-line Walkinshaw, named for the famous British auto-racing team leader and car tuner Tom Walkinshaw.


Bring it to the States. Better, build it in the States.

What does it tow and haul? As far as "Better, build it in the States" goes Toyota did that but the brand loyal pickup owner of the big 3 will still attack it with pointless statements like "The profits go back to Japan" which is big 3 owners grasping at straws to find a way to bash your pickup and justify theirs.

Any mpg figures on these diesels?

looks like an Explorer Sport-Trac, and that's not a complement.

Intersting...I think they need new judges or other criteria in order to bring a true evaluation to the board.

I cant say anything about their performance and capabilties but is it just me or are all these euro trucks look almost exactly the same

On the Mitsubishi UK site,Towing: #1,600 un-braked, #5,900 braked, 2.5 diesel, 175 hp, 295 torque, 47MPG.
It is what a lot of us have been wanting in a small truck.
Ford and GM are you listening?

47MPG? Not even tiny gutless eurocars are pulling 47mpg.

Mitsu wisely abandoned the American truck market b/c they knew they could never compete with our full-size no matter what. It was foolish for Toyota & Nissan to even enter the 1/2 ton market. If you just look at Silverados, nothing can kill its 1/2 ton sales or fanbase. Not even with all the offerings/advancements from Ford and Ram.

Toy, I might have converted wrong, 7.9l/100km. I was never that good at algebra. check out their web site.

That's roughly 30 mpg. 7.9 liters is roughly 2 gallons, 100 km is roughly 60 miles. So 2 gallons/60 miles, or 30 mpg.

7.9L/100KM is 30MPG (UK gallons)

@Hawaiian 29.77 MPG US. 7.9 litres per /100km.

@moparman The Triton as it is known here looks pretty different to the rest of the Japanese Pickups.

@5.3 LOL It could fly as well and brand loyalists would still attack it.

In Australia the L200 is called the Triton, it has a 3 Litre diesel rather than a 2.5 litre one and the almost univeral 6,600lb towing(only the Hilux has a 5,500lb towing ). Depending on combination a 2,600lb payload. It s major attribute is its off road capability, which is exceptional.

Whoops 2.5 Litre diesel.

The L200/Triton regularly beats out the Hilux in Europe. On the whole, it isn't very many units, though.
To convert from l/100km to US mpg, divide 235 by the value (either direction).
The Mitsu is the only global truck to currently offer full-time 4wd, making it a favorit among recreational users and mountain dwellers. While the competition's 3-liter diesels have a little more snort off idle, the economy of the smaller engine is favored by most European customers.
The only part I question is the residual (value retention) I looked at used Tritons in Germany, and they seem to hold far less resale value than, say, a Tacoma does here.

It is 35.76 mpg Imperial gallon or 29.77 US liquid gallon. 30 mpg US is decent for a little truck.

The US needs to change over to the metric system as there are only 3 countries (Myanmar or Burma,Liberia, and USA) that still use the old system.

@Mrknowitall It is the Toyota reliability factor that keeps prices up. Still the Triton is a pretty reliable vehicle overall.

Looking good. They need to sell those Barbarians here!

Thanks once again California, for ensuring that the rest of the country can't get any of these high-mileage euro diesels thanks to your insanely low emissions requirements...bastards.

@Jason H. I think it has nothing to do with the regulations, more fear that Foreign Truck and pickup builders will erode the US market for the "Big 3"


Blame CA? yeah rite.

I have seen these trucks in person. not bad if you can get by the styling.

@Lou- The metric system may make more sense but change scares me. 23 celcius? So... do I where a sweater or just a t shirt? Hes 3.5 meters tall you say? pfft, I can whoopem! 200 kilos? That isnt sh1t.... right?

Pickup of the Year in England?

If you can't buy it here in the U.S. I don't give a hoot!

That MPG is "combined, isn't it?

At first one might compare it to "Highway MPG".

30MPG "combined" would be more like 40 "highway" MPG.
Or in other words, better MPG than all but a handfull of wind-up cars here in the land of "clean air".

But this is an English vehicle which is not US compliant so it's fools gold to compare the numbers.

@Benchimus -
1. "23 celcius? So... do I where a sweater or just a t shirt?"
If you are from SoCal get a parka. Everyone else can wear a t-shirt. LOL.
2. "3.5 meters tall you say?" 200 kilos?" Can you whoop a guy that is 11 1/2 feet tall and weighs 440 lb?

It all depends on what you are used to. I was a kid when Canada changed to metric. I can think and function in both systems. It just makes more sense gloabally to have a standardized system.
Which system do you think the US military uses?
I don't like L/100 km. It is counterintuitive.
Vehicles already have displacements in cc or liters. Tires, for the most part are metric.

Don't forget the UK, they're even more screwed up than we (USA) are. Distance is measured in miles, but fuel is purchased in liters. Many media still refer to gallons and MPG (imperial), and people still measure their weight in stone.

Had a Dodge Ram 50 or D-50 1988. Had it for 16 years. Best vehicle I ever owned. Rusted away! If a replacement had been available I would have bought it. RAM or Mighty Max.

