November 2011 Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

July 2011 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in November 2011


Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2010
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales
1 Ford F-Series +9.1% November 2011 47,740
516,639 November 2010 38,541

2 Chevrolet Silverado +12.1 November 2011 34,251
367,343 November 2010 25,619

3 Ram Trucks +24.0% November 2011 19,739
218,750 November 2010 18,206

4 GMC Sierra +17.4% November 2011 11,971
132,675 November 2010 9,781

5 Toyota Tacoma +3.5% November 2011 9,739
November 2010 8,616

6 Toyota Tundra -11.3% November 2011 6,313
73,866 November 2010 7,464

7 Ford Ranger +25.5% November 2011 7,056
64,114 November 2010 3,802

8 Nissan Frontier +25.7% November 2011 4,324
46,074 November 2010 3,137

9 Chevrolet Colorado +26.1% November 2011 1,978
28,056 November 2010 1,598

10 Nissan Titan -7.6% November 2011 2,146
19,608 November 2010 1,796



Toyota should give up. They're total scrap and more people are finding it out.

Lou-The new Colorado is from Thailand not Taiwan, big difference. Ford's mistake will be the competitions gain. The biggest gainer will be the Tacoma, but the Colorado will gain some to. At least GM still has a stake in the midsize truck marker when Chrysler and Ford have abandoned it. Only time will tell but if Ford is not interested in the smaller truck market then I am not interested in Ford. The Colorado is not the best midsize truck but it is not as bad as some people say it is. The lower trim models are not that great but the better models are ok. I will not be buying for several years so I will see what happens but if I were buying now I would buy a 4 cylinder extended cab Tacoma, or a Suzuki Equator or its twin Frontier. I would look at a Chinese compact truck but only after it has been on the market for a number of years and has a dealer network. I will wait and see what the new Colorado is like but I have not owned a V-8 for 10 years and do not plan on owning one with diminishing oil and higher oil prices. I am looking for more fuel efficiency not less, so I will eventually replace my 5 cylinder Isuzu with a 4 cylinder (that will be a long time). Congratulations to Ford, GM, and Chrysler for the strong sales performance.

@Bob from Michigan: Funny you mention GMs brakes. The 30,000$ shootout had the Chevy gaining the most distance when it had a load. And unloaded it was one of the worst. Thats half ton, the 2500 diesel is another issue. It actually stops. and gos too! As for GMs sales, when you overproduce as was in the news 3 monthes ago, you get rid of them by making them the cheapest trucks you can, well second to the Nissan, but Titans are pretty limited and get poor mileage. Just wait till Ram gets that 8 speed. I'd like to see them offer a manual those two things would influence alot of buyers. The v=6 Pentastar will help too.

I would still like to see the Full-size trucks broken down into LD and HD, so we can better compare each segment.
@Oxymoron- have you ever been to Dearborn? Listen for the "call to prayer".
(PS: I have no problem with the tax-paying, law-abiding citizens of Dearborn, just thought it funny).

I always find these Truck Sales posts comical. Mainly because it is almost impossible to compare these stats. Ford F-Series trucks include F-150 through F-450. As I see it, nobody else has a F-450 equivalent truck in these sales numbers. If the F-450 is supposed to compete with the 3500 models from the other makes, then why is there an F-350? I would really like to see a breakdown of the Ford numbers, as well as the other makes, to get a real idea of how things stack up - 1/2 ton vs. 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton vs. 3/4 ton, and so on. I don't think I'll ever get my wish though, so in the meantime, I'll just have to continue to be frustrated and deal with the less than ideal stats and pointless banter...

For the millionth time, Ram also includes 4500 and 5500 sales in their montly sales reports, same as Ford. GM used to include those in their reports but doesn't because it doesn't sell trucks in those classes anymore. Your complaint should be to GM for getting out of those classes. Think before you call other people's posts pointless.

"I would really like to see a breakdown of the Ford numbers"

In the days of the west, cowbodys lived by an unspoken code. The code of the west...

NEVER covet another man's horse.




Sales don't mean much of anything in terms of the truck and its quality. Bud Light Beer is the best selling beer, but anyone can tell you its the best beer out thier by far.


