Spotted Raptor Has Freshened Face


These photos where recently snapped and make us think the 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor will get some kind of face-lift. Although the vehicle is tagged to have the 6.2-liter V-8 under the hood, it seems that the front end might sit a little higher than normal. That could mean less weight, which has us thinking about a smaller, lighter engine for motivation.

All that would add up to a possible test unit for an EcoBoost Raptor — for interested buyers who have wanted to buy the Raptor but just couldn't force themselves to deal with the significant fuel economy penalty. 

We're guessing the grille wraps prevent us from seeing the oversized front cooler and associated plumbing. Of course, we suppose it's also possible this could be Ford's first application of the joint venture it has planned with Toyota to make full-size hybrid pickup trucks, but we doubt it. At this stage, we can only guess. 



I have to tell you, I did not expect this news today. Now I find myself hoping again. Ford, just do it!

think they'll fix the frame folding issue too? Oh probably not so you have to buy a new one again for more sales x)

here we go again....another Craptor Article...welcome to

Wow what a big surpise, a new grille for a Ford truck. This is the only way that Ford knows how to revamp their trucks. Slap a new uglier grille on it every year or two....YAWN

Awesome job on your off-road truck Chevy...............oh wait you don't make one.
Ford wins, Chevy loses again.
Heck even Ram wins.

Ecoboost in a raptor will make a great truck even better.
But anything will make it better than a girly man Chevy

I like reading about the changes to the 2013 F-150 I am going to buy. The great thing is Ford is still planning some big changes to the current F-150. They are not just waiting for the next gen. That's one thing I like about Ford. They practice CANI. Constant And Neverending Improvement!

Sooo.. What's new about it?


Awesome truck! The best is getting better!

There are only 3 truck manufacturers.

Ford, RAM and everyone else.

The same troll is taking to itself.




Says the kid who can't even spell "TALKING"... LOL

I'm sure it will have the C-clamp style grille that they have been putting on all of their other trucks. Wow, that is real innovation guys. How can you contain your excitement?

Says the idiot that can not spell "so"

"Sooo.. "


I had to add this site as it has 3 additional pictures

WTF? another craptor story, it is all rigged. There has to be Chevy news someware? This is no fare. Im sik of Ford storys. I wood perfer a story about bankrupsis befor another Ford story. Why is Ford only coming out with new stuf. Ford this Ford that Im sik of it.

LOL...funny how the article in that link called the 2009 f-150 completely redesigned. That truck was nothing more than an updated 2004. More Ford bias crap.


Hey buddy, Atleast get your spelling correct before you try to steal someone elses name.

@Paul Holland Thanks for the link. I looked at the pictures and to me that truck looks the same as a 2012 Raptor. I can't see how these pictures lead to the EB rumor.


Dude, Atleast get your spelling right.

The weight difference between the 6.2 and the 3.5EB is not enough to visibly change the ride height

Same bumper, grille look the same, so it's just getting new pair of headlights? why did ford copied vents on the hood from a Chevy?

only little boys where bowe ties men drive fords

I'm not sure where the news story is in this post. A EB 3.5 would be cool but I think Ford is just hiding a new grill. I don't know why they would care?
The rest of the truck is the same.
I guess from a PR perspective, it is getting the desired effect. Media focusing on Ford and not the competition.
Keep the Raptor stories coming, if for no other reason than upsetting the bobs.

What's with all the Bobsie bashers crawling out of their moldy basements?
Must be like a bunch of bugs to 100 watt light bulb.
Ford is the only shining light, and all the annoying insects are attracted to it.

like the old saying goes, "you can't polish a turd" this truck sure is a turd. i will stick with my old Ranchero, thankyou veruy much

Would not it be great if Ford took the 5.8L S.C. motor, out of the 2013 Mustang Shelby G.T. 500, and made it an option on the 2013 F-150 S.V.T. Raptor? Even if they supercharged/turbocharged the 5.0L that would be fantastic. That is just what I need...more bait and pressure to buy a 2013/2014 F-150 S.V.T. Raptor SuperCrew. It might make my Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon jealous, though? Oh well, Ford always has a place in my driveway. My 1968 Ford Mustang G.T. fastback would be more than happy to share driveway space with a Raptor, I am sure.

Leave it to Ford to always be tinkering and improving/updating.

The Best Never Rest -Ford!!!

Imagine a raptor version of the global ranger.........drool.

F-150 is a overblown boat

Just out of curiosity, I looked up the engine weights for the 6.2L and the Ecoboost.

Engine weight for the 6.2L is 580 lbs.
Engine weight for the 3.5L Ecoboost is 449lbs.

So a difference of ~131lbs.

That's a pretty significant amount of weight to take off the nose. That could definitely improve the Raptor's handling and off-road characteristic.

The only problem I foresee though, is the low mounted turbos, alternator, and intercooler. Water and off-road debris could have a negative effect on these components if they aren't designed to take the abuse.

What a off road ready pickup with IFS. Now what about all those SFA people?

Maybe they will put in a 3.5 with a Twin Turbos and a Super Charger, plus laughing gas.