Europe is just happy to have a pickup truck.
Their rating should be taken with a grain of salt if your American and have lived in pickup heaven.
We do need a compact pickup. Looks like good ole GM is comming to the rescue with a new Colorado.
Ford don`t drop the Ranger drop the "Bold Moves" instead!

Here in the Philippines, we call this pick-up Strada. It was powered with the same 2.5 4D56 diesel engine but the top grade Strada has been ugraded to have a VGT. With this, its power & fuel efficiency was inceased. According to an auto magazine here in the Philippines, the Strada has capabitity of having 13km/l which is also the same as for the Montero Sport (Challenger) which also has the same engine. :)

Mitsubishi - sounds like something penicillin can cure.

I had a 85 Mitsubishi Mighty Max (same as a Dodge D-50 Ram) single cab with an 8 foot bed. It was a great truck in the 14 years I owned it with about 200k miles. My only criticism about it was the price and availability of parts. This looks like a good truck but I am doubtful that it will ever reach North America. I agree @Lou that the US should have gone to the metric system as it originally planned to do in the 70s. I had a 77 Monte Carlo that had half metric and half SAE bolts (would have been better to go all metric). My bets are that Toyota and Nissan will continue in the small truck market and if the new Colorado is a decent truck and not too overprice it will succeed. The Korean manufactures might enter the small truck market but Ford and Chrysler will have a wait and see approach. At this point I don't care if Ford or Chrysler enter the smaller truck market as long as Toyota, Nissan, Chevy, and maybe the Koreans are here. I like the global Ranger but Ford is not interested in anything but F150s and up and if I needed a larger truck I would get a single cab contractor variety which Chevy seems to have more availability than Ford when you research the available dealer stock. Anyway my Isuzu I-370 has been a good truck (Colorado's cousin) so I am sure the new Colorado will be even better.

@whofan I would not get too excited about the Colorado, it comes last in sales as far as Thailand pickups go in Australia and pretty well anywhere else.. The ratings of the L200/ Triton is the same as they give here. It is pretty capable vehicle.
GM is coming out with a new larger Colorado, but it does seem to be not as capable as the new Ford or all the new Japanese pickups. Time will tell.

@Ken- they have a Trojan trim, that I would gladly park in my driveway
@Robert Ryan & Frank- absolutely you can blame the Peoples Republic of California. European emissions levels passed fine in the rest of the country, but since CA is such a significant part of the market, many companies won't sell vehicles here at all, that cannot be sold in California. Now, with 11 other states joining the CARB regulations, its basically up to CARB to regulate permissible levels. Once you ad enough emissions equipment to meet the current requrements on passenger car/light truck diesels, the fuel savings are dismal, considering the investment. It gets even worse once you consider the price of fuel. Diesel in America just doesn't make sense anymore, except for very high milage fleet vehicles, and trucks over 12,000# GVW or 20,000# GCW. Sure, if you just like the 800 mile range in a diesel car, enjoy.
@Max- the European (and Japanese) ratings are far more optimistic than ours. If you compare apples to apples, their "combined" ratings come very close to our "highway" ratings.

@MrNowitall would that apply as well to the Light (to us) Japanese and MDT trucks sold in the US? i.e. Isuzu, Hino, Fuso.
Looking at the extreme US Tier regulations they appear to be less 'strangling" that the up coming Euro 6 regs that require both EGR and SCR in some cases.
Yes the smog in California is bad(almost as bad in other parts of the US). You get an "oily" type smell in the air and I noticed the hills around the coast seemed to be obliterated by smog at 4-5pm in the afternoon.

@Mr Knowitall Not really "optimistic," plenty of diesel cars do get very high mpg's here, that is why Hybrids have a very low takeup.

There used to be a time IIRC that you had 49 state vehicles and as you say "Peoples Republic of California" (love it) vehicles. Too bad the auto companies don't play that game. It would put pressure on the left coast to get more realistic. Cows produce more green house gases that cars. Why doesn't the California "fruit and nut" coalition (CARB) mandate veganism?
The green bozos should go plant some trees for carbon sequestration instead of hiring helicopters to go protest the seal hunt.
I can easily put all of those "green" and "occupy" hypocrites to work planting trees.
I forgot.... WORK is a dirty 4 letter word for those lazy, self righteous bums.


Europe has a lot of pickups. Log on to the british auto trader site an you'll see there's f-250s, f-150s, silverados.
They can import and legally register them.
It's too bad we can't do the same with overseas vehicles.

Yeah, sell it here in the USA!

who would have thought mitsubishi would win a truck award! cool information though

Yes, we need this in the U.S. ! I'll even say it in Japanese,

I own 2 Outlanders.A 2003 all wheel drive which I bought new for my wife and a 2012 4 whl.dr. I bought new in 2013 to replace my wifes.She liked the new one but wouldn't give hers up.She told me if I liked the new one trade your truck.I did but even though I love the new Outlander but I miss my truck.The point of this is ,I am looking to trade my new one on a 4dr pick up and fell in love with the new L200.I first saw the model in the maintenance book that came with my Outlander.I keep asking the dealer when are they getting the truck in.I cannot complain about the outlanders,Great cars but Mitsubishi needs to bring that truck to America before I trade mine.

Are the pickups sold in the USA? If so, where can I find one?

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