"Your perfect truck will be built some day."

With EPA's 54 mpg standard coming I'm not so sure- I don't don't believe this will be good for any of us that like trucks.

@rustbucket without a doubt, the epa standards are going to put a hurting on truck owners and buyers

@rustbucket - I'm not convinced that Ford's "One Ford" global stategy is the best. Some markets need custom products, especially large markets. If they truly were to go with the "One Ford" ideal, they'd have to ditch the F150 in favor of the T6.

@ Jeff - thanks for the correction. For some strange reason Taiwan is etched in my brain. i've made the same error before.

@Bob from Canada - one could add Avalanche, Colorado, Canyon, Ranger etc. to the totals if one wants to go total truck sales. That always seems to be the approach of the pro-bob/anti-Ford guys. It still puts Ford in lead. I was just looking at full sized since someone form the pro-bob/anti-Ford camp was lacking in basic math skills.

We could look at Canadian sales. The Canadian truck pecking order is significantly different than that of the USA.
#1 Ford
#2 Ram
#3 Sierra
#4 Silverado
Per capita, there are more trucks in Canada than the USA.

Ultimately, sales don't matter to most guys as we don't buy based on #1 sales, just based on #1 in our own eyes.

@Weave - The big 3 will never release breakdowns of truck sales to the masses because they risk losing their relative sales positions.

Can you imagine if they applied the same reasoning to all their vehicle lines? GM would have the best selling car line in the US and also the best selling SUV line. Ford would still be best selling Truck line.

Obviously that would be ridiculous but I don't know how to change it.

@ed edson,

I think you should give up like Ford did with the Ranger here, GM with the Colorado here and Dodge did with the Dakota...

You can still buy a new Tacoma next year unlike the GIVE UP like the big 3 are...

@oxi - you have a point. Even if the Ranger and Dakota come back they will be like the Camaro that couldn't be sustained and had to be resurrected. It's not the same as a 50-year legacy for the mustang or a 100 year legacy for Chevy trucks

@ Lou and @Rustbucket. I hope someone at Ford US Corporate reads these comments. That "One Ford" policy has already had a very negative affect in Australia. The Ford Transit is NOT a replacement for the E350/E450 as regards a Motorhome base, that has reasonable towing characteristics.

@Weave and @Mrknowitall You cannot possible compare, you are right as you are not comparing apples to apples, but apples to oranges. There should be breakdown into sub categories. If they can do it for midsize pickups as against full sizers, why not HD and LD?

Because this is a top 10 list for brands. Not sizes.

Dodge Ram 1500 and 2500 don't get separated because they are not different brand. 1500 is a size.

Colorado and Silverado get separated not because one is a midsize and one if full-size but because they are different brands!!!

@Mark Wiliams @Scott. Maybe two lists one by Brand and another by category for the manufacturer. I have seen this done on other listings.

It's not as easy as just making two separate lists because no manufactuer splits up the monthly sales data by ton ratings or models.

You can get some of the data but that is usually at the end of the year through JD Power and some other company.

They compared heavy duty vs light duty last year and F-series still sold the most light duty and the most heavy duty. Nothing changed.

Chevy sold the second most light duty. But Ram sold the second most heavy-duties.

GM does not add GM and Chevy together because they are separate companies and separates brands, makes and models.

It's funny when GM guys always want to separate and subtract the Ford numbers, but in the same breath want to add ALL of the GM and Chevy brands, makes and models together to get whatever number they think will beat Ford.

Nobody beats Ford Motor Company...NOBODY!!!

@Dave - funny, I've noticed the same thing ;)

@oxi--I agree with you about giving up about the Big 3 abandoning the small truck market. Toyota and Nissan are still in the game and apparently Chevy still has an interest in smaller trucks with the Colorado. If gas prices go up dramatically and/or there are shortages in supply then there would be an uptick in sales of smaller trucks. If that happened Ford would probably decide to bring a smaller truck in. If not then there are other competitive products. Also the Chinese or Koreans would be in our market if the sales of smaller trucks increased. I think in the next ten years or less the full size half ton truck will be reduced in size to meet the new fuel standards. The consumer is going to buy what they want regardless of what Detroit wants them to buy. This has happened before with the small cars and this happened in the 70s when Datsun and Toyota increased their sales in the truck market with their compact trucks. For now Ford is satisfied with their F series sales and they do not want to take away from them, but that can change.

