November 2011 Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

July 2011 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in November 2011


Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2010
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales
1 Ford F-Series +9.1% November 2011 47,740
516,639 November 2010 38,541

2 Chevrolet Silverado +12.1 November 2011 34,251
367,343 November 2010 25,619

3 Ram Trucks +24.0% November 2011 19,739
218,750 November 2010 18,206

4 GMC Sierra +17.4% November 2011 11,971
132,675 November 2010 9,781

5 Toyota Tacoma +3.5% November 2011 9,739
November 2010 8,616

6 Toyota Tundra -11.3% November 2011 6,313
73,866 November 2010 7,464

7 Ford Ranger +25.5% November 2011 7,056
64,114 November 2010 3,802

8 Nissan Frontier +25.7% November 2011 4,324
46,074 November 2010 3,137

9 Chevrolet Colorado +26.1% November 2011 1,978
28,056 November 2010 1,598

10 Nissan Titan -7.6% November 2011 2,146
19,608 November 2010 1,796




Nothing new here. Ford = WIN as usual!

And yes DodgeMan "Go RAM!"

just a matter of time b4 ford brings the global ranger over n call it a f100 so they can add it to the f-series total.

I know it’s been asked before, but it would be great to see a particularized breakdown by class; meaning half-ton, 3/4 ton and one ton for the big three.

The Sierra is really catching up to the RAM..

gm sold more half ton pickup the real numbers December..and for a older model whit the older engine ,,good job..but again the difference on ford and gm 3 million vehicle..

Ranger is on it's death bed and its still selling more than Frontier and Colorado combined!

It's been a sad year at Ford, death of Crown vic, Ranger, Towncar...

Thumbs up Ranger & Frontier!

Tundra : (

@toycrusher84 - it will be interesting to see where fleet buyers go with the demise of the Crown Vic. I see more and more taxi fleets with the Prius. Wil the police go to Taurus?
maybe we will see a spike in Suburban/Tahoe sales?

@Bob - don't you mean Ram is catching up to Silverado?

What is with the Tundra?
You can't blame the earthquake and tsunami anymore.

The Tacoma is #1 more by default than anything else.
The old as the hills, soon to be dead Ranger sells 25% less than the Tacoma.

Colorado is hillarious - selling 380 more trucks equals a 26.1 % increase.
I wonder how well that Taiwanese one will sell?

Well done, again, Ford F-Series!

Bravo; Silverado, Ram, Sierra, Ranger, and Colorado. All the American pickups show gains. The only percentage drops were imports.

Brought to you courtesy, of the RED, WHITE, and BLUE!!!

@ Buy American - Really. It looks like Ram sales are up ;)


The monthly sales (NOT YTD Sales).. Say otherwise..

So called outdated GM trucks still selling well. Imagine that. You people do not know what outdated is! Go GM!

Greg is gloating that two truck brands is trying to outsell one truck brand. Having two truck brands is the most stupidest idea ever.


In monthly sales, Sierra was closer to the Ram several months ago but not now. In January, Sierra was only 1,500 units behind Ram in monthly sales. Now Sierra is 7,700 units behind Ram.

Ram is cooling off as well.

Here is November '11 montly sales compard to November '10:
Ford is up 23.9%.
Chevy is up 33.7%.
Ram is up 8.4%.

Ram's chances of catching up to Silverado are effectively zero.

It amazes me that even the Titan outsold Chevy's Volt and Nissan's Leaf combined for the month of November.

And after GM buys back those Volts, it will be even greater.

BAILOUT: Gov't Motors offers to buy back Chevy Volts...

You ford girly men really crack me up. I knew it wouldn't be long until some ford girly men mentioned that friggen bailout again! What's bailouts got to do with sales? Some things never change.

So for all the GM bashers out there saying GM's trucks are selling this and selling that, I would say that GM is doing quite well selling their old trucks and almost as much as ford is selling. The difference between the two companies is very close. At least you got the ford girly man step to be proud of.

@MSU Bob - GM wins again.

The Ranger is going out with a bang, if Ford doesn't compensate the market, the market may very possibly turn away from Ford.

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Nice to see the mega cash on the hoods of the GM trucks are helping to move those things. The Sierra increase is a given as the Silverado is the ugliest damn truck ever produced by anyone. The Sierra at least looks like a truck instead of a cartoon. GMC should be greatful that GM gave them the 'nice' sheetmetal design. If that sheetmetal design had gone to Chevy instead, I don't think the GMC brand could move a truck as ugly as what the Silverado is. GMC would be out of business by now.

