Customized '89 Taurus Becomes SHO-Ranchero

SHOchero engine

Jalopnik found and is showing off a one-of-a-kind custom vehicle for sale on eBay, and we thought it was pretty interesting. A 1989 Ford Taurus SHO was modified by the owner to look like a smaller pickup, a la Austrailian ute, but with a rear truck access rather than a traditional pickup bed.

The seller is looking for $2,400, but so far the bids have been pretty scarce. Still, there is a nice SHO motor under the hood, and it looks to be in pretty good shape. The creativity that we see truck enthusiasts exercise never ceases to amaze; and the optimism expressed by those who think someone else might pay hard cash for thier endevor is equally impressive. 

SHOchero piece

SHOchero trunk


can i puke now or later 2,400 i wouldn't even offer a penny on that eye sore

Ok now this is proof of a slow news cycle.

Pretty clever n cool, but y spend al that time on it n sel it. God forbid if i should ever do such a thing, id keep it bcuz its my creation.

Wow that is hidious.

Never did like UTE's anyway.

Looks like it came from either northern Michigan or south of the boarder...nice to see they attend church!!!

That's the prototype for the next generation F-150! Quick, take this photo down before some big shot from Ford sees it!

this is the rangers replacement ford fans lmao its still ugly as sin and compact

Was not the best body style to work with. But given a good front face i can see potential.

I wonder how much the removal of the roof has effected the chassis integrity..... anyone wanna find out?

I always hated this style Taurus and never cared for the jelly bean look. Send this thing to the scap pile. I wouldn't give the guy 5 dollars for it. He'd have to pay me to take it.

Yep, that hack job looks pretty awful. My wife had one about that age, it drove awful, the auto tranny was a short fused ticking time bomb.

For what is essentially a hand-built rig by one person, it really looks pretty good.
However, you can also see that the builder had no idea how much mechanical structure he destroyed which is causing the bodywork wrinkles over the wheels.

Personally, I think an Australian UTE-type vehicle would be a relative success in the US for people who want a SMALL pickup and everyday driver--like me.

I'd be more impressed with the SHO motor in a 2wd ranger

It wouldn't work on the new Taurus, either. This is something you would do with the Flex...a way much better choice.


I'm impressed.

But I would be even more impressed if they took two of those cars and soldered them together so you'd get a crew cab with a bed that's probably longer than most of the full size crew cab trucks on the market today.

not the prettiest thing ever but for one guy non pro work I think its very good ugly car to start w/ so cant blame him for that very interesting idea and better than I could do so kudos!

i figured this out now its a sad sad ford man wishing he had a nice rideing truck like a chevy haha

@ Johnny Troll,, this is what they got when they pulled the wraps off the new chevy truck. I know gm is bad to copy Ford but come on!!

Oh No!!! A Taurus Ute. They have made virtually everything with 4 wheels into a Ute in Australia, but the Taurus specifically was despised as a car. Defintely a no -goer from the land of the car/truck.

Ugly. Someone had too much spare time on their hands.

Can i see the carfax?

Are you guys this desperate for Ford news?

I think the owner did an amazing job. is definitely room for work but I love the design I love the concept of the design.I think more cars should be done like this.

i bet it's even faster with the weight taken off. I think it's pretty cool

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