Last time I checked the Ranger is the ONLY small truck left and it is still selling. What happens next? Ford is not tipping their hand. Tacoma is not a small truck. The double cab long bed is almost the size of a full-size.

@Randy - I actually agree with you. Not about GM wanting to go out of business (they must have really screwed you on something I assume?) but on GM giving the good looking sheetmetal stampings to GMC instead of Chevrolet this last go round. I don't buy GMC's, Chevrolet's only for me. This last truck purchase of mine was indeed a Ford F-150. I left Chevy for Ford over what GM has done to ruin Chevy trucks. Sorry GM, I don't want a GMC. It's Chevy or now Ford for me. When it comes to 2500's it's Ford only. If not a Ford I'd have to buy a Dodge Ram. Those GM frames hang too low and there's no real axle up front.

Chevrolet trucks fell from their throne in the late 1990's I think. GM made a conscious decision to make GMC the 'better' brand instead of just an extra brand for other dealers to sell. Big big mistake. It ruined Chevrolet's image, prestige and power in the market place. Which in turn did nothing to help their car sales. Ford took the ball and ran with it. And ran far they did.... Until GM undoes their mistake, they'll continue to lose Chevy guys over to Ford and Ram.

WOW,, all these comments for this artcle. Who really gives a rats ass, unless you own stock or somehow profit from this useless info. You guys boasting about your brand of truck selling more than others is pathetic. "OH MY TRUCK IS BETTER THAN YOUR TRUCK". Get a life people, you sound like studid kids on the playground.

Amazing how ford recalls 14.1 million vehicles, still has problem with their trucks catching fire and they STILL are selling the most trucks. Solid proof that consumers are morons these days. It's so sad to see the Texas built Tundra made with American parts go downhill while Ford, RAM, and GM are selling trucks comprised of foreign parts like crazy. My neighbor just bought a new F-150 with a 5.0 and it's a tortoise compared to our Tundra and it cannot tow nearly as much. SMH...oh well, I guess all it takes to sell a truck anymore is marketing, not quality.

Ford may be the best selling truck...but McDonalds has the best selling cheeseburgers...does that mean mcdonalds has the best quality cheeseburgers? NOPE!

Dave and Lou

You know what I find funny? When GM outsells Ford, Ford fans bitch and cry and say you can't combine Silverado/Sierra sales.

But when Ford outsells GM trucks, Ford fans have no problem combining the Sierra and Silverado to make a point.

You all are hypocrites.

Can somebody please explain why General Motors Still has 2 friggen lines of trucks in the year 2011? Toyota doesn't need 2. Ford doesn't need 2. Dodge doesn't need 2. How Redundant does one company need to be?

Why not just take the biggest seller (which is obviously the Chevy brand) and make it an exclusive premium truck like Ford and Ram have? What GM is doing here is losing Chevrolet truck (and possibly car) customers left and right. What they don't seem to grasp is Chevy trucks loose their 'Luster' so to speak with GMC around. Likewise it ruins the fun in even owning one. There's no Exclusivity in owning a Chevrolet anymore. With Ram, Toyota and especially Ford you get that Exclusivity and premium brand feel. That's where the Luster comes from and that's what rakes in the dough. Give Chevy Trucks back their exclusivity, premium status and their Luster..

This nonsense about GMC making free money is just that. Nonsense... Nothing's FREE. It's coming at a cost.. And that cost is the Chevrolet Luster that loses it's shine day by day. You know, the brand that keeps the lights on GM?? I drove Chevy trucks for years with much pride. I drive Ford's now and have for 12 years. It's like that old saying "Real trucks Don't have twins". Why? Because they don't Need them. GMC is EVERYTHING that's wrong with Chevrolet.

