Smart For-Us to Debut as World's Smallest Pickup

The people at Daimler's small-car maker, Smart, are reported to be showing the world a 140-inch concept pickup truck at the upcoming North American International Auto Show in Detroit next month. The Smart For-us is likely to be the world's smallest pickup truck — as long as you are very flexible about how you define the words pickup truck. 

"In a tongue-in-cheek manner, the For-us signals that this is the right car for the young at heart with active lives who attach importance to low emissions and taking up minimum road space," Smart said in its announcement. Tongue-in-cheek may win them the "Understatement of the Year" award. 

For now, Daimler is only providing drawings of the vehicle.

On the plus side, the concept is driven with a 55-kilowatt (or 73 horsepower) electric motor that may provide useful electric power for upcoming real-world models. The bed (or rear deck) is designed to be large enough to hold two bicycles with the tailgate down, as long as you can remove the front tires from the bike's front forks. 

We'll have more when we see it up close. 


Hmmm...takes me back to the days of the Geo Tracker, Suzuki Samurai/Sidekick, Diahatsu Rocky, Jeep CJ/Wrangler, etc. They'd be just as functional plus add two passengers in the "bed".

Great pickup truck for moving dollhouse furniture.

I was just looking at one last week and wondered, "Why can't they just add about 2' and make a little bed on the thing so it won't be so useless?"

It does not look very smart to me.

Now my 6-passenger, 2,000 pound hauling, and 10,000 pound towing, Dodge Ram 2500, is smart.

I wonder if they will sell for less than a John deere XUV?

It needs a trunk lid.

I hope they build this. I've been looking to to get out of my v10 f250 and this would be perfect.

That will come in handy the next time I take a trip to the shoe store. Oh wait... I need two shoes. Never mind!

I hope they make this, will be great to take dear hunting, the let the tailgate down and I can fit a buck in the back, but still have my city car for during the week.

My trailer will tow this!

Title should read: World's Dumbest Pickup.


hahahahahaha. seriously why not just make your four wheel atv street legal? That's what my buddy did. Or is that hard to do in some states?

My 4-year old boy wants one for Christmas. He wants to go cruising with his big sister and her Fisher Price Power Wheels Jeep.

My RZR has 88 HP, 14 inches of suspension travel, 4 wheel drive, and a comparable bed and it would make a crappy truck too....


Elaborate! A legal Quad?

It's a chick truck! A training truck for your 16-year-old daughter!

I would love this truck, its would be good for the city but on the weekend I can take it deer hunting the bed looks big enough with the tailgate open to hold a buck. I will by this.

Wow! Compete with the possible Gmc Granite pick-up too maybe? Hmmm?

i just farted and my truck disappeared, its so smart it got blown away hahaha

It's a true multipropelled vehicle. When the battery dies you tow it with your bicycle.

Is PUTC going to start covering utility golf cart as well?

@Unclubud only the HD versions

looks better and more capable than my old POS F-series. sign me up!

This reminds me of the Camaro, slow, hideous with a shitty interior.

my sons toy tonka truck can tow and haul more than this thing i wouldnt even call this a truck

I thought it sort of resembled your F-250 Frank. You know, the weak and incapable type.

Loooks like veryone has had a good laugh.
Seems to be the only time rival brand factions have all agreed about the same thing. I must mark this day on the callendar.

this truck is very feminine sort of like Frank's flowery underwear.

@kansas Bob -
" sort of like Frank's flowery underwear." ?????

3 questions..........

1. How would you know?

2. You a voyeur/stalker?

3. You have some sort of weird fetish for Ford fan BVD's?

Call it a hunch Lou. LOL

The little box/bubble marked "Tools" in the picture gave me a good laugh. What's it hold? One screwdriver?

@paul810 - feed for the girbils that recharge the batteries?

It could be one of those cheep tool pouches that you get when you buy a dirt bike or quad?

I'm willing to bet that if they do make this thing, it will be too expensive for most of use to either want or afford.

Considering the battery range this... hack.... cough... sputter ....t.... t.....t..... truck will have, just give me one of the 2 bicycles that it can carry.

This must be the answer to the old Subaru Brat that was populer back in the 70's lol.

They call the car "Smart", but what do they call the drivers?

Not everyone needs to tow a house or carry the world in the bed of their truck. A small fuel efficient truck is what some people need.

Finally a cool golf cart!

Will this thing even be street-legal?

