Recall Alert: 2011 Toyota Tundra

2011 Toyota Tundra Will Add Trailer Sway Control, Other Changes

By Dave Lee

Toyota is recalling 502 Tundras from the 2011 model year because a label on the pickup trucks lists the wrong load-carrying capacity, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

An inaccurate label could lead to vehicle overloading, which could result in tire failure and increase the risk of a crash.

The recall will begin in February. Owners will be given a corrected label at no charge, or they can have a dealer apply it for free. For more info, owners can call Gulf States Toyota at 800-444-1074 or NHTSA’s vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236.


Mine was one of them. Called my dealer just now and I should be getting my new sticker from my dealer in a few weeks.

The rating on the sticker was reduced from what it was before because DOT now mandates all truck makers to use the same rating criteria.

hey frank toyota 5.7 v8 has way more power then your furd v10 and gets better mileage go toyota!!!

Looks like Toyota got caught trying to pad their capabilities, eh? Cheatin' basta'ds!

Why the heck do we even care about this! Toyota sucks buy a ford or chevy . The End. See nothing happened. Plus nobody buys tundras, unless their really stupid, or idiotic. And its nice to see no one arguing about ford and chevy or dodge and which one is best.


Go back 20-30 years and add up how many recalls from Toyota and compare that data to the big 3...

Toyota has MUCH fewer recalls!


I would like to see you prove that "Jay" is oxi?

Just ask Mark Williams, he should know where those posts come from and it is NOT from any of my computers...


The Subaru would be dead in its tracks when it came up against the logs...

And depending on the angle of a hill climb, the Subaru does not have such a great approach angle, so how much body damage will it get?

Does a Subaru have enough breakover to get over a simple boulder?

Ground clearance and proper off-road angles, learn how important those are when off-roading...

Also I like the comment about how Toyota has practically the ONLY 4-cylinder that can off-road through the serious stuff!

I know because I own a 2.7liter mated with 4.10's in the rear and she can off-road with the best of them!

I also noticed the comment that the Tacoma could go anywhere the new short wheel-based Jeeps could in their testing, ONLY pickup that could I suspect with one differance, the Tacoma can carry some weight off-road unlike the Jeeps...

I recall the day I went off-roading with a Madison based Jeep club and 2 Jeeps had to work together to get themselves unstuck from some simple rutted trails which I later simply whined up the motor of my small 22R and plowed through the same trail quite easily...

First comment the Jeepboys made was "do you have a V6 under the hood?"

I replied nope, just my trusty 144 cubic inch big block 4-banger!

It is true, Toyota is practically the ONLY real pickup that can off-road the serious stuff with just a 4-cylinder. YET another reason why I choose a Tacoma!

For the 3oth time in 2 years another recall on the POS. Why recall something only a idiot would buy? Anyone who is stupid enough to buy this garbage truck is too stupid to read a recall letter. The good thing is tundras rot out in 5 years, 10 years sooner than a ford rots out. JUNK!

In fact all of the years I been off-roading I never recalled a S-10, Ranger, Dakota or even a Nissan 4-cylinder ever out there!

They all needed a V6 to do what a Toyota could do with a smaller 4-cylinder engine off-road!

Gearing, never forget what proper gearing can do for you off-road...

Gents, we should try and be civil and use logical arguments in a respectful way. In fact, any of the modern pickups are fully capable in doing the job they were designed to do. Their long term relaiblity is more and more a reflection of the owner's care. The fastest, most powerful, etc is all nice, but not practical. Choose what you like, and debate how each maufacturer executes the design, and solves the engineering challanges. NO maufacturer is free from faults, and EVERY manufacturer has its stong points. In the end its just what you like, and there is no need to defend that to anyone.

So based on what Highdesertcat said, this was simply a matter of a slightly revised rating, not even the incorrect payload group or a misprint. Considering everyone overloads their 1/2ton CC, it really is no big deal, but rules are rules. I would like to know what rule DOT is using to specify payload though.
@Some posters- irrelevant, off-topics don't benefit anyone, while detracting from the topic posted. Grow up, and try to display the common sense of a 7th grader.

