2012 Ram Will Get New Luxury Trim

Ram Laramie Limited Int II

Ram has announced a top-of-the-line model for 2012 called the Laramie Limited. The new trim package is in direct response to the popularity of the Laramie Longhorn, which accounts for 20 percent of all current Ram Heavy Duty orders.

"The push came from both our customers and dealers who seem to keep wanting more," said Bob Hegbloom, director of the Ram brand. "The Longhorn was a kind of test bed, and it's been so popular, we had to do something more."

The Laramie Limited offers many of the same material and accent upgrades from the Longhorn, but it doesn't have as many of the western-themed visuals. It will feature premium materials such as full leather seating, piano-black interior components and understated exterior badging.

The new package will not offer any mechanical changes; however, it will include unique interior and exterior design cues. In addition to the full leather seating, the Laramie Limited gets a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shifter (console-mounted on 1500, column-mounted on 2500 and 3500) with medium graystone cross-stitch detailing to set off the steering wheel and shifter.

On the exterior, the Laramie Limited gets a body-colored front fascia with fog lamps and a matching painted rear bumper. (Ram Laramie Limited 2500 and 3500 models in white and silver exterior colors get chrome front and rear bumpers.) The bodyside moldings have a clean “street truck” look, and the traditional Hemi, Cummins and Ram badges are eliminated. Tailgate badging shows the chrome Ram logo and a small, italicized, block-lettered “Limited” for identification.

Ram 1500s with the Laramie Limited package will share the Laramie Longhorn's 20-inch forged aluminum wheels, but polished surfaces will be accented with painted silver pockets. Ram HD models feature the same 17-inch fully polished aluminum wheels; however, wheel centers will be embossed with the Ram brand name.

The Ram 1500 Laramie Limited is available in six exterior colors: black, bright silver metallic, bright white, Deep Cherry Red Pearl, mineral gray metallic and True Blue. Ram HD models are available in black, bright silver metallic, bright white and mineral gray metallic.

The Ram Laramie Limited is equipped with a navigation radio, remote start, backup camera, power adjustable pedals with memory, heated steering wheel, front ventilated and heated seats and rear heated seats, and it will be available in the following models: 1500, 2500 HD and 3500 HD single- and dual-rear-wheel; crew cab and Mega Cab; four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive; and short- and long-wheelbase.

The Laramie Limited will be available this spring, and it will be on display at the Chicago Auto Show next month. No announcement has been made about pricing.

Ram Laramie Limited II


More like Lamie Limited. FAIL

Ha!! And I Just posted this same thing in the Silverado spy shots thread. I knew it.. Ford will follow suit and offer a higher trim than their King Ranch too. Mark Reuss's statement about nobody else offering 'luxury trucks' is a Joke. He's throwing those words out there to justify GMC's existance. Ford and Ram will make Chevrolet trucks and the Chevrolet brand look so pathetic over this it's not even funny. I said it in the other thread and I'll say it again. This Ford man is Fully Backing you Chevrolet guys. It's flat out BS what GM is doing to you. The fact that the second best truck line (Silverado) and one of if not The most loved brands in the world (Chevrolet) cannot directly compete against it's Ford and Dodge rivals is an outrage. Where's Chevrolet's King Ranch? Longhorn? Platinum? Limited? Chevrolet truck guys and Chevrolet dealers have every right to be hot. GM is taking over 100 years of "Chevy vs. Ford vs. Dodge" history and many generations of Chevy truck men and giving them the bird. Absolutely sickening.

frank will really be mad at me now cause he will need to buy a long hauler ram plus the Laramie Limited ram instead of his king ranger furd hahaha

meh, I like the other special edition better

Betcha platnium will follow suit........ Yada yada.........

I just want a $25k truck with the biggest engine. All i want is pwr wndw, locks, mirrors, a/c, n cd.

Us Ram and Ford guys don't know how good we have it... The Chevy guys sure do!

If I were in the market for this fancy of truck, this is the trim I'd go with. The Laramie and Longhorn are very nice but a little too "western" for my tastes. The full load Sport trim is very nice as well. This one is great.

This is an excellent looking truck. Great for them to realize not every truck guy wants a truck that looks like a pair of cowboy boots.

Great, doing what the Laramie Longhorn isn't doing! I mean the Longhorn is nice, but it aint for me if I was to get one of these. Heck, for the Chevy guys, one door closes....another one opens. Now stick an 8 speed in it! Or atleast the 6 speed from the 2012 2500 has, with 4.10 gears!

Looks nice. Ford already has the Platinum, Harley Davidson, King Ranch, and Lariat Limited (occasionally). Dodge has a nice line up now too. I feel bad for the Chevy guys who want a nicer interior. They have to change brands to either a sister company or another brand altogether.

Must be nice to have the money for this stuff.

