Chevy/GMC Styling to Look More Distinct

Chevy Silverado II
Reports are coming in that the styling distinctions between the redesigned Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 are expected to be significant. The image above is from a SEMA concept from two years ago, but it does echo some of the design cues seen on the more current GMC All-Terrain concept.

Rick Kranz of Automotive News spoke with Ken Parkinson, GM's executive director for design, who said, "The normal person is going to see two very distinct and very different vehicles.

"We have to do certain things common because we have to make a business case," Parkinson said, "but we want to make sure that we dial the differentiation just right so that it is really, really difficult to see what is common between the two." Both pickups debut next year. 

kranz also writes that GM engineers have discussed positioning a grille with movable shutters below the bumper area to improve aerodynamics. To read more, click this link.


cant wait to see

Sounds very interesting. I wonder when they will unveil them for the public to see.

Hope they fix the interior at the same time.

Would be nice if GM were to produce the GMC AllTerrain as a Silverado ZR2 fullsize. Then chevy would have something to compete with the Raptor and Power Wagon.

Any word if the 1500 & 2500HD will be different as well?

Make Chevy IFS and GMC SFA

whats the word on motors

I wonder if the GMC version will be boxer, clumsy and ugly like the current Terrain?

I must admit I love the interior of my 07 Silverado LT. It's way nicer then my friends Tundra, even he thinks its a better design and he never buys anything but Toyota pickups.

But guessing the new verson will be world class, like a BMW or Audi interior.

That truck pictured is very nice looking but I cant get over that akward two tone thing going on besides that if the new GM twins look like that itll be a huge improvement over their butt ugly current body style

Make the Chevy SFA and GMC IFS. The Chevy more of the work truck, the GMC will be more for the girls that want fancy pants stuff in a truck. Its only the 1500's so both probably be IFS, but the year after when they do the HD's hopefully the Chevy will get the SFA.

I think both the Tundra and Silverado have a ugly interior with a few differences the Silverado's interior is vastly outdated and cramped the Tundra's interior is just ugly and cheap but spacious. My opinion is I dont think neither Toyota or GM guy can bash someones interior as Ford and Ram guy probably think both are an abomination.

I knew it wouldn't take long for someone to start by saying that GM should put a SFA on the next Chevy or GMC 1500. Who the hell wants a SFA on a 1500 pickup? I know GM will never follow Ford or Ram, but a SFA is better suited for a heavyduty truck.


I own a 2011 Ford F-150 FX4 5.0L Supercab, and if Ford had offered the option of getting an SFA over IFS I would have taken the SFA...Hell I would have been willing to pay a little extra for an SFA.

The IFS is fine so far...But you can't beat the ruggedness of an SFA IMO. So you could say I'm one of those who would want a SFA in a 1/2 ton.

dont like the look of the grill that much but otherwise looks pretty good

Make Chevy IFS and GMC SFA

Screw that. Leave that Sierra powder puff girls truck with the IFS. Give Chevrolet the mans axle. Either way this next Silverado is going to suck. GM themselves said it wouldn't look as good as the Sierra. They said themselves it won't get an all terrain package. They said themselves it wouldn't get nice interiors like Ford offers you. Thanks alot GMC. I can't wait until the Conservative media rips into you... I hate that pathetic brand. I hate that my taxpayer money went to fund it. I hate what it stands for and I hate what it has done to ruin Chevrolet trucks.

The 2 brands will look more distinct? I thought that already was the case. THe interiors between the 2 brands were pretty close with the exception of the Denali.
I can't see SFA on a 1/2 ton. I can't even see GM going to SFA on the HD's. They already upgraded the chassis on the HD's. All we will see is that drivetrain and chassis wrapped in new bodies.
The 1/2 tons could very well be clean slate designs.

@DerekHiggins, That's why you leave like I just did. Decades of Chevrolet truck and car ownership and I finally was fed up. It's Ford trucks and Ford cars from here on out. We ordered a new Fusion instead of the new Malibu and I just took ownership of a new E-boost Platinum F-150. The Platinum interior is to die for. I would have maybe gotten a King Ranch but they were all sold out of them. Chevrolet has Nothing this nice... And I wasn't buying a GMC either so too bad GM. You lost a lifetime customer over not giving Chevrolet the goods like Ford has.


