Bootmobile Ready to Stomp the Competition

LL Bean boot 5
Recently, several sources sent us what they thought was an early look at the next-gen Ford Super Duty option package; however, in reality, after seeing the post by Dan Roth over at Autoblog, we now know the real story.

As you may have suspected, this was an advertising gimmick in celebration of L.L. Bean's 100th anniversary, in which an F-250 Super Duty is dressed up to look like the world's largest cold-weather duck hunting boot.

After being unveiled to L.L. Bean employees at the Brunswick, Maine, facility where the boots are made, the wheeled boot tribute headed to Times Square to kick off a nationwide anniversary tour. 

Most important to auto enthusiasts might be what's underneath it all. The underlying truck is a Super Duty Power Stroke with a fiber glass body that stands 13 feet tall. The boot equates to a size 747 – perfect for a 143-foot-tall man.

LL Bean boot 4

LL Bean Boot 3


LOL... kewl. Good choice of trucks.

Looks like an alignment is in order. I can definitely see Toe-in.

Let's keep that thing away from the Wienermobil

Looks like they're gonna need that boot when they're pushing that truck down the street and up to the shop... Should have used a Chevy... LOL!


looks like the super duty is gettin the boot... lol

The Ford never looked so good !!

Anything will make a Ford look better !

A Superduty shaped like a boot. Perfect to remind Chevy they get there ass kicked every year in truck sales

Pual Buyon's Roller Skate

Funny. That is one way to make the SD grill loook better.


In sales, But NOT in performance..... Try again.

@Bob, off road the Chevy can't touch the Ford. You Chevy guys have to stick to the pavement. Oh ya, Nice frame! I can see that thing from my house. Maybe when Chevy grows up it can go off road too!! Until then you kids just stick to 1/4 mile runs so you don't get dirty.. Your tin foil bodies serve you well there. Leave the real trucking work to Ford.


Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah..... Leave it to the Ford girls to get their panties all in a knot....

What an Idiot.

Not even a boot can make that raggedy ass Ford look good. No matter what it will always be ugly. And Sure ford sells more trucks than CHEVY, they should they market so many pickup trucks from half-tons to 4 tons. As for CHEVY they only have half-tons to 1 tons. So I bet all you ford fans who are constantly bragging about truck sales feel stupid now. I mean chevy is really Right on yalls asses. With and out dated truck design, and only three series to chose from in the full size segment Ford loses again

If they had decided to use a chevy everything in the world would have been perfect for the chevy girls. Its sad that even LL Bean knows better than to use a chebby. Frame would be on the ground, it would look like someone lost a boot. Yeah, go FORD as you are the best trucks. Stick that boot up chebbys arse, just the way you done for what, 100 yrs now!!!!

No J crews I don't feel stupid bragging about ford having the most sales. Its not fords fault chevy doesn't make a 4500 & 5500, so its chevy loses again for not having a full line of trucks to choose from. But i guess that's a pretty good excuse for you chevy guy's not selling as many trucks. Heck even Dodge sells 4500 & 5500. So ya chevy loses again. Maybe if chevy had more than 3 series of trucks they would sell more, but they don't.
As to chevys out performing fords maybe they do, BUT that means nothing to the average consumer, which is shown in sales.Also not even a boot could make a raggedy ass chevy look good

The only girl here with their thong in a knot is you BOB!

Praising a piss-poor company. The BLIND LEADING THE BLIND.

What an idiot!


You are clueless, it's hilarious. Oh wait, you are Bob.



Anything is better than supporting a Company Who's Founder (Yes, I'm looking at you Henry Ford) contributed thousands (if not millions) of dollars to the Nazis.

Have fun supporting an Anti-Semetic Company. Hehe, Poor Racist Bastards.

As for the "Thong" i'm wearing, I grabbed it out of your momma's dresser. You should have seen her, She just laid there and took it. Poor lady, she won't be walkin' for a LONG time. LOL!


Better "Raggedy" than Old and Dated, Thats for sure... LOL!

Bob must have forgot Henry ford is dead and doesn't run the company anymore and well the Nazi's are gone. So not sure how that has any relevance anymore. But while we are at it GM helped the Nazi's to


What a poor pathetic soul you are, not only do you wear thongs, but you steal from poor old woman.

Keep up the good work, troll!