Chevy trucks have such a pathetically loyal following though. At least Ford is chipping away at that. More guys dumping their Chevy's for Ford's every day... I see it all the time. GMC is lucky a few Chevy guys stuck in the GM family. Most of them went to Ford though. Myself included... No GMC for me. Chevy screwed me, I went to Ford and am glad I did.

Since GM demoted Chevrolet trucks in favor of GMC, you can easily see what will happen. Chevrolet will continue to decline while Ford and Ram pick up old loyal Chevy Truck customers like myself. That's ok GM. Stick to your GMC 'Guns' and continue to let Chevrolet trucks go to hell. Then you can finally go out of business like you deserve.

Yeah your just hating on gm gmc and Chevy are nice but there not nice if you can't afford them like your broke ass. I like both trucks ford and Chevy. I love them both and don't come with that bull crap about oh bunch of babies both trucks are good working trucks. We buy trucks to haul not to be a soccer mom like you are.....

JUST SHUT ABOUT CHEVY. REMEMBER the blog about the sales and chevy silverado is second. THAT IS WHY THEYRE EVEN SELLING. PLUS THE COLORADO WILL KILL THE SILVER and ford will be in the major lead again. plus the ram is taking off incentvies and stuff UNLIKE GIRLY LITTLE CHEVY WHO NEEDS INCENTIVES AND STUFF.

Ford -------- 516,639
GM/Chev--- 500,018

ford --- ---- 16,621

Month November
Ford-------- 47,740
GM/Chev-- 46,222

Ford------- 1,518


But then again, Nobody here cares about your pathetic little opinions.... NEXT!

GMC makes better trucks. There old designs with old motors and drom brakes still sells ass many trucks as Ford. Ford cheets with there F750 in the totalls. Ford needs ti make atruck lik Chevy. Then they will be in 2 place to.

You keep those furd gurls in there place brother Bob.
Your my heerow.

@paul810 They are going to try and sell the Volt in Australia another classic mistake. Back to topic, it looks like the status quo as far as sales go.

Guys, I am finally willing to admit that Ford is the best, they really are, and the only reason I have been dissing them for so long is because I have no friends, and no life. I also have nothing better to do every day other than sit on PUTC and refresh the page until a new article is released. Then I get excited and spread all my BS. Please forgive all my ranting and raving, and constant spewing of ********. Bob, MSU Bob, spongebob, etc..

@Buy American Or Say Bye To America!,

You realize the Tundra and Titan are the ONLY non-imported full-size pickups on the market!

Congrats to Ford, GM, and Ram for being the best as always.

Small trucks up 25% from last year .. Perhaps a miscalculation to leave the Frontier alone in that market.

I'm waiting for a midsized length, full size width, 5 seater, 2 door large cab, small short square bed with rambox feature, fold flat midgate, low, RWD, diesel or direct injection, Twin turbo 3 liter muscle truck to come out. 300+hp, 4000 towing, can carry 20 sheets of plywood with the tailgate and midgates down. 25mpg city.

This truck will eat up a huge chunk of the small truck and 1.5 ton market.

@oxi, you may want to check your facts. Kansas City, Norfolk, Dearborn, Louisville... didn't realize those were foreign cities.

wy ford lover have problem to admit ford pickup is not a better pickup and the company have problem to out sold older model like gm..2 year ago gm sold more pickup compare to ford do you no if some ford lover still in depression and on medication..16 ooo is not a big number but gm sold 3 000,000 more vehicle compare to ford ,and Hyundai pass ford in total sales this is the real world wake up you thing if ford have so much good stuff peopel get one..lool gm was best car compagnie for 73 years what about ford ,,yes on time ford was 2 best but now number 7,,so witch compagny do you thing people like better.......

Why are GM trucks called outdated when the F150 has is still using the same basic design since 2004 and the Super Duty has used the same basic design since 1999.

I know the frame and interior has changed on the SD a couple times and the F150 has new engines but that's about it. Well other then the grill design.

@miath Online translators don't really work that well man, fyi

Ford -------- 516,639
GM/Chev--- 500,018

ford --- ---- 16,621

Month November
Ford-------- 47,740
GM/Chev-- 46,222

Ford------- 1,518

So, ford is slightly ahead of GM despite having the oldest platform and despite the constant talk about bailouts and bankruptcy. GM is neck and neck with ford despite ford's redesigned trucks and all new power trains.

All the GM bashing from ford fans about how bad GM'S trucks are and how bad the interiors are you name it and yet many Americans are very happy with GM'S trucks and GM is the only player to go head to head with ford.

