Amazing Pickups From Barrett-Jackson

BJ Auction

By Mike Magda; photos courtesy Barrett-Jackson Auction Co. LLC.

About 150 custom and classic trucks are up for bid at the famed Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction, which started Tuesday and continues through Sunday.

“America’s love affair with pickup trucks is well-represented this year at Barrett-Jackson,” said Craig Jackson, the company’s chairman and CEO. “We have a record number of trucks rolling across the block, accounting for more than 10 percent of the total number of vehicles consigned.”

A quick look through the auction list revealed a diverse selection of pickups, flatbeds, panels, tankers and even a Cushman three-wheel “Truckster.” Some of the trucks were fully restored to showcase their pedigrees and heritage, while others were modified in a variety of styles, including hot rod, rat rod, street cruiser, off-road and custom.

“Pre- and postwar pickups have increased in value in recent years,” Jackson said. “Collectors want to own a piece of American history from simpler times.”

BJ Lot#424.2[3]II

A few of the top-selling pickups are likely to come out of the Jerry Minor collections up for sale at Scottsdale. Lot No. 424.2 is a fully restored 1946 Studebaker M5 Coupe Express in Victory Red. The collection is also offering a 1956 Ford F-100 (#425.1), a 1950 Chevy 3100 pickup (#699.2), a 1936 Ford (#700), a 1951 Ford F-1 (#700.1) and a 1953 Chevy 3100 (#700.2). All are described as having frame-off restorations, and many have updated engines.

BJ Lot#1045[3]II

One truck that quickly caught our eye is Lot No. 1045, a 1956 Ford F100 that was named Truck of the Year at the 1998 F-100 Supernationals and was also a top trophy winner at the 1998 Grand National Roadster Show. This truck was once listed for sale online at $120,000. It sports a blown big-block Chevy, custom leather interior, tilt hood and tilt bed.

Other trucks of interest include:

BJ Lot#71.1[7]II

1957 Chevrolet Cameo (#71.1): 10-year-old restoration, one of 2,244 built. Sold for $52,000 on opening night.

BJ Lot#333.1[7]II

1947 Crosley (333.1): Love these trucks because the front and rear fenders are interchangeable.

BJ Lot#415[3]II

1940 Plymouth PT 105 (#415): From the Dan Minor collection. Appears to have a well-documented history.

BJ Lot#702.2[3]II

1949 Diamond T (#702.2): Fully restored. One of the classiest looking postwar trucks.

BJ Lot#1055[3]II

1953 Chevy (#1055): Cool-looking custom with stretched cab and completely slammed to the ground.

BJ Lot#1259[3]II

1953 Ford F-100 (#1259): This is the black FR100 truck built by Ford Racing and McLaren Technologies. We showcased its silver twin at SEMA 10 years ago.

BJ Lot#1305.5[3]II

1932 Ford (#1305.5): Stingers Hot Rod built this cool pickup to look like a Harry Miller Indy racer-inspired shop truck.

Last year at the Scottsdale auction, a custom 1933 Ford hot-rod pickup sold for $181,500. A 1955 Ford from Sylvester Stallone’s collection sold for $132,000, and one of the coolest ’57 Dodge pickups around sold for $62,700. Other top sellers included a 1948 Chevy for $71,500, a 1940 Ford for $97,700 and a 1957 Cameo for $59,400.

BJ Auction AZ

We’ll have a wrap-up of the top-selling trucks from this year’s auction later next week. You can watch the auction live on SpeedTV or follow it at All vehicles from current and past Barrett-Jackson auctions can be found at


Love the FR100.

Man, you can't even mess with those old Chevrolet's... To me they were hands down the best trucks ever built untill the GMT400's ceased production. We have a 4x4 Task Force like that Cameo we're restoring right now. Dad has a 1928 Chevy 1/2 ton we still take to shows. Also have a 71 Chevy 1 ton 4x4 I still drive quite often. They just aren't the same anymore... Very cheaply constructed, poor looks and they've just lost their status and luster over the last decade.. Once upon a time though, they were number one.

just another clump of ford trucks power by chevy motors haha i love it

Love the Plymouth truck !

I had a cool 1958 Ford F-100, first year of the quad headlights, then in '59 they weren't as good looking anymore in my opinion, they cut out slots on the front of the hood where in 58 it was solid metal. Except for an early 70s mill and trans, was still a stock setup, ie had the original front end and brakes, not a mustang 2.....that was prob my fave style of truck ever, but unfortunatly last labour day weekend I was forced to give it up and delivered it to northern Saskatchewan.....hope its running around out there and being driven!

Where are the classic Toyota's... oh thats right.. there aren't any. LOLOLOL

Sweet FR100!!!

Nice Trucks!


cool trucks, I'd rather see a faithful restoration than a wildly modded rod.

The '47 Crosley CC quarter-ton panel is an early model, as a mid-year model change that year saw the rear fenders replaced with a slab-sided design. Being rarer, though, this example is desirable. =CROSLEY CAR OWNERS CLUB=

@ johnny doe just another clump of ford trucks power by chevy motors haha i love it

YUP, with a FORD 9" rear ends in many......
Chevy engines know as belly button motors.

Thanks for the post Mark those are really cool old Trucks. I like all of them. Neat!!!

The first F-Series truck (known as the Ford Bonus-Built) was introduced in 1948 as a replacement for the previous car-based pickup line introduced in 1941. It had a flat, one-piece windshield and integrated headlamps. It had a wider cab.

Love the Plymouth truck ! Cool trucks, I'd rather see a faithful restoration than a wildly modded rod. i love it!

When will the 2016 Barret Jackson auction have a 1956 Ford F100 short bed pickup truck up for Bid?

I am building a 1956 F100 pickup and I am trying to get ideas on upgrades. I am putting a 1990 350 CI engine, 700 R4 built by Yerington Performance Couplings, Vortec cylinder heads, fuel injection, roller rockers, double roller chain drive, 1.5 roller rockers plus "Thumper Cam and a built 740 R4 Performance Couplings transmission. I am going to put in a 9 inch Currie Lincoln 9 inch differential with cross drilled and slotted disc brakes front and rear. Roll bar on C-10 front suspension and sway bar. 24.5 gallon rear mounted stainless steel gas tank. Will use fuel injection with hi pressure fuel lines and computer driven electronics. Considering the 2016 new candy red appearing maroon with gold metallic flakes. Would like a ghost appearing American flag the entire length.

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