You hate the way your tax money went to fund GMC? ... Sorry to break it to you buddy, but GMC has been here longer than you can imagine. In other words, try taking your head out of your ass.


You left chevrolet and bought a Ford because they didn't offer a sissy interior?..... How pathetic IMO. Funny actually, while your driving around in your turd, I'll be enjoying my brand new 2014 silverado.


You need to learn how to respect peoples opinion. They left Chevy for Ford, big Deal! I left too....stop crying.

You are doing nobody any good by posting your ignorant comments.

Someone will always hate your beloved brand. Grow UP little man!

@Puff the Magic Dragon - how can you enjoy driving a truck that doesn't exist?
Sissy interior?
Your metrosexual spokesman Howie said so?

You obviously don't get it, do you?

Guys who are willing to pay for the "sissy" interiors are leaving Chevy for Ford and Ram. They don't want a GMC truck.

If Chevy doesn't have it someone else will.

I hope you enjoy your plastic, vinyl, and rubber fetish, I mean "work grade" 2014 Chevy.


How does it feel changing spark plugs and driveshafts every week.. LOL!


I wouldn't know, I change my plugs every 30-40K and have a Heavy Duty truck. I have not had a drive-shaft snap since the truck was bought new.

I don't know where you are going with this TROLL!


I see you arent at the zoo locked up in your exhibit today.

@Puff the Magic Dragon - why don't you answer the questions or face the issues head on?

“In any argument that debates the toughest or best truck on the market, the F-150 will always be at or near the top,” the Editor stated. “Ford has done a better job of anyone at delivering just about every possible option to anyone even remotely considering a full-size pickup. If you have work to get done, it’s very likely Ford has the exact right option package for your needs, sort of like a high-quality tool maker that knows the best way to get the work done.”

Please tell my why Chevy owners should stay loyal?

Chevy/GMC Styling to Look More Distinct

Is that like going on a blind date and being told your "date" has a really nice personality?


Why chevy owners should stay loyal?.... Hmm, lets see.

1. We arent crowd followers.
2. Everyone and their moms have an F150.

And three, Fords just plain suck. It's that simple.


There is a bigger percentage that think/know GM SUX!

I always love the Chevy vs GMC "discussions". Besides some simple lipstick differences, can anyone tell me an actual difference between a Silverado and a Sierra?

@Puff the magic dragon -

Semper fidelis........
Following the crowd means buying the same old thing regardless of merit.

Two shootouts with 5th place finishes by Chevy and the 5.3.
Semper Quinto Positus.
Always in 5th place.
5th place............ Yup. that is a big crowd to follow.

Bring back the c/k 1988 1998

@Bob- Everyone and their moms have an F150? Your implying thats a bad thing yet many times you have said how GM sells more trucks than Ford, which would mean more people have GMs. So... is selling more and more people driving them a good thing or bad?

You hate the way your tax money went to fund GMC? ... Sorry to break it to you buddy, but GMC has been here longer than you can imagine. In other words, try taking your head out of your ass.

@Bob. Yes I do hate the way my taxpayer money went to fund GMC. I don't care how long they were around. What does that mean? How long were Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Mercury, Plymouth etc around? They've all closed and aren't around any longer. That has nothing to do with anything. Yes, I am yet another Chevrolet man who's furious by what GM said it is doing. And they're doing it Because of GMC so I'm not too happy right now. They're ruining My truck just to make room for yet another truck that Does Not have to be there and I Do Not want.. I want MY truck! A Chevrolet Silverado that is as good as or Better than what Ford or Dodge has. I don't want a second best truck Bob! I Want King Ranch, Laramie Longhorn and Platinum interiors! The fact that my taxes went to fund a second truck line which wasn't vital does make me mad. I supported saving Chevrolet,Buick and Cadillac so save it. GMC wasn't necessary. Even if the trucks were even I'd still be upset. However, since Chevrolet got demoted, it REALLY pisses me off. I've bought 4 new Chevy trucks Loaded and this is how my loyalty is regarded by GM? They won't have my loyalty anymore if this is how they want to treat their customers. Like kids who aren't capable of making their own decisions. These are trucks and us trucking men are brand loyal to the end. Well the end is here for me. These aren't cars and you do not do this stuff. And I will absolutely buy a Ford or even a Dodge over this. One that's Loaded with all of the goodies just to give them more of my money to say 'Thanks for caring about my trucking needs/wants'.