My pay is 90-100k (so admittedly clearing a good 15-20k less than that) a year here in Canada, and I'd need to bank some serious coin to make a downpayment that would even make the truck payments manageable for these trims.

Hell I'm even reluctant to pull the trigger on F-150 XTR level trim / RAM SLT trim because of the cost of truck payments combined with $1.30/litre gasoline.

Would be nice to be able to afford something like this, but I'll stick to my used base models, they still get the job done.

New trim levels are always welcome. However, not offering a 20-inch wheel option on the Ram Heavy Duty still keeps Ram behind the competition in the styling department even if Ram touts their reluctance to add this option due to reduced capability. Wake up, most people don’t need a Heavy Duty pickup, they want one, and people who want one also want the looks.

I like the idea, though it would be nice if they would give the HD's the center console shifter and body color bumpers instead of leaving it only on the 1/2 ton Rams.

Ford should be pleased, if imitation is the best form of flattery. Ford Lariat Limited...Ram Laramie Limited. Right down to the block lettering.

The Laramie is luxery plenty for a truck, anything more is just throwing money away.

There is only one thing that is important to me and that is to drive the most dependable truck I can buy. And that is a GM truck! I have listened to complaints from Ford owners, Dodge owners, and GM owners. But overall the GM trucks last longer and are the most reliable truck built today. I would put my truck reliability record up against any other truck owner.

Putting in leather seats and calling it "luxury" trim... what joke.

Look at all that plastic in there.

If you want anything other than vinyl seats and rubber floors in your truck, you're obviously driving a truck for all the wrong reasons.

That center console is enormous. Why not put a mechanical bull in that space?

This truck is garish and chrapsler is only listening to the segment of their customer base with lofty retirement savings and pensions. Not the people that actually buy trucks for work.

Real luxury is built in, these trucks are nice however its all add-on nice and not "This whole truck was designed to be nice". It is not like you hope in one of these and go "Whoa, did I just trip and fall into a Benz?"

Sounds like the only people complaining are the Chevy fans who are RIGHTFULLY upset that GM is holding Chevy back for the sake of GMC.

Response to Max: Ram offers plenty of value based trucks for both work and recreation, see the Tradesman and Express models. Just as the Laramie Longhorn is a nicer truck with a nicer interior and more leather and soft touch materials than the King Ranch, the Laramie Limited will be just the same compared to the Ford which is a sea of hard plastic door panels and dashes even on Lariat and King Ranch trims. You should actually check them out in person.

I love this truck! Not enough to trade my Super Duty but Dodge has really earned back my respect over thel ast couple of years. Good work gentlemen. I can see Chevrolet trucks falling out of the second best selling truck spot now. It's pretty much over for them. I predict Dodge trucks will be the new second best seller in America instead of Chevy within a year of the new Silverado's arrival. GM has destroyed Chevy trucks in favor of their Buick fullsizer GMC and I predict it will hit them like a freight train in sales. You Dodge boys should be proud!

Kudos to Ram for joining a very profitable segment of the "auto" industry. Since when does adding luxury to a truck mean its not a work truck anymore? I know a lot of people that use their trucks day in...day out to make a living and enjoy having luxury features in their trucks. You don't buy the cheapest pair of work boots and say that's all you need, so why not the same with a truck?

@Max - I am always amazed at the number of "luxury" trucks purchased by working men. Most of the guys I know buy high end trucks. Their argument is that they live out of their trucks and the extra comfort decreases fatigue over the day. I read on this thread of guys climbing into the trucks with cooled seats in the summer to get a break from the heat. High end stuff isn't just for posers. Contactors also look at it as a tax write off.

It's obviously a fail since it doesn't have the automatic trailer backup system...

Actually, the next big thing in luxury trucks is probably going to be a built in port-a-potti complete with bidet and air dryer...

What am I missing here? What does the Ford King Ranch and Dodge Laramie Limited packages offer that the Chevy LTZ or GMC Denali packages don't?

Very nice interior! This truck is most likely my next ride. If not maybe the new Eco-Boost Platinum. I need to drive them both. I called up my Chevrolet sales manager to ask him why we're not getting King Ranch and Laramie Longhorn packages in the new Silverado's he was was clueless. I've bought 10 new Chevrolet's from him over the years and he asked me to forward him the PUTC and GMI threads. He shot back a text this morning that said "uh oh, all hell's breaking loose here, owner is furious". I told him I'm not buying a new Chevrolet truck from him if it's not as good or better than what Ford and Dodge offer. He said he didn't blame me and wouldn't either. This is from a guy who's been selling Chevrolet's for over 30 years. Stupid GM.. I'm going to go look at the Dodge dealer today. I've noticed they've been putting out some great looking cars and really like that Durango. Maybe I'll be in a new Ram here.

