Year-End Sales to be Biggest in Years

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Many experts are predicting that the 2011 year-end sales volume will be one of the best years we've seen in quite a while. Of course, that's not saying much, given the fact the U.S. economy took a huge hit at the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009. 

Auto sales just over two years ago were 10.4 million vehicles, while conservative guesses on the final 2011 numbers will be closer to 12.8 million units. Early optimistic prognosticators say 2012 could get us back closer to a prosperous 14 million vehicles sold in a single year. 

The final numbers are still at least a week or two away, but we do have the plant production numbers as reported by the various auto manufacturers, which then reported to Automotive News. And the numbers look promising. Of course, these are not actual sales, but they do represent the vehicles produced by the manufacturers as a result of the requests by their dealership networks. 

Overall, not too many surprises. Small, fuel-efficient cars like the Chevy Cruze and Ford Fusion, as well as the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, continue to sell well. A bigger surprise might be the fact that small SUVs have done quite well, such as the Jeep Compass, Ford Escape, GMC Terrain and Chevy Equinox. Likewise, the more traditional body-on-frame two- and four-door Jeep Wranglers are causing quite a stir, with production numbers closing in on 200,000 units for the year.

However, the segment with the biggest consistent gains is the pickup truck category. Most who watch this segment closely know there was a lot of pent-up demand for these vehicles; professional, construction and fleet buyers have postponed their purchases, waiting for the economy to show small signs of growth.

Except for imports (all three had supply-line issues because of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan), most truck makers are doing well, beating the average year-over-year sales improvement of 10 percent. Of course, we'll have more to talk about and more to say when the final numbers come in. 

Here's what we know from the mid-December production numbers from last week:

2011 Truck Sales

* Indicates discontinued models


Silverado + Sierra = 696,883 add the Avalanche = 721,986. More than Ford and it's F-Series.

Congrats to the big 3.

looking good for the most part

lets see what gas prices are going to do over the next few years that will determine a lot going forward, it is nice to see all are doing well with a few exceptions

Chevrolet Silverado could have been at the top of that list if it looked like the Sierra and had the interior of a Ford. What's the point of GMC again? Oh yes, to keep Chevrolet from being at the top of the list.

GM Sierra was supposed to be making a "huge jump" in the numbers, but at the end of the day was only up a paltry +4%.

Caddie down -9.7%.

Is it time for Chevy and GM to go their separate ways?

Ram, as predicted, after a hot start that at one one time was up a whopping 50+%, was brought back down to reality at +13%.

I think the bigger question here is what major selling models can the automakers get in China and India. China is already a bigger market and they aren't buying the mega margin trucks so what else can they sell?

I honestly think over the next 10-15 years sales of the F150 or Silverado are going to take a 3rd row seat to the smaller vehicles since those are going to be the 1 million+ sellers world wide.

These are truck production, not sales. Sit tight a few more weeks and Mark Williams will have us some year end sales numbers.

Ram did great i bet they pass chevy in sales next 4 years,they got better engines better trany,there improving alot! Go Ram! Go be 3!

I disagree with the notion that Chevy would be number one without GMC.

It seems to me that if it were not for GMC offering an alternative to the odd chevy styling. That GM would not able to combine numbers and say they were number one in Pickup sales counting the avalanch to get there.
Not every GMC buyer would have bought a Chevy, I am quite certan many would have bought another brand, had GMC not been in the game to save those sales for GM.
I have a chevy SUV and a GMC pickup and a Ford Pickup. I never considered a chevy pickup do to the odd styling that it has. 2012 Silverado's are at least a small step in the right direction IMO. I would consider a 2012 Silverado.

@DB, Silverado + Sierra = 696,883 add the Avalanche = 721,986. More than Ford and it's F-Series.

GM wins again!

I'm tired of hearing chevy or gm wins again!! What is it they are winning, 2nd place??

Actually folks that are saying GM wins over Ford in sales try again. If you add the F-series and the Ranger you come up with a total of 802027 total units, now if you combine ALL GM products of this list it comes to a grand total of 777641. This leaves a difference of 24386 units sold by Ford over GM (this means every GM product on this list from Chevy's to Cadillacs.) So Do not pick and choose numbers that fit in your narrow wants. GM is a truck maker with a great past that hopefully goes back to its roots...

Hey Ram, Ram is already #3. Better engines and better tranny huh? Gee, I guess most americans are unaware of your boast. Alot more Americans prefer Chevy over Ram.

@DB and @Rob
If your going to combine trucks then combine all Ford VS GM!!!

Ford F-Series and Ranger = 802,027

Siverado, GMC, Avalanche, Escalde EXT, and Canyon = 764,920

Ford SELLS MORE TRUCKs PERIOD!!! and with only a couple lines unlike GM which equals higher profit!