Run along DOG, I hear your Master calling. Its feeding time.


She's old?.... Damn! It didn't feel like it when I was pounding her a$$ in bed.... LOL! Don't worry, I used a Condom.


yup ford owners will need the boots when their truck is found on road dead or found off road dead cause it probably won't make it out of the yard

What's the Matter Frankie? Did i hurt your little feelings.

What happened "Frank"? You like talking Crap but you can't take the Heat?


How's that thong holding up! LMFAO!

"Muahahahahaha!!!" - Bob,

That is really gay Bob, you need to get with Johnny Doe on this one....errrr GAY!

Q: What do you Chip 'N Dale Dancer wear on their necks?

A: Chevy bowties


I'm gay?.... Ummm, That's not what your useless mother told me.... hehe. Problem?

Q. Why are sidewalks Close to streets and highways?

A: So Ford owners can have a safe place to walk home.

U Jelly?


Stick to dancing and wearing your bow-ties Chip 'N Dale.

BTW, you forgot you to type your whole name, Bobby McCRAP!


A: You can drive a golf ball 200 yards!



Lame joke! What a dumb-ass!

Q. What did the Chevy say to the Ford?

A: Would you like a Tow home?

Shaking my head!

Keep your day job TROLL!

Oh wait, this is your day job!

The people who say they would rather push a Ford than drive a Chevy usually do.

I'd rather push your mom.

Q: What goes on pages 4-5 of the Ford's user's manual?

A: The train & bus schedule.

Q: What do you call a Ford at the top of a Hill?

A: A Miracle.

Q: Why are FORD dealers giving away a dog with each FORD sold?

A: So the owner has a companion to walk home with.

Henry Ford dies and goes to Heaven.
At the gate, St Peter tells Henry Ford: "Well, you've been such a good guy, invented the car, changed the world. As a reward you can hang out with anybody in Heaven of your choice."
So Henry Ford thinks about it and says: "I would like to hang out with God himself?"
So St Peter takes him directly to God's thrown and Henry Ford starts by saying: "God, I don't want to sound biased, but you have some major design flaws in Your invention, the Woman.
1. There's too much front end protrusion
2. It chatters at high speeds
3. The rear end wobbles too much
4. The intake is too close to the exhaust."
"HMMMM" says God and goes over to the Celestial Super Computer, types in a few key strokes, and waits for the results.
He then turns to Henry Ford and says; "It may be that My invention is flawed, but according to the stellar computer more men are riding My invention then your's".

I went to a couple of car dealerships last week. At first I stopped at was Kia. Well nothing caught my eye, but the price was right.

Then I went to a Ford dealer. I didn't really find anything I liked, but every car had a pair of shoes in the trunk.

At last I went to the Chevy dealer. Well I see one that I like. The dealer does the once over with me, then he pops the trunk. Disapointed, I looked at the dealer and said: "Well, theres something missing."

The dealer puzzled asks: "What?"

I said: "At the Ford dealership I checked out, they had a new pair of shoes in the trunk of every car!"

Smiling the dealer says: "That's so they can walk home!"

I'd rather push your mom.


Just stop, Son. You're trying WAY too hard know. Just stop.

So bob no comment about GM helping the Nazi's then?

While you think that over here are some little boy wearing bow-tie jokes to keep you busy.

Q: How do you double the value of a Chevy?
A: Put gas in it.

Q. Whats the difference between a Chevy and a Tampon?
A. A tampon comes with its own tow rope

Q. How do you improve the appearance of a Chevy?
A. Park it between two Fords

@mike chevy doesn't lose you do because they "barely" outsold chevy trucks alone. And chevy doesn't need to have a full line of uneeded trucks like ford considering the fact that chevy's 3500 tows and huals just as much as the F450 & F550. And yeah dodge makes 4500's & 5500's but they are number 3 in sales. Ford sales the most tucks because they fall apart easily and people like you keep buying them. Smart move. @ Frank your IQ has got to be less than the number of letters you used in your comment saying I'm clueless! Whose clueless now?



Parking a Chevy between two Fords would only cause the Chevy to piss itself and run away with its hitch tucked between its rear tires.

@Frank What is the Mexican definition of confusion?

fathers day

I saw this yesterday as I was coming home over the george washington bridge and was confused as all hell lol now I know

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