Recall Alert: 2011 Toyota Tundra

2011 Toyota Tundra Will Add Trailer Sway Control, Other Changes

By Dave Lee

Toyota is recalling 502 Tundras from the 2011 model year because a label on the pickup trucks lists the wrong load-carrying capacity, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

An inaccurate label could lead to vehicle overloading, which could result in tire failure and increase the risk of a crash.

The recall will begin in February. Owners will be given a corrected label at no charge, or they can have a dealer apply it for free. For more info, owners can call Gulf States Toyota at 800-444-1074 or NHTSA’s vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236.


Yawn... They should recall it for being fugly too while they are at it.

wow that is a big problem shees tell the government to mind there own affairs


Who reads them anyways?

Stupid lawyers and government controls...

Correct label will only allow two bags of groceries to be carried at a time vs three.

Toyota owners are the first to say recalls mean nothing when its a Toyota , but when another manufacturer has a recall they are the first to smack talk.

Lets all remember Toyotas famous recalls,sludge issues(destroys engines) 5.7 camshafts blow up(destroys engines) Recently steering recalls (loss of steering)Random excelleration (confirmed to be mechanical not electrical)Rusting frames,bad welds,bad ball joints,bad transmissions,breaking side glass ,bad welds (drivers doors pop open on Sienna's) Cracking Tailgates(Tacoma&Tundra)...YAWN ....the Toyota bad quality goes on and on,no wonder Toyota fans dont listen to recalls,their vehicles are trouble prone,problematic monstrosities !!

I absolutely hate Toyota, but this is a dumb recall.

That's funny.
I wonder if you can get a free loaner car while they apply the new sticker to the window.

OH NO! Your truck could accelerate unintentionally while carrying an unsafe cargo capacity!

All joking aside, I'm really curious as to who actually found the mistake, and by how much it was off.

wait.... who follows those lablels anyways. peeps still load until close to bump stops, i know i do.

Id say the truck has wayyy worse problems than that, gotta start somewhere tho.


I'm with you...How much was it off by?

This article could have been much better with a very tiny amount of research.

Ram had a sticker recall too. Buy a Chevy. They never get overloaded by guys serios about work.

Is it just me or are recalls now a days getting really stupid.

This site is so anti-Toyota it is unbelieveable!

I am sure Toyota did not print these labels themselvess, so again another company failing to do their job and Toyota gets the blame as usual!

A recall for a label and this is front page news? If only the other trucks got the same treatment Toyota gets when it comes to problems.....

This just shows the bias and hatred towards Toyota...

As oxi wisely said before and it bears repeating...

But when you have a racist society hell bent on protectionsim of domestics brands that are typically IMPORTED anyways, what else can we expect from a biased society!

I have owned small Toyota pickups the past 20 years and I can tell you their is nothing that comes close to their reliability and toughness. Keep believing what the stupid media and Ray Lahood types tell you to believe.

Media manipulation, wow I am not amazed anymore to how stupid society is in believing everything they are told without even bothering to question it.

Funny how Oxi is the only one who quotes himself when he posts under different names...

Really, this is a silly recall but without them we would ALL be the losers. Whether it's wheels falling off or misprinted stickers, it's nice to know the problems will be cared for by ALL manufacturers.

OH NO NOT THE WRONG LABEL. Grow up everyone Im not a toyota fan but this has nothing to do w/ actual quality of the truck. Good that putc lets us know though this was prob useful to some Tundra owners who didnt hear about this yet.

give us recalls that effect quality or mechanical, stickers recals r stupid. but then again, stupid peeps will follow simple stickers. smarter folks knows their limit.

Our tax dollars at work, they are finding stickers to recall.....

Toyota 2 things first I am glad you fixed this to match your SAE ratings (which no one else has) because we all know safety first. Second how did this happen in the first place? As for the fear based Tundra haters all I can say is one 1/2 ton trucks is expected to go over 200,000 miles and it aint the Ram 1500, GM 1500's, Nissan Titan or Ford F-150.

@5.3 LOL - That article was stupid. They gave no basis for their picks. They put Ford Fusion and MKZ over Camry or Lexus. They included the Mustang with the same engines as the F150.

Seriously, what vehicles built in the last 10 years won't make it to 200k miles?

@ toycrusher84 - I seen the same story. It didn't make any sense to me either. I do agree that any vehicle should make it to 200,000 miles. It all depends on what you use it for, how you drive it, where you live, and how you maintain it.

I have know of many, many Fords, Dodge and GM's that hit 200,000 with little or no problems. My 03 Silverado had 175,000 when I traded it in, so really no big deal that a Toyota made it that far. My thinking is that full size pickups get much more of a work out then the small ones.

Back on the farm we would pull 10,000 Ib trailers with a 1/2 ton GMC, and pull start diesel tractors since it was cheaper then buying all those batteries to get it started.