@mhowarth. Agree the Pickup numbers worldwide probably exceed 1 million comfortably. I know that Isuzu sold 350,000 of its Dmax pickups last year and Isuzu is not a big seller worldwide. Then factor in the "Big 3" Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi plus the countless number of manufactuers from China, and the several from India/Korea./ Brazil/Argentina.

Has anyone from here seen Alton lately? He got mad when I told him to get off of here and stop trolling the forum and go to bed the other night. I think he's run away from home.....

@mhowarth What can be sold in these countries, is going to be a huge headache for US manufacturers. GM sells primarily mini cars/ mini vans in partnership with Chinese manufactures in the now 20 million sales Chinese market. Ford/ Chrysler have not a huge prescence. The Chinese produce their own CHEAP diesel pickuos for their market. Most are copies of Nissan or Toyota pickups but a few locally designed ones are starting to show up.

Hmm, my car's tranny is starting to act up. Maybe it's time to deal.

For a website that's supposed to be one of the best for light truck information, why can't sales figures be properly compared (mid size, 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, etc.)?

This is an ongoing problem.

What's the deal?

You can spend a great amount of time comparing trucks, but can't provided unbiased sales figures?

@ Michigan Bob ,

Ram has less plants to build trucks than GM,Chrysler is experiencing plant shortages , meaning if they had more plants to build them they would sell more as they are in demand !!!!

Dodge sales are up more than Chev trucks...If the Ram continues its sales growth by this time next year they should be knocking on Chevs door in sales,then with the Ram refresh in 2013 they will blow past them as they do in Canada ! Chev trucks are in the tank,Ram is the second best seller in Canada ,Dodge is knocking on Fords door in truck sales and the best selling Diesel truck in Canada is the Dodge RAM !! And the most reliable,longest lasting truck in Canada are the DODGE RAM TRUCKS !!!!

Americans should wake up and buy the best truck around..Dodge RAM !!!

@ Mark Williams ,

You said sales for small fuel efficient cars are up,you mention the Chev Cruise -true...

The Ford Fusion,Honda Accord,Toyota Camry are not a small car they are mid size and getting close to full size.

ram is second best in canada, but were not in canada. The F series owns the full size truck market. Break it down further and the f150 is the best selling. Combine everything in the truck( non suv) segment and ford continues to dominate.

Dont be mad recognize!

One again Ford sells the most trucks period! Sorry Chevy/GM girly men but there is no denying this.
Just to recap total Ford truck sales 802,027.
FORD WINS, chevy loses again

Count all the trucks made which include Tahoes, Yukons, Escalades and the sale results are not even close. GM all the way! Ford's suv line is so far back compared to GM's, I am surprised they even make them still.

You Dodge boys brag about your trucks but my son owns two of them and they are money pits. They will always be number 3 in sales!

Greg please provide a link to your claimed GM sales that are better than Ford.
GM will always be #2 in sales, well thats until RAM trucks pass them

Great job FORD as usual. I realy thought GM would have done better this year with there updates and winning the Heavy Duty Hurt Locker. Better luck next year

Hey Greg, hate to break it to you, but the Escape is the #1 small SUV. The Edge sells extremely well. The Explorer's selling like hotcakes. I'd like to know where you're pulling your numbers from...aside from the obvious place.
When it boild down to it, Ford is the NUMBER ONE selling manufacturer in the country right now. It's not even close: 2,016,228 vs 1,753,888 (Chevy). Keep trying. You can keep adding all the different companies together to get your precious GM ahead of Ford, but when it boils down to it, all those other companies cater to different people with different tastes. In the end, it's all about Ford vs Chevy and Ford's winning right now. Deal with it.

@Michigan Bob: More Americans choose GM trucks then Ram cause they can be had for a song! Alot of people just have low standards, and GMs are so over produced that they are pushing them off the lots. Or, those that fall for the mileage hype. A 5.3 will not get any better highway mileage than a Hemi Ram here in the hills at 60 mph, but some people just don't know it. They sure don't buy a Chevy or GMC 1500 cause they stop better. (about the worse loaded and almost worst, according to the $30,000 shootout.) Safety? Nope. They do have a 6 speed, they have that on a Ram 1500. If somebody wants more torque than a 5.3 (we don't all live in the flatlands like you) let's see, GM offers a 6.2, but they barely exist and NEED 91, not 89 RECOMMENDED for trailer tow. GM does make more horsepower with the Duramax, for those that think diesel trucks are just for racing. Ram's new diesel makes it's torque at a lower rpm, like Ford. It may not win a race up a mountain, but if I bought a diesel I would be happy with bottom end power, torque. If I want to race I have a dirt track car, and a street car. The new (and current 2500 6 speed) Ram transmissions will bring sales up, alot. They will also bring up mileage so Ram 1500 can have as much interstate flatland mileage as a 5.3 @ 75-80 yet alot more torque.