I think GM has to be congraudulated for giving ford a run for it's money. Ford says they owe their win to the innovation of the "man step" Ram says their happy with their sloppy 3rd place finish.

I also want to point out that GM'S Duramax Diesel kicked sand in the face of fords powerstroke and rams High Out put cummins diesel. When it comes to shootouts and head to head competition, GM wins and ford is the first LOSER! Good day!

@Michigan Bob I think you're right, GM makes some pretty fantastic trucks. Their diesel is top notch, based on some testing it's better than Ford's, but I wouldn't say Ford is the first loser. Ford, GM and RAM (i'm not a ram fan but i don't hate on them) are producing EXCELLENT trucks! Nobody is the first loser right now, with sales up and trucks becoming better and better. The only (kinda) loser is the consumer when it comes to the government trying to squeeze us into emission standards and MPG requirements. wouldn't you say there really isn't a loser right now when it comes to getting quality vehicles?

@ Mark Williams

is there anyway to monitor the posts better? I'm really getting tired of the dumb posts & Bob and his 30 other names. Not sure why people can't stay on topic and stop the bashing. If someone doesn't like chevy then stay out of the chevy posts and say nothing unless its worthwhile people, please and thanks

@ Zach J

i agree i don't think any of the big three are losers, i like Fords and the packages they have come up with and i would not say GM kicked sand in Ford's face, they all three make nice trucks they all three have there ups and downs, all three do a good job of selling there trucks, it just seems Ford is the best at selling the most trucks

Don't know what Ford's thinking is on the Ranger- I think killing it without an immediate replacement is a mistake. I don't regard the T-6 as a "replacement" ...... a good truck but it's too close in size and price to the F-150, the same sort of flaw the Frontier and Dakota suffer from. It makes buying a full size essentially a no brainer.

The "One Ford" plan was and is smart business but it has its limits- all markets are not the same.

When will Ford come out of it's coma and build us a "new" Ranger. Build it the size of the current Ranger.

@rustbucket my own 2 cents, but not replacing the ranger could truly be a ploy to keep F-series on top. Now don't get me wrong, 64K units is a decent amount of movement for a gazillion year old truck here in the US, but I think Ford might honestly rather have the 15K or 20K people who will buy a F-150 instead of a ranger than the 50 or 60K they might have if they continued to build it. Also, with the addition of the global ranger, they'd kinda be carrying two of the same truck because I don't think Ford wants the global ranger to be a global+usa ranger. I might be wrong on this one, but perhaps the profit margin is great enough on the F-150 where if they have like 20-30% of their ranger guys buy F-150's then they make the same amount of money with less overhead?


Personally, I'd be happy with an updated version of the current Ranger. The original VW Beetle would be a good model- a good basic design, continously improved. Let the the new stuff (3.7 V-6, SYNC etc) trickle down to the Ranger. This market segment doesn't have the profit margins the F-150 does and I'd think this would be a way to increase sales and profits without the cost of a whole new design. I think part of the Ranger's problem is neglect- it has been starved for development. I looked at an '11 recently and outside of cosmetic differences (seats, body color bumpers) there was little different from my '02 other than Advancetrak, rear discs and side air bags.

Ford -------- 516,639
GM/Chev--- 500,018

ford --- ---- 16,621

Month November
Ford-------- 47,740
GM/Chev-- 46,222

Ford------- 1,518

Posted by: Lou | Dec 1, 2011 9:08:47 PM

Sorry Lou but your numbers are incorrect!
Both Ranger and Colorado are both trucks as they are on the list of top 10 sellers so the true numbers for each "brand" are


Ford advantage YTD---52679 units

MTD advantage is------ 6596 units

I still think GM should just be rolled into Chevy. They can still have both body styles. Look at Ford - there is quite a difference in looks between their trim levels. They could probably break the F-150 into 4 brands if they wanted to!

As a comment to this story and the last story regarding profit margins. One of the best indicators of a succesful product line are good profit margins, this does not make the product cheap or inferior. I am a OEM mechanical deisgn engineer and profit margins are proof of a superior product, the margins fall when forced to compete with cheaper made inferior products.

You guys keep talking about how old the GM trucks are and that the Ford SD has an old frame and design. In the big picture truck buyers don't like change so that is why trucks change so slowly. The companys don't need to change when you can rack up the sales numbers that are posted.
Ford put new engines in an old F150 body style, GM put a new powertrain in their old HD body. Patients people patients.
Your perfect truck will be built some day.

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