Does anyone watch Mike Holmes? That guy is now driving a Toyota. Maybe they gave him one, he had a Dodge then a Super Duty Ford.Why anyone would go from a SD to a Tundra?

By the way how many parts does a modern car/truck have in them? I would be worried sick trying to make all those parts work for years and years.

this recall is peanuts and isn't worth mentioning. ford should take notes, as they are the recall king with all of the defective junk they build

5.3 LOL

Reguarding your citation on the 200k plus club. Its kinda irrelevant based on two criteria:
1 -Population size of 1.3 million vehicles is not really significant when Ford produces that many F150s in 3 to 4 years (note its a 5 year timeframe). 2 - The second consideration is time. The study also indiates inital quality survey data. Anyone who studies the science of reliability understands the bathtub curve and early issues are NOT necessarily indicative of future perfromance. Long term reliability has more to do with how you maintain and use the vehicle (sans any inherent design flaw) then statistics. There are lies, damm lies and statistics. The article is a postulation of some future performace based on statistics. Little more than interesting reading.

I am glad Toyota is taking the initiative.

I hope PUTC can issue a recall on all these TROLLS.

This is not a Ford Article, Michigan Bob (TROLL)


5.3 LOL is just a TROLL. Same goes for Hemi Lol, TROLLS!

It takes a troll to know a troll, Frank.

@bobby joe,

Your comments is irrelevant and it clearly shows you are TROLL!

I think you are correct about most modern vehicles being able to go over 200,000 mile with proper maintenance but some are more likely than others. As for the list goes I let the unbiased experts (Consumer Reports Car Reliability survey and J.D. Power and Associates U.S. Vehicles Dependability Study) make the calls just because your vehicle wasnt listed, goes against your vehicles slogan ( The most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickup on the road or built ford tough) or one was listed that you really hate now the list is crap?

I can show you what experts say the Tundra isnt crap but to the people who say it is please show me your experts otherwise I will assume you are lying and just spewing hate.

@ Frank
Your way of deflecting when someone provides stats you dont like is to call someone a troll nice try but I think you would be better off providing a counter argument like Grnzel.

Definitely those saki & sushi lovers now they blame Harland ‘Colonel’ Sanders and moonshine are the problem.

As my Chinese American neighbor said Tundra is a Japanese auto even my German American neighbor questioned if Volkswagen was produced in Texas will be considered American? he said maybe those from Waco, TX will do so!


Review: 2011 Toyota Tacoma TRD TX Pro takes on the Colorado Rockies...

TRD is Toyota Racing Development for those who don't...

need i say more?

@5.3 LOL

Your comment regarding the 200K mile on vehicles is irrelevant to the article posted.

" As for the fear based Tundra haters all I can say is one 1/2 ton trucks is expected to go over 200,000 miles and it aint the Ram 1500, GM 1500's, Nissan Titan or Ford F-150."

You sound like Michigan Bob (TROLL)

Keep the comment relevant to the article.

@Michigan Bob,

Please do not say anything else, you post enough gibberish already.

Frank, your posts are a complete waste of bandwitdth. I don't think I've ever seen a post from you that really said anything intelligent. You're either bashing someone for what they say, or you are bobbing on Ford's knob. Maybe you are hoping that someone from Ford corporate is reading you fanboi posts, so you will get a free head replacement for your spark plug spitting Triton.


Please keep your comments relevant to the article.

Thank you!

that post took a lot of thought.

Still trying to deflect Frank?

@Oxi - er, I mean "Jay". In case you missed it, this is a news article about a Tundra recall. The Tacoma TX review was some time ago. But I'll humor you, I have to agree with the passenger, the floorboard is WAY TOO HIGH. Feels like a subcompact car, not a truck. Plus, what off-road ability were they attempting to display in that video? I didn't see anything an awd Subaru couldn't handle. Not knocking the Tacoma but that video was a joke.


I am re-posting what Grnzel already posted. There is no need to continue feeding you troll!


** I am NOT reposting. Got it!


I believe that Frank thinks he is a moderator. Are you under the same impression that I am?

Lets put this to an end when someone provides stats Frank doesnt like he calls people a troll as a way of deflecting and then when you publicly catch him deflecting and call him on it he tries to deflect by acting like everybody else is a troll and he is trying to stop it. I CAN SEE TRHOUGH YOU FRANK!

@5.3 LOL

Please explain to me how those stats you posted has ANYTHING to do with the article posted?



Well Frank I ws responding to Mr.Smart who had something to say about the Tundra basiclly calling it crap (which had nothing to do with the article) so I listed info from experts who say it isnt crap. I happen to notice you had nothing to say when someone gets off topic and bashes the Tundra but if someone provides info that states that is not correct because you hate the Tundra and GM you call them a troll to deflect because in your mind by calling that person a troll you render their argument pointless.

@5.3 Lol

Just let it go, if they bash your fav truck, who cares. I think the Tundra is a fine truck.

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