Love my ram trucks. Go Ram!!

All this talk about the only reason GM sells trucks is because of price only is a bunch of bull. Yes price can sway you toward a purchase but if your saying that all GM trucks are crap and that they are going to all fall apart then no one would buy them regardless of price. The same can be said for Ford. I have a 13 year old Chevy S-10 and you are saying that it should have fallen apart. It has been very reliable. Off course I do not get into towing contests or drive in deep mud but to say that my truck is crap because it is a Chevy shows your idiocy and biased. Would you like me to tell you that your truck is a piece of crap? I will not lower myself to this name calling. How would you like me to tell you, you have an ugly wife and ugly kids. I will not lower myself to that as well but I guess if this is what the typical reader of this post is and this is the typical American then I do not hold out too much hope for our country. We have reverted to name calling and being disrespectful instead of being civilized humans. You have a right to express your opinions but to say Ford sucks and is a piece of crap or that Chevy sucks and is a piece of crap is the lowest of the lowest. I question your intelligence and maybe a group of monkeys is smarter and more civilized.

These are sales figures can't you be glad that all manufacturers are up in sales and that this means more jobs. This is not a high school football game. Grow up!!

@fleetmgr - If you were referring to my comment please note I said 'if' the Silverado looked like the Sierra. My point being GM gave the crap sheetmetal stampings to Chevy and gave the good looking ones to GMC. This turned more people off to Chevy trucks (myself included) and did more harm than good. I too bought a Ford this time. No way was I going to own a GMC. Many Chevy guys I know were the same way. They either switched to Ford or just plain didn't buy this Silverado. I'm sure there's others out there who stayed loyal to GM and got a GMC if the Silverado was as ugly to them as it was to me. They should have just kept the same design for both trucks like they always did. Chevrolet's numbers would have been far higher, especially with a Ford quality interior like King Ranch or Platinum.

Really, it just goes to show you how "deep" Chevrolet's truck loyalty indeed does run. I'm shocked they can still pull decent numbers with this particular model truck. I think GM takes that Chevy loyalty for granted. It will come back to haunt them longterm if they don't start making Chevrolet trucks their top priority. It's always been a Chevy vs. Ford world. If Chevy won't give their loyal customers the goods you can bet Ford or even Dodge will. They lose truck customers, they'll lose car customers. Bottom line, GM needs to give Chevrolet it's crown back and restore it's 'King' of trucks status within GM. They can't afford to be screwing around like this with the Sierra. One more subpar Silverado and you'll watch those Chevrolet sales as a whole dwindle away putting GM out of business.

@ LJC - PUTC can only post data that exists. Manufacturers do not break sales statistics down by class. I've seen other sites post data by brand as well.

@ Jack from the West Coast - The Canadian market is a decidedly different animal than the USA market. In Canada, Ford is #1, Ram #2, Sierra #3, Silverado #4. If you combine both GM brands they edge out Ram.
Your " the most reliable,longest lasting truck in Canada are the DODGE RAM TRUCKS !!!!" is based on longevity of registrations. It is no different than GMC and their USA advertising "longest lasting trucks". Read the fine print on both company's advertising. It is based on registration data. It does not capture repairs.

@ Allistar - USA and Canada are different markets, but Ford is #1 in pickup truck sales in both countries. USA RL Polk data indicated that Silverado sells more 1/2 tons than the F150. If you look at HD's, Ford HD's slaughter's Chevy HD in sales. If Silverado/Sierra do not deliver an outstanding product for 2014 model year, Ram will take over 2nd place in the USA. GM Corp can't afford to make a mistake with the next gen trucks.
This may be a US based site, but I think you need to remind yourself what "www" means.

@: Jack from the West Coast - try "Good Car Bad Car". They have USA and Canada sales data.

@Greg - quote "You Dodge boys brag about your trucks but my son owns two of them and they are money pits. They will always be number 3 in sales!"

If your Chevy's are so damned reliable, then explain to us why your sons own Ram trucks?

@ Jeff - well said. The bashing and trolling stiffle honest, open discussion. I do agree that all of the brands have made lemons, and all of them have made decent trucks. Loyalty to a machine or brand of machines is illogical. I suspect that GM will set new truck standards in the industry. Ford,Ram,and Toyota will most likely leapfrog ahead. That is the way it has always been and will continue that way.