Guys let up. So it is a Toyota recall. Look at all the recalls made by the Big 3. Be glad that has posted this recall. Last year when they posted the frame recall I forwarded that article to a friend and neighbor of mine that has a 2002 4 wheel drive Tacoma. He promptly took his Tacoma to the Toyota dealership who cleaned and inspected the frame and extended his frame and body warranty to 15 years with a promise to replace his frame at no cost if necessary. They also said that they would rustproof it anyway for him regardless just call and make an appointment. His dealership stood behind him. Thank you for posting this article that I was able to send him.

And yes @Lou with proper maintenance you can make any truck or auto last at least 200,000 miles. I will take the best care of whatever I drive regardless of brand or if it is a car or truck. "You can pay me now or you can pay me later" as the saying goes.

@ oxi - Mark Williams has better things to do (like shootouts) than check IP addresses. However all your posts have a very clear and consistent "signature style" that is easily recognizable regardless of what name is was posted under.

In regards to your video - they DIDN'T attempt to cross the logs, they stopped when they got to them. Could they have done it? Probably, but not without some damage to the stock truck. And no, a Subaru isn't a fourwheeler but that little ride they took in the Tacoma was nothing to brag about.

And your Tacoma isn't the only 4cyl you can off-road in. Check this out

Who cares about this recall. Toyota, GM, Chrysler, and Nissan win, while Ford continues to lose with outdated JUNK.
This is the FINAL WORD, for I have spoken.

2 things:

If Tundra is Japanese because of its ownership, does that mean Ram is Italian?

Here in Minnesota Chrysler vehicles can't go 200,000 miles because they rust in half before then. My 2002 Tundra and 2001 Avalon are still rust free.

This article's comment section is too funny!

It seems any mention of a forieign truck brings out the trolls of the most hateful kind! Losers! must be stuck in the past re-living WWII again... lol

Just goes to show you how close minded said trolls are.......

If Tundra is Japanese because of its ownership, does that mean Ram is Italian?

Yes, and Mexican made.*

*Ram HD and half ton regular cabs made in are made in Mexico.


That Geo is not a pickup!

I was refering to 4-cylinder pickups...

The Tacoma would have cleared the logs as long as the logs do not get pushed meaning they looked very not secured unlike trees down on the trail...

Subaru's are great for paved roads and graded roads but REAL trails, nope not gonna make it without major damage!

The Tacoma has the best approach/departure/breakover angles of any pickup on the market, so nice try on the damage bit because full-size pickups would get more damage with their low hanging bumpers especially up front...

The Toyota Tundra is built in the U.S., so using the name Toyota with a Japanese label is nothing short of racism!

It is one of the most (2nd) "American" made pickup in the U.S. and only the Titan is the only other full-size that is ONLY built in the U.S.

So stop with racism!

hey frank toyota 5.7 v8 has way more power then your furd v10 and gets better mileage go toyota!!!

Posted by: johnny doe | Dec 21, 2011 8:24:33 PM

I bet the Yoter motor doesn't spit spark plugs either.

Sometimes I think this site would be better without the comments. I like to read the comments to see if people have personal RELATABLE experiences or tips on some upcoming news related to the articles. I end up sorting through so much junk, it's insane. I've even tried to give some pov's and counterpoints, but they're met by people who assume a bias or just plain aren't willing to hear it. Shut down the comments, we're better off.

@oxi - IT WAS A JOKE! The Geo was a 3cyl by the way. And YES, if you look closely it suffered some body damage. Not many people use Subaru's for recreational 'wheeling.

And we will NEVER know if they would have made it over the logs without damage BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T TRY IT!

@ Zach J
Great post; I agree 100%.

Mark Williams, please shut down the comments as soon as they get off topic.

...Or just shut down Bob, Frank, Oxi, and anyone else who habitually posts nothing but utter bullsh!t.

...Talk about a few bad apples.


The man has my vote in 2012.

"excelleration" lol

Maybe these officials with their collector stickerbooks should focus on more important things....

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