GMC should be dumped like a bad bad habit. Dan Ackerson, Mark Reuss and their Entire Board is incompetent. Yet they'd like people to invest in their company while they simultaneously ruin their number one money maker.

Share your truck adventures here

@ scott chevy sold the most half tons last year not ford

Half ton sales last year:
Ford sold the most. Chevy sold the second most. Ram sold the third most. GM sold the 4th most. Tundra was 5th. Nissan 6th.

"...My neighbor just bought a new F-150 with a 5.0 and it's a tortoise compared to our Tundra and it cannot tow nearly as much...." -Reed

How about comparing an F-150 with a 6.2L to a Tundra with the 5.7L? That is a much closer match than the Ford 5.0L to the Toyota 5.7L.


GMC is a freaking cash cow, that is why GM keeps them around. If you cant realize that, I dont know how to help you.

also, Akerson and Ruess incompetent? Yea ok, then why has GM had 6 straight profitable quarters of over a billion dollars?

GM is stronger now than its been in the last 30 years and starting to make some of its best product ever. Give GM a few more years to completly rebuild its line-up and they will be tough to stop.

@ Junner - I still say Sierra and Silverado are separate brands. I don't bother combining the two unless some rabid GM types have problems with math. Seems to be a re-occuring problem.
Ultimately, I don't care who sells the most, but since some rabid GM fans do care, it is worth the effort to point it out to those twits.
I'm not going to buy the #1 selling anything unless research tells me there is a reason for it being #1.
The last time I read a breakdown based on RL Polk data:
Silverado 1500 outsold the F150 but Ford HD's outsold Silverado HD.
Statistics indicate the #2 F150 is the better 1/2 ton, and the #2 Silverado is the better HD.
How is that for an unbiased post?

@Lou N - are you a different Lou or a copycat???

I drank the Kool Aid once and bought a new Ford truck- After 30000 highway miles, the tires were shot. At 40000 miles, the engine wiring shorted out . Cheap "sell it and get it off the lot " junk.

I'll stick to my GMCs from now on.

@junner - I think Ed's right. How is GMC a 'Cash Cow'? It makes it's money at the expense of Chevrolet. Chevy loses sales to Ford because it's held back by GMC. Chevy trucks don't get the marketing luster nor the high trim options that Ford offers which in turn also leads to a poorer resale value. The guys cross shopping Chevy vs. Ford for the last 10-15 years have been buying the Ford's instead. Once they're loyal to their Ford trucks they'll buy Ford cars as well. Chevy loses twice over GMC. Chevy would sell more trucks without GMC around and GM could Finally focus on making a 1 single best truck instead of 2 mediocre trucks. GM is destroying their Chevrolet brand that without they would not even exist. It's pure stupidity to dumb down Chevrolet trucks for GMC when Chevy is GM's Biggest seller and goes head to head against Ford. If anything, GMC should be cheap rental vehicles.

GMC is just a huge waste of company resources and the purest definition of redundancy.

@junner - Ya, GM is making profits now. Thanks to us taxpayers. It's easy to bank money when you don't have the old bills to pay. If it weren't for Chevy and Chevy Trucks, I wouldn't buy a GM product ever again.

I personally was suprised that GM did not do away with GMC when they got rid of pontiac and saturn , what does GMC make that is not already made by Chevy. As a loyal suburban customer, i would like to see the suburban return to having even more incommon than with the silvarado in terms of trim level and opptions, no 3.73 or 4.10 options on the half ton come on i need a full size off road suv, the new ones are too plasticy, and it doesnt take a genious to figure out that a suburban should not cost 20k more than the silvardo its based on. Since GM is now catering to mall crawlers when i needed to replace my 05 z71 i went with a used '99 burb and '10 Raptor. and now i think i will never upgrade the suburban and just update the Ford with another Raptor or maybe a Power Wagon. But Chevy needs to come out with more off road capability in their Silvarados and their 9 passenger people movers to get me back more ground clearnce and a selectable locker, get rid of the G80 . I need off road capability I have mangled skidplates on every vehicle I own to prove it.

I noticed VW is offering small trucks and they are offering Diesels. VW will pick up when Ford Ranger goes. What a way to America.

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