Beautiful, but put that Cummins "C" back on the side! It's a pride issue to let the competitor in the next lane see he doesn't want to mess with me.

@ Barry, the LTZ is a joke compared to these. Go sit in a King Ranch and you'll never want to get off the seat. The LTZ would have been great in 1996. A half assed base trim with cheap faux leather for the most part.

@lou and Bill, Exactly! I spend several hours a day in my truck as well. I WANT luxury and use these things and work them hard to no end! These Longhorn and King Ranches will hold up to the abuse. And I Want heated and Cooled seats. It gets hot in the summertime and nobody wants to sit on hot leather. This whole thing GM is trying to do with the whole 'Work truck/Luxury truck' nonsense is an absolute farce. They're only doing it to justify carrying 2 truck lines. It's absolutely disgusting to me that they think people are that stupid. A work truck Is a work truck period. Are you telling me a Super Duty is no longer a work truck once the King Ranch interior is installed??? Please. Screw them.

Just as the Laramie Longhorn is a nicer truck with a nicer interior and more leather and soft touch materials than the King Ranch. Im rolling on the floor here, sound like ford and ram got it down for women "soft touch materials" lmao what they makeing tampons or trucks here? lmao want a free bra and thong with the truck too? lmao

Gorgeous interior!

@Ron, I too called my local Chevy dealer yesterday. They didn't seem one bit happy either. We both agreed GMC is going to hurt their Chevrolet dealership sales badly with this new truck. He told me they already hurt them with this last one and they're having big issues with GM over a lot full of unsold Silverado's. I'm thinking Chevrolet is going to be in the past now for me. I'm not dealing with 2 truck lines anymore. Life is too short to be this unhappy about your truck and car brand. I put our new Cruze up for sale this morning. I just don't want the Bowtie brand anymore after this. I'm just trying to figure out which brand I will go to for my trucks and cars. It will either be Ford or Dodge but I need to go through and drive them both. I'm putting Dodge on my list to go through and drive first after seeing this interior though. I've always liked how tough these look from the outside anyhow. Maybe my Silverado will be sitting on the Dodge lot for sale later today? I don't know but I'm almost excited about it! No more second best!! :)

The people who actually use their trucks for a living are the majority of purchasers of these high end trucks not the mall crawler posers. Just look at the class 8 market. High end semi trucks with more luxury options than ever before are the majority sellers. People who spend alot of time in their trucks want the best environment to be in period. Price becomes less of an issue over comfort. Think of it this way. Would you rather live in a house that has every creature comfort imaginable or a bare bones apartment that is just adequate. It depends on the buyer. Do you just sleep there at night so who cares or do you actually live there?

This interior is awesome. Buckets, nice large counsel, a tough looking floor shifter, high dollar leather and soft touch materials. None of that cheap plastic crap and pleather. This is my kind of truck interior!

@Ron and Ken. I went In to the Chevy dealer and had words with them this morning. They pulled up these threads right there in the office. I had about 8 salesman standing around me reading through all of this stuff. Mark, GM and GMC ARE NOT very popular at the Chevrolet dealer here today. Oh boy... I'm still waiting to see how it plays out. I'm not playing second best though. Forget Chevy if that's what they end up as. And these guys are right, Work and High Class go hand in hand. High class just means nicer and more durable to me. Better resale value too! And the point about the Super Duty is exactly true. Bolting a King Ranch interior in there makes the Super Duty no less of a work truck. Same for this Dodge. Bolting a Laramie Longhorn in there makes the truck itself no less capable. It just makes it that much Better! I think everybody should be going into their Chevy dealers and raising hell over this. They are on OUR side after what I witnessed this morning. I too am going to Dodge (maybe Ford) if Chevy isn't going to be top dog. I Hate having to deal with a second truck line. Just hate it.

@ocellaris: funny you mention Benz, while they did some nice things, and the RFE-545 trans is pretty dependable, Benz is responesable for the 545 5-6 transmission gear ratios. While it's better then just the old 3 speed (from a gear choice standpoint, it hasn't proved itself like 727 and 904-999 trans) and the four speed autos, it leaves something to be desired. It's not terrible, but better heavy towing, mileage and performance can come from a better choice of 6 other gears without 2nd (1.67) and 2nd prime (1.5) being so close, and 4th (.75) so close to 5th (.67) What were they thinking? Benz aint all they are cracked up to be, they did leave alot of good behind. This will be a bit of a help, but once they get a true 6 speed or 8 speed, and the new V-6 available in a Ram then they will take off. I'm sure people will doubt me, but they will prob be #2 selling full size pretty soon.