@ Derek, there's hundreds of people ticked off about this that have voiced their opinions online. I went into my Chevy dealer when I first heard this stuff and voiced my opinion to their face. I too have bought Chevrolet cars and trucks for ions and let them know I would not be purchasing from their dealership again if this stuff happens and that I would be taking all of my business to Ford. You know what they said? They told me they already had calls and emails come in over this issue and They are upset and in conflict with GM right now but didn't elaborate. Reading all of the online rage about this and hearing my Chevrolet dealer tell me they have heard it too just makes me that much more upset with GM. They don't listen or care about their loyal Chevy truck customer.

Just wait until these trucks hit the Chevy lots and this plays out in real life like these current Silverado's are. They have to discount them so bad to unload them I have no idea how they make any profit. My Chevy dealer said they have lost more truck sales to Ford over the last 5 years than in their entire 47 year history. That's what happens when Chevrolet is second rate. Since GM is continuing this second rate crap they should expect to lose more sales to Ford. It will hit their car sales too. My dealer told me it already has. Even one of their salesman who has been there since I bougt my first truck from them 25 years ago now works at the Ford dealer up the street. I had my heart set on a new Chevy too but not the way GM plans on making them. I already own a Silverado that second rate garbage to what Ford offers now. I'm not doing this again and I'm not buying a Sierra either.

That Silverado up top is an abomination. What an eyesore... Chevy needs to hire new designers because these last 2 Silverado's have been frightening to look at. It's like they purposely try to make these things as ugly as possible.. I think the current GMC looks much better but I'm with the rest. It's a GMC. That brand just doesn't do anything for me. Chevrolet really needs to get it's trucking act together and fast.


So just because you don't like GMC, You want GM to get rid of it??... Heres a little something for ya', PEOPLE LIKE HAVING OPTIONS!

Try being a little more open-minded, maybe that way you won't be so bitter in life.

Give us some class Chevy;
Like the '56 Apache!
Give us a some clue,
what your new small block & 8 spd can do?

Ford has fired one across your plastic bow;
do you turn and run? or lay it on the line?

Alex - I'll take fanboi oxymorons for $40,000.

What is "Try being a little more open-minded, maybe that way you won't be so bitter in life."

@Puff the Magic Dragon -
Coming from you, that statement is the ultimate paradox.

@pharmboy2010 - it seems that their will be a huge difference in 2014.
Why don't you ask the Chevy fans if there is a difference.

Well Bob, If getting rid of GMC is the only way I can get a new Chevrolet Truck that's equal to Ford, then yes. I'd rather it disappeared off the face of the earth. Getting rid of Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Saturn is the only reason we're Finally getting back to high quality Chevrolet cars that compete with Ford like the Chevrolet of old once did.

If GM didn't demote Chevrolet for the sake of GMC I would have stayed quiet. When Mark Reuss publicly states the Chevrolet will not be as nice then I won't be so nice right back. Who the hell wants to make payments on a second class truck? Seriously Bob. What do you not get? All GM has to do is give the new Silverado Everything Ford will offer you in their F-Series and most Chevrolet men would then be happy. We will then be equal and wouldn't even have a reason to leave. Even Dodge is offering what Ford offers now in attempt to pickup some of the Chevy defectors. I'm sick of it man.

Ford followed GM with the IFS for their half ton pickups and eventually, they will follow GM and spend the extra money required for IFS in their heavy duty trucks. The current Ford frames are a bloody joke compared to GM frames and their cab design is ancient. C'mon Ford, time to get into this millenium.
The GM medium duty trucks were real trucks compared to the toothpick Ford and Dodge medium duty.
I have no doubt that GM will continue to lead the way with their next truck as they always have.

You left chevrolet and bought a Ford because they didn't offer a sissy interior?..... How pathetic IMO. Funny actually, while your driving around in your turd, I'll be enjoying my brand new 2014 silverado.