It would be interesting to see how rebates effect sales. I read a news article about the Canadian economy. It had stated that the auto industry kept the sales figures on the plus side due to rebates driving new car sales. I keep a close eye on truck sales in my home town for a few years before I finally signed on the dotted line. I noticed that turnover on the car lots was affected by the manufacturer with the best rebates.

@Lou to Allistair- There are countries besides the US?.... Well, I learned something today.

Unlike the Found on Road Dead boys, I don't have to write a book about this, Ford sucks and always will, in 5 years when your Egoboosters are laying on highway 90 on fire I will wave and laugh. Ford has always been junk, rusting away, I laught at all of the broken down SuperDoodies, the new engine will go the same route, blown turns and oil all over the place.

Now we have the ranger gone, GM still sells a ton of "old" trucks, even after redesign after change after change Ford can barely outsell it and thats FLEET sales that gets it there, I would even bet they sell at a loss just to brag about the supposed best selling junk 34 years running.

Look over the history of full sized trucks and GM crushes ford and dodge, better engines, longer lasting and restored Chevy and GM trucks along with K Blazers draw big bucks, no one wants some junked out 70's ford or even 60's, and if they did, you wouldnt find one because it would be rused to dust.

Ford sucks, Dodge is ok and GM/Chevrolet are on top, like a rock.

Mr. Obvious
really i owned a lot of Gm products and have had no good luck with them i will take my Fords all day long over Gm, but like you said Gm like a rock and they move like a rock slow and old

Found this on the Wall Street Journal and it PROVES ONCE AND FOR ALL THAT GM SELLS THE MOST TRUCKS PERIOD. Just look below at the Domestic truck sales for GM AND FRAUD AND YOU WILL SEE GM SELLS THE MOST.


2011 Nov
2010 % Chg 2011 2010 % Chg Nov
2011 Nov
2010 YTD
2011 YTD
General Motors Corp. 180,402 168,670 7.0 2,269,446 1,986,944 14.2 18.1 19.3 19.7 19.0
Total Cars 57,346 56,944 0.7 881,932 743,431 18.6 5.8 6.5 7.6 7.1
Domestic Car 57,149 53,682 6.5 852,574 698,845 22.0 5.7 6.1 7.4 6.7
Import Car 197 3,262 -94.0 29,358 44,586 -34.2 ... 0.4 0.3 0.4
Total Light Trucks 123,056 111,726 10.1 1,387,514 1,243,513 11.6 12.4 12.8 12.0 11.9
Domestic Truck 123,056 111,726 10.1 1,387,514 1,243,513 11.6 12.4 12.8 12.0 11.9
Import Truck ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Ford Motor Company 166,441 146,956 13.3 1,933,654 1,741,343 11.0 16.7 16.8 16.8 16.7
Total Cars 48,322 52,985 -8.8 667,286 632,060 5.6 4.9 6.1 5.8 6.1
Domestic Car 48,322 52,985 -8.8 667,286 632,060 5.6 4.9 6.1 5.8 6.1
Import Car ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Total Light Trucks 118,119 93,971 25.7 1,266,368 1,109,283 14.2 11.9 10.8 11.0 10.6
Domestic Truck 118,119 93,971 25.7 1,266,368 1,109,283 14.2 11.9 10.8 11.0 10.6

Robert Ryan, Lou along with a handful of others and me all seem to manage reasonable discussions and discourse on this site virtually everyday without resorting to name calling and other childish behavior. It can be done folks.

@Michigan Bob - We are not worthy...

@ Michigan Bob

Wrong again your link is only saying they out sold them from on month of November. I also remember hearing about many rebate at GM. But for the 2011 year FORD OUT SOLD GM. deal with it. Go back and look again.

@ Michigan Bob

Suburbans and Tahoes are not trucks!, they Are SUV's so stop trying o add trucks that arn't trucks. I will agree GM sells more SUV's but not Truck you know with a pickup bed! Websites like that count SUV's as trucks for some dum reason when they are not. I guess because body on frame?

The Ford brand does more for the American economy than the Chevrolet brand. Not talking Ford Motor Company versus General Motors Corporation.

As a single brand -Ford = WINNING!!!

Chevrolet = Runner-up

Ford Ranger is outselling most small pickups without a bodychange in decades!!!

NO toycrusher and Mike S. YOU ARE WRONG! GM'S DOMESTIC TRUCK PRODUCTION IS 1,387,514 TO Fords


What excuses are you going to come up with next you ford girly men???

gm the real world..the end of the year they count total truck sale not name some people cant realise gm sold more truck witch number you dont understands...and they sold 2million more vehicule compare to fore what you need more....

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