@Jonathan Palmer: you act like Ford was the very first to ever use the word LIMITED. I really don't know who used that word first, but I can tell you around 2006 or so atleast Dodge had Limited model Durangos. When were the Limited Lariats first built? And am I right, Ford didn't have anything like Rams EVIC (Electronic Vehicle Information Center) between the speedo and tach before 2010 or 2011? Did they copy? I am just asking. Pretty sure the word LIMITED has been used quite a bit.


Ford already has several trim packages higher than the King Ranch....

Needs a few things like a new productivity screen, load flat floor, roomier crewcab, better crash protection to compete with the best. Still it is very nice.

John dates boys

@Tim; side crash and roof strength need improvement, but would you say most accidents are head on? I would, I don't have numbers right in front of me on %s. But I can tell you the Ram has a much higher/better frontal offset crash test then an F-150, according to IIHS. The Ram is all green across the frontal impact score, while the F-150 has one yellow for the feet. The crash only gets worse at a higher speed then tested, and the IIHS will show their details of the test, how much the floorboards and brake pedal and dash move back. If Ram would get the other torso airbag it would do better. Both make the GMs look structurally weak.

Whatsa matter johnny doe, you never have any women riding with you? Sorry bout your luck. Actually, they didn't just ride along, they buy and drive them theirselves, too. But comfort can be for everbody. Ram makes both work and luxory trucks. We seen what Chevy gives you for $30,000 in the shootout!

Ford has good ratings in all 4 tests - that's why they are a top safety pick. They do have an accpetable yellow for front feet.

Ram has good front, marginal roof, marginal side, and good rear. On side impacts they have a poor red for torso and an acceptable yellow for Rear head. Roof strength is only marginal orange. Roll-overs are less common but more common in pickups and result in more deaths.

The 2013 Ram will have the Laramie Platinum Edition since they roll out new trims every year. Im not a big fan of the exterior of this I think the Ram Express looks better because of the color matched grille. I love the interior and it may be my new favorite.

@John, Ford is a leader not a follower. I know it hurts but... deal with it.

@Ford850, ditto. Agree with your post.

@Ron, ditto - LTZ and Denali is a joke vs LongHorn and King Ranch

@Greg, keep on dreaming bud.

The best trim packages rate as follows:
1) Ford
2) Ram
3) GMC
4) Chevy

If the rumors are true, this will continue when the next gen trucks arrives. Do any Chevy fans have a problem with this? I think it's beyond nuts to give the 2nd best selling truck the 4th best trim packages.

@TRX, the 545 transmission isn't a Benz design. The Benz tranny is the W5A580 in the LX cars and V6 Jeeps.

It will be two more model years (this 2012) and 2013 before GM even thinks about getting a new luxury trim like this and I hear Chevy will not have one. The luxury trim will be the sole proprietary of GMC Sierra. I don't consider Chevy LTZ a luxury trim becaue it is not nothing special.

@Dan; you got me there. I stand corrected.

@Jason and @Dan. You bet Chevy guys have a problem with this. Go through and read posts from the SIlverado spy shot thread. Go back to the Jan 14th post in the news section here about the new SIlverado/Sierra. Chevrolet guys will be leaving like GM could have never dreamed of. I don't blame them one bit. It's awful what GM is doing to Chevrolet trucks. I don't even drive one and it makes me sick.

@Tim: Yeah, the Ford averages better, but the Ram isn't all bad on that. Alot of the rollovers are just due to people trying to do way too much in a truck. Or following too close. Then they have to do something with less reaction time. It's a four wheel drive truck! It's not my Daytona Shelby! I slowed down a little when I got in a full size comming from a Dakota, but I still think the full sizes do pretty good for the speeds I drive. They came along way. I am actually thinking about raising the front of mine 1.5 inches, and I live in a hilly area with curvey roads. But I hear you, they do need to improve the roof, while they are at it, why not raise it up two inches or so? Heck, the Jeep has the side torsos I believe, and Durango and most other Dodges. So they need to think about other things besides just the lux. I kinda wish they would make it a load flat floor too. My quad cab has something that unfolds out from under the rear seats and makes it flat, but it raises that area 5-6 inches. they could get rid of the slight hump in the middle for more legroom. Maybe if they had some removeable trays that lock into a flat floor? The good side to what I have now is that I can carry a few tools, screw drivers, small ratchet set, torque wrench, a winch control cable, gloves, cans of fix a flat, and other stuff and it won't roll around or make metal to metal noise under the seats. If i have Ford it would be all over the place, and I would hear it.

What Ram really needs is a safety cage with more high strength steel and just improve the air bags. The safety cage may be harder to without a remodel, but the rear and side air bags can't be that hard to fix. When is the next Ram remodel?

Ford needs to fix the front feet ratings but they are still acceptable and getting good ratings overall so they probably won't do anything until the next remodel.

Chevy and GM needs a lot more work to get good ratings in all 4.

Overall crashworthiness evaluations

Large pickups


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