Of course who on this site would not love to drive that beast? I would stand in line all night for a chance, and I'm a Bow Tie guy.

Eeeuuuuwwwww! The Raptor is the only Ford truck that doesn't look like it was styled in 7th grade study hall. Now they'll mess that one up, too.
For all of you griping, that this isn't a news story worth mentioning, or that you don't want to hear so much about Ford, you should write the complaint department and ask for your money back.

@Buy american,
The 5.0 or new 5.8 is my guess too. If they toss the 3.5 in there it will start to diminish the "SVT" portion of the Raptor's image and become just another production truck.

Sorry to post this on a Raptor the way, I'd kill all the Bobs to own a Raptor!...The question is:
What happens when you put a Corvette LS7 engine in a 2013 Silverado? Answer:

So there is life on other planets! Is this just a brain fart from Bob's pea brain or what?

Found another article...Looks like that thing might be a 2014 Silverado...or a concept or something or other...

Looks like the 2013 Silverado will be the SOS diff year!
Again...sorry to post this on a Raptor story!

Back to Bob!

@anybody, Why won't they put the ecoboost in the Expedition and Expedition EL?

do you no people get a ford pickup 30,p or sensible,,the new ford grill is like a woman show is new nail dont be to hard about ford,you have people whit feeling ...lollllll

I like the looks of the Raptor even though I would not buy one no matter what motor was in it. The suspension is to soft. A neighbor has one and with a big tool box and his other contractor gear in the back the rear end sags. He put some kind of air bags in the rear so it would not sag so much when he has his trailer hooked up. Now someone who just wanted a truck to cruise in or hunt and fish without pulling a big trailer it might be okay.

The Raptor is a SVT vehicle designed for a specific purpose! IE. high speed off road with a suspension to take that type of abuse! Any contractor using it as a work vehicle is a complete idiot!!

@anybody, Why won't they put the ecoboost in the Expedition and Expedition EL?
Posted by: UncleBud | Dec 8, 2011 6:49:35 AM

yea i am interested in finding the answer to that question also


That's a healthy weight savings, but you can't see the difference in the ride height. And the alt, turbos, etc are tucked pretty high up in the frame. There's no concern of damage...

Why would the eco-boost get better fuel economy than the 6.2 ?

The tests are biased when they compare a 6.2 vs eco boost truck !!

The 6.2 trucks were heavier,different trim level and 4x4's the eco-boosts were a lighter weight and 2 wd,if a Raptor had a 6.2 and a eco-boost the gas mileage would be the same,or even better with the 6.2 !!

Remember they brag how good the eco boost is but used a different ,heavier f-150 6.2 !!

At the rate Ford is going perhaps they are considering returning to Annual changes on their products like it was in the 60's?

The Raptor is a SVT vehicle designed for a specific purpose! IE. high speed off road with a suspension to take that type of abuse! Any contractor using it as a work vehicle is a complete idiot!!

Posted by: Len | Dec 8, 2011 7:29:17 AM

No doubt. If a contractor used it the frame would probably fold in half, and Ford would refuse to fix it. Another LOSS for Ford. The contractor would not be able to go out and make money because his truck folded in half. The contractor loses in the end because of his poor judgement when he purchased his Craptor.

For those who want to hear more on GM product updates will have to wait for the White House press secretary to give the news! Right now Obama is busy campaigning so it might be a while for a Gov't motors update.

hahaha i'm totally confused about miath's posts every time. English must not be his first language. Or more likely he just has a really low IQ like bob. I agree constant and never ending improvement from ford. Chevy and dodge seem to improve a little every 10 years or so.

If anyone is interested in owning own of these Unique trucks, please give me a call. I am in Birmingham, Al and we have them!!!!

205.552.2791-- Brian

An S.V.T. model should not have anything less than a V-8 under the hood. The Contour S.V.T. V-6 and Focus S.V.T. I-4 are two examples of a bad idea.

The 1984-1986 Mustang S.V.O. I-4 was a cool idea but way over priced. You paid way too much for a Mustang S.V.O. to get similar performance, acceleration not handling, to a Mustang G.T. that cost less. A Raptor with the 3.5L V-6 EcoBoost will equal -lame. If you are paying $50,000.00 for a specialty off-road vehicle, fuel economy should not be that critical.


i am amazed that anyone would buy a Rapter and use it for his business in construction, yea i agree that is not very smart, and it is not what you use a Rapter for WOW

I love the people hating on the Raptor. "Weak frames" etc.... This is by far the best production off road pre-runner style truck ever made. Try jumping your 1500 Chevy on the same jumps that these knuckle heads are bending their frames. You will most likely snap it in two like a toy. Ford finally has an engine lineup that competes and even beats a lot of other manufacturers. I understand why the Chevy guys are so disgruntled. I mean, come on. The interior in my 94 Ranger was nicer than a 2012 Silverado's. Who designed that thing? Judging by the hard plastic look I would guess somebody at Fisher-Price. Chevy better hit a home run with the next gen 1500 Silverado's like they did the HD's because the current light duty is light years behind Ford and Ram.



Hey Frank,

I see you are borrowing my G.M. acronym. I like it!

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