@Bob. You crack me up. My Platinum interior is nicer And more durable (you know, truck like Durable) than anything Chevrolet has ever offered or apparently ever will. And I could have gone to the King Ranch if I wanted to wait and had something even more truck worthy. I bought Chevrolet trucks and cars for decades Bob but enough is enough. They're not as nice as the Ford's anymore and that's a fact. I'm too old for the nonsense. You enjoy your Silverado with the cheap plastic and pleather. Chevrolet demotes while Ford promotes.. I'm done being a second class citizen.

@Joe, I think you got that backwards. IFS is the cheap way out. To tie a couple torsion bars into a low slung, poor ground clearance eyesore of a frame does not take big money. GM did it Because GM is cheap. Ford spends the money and does it properly with a swing arm, coil, sfa set up.. They spent the money to do an entire seperate platform just because it was necessary to offer the best. They spend the money necessary to keep their 2500 and up customers happy and returning for their product. They give you the high tucked straight frame and SFA for true HD and offroad use. GM won't spend the money to fix the mistake they made 20 years ago because they are Cheap. There's a Reason Ford and Dodge kick Chevy's ass in HD sales and the SFA combined with the high frame is it.

I saw a new Silverado on the Chevy lot that had Silverado on one side and GMC on the other...woops! Some do come off the same line...GM must have a good business case for keeping the GMC line. I'm not too worried about GM paying off their gov loans. As for Bob...The more we stir the old turd, the stinkier he gets!!!

@Derek, you're not alone. I feel the same way and frankly am about to go the route Ron has. I'm not happy about it and to be honest I'm a little heartbroken to have to leave. I've owned 6 new Chevrolet trucks, 5 new Chevrolet cars (one being a new Z06 Corvette) and have run Chevrolet smallblocks in my racecars for 30 years. Even in highschool when we did the hot rod thing I had 2 Chevelle's and a Nova. Chevy has really given me no choice here though. It is indeed almost like being a second class citizen. If it was an entry level Chevy car like a Aveo/Sonic or something, I could fully understand it being cheap. When it comes to trucks though, I fully expect Chevrolet to be the best. Really, I demand to drive the best. It's why I stuck with Chevrolet for so long. Their trucks used to be the best money could buy. Their engines are the best you can run. The Corvette is the best American made sportscar in the world.

I held the Silverado to a higher standard than what it has delivered for the last decade or so. I also hold it to a higher standard than what GM says it will offer next year. When traveling across country hauling our trailers I'd just rather be in something luxurious like that King Ranch anymore. I'm not a GMC guy either and couldn't care less about it. It was always just a cheap rebadge to me. If that's what ruined my Chevrolet I won't support it anyhow. I'll be looking into Ford's and maybe that new Dodge Ram. I also don't like cross mixing my brands so I'm not sure what to do. As a truck guy the truck is my 'Halo' vehicle I guess you'd say. All other vehicles fall in line under it. I suppose I'll have to look at that new Explorer for my wife now too. It will be tough pulling a Chevrolet racecar with a Ford though. It just isn't right but what's a guy to do when your back's against the wall like this? I'll keep my Z06 for awhile though. What Ron said is true, Ford's are just plain nicer than Chevy's anymore. I hate to say it but it's a cold hard fact. Most of my old fellow Chevrolet truck friends have switched to Ford's over the last decade or so, I suppose it's my time as well.

@SethHileman, IFS is the cheap way out huh? Well, GM has been using the IFS setup since the early 1960s.

@SethHileman, IFS is the cheap way out huh? Well, GM has been using the IFS setup since the early 1960s.

It is the cheap way out. And used IFS on what? What are you defining? 2WD big trucks? That's different. You're not talking 1500's because they all had SFA's until 87. I prefer IFS on my 1500's. No problem. That's why Ford and Dodge use IFS on those as well. However, Ford and Dodge take it back to a proper set up for their HD 4wd applications. It's that reason that Chevy has historically lost and will continue to lose in this particular segment.

Like Charles Barkley says. Thats Turruble looking. SOS from GM. Being a concept truck you know the real version won't be that much different from last year considering the concept isn't that much of a change. Big disapointment.

I don't really care if it has IFS or SRA, as long as it's still strong enough to support a plow.

GM and RAM still let you put plows on their half-tons (even if they don't recommend it), Ford doesn't at all.

The next gen GM's will how e-power steering and will not use plows either.

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