The Smart brand, since it's inception back in 1994, has not turned a single profit. When will Daimler-Benz cut finally their losses and just scrap this poor excuse for a vehicle?

Not a smart car, but sure is a big trailer he is towing. Somehere in Eastern Europe.

@Uncle Bud--If they can cover Raptors continuously and say that the only reason to cover Raptors is that no one else has a new product and that Ford should be covered mostly for this reason alone then when a different new product is covered made by a different manufacture then other truck people have a right to read the story regardless of size or brand. If this is not the case lets rename this web site and use this site as a marketing tool for Ford. If you don't like it fine but this is a story of interest. Personally I am interested in real compact trucks not minis or intermediate or large trucks but I will read all stories. Any way most of the buyers interested in this will be the trendy youth and any trend setters. It is nice to see more fuel efficient alternatives.

Hmm, is my calendar wrong? I didn't think it was April 1st. I never thought I would see a "truck" that mad a Subaru Brat look manly, but in comparison...

@Robert Ryan--Interesting video. They will have to put a warning on this Smart truck that it cannot be used for towing. Someone will try something like this. I do agree if you are going to tow a big trailer like that you need to invest in a heavy duty truck, most likely a diesel. If I were towing then I would be interested in a larger truck, but since I will probably will never tow then it is impractical for me. If I towed sometimes I would either buy a used HD truck or a new stripped down truck which is getting harder to find these days. With all the attorneys out there I am sure they will put a warning on this new Smart truck or they will be sued.

Ah, so much sarcasm out there. It seems some people are so conceited about their gas hogs that they can't imagine someone having a use for a tiny rig like this. Anywhere one of the Cushman trucks could be used is a viable possibility for this and the Smart can go just that little bit faster than a Cushman, don't you think?

Hey, when you need a light delivery vehicle what could be smarter than a Smart?

Never mind it's a chick truck. Even a girl would want a real pickup like a Tacoma or something! If I wanted a truck like this I can just go to Radio Shack or any toy store that sells R/C cars. You know that Pontiac G8 ST that got axed along with Pontiac..? That would be a better listening?! Build the Chevrolet EL Camino so I can buy one and run this thing over monster truck style!

Smart truck??? DUMB IDEA!!!

Great, maybe the bed extender will double the length of the bed. My 96 Camry coupe will haul about as much. With the seats down in the back, more. Dumb.

@Vulpine-I agree with you about the sarcasim. If they do decide to make this vehicle it will probably be a limited market, but not everyone needs a large expensive truck. This might be enough for the city dweller or the suburbanite for very light duty. The fact Toyota has shown the A-Bat concept and the leaks about a Scion mini truck from the A-Bat shows that some manufacturers think there is a market for this. I do not need a large truck to prove my masculinity and if I needed a larger truck it would be strictly for the utility. That is why I drive a truck for anyway, but I do not need a large fuel consuming one.

Why are so many people hostile to the Smart Car? I own a Ford-350 dually Diesel, a Toyota Tundra, a John Deere Tractor and a Smart Car. I like all of them but they are for entirely different jobs. Most of you big truck big ego fools couldn't pull my horse trailer with your wimpy Dodge, GMC and Ford 250s. Does that mean I should run you over with my 350 DD? I love my Smart Car. It is so easy to drive, park any where and saves gas. I feel less cramped in it than the small cars that put you on the floorboard. It is almost 3 years old and has never required a repair. I have driven the Smart on I-95, I-4 the Florida Turnpike, I-75 and its performance is great up to about 80 mph. I think the Smart Truck is a good idea. You can put hay in it without making a mess of the interior, plus all types of sporting equipment. My Smart has a deck behind the seats where I have carried 200 lbs. of horse feed, 2 50 lb. bales of hay, 4 cats in carriers, a goat, a table from an estate sale....
If you don't like it then don't buy one. But remember when you are driving around in your Dodge gas hog it only means more gas for you to buy.

@Janet Metz-I agree with you. This is just another option for consumers who do not need or want a large truck. Most of the readers of this post prefer their large trucks and would not even be caught dead in something the size of a Colorado or Tacoma, but there are some of us that prefer a smaller package. I personally have no interest in a Smart truck but if there are consumers that want this and Smart decides to bring this to the market then I wish them success. There should be more options in sizes of trucks just like in cars. One size does not fit all.

All bashing and joking aside - I do see a small market for this trucklet. I don't see very many Smart cars, so I doubt I'd see many of these. They might be more popular in large urban centres.

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