Another Luxury Pickup Looks for the Exit

2012-cadillac-escalade ext
As the lone luxury brand holdout that offers a full-size pickup truck, the Cadillac EXT looks like its life is coming to an end. Lincoln left the segment (twice) years ago when it killed the Lincoln Mark LT (and Blackwood before it), but Ford continues to fill the space with the premium-priced F-150 Platinum. 

Cadillac marketing chief Don Butler carefully chose his words when asked how the Cadillac Escalade EXT, which is based off the Chevy Avalanche, fits into the Cadillac family going forward as the more modern and high-tech design and marketing direction unfolds. 

"The EXT has done exceptionally well for us," Butler said. "But as to what happens going forward, all we can say is the EXT is under review. ... We haven't made any decisions one way or the other."  

In marketing-speak, "under review" usually means all they're trying to do is figure out what to do with the body after the ax falls. Butler said, with a bit of emphasis, that the other Escalades (the big SUVs) "will always have a place here at Cadillac." 


I thought they were killing the Avalanche which means the luxury version of it is dead also.

With sales of the this and the Avalanche way down, and the whole GMT900 line up for replacement, it just might not pay to develop a new version. With the Denali line offering se real crew cab trucks now, there are other clear luxury options to be had within GM, often at the same dealership.

Good one less girly man truck on the market
Chevy loses again

Kill it and the Avalanche, it doesn't sell.

The true poser truck users are going to be at a loss...they can't buy anything else in its place to put there 24's on and not be ridiculed by the rest of us!

If the Avalanche isn't going to make it into the next generation full size platform, I doubt the EXT would continue either. Fun while it lasted......

If EXT is being axed off, that means there will be no Avalanche.

All you stewpid furd gurls STFU. You attak anything GM. You brag about your egoboost. Just you weight. Caddi has V6 twun turbo that will kill the ecoturd.

Just wait!!!!!!! The 4.5L Baby Duramax is making a return in the escalade!!!!! It will be in the caddie lineup first then filter into the other gm brands like tahoe, suburban and half ton trucks. You can say what you want, it is in "clean up" stages undergoing regulation testing - but its coming!!!!

I sure would like to hear some hints of future GM engine/drivetrains.

Why does the writer of this article uses the first paragraph in an Escalade article to tell us about Fords offerings and Lincolns failures?

Because the article is about luxury pickups and not just the latest loser.

@Bob weren't you ragging on Ford for having to use turbos? Now you're saying GM is gonna crush Ford's turbo'd 6 with their turbo'd 6? haha, alright buddy. We'll have to 'weight' and see what happens.

This thing looks like it fell outta the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down...Good riddance.

One of the best things that Ford did was axe the Lincoln Deadwood. This Caddy is 100 times better looking than the Deadwood ever was! Let it be written for I have spoken!

@Bobby McMichigan:

"Let it be written for I have spoken!"

Are you like 5 years old or what? ...Douchebaggy comments like this are the reason you have no friends.


I could care less what you think about what I say. I am not on here to make friends. Now go troll somewhere else.

It would appear that the current trend of real luxury brands (ie Cadillac, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus) should stick with cars and SUVs as you can get a high-end mainstream brand pickup (Toyota, Chevrolet/GMC, Ram, Ford) with the amenities.

I know it ain't gonna happen, but the Avalanche should be based off the global/possible 2013 American Colorado would look something like this.

Good. There should be no such things as 'luxury' trucks. Suv's, sure. No problem there. Trucks however should only have Trim Options that are more luxurious. Like Ford does with their Platinum or King Ranch. Now if only Chevrolet would do the same like Ford. I was hoping this article indicated GMC was getting axed.


Yeah really. I lost all respect for GMC since they brought in the Acadia and Terrain crossovers. The Chevrolet Traverse and Equinox is just as satisfying, and cheaper too. I thought GMC was about trucks, manly, hardcore, body-on-frame, longitudal-engine, rear-drive, slam-a-rock-in-the-bed, tow-big-ships trucks...and the Yukon, not GIRLY-MAN CROSSOVERS!...a name I saved just for the Acadia and Terrain.

You're an idiot! GMC needs Acadia and Terrain as much as they need Sierra and Yukon. A brand can't survive on two trucks! You don't have to buy them. And GMC could probably care less about your loss of respect for them

"And GMC could probably care less about your loss of respect for them" -Greg


GM doesn't give a crap about anyone! Else they could have avoided bankruptcy and taxpayer bailout by producing better cars! All I'm saying is that GMC was a hard-core manly truck brand until they emasculated it with car-based crossovers... jeez don't get your panties in a bunch!

Ford does not give a crap about anyone else but themselves, also. The same goes for every car maker or any other large corporation for that matter. If you think Ford really cares about the American public...think again!

@Bobby McMichigan

I'll give you that...particularly in the case of the way the executives are running things.

"I could care less what you think about what I say. I am not on here to make friends. Now go troll somewhere else."

McTurd has a good point, afterall, the troll has spoken.


C'mon man! Pot calling're the biggest troll on this board...well, you and Oxi.

Bye Cadillac EXT Storm Crow. He hE

I thought Oxi was a troll....but geeze Frank and Bobby McMichigan take the I remember why I stopped visiting this site

wow this is a nice truck .....the only pickup on the market whit dynasty,,,drive a ford nothing special is a ford,but drive a caddy you drive someting//something ford never get one day,,dynasty,,,

I see Frankie is also polluting this thread with hollow headed garbage.

I forgot to mention that Frank is dead weight in this blog, much like the Lincoln Deadwood was for Ford in the truck market.

For what purpose is a "Luxury Pickup Truck"?

If it's really luxurious, you wouldn't want to use it as a truck, and risk getting it scratched and scuffed. And a real luxury vehicle is a Cadillac CTS-V, or a Mercedes S-Class, or maybe a Bimmer 5-Series.

You want a snazzy pickup? Get yourself a King Ranch, or a Ram Laramie Longhorn, or maybe a GMC Denali.

Speaking of GMC trucks, why doesn't Generous Motors just delete the Chevrolet truck brand, and let Chevy sell its cars, and GMC sell its "professional grade" trucks? Seems like a money-saving idea to me... but who the Hell am I?

Us rich people need a luxury truck to tow are big boat to the lake, I don't want know regular pickup truck.

For a rich person, you don't seem to no [sic] how to spell very well...

I always liked the EXT, but realized it never sold very well. Axing the Avalanche though? That's the first I heard of that, and I think it's stupid. If they hadn't jacked the price through the roof, sales would've never taken a hit. Not to mention, when twas the last time you saw an Avalanche in a commercial? And they wonder why it sells less. I really should run GM. Everyone I have ever known or met with an Avalanche has nothing but good things to say about it. If I could afford a new truck, that's exactly what I would buy. Just absurd to get rid of it.

@Jason H. - pimps, crack,and meth dealers don't need to spell well ;)


@the punisher - really. I thought that title would go to the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport with a top speed of 268 mph.

@Lou- you can use the Escalade EXT to tow the Bugatti home when it breaks down and you know it will because its a VW.
Punisher is so right

Is there a possibility that some machines that are used for ships are also available in cars? That would be great if it's like an amphibian!

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