December 2011 Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

Sales for 2011 ended with a bang, as the pickup truck segment led the auto industry in year-over-year volume gains. The Ford F-Series, once again, wins the crown with a 30-year run as the best-selling vehicle in the U.S., and 35 years as the top-selling pickup truck nameplate in the U.S. (We should note there were several years in that timeframe that the combined Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra sales did exceed F-150 and Super Duty combined volumes.) Even the Honda Ridgeline sold well in the final month of 2011 (but was down almost 40 percent over 2010), with the only losers in the month being the Toyota Tundra and GMC Sierra.

July 2011 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2010
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales
1 Ford F-Series +10.7% December 2011 68,278
584,917 December 2010 54,888

2 Chevrolet Silverado +12.2 December 2011 47,787
415,130 December 2010 42,518

3 Ram Trucks +22.6% December 2011 26,013
244,763 December 2010 23,241

4 GMC Sierra +14.9% December 2011 16,495
149,170 December 2010 16,795

5 Toyota Tacoma +4.2% December 2011 12,140
110,705 December 2010 10,970

6 Toyota Tundra -11.1% December 2011 9,042
82,908 December 2010 10,013

7 Ford Ranger +27.9% December 2011 6,718
70,832 December 2010 4,271

8 Nissan Frontier +27.9% December 2011 5,626
51,700 December 2010 3,783

9 Chevrolet Colorado +25.9% December 2011 2,970
31,026 December 2010 2,387

10 Nissan Titan -6.1% December 2011 2,386
21,994 December 2010



Its getting boring with Ford always dominating.......

100% bonus depreciation allowance (expires 2011) helps... I would expect January 2012 to suck. Sorry to rain on the parade.

Wow. ford only sold 20,617 more trucks than GM did in 2011. This is despite all the badmouthing from the board members who constantly bash GM. It's fricken amazing that ford and GM are so close.

Just watch, the excuses will begin to flow out of the ford girly men camp. Here they come, just wait for them...

@ Mike S
Next year we only count trucks from Ford that are long beds and Cab And Chasiss. That might make it a little closer!

One thing I know for sure is that GM sold more vehicles the Ford!

Great Job Ford!

Happy to see Ford, Chevy, and Ram are all doing well.

I think January could still be ok depending on if dealerships still have 2011 on their lots and they want to move the older models.

Overall good job, happy to see the truck market is still strong.

@ MIke S,

Unfortunately Ford will slip,once the Eco-Boosts owners find out their engines are blowing head gaskets left,right and center.Small engines work harder thus wearing out faster,best to stick with big cubic inches in a heavy vehicle.Eco-Boost trucks are coming in needing repair for excessive oil use,a few with head gaskets.
The 5.0 is a better choice same mpg as the Eco and the 5.0 has the same 1/4 mile time as the eco,a tad bit slower 0-60 but passing power is better in the 5.0,better yet the 6.2 all out beats the Eco -Boost,as tests dont show the same truck with the Eco vs 6.2 the 6.2 was always 1000 lbs heavier and still runs beside it.I drive a 5.0 and it gets better mpg than my demo Eco I used for 2 weeks.

GM did sell more vehicles than Ford, Ford made more per vehicle. Who do you think is in a better position going forward? Not the guys who who owe billions to the taxpayers.

Ford is making thousands more per truck unit sold. Total numbers are great, profits are where it's at.

My 2006 bChevy Silverado just turned 280,000 miles and oh how I wish I needed a new pickup but my truck is still dependable and going strong. I could buy a new Ford so I could buy a new truck more often because I would need one. But I will just keep my Chevy and just wait until I need a new truck and add one more sale to the Chevy numbers.

Looks like Ford came out ahead this month and this year.

Month of December:

Ford F-Series Alone= 68,278

Ford F-Series + discontinued Ranger= 74,996
Silverado+Sierra+Colorado= 67,252


Ford F-Series Alone= 584,917
Silverado+Sierra= 564,300

Ford F-Series + Ranger= 655,749

Frank will be along to start trolling any minute now..


I had close to 200,000 on my 03 Silverado and very few problems. But I found a 07 Silverado on my dealers lot with 50,000 mile and 305/50R20 tires and a nice Magnaflow exhaust. So being the mature male adult I traded my 03 in on it.

It's funny I do not see that many new Dodges around my area, plenty of GM and Ford.

Nothing new here as usual the best truck sells the most and you can't deny it, the facts prove it.
Ford wins, Chevy loses again
Chevy must be tired of being the second best selling truck for all these years.

Kansas Bob just showed us what is called "death wobbble" caused by improper suspension modification. There is no way that truck had stock suspension under it. Somebody threw tall springs or spacers in it without compensating with the steering angles.

Lets stop poking bob around. he obviously loves gm and we should respect that. His credentials include kansas bob, michigan bob, Frank is a troll, bobs beautiful 21 yeard old wife 34 DD,Bobbeh. They all are wise and infinitely knowledged. Do not provoke their sarcastic wits unless you want pages of trolls more froggy than frogger. RIBBIT RIBBIT!

Bob you seem like a respectable person. Have you ever thought about being a spokesperson for gm? you could retire now with all the money you would make. I only ask for a 1% donation. May you have a great day and keep trolling! NOT!

I think Ram will sell the most 2500/250 class gassers. I know that's not the majority that sells, but the real (2500) six speed will make a differance, as opposed to the renamed 545 that is a 6 speed, but the two 2nd gears are too close. I think if somebody buys a F250 gasser over a Ram Hemi, they are buying it for luxery, which Ford is top heavy when it comes to luxery. Once Ram gets 8 speeds or a REAL 6 speed in the 1500, they will make a huge differance. The 545 in my 2010 is just ok...could be better, and it's holding so many back

I'm amazed by Ranger sales. Are sales up because people want to buy one before they are gone?
It will be interesting to track F - Series sales to see if Ranger owners actually stay with Ford.
Tacoma sold well compared to Sierra.
Tundra sales haven't recovered from Japan's disaster. They need a remake more than Chevy does.
Tacoma fared better than Tundra post Japanese disaster.
One more year of "same old same old" troll and counter troll.

If ford made close to 100k Rangers last year, that means there are just little under 30k at dealer lots, it'll take at least half a year to get rid of them.

Great to see the increase for all the makes except Tundra and Titan. More jobs hopefully.

@Lou I am sure a lot of Ranger buyers bought Rangers because they were discontinued and they got a good buy, but the Rangers were a really good truck and the 4 cylinder with a manual got good gas mileage, is dependable, relatively inexpensive to maintain, and a good value. My opinion is that Ford made a big mistake. You do not have to sell millions of Rangers a year to be successful. The design had not been changed in 20 years and had long paid for itself. A little updating and a good advertising campaign would have brought new life into the Ranger without really hurting F-150 sales. Get Mike Rowe on the Ford ads to talk about the Ranger and that would have increased the sales of Ranger by a couple of hundred thousand. Ranger was a good product neglected by Ford. If we get $5 a gallon gas this summer Ford will have wished they kept the Ranger. That is my opinion and I know that others will disagree.

This info is pointless unless someone can break down the F-Series, GM Trucks and Ram Trucks. I need them brake apart sales between F-150 and Super Duty and the same for Silverado, Sierra and Ram. I also need them to brake apart sells between avg customer and fleet customers for all trucks.

I think PUTC needs to be better at this because giving some people some numbers but not all the numbers allows for some people who dont want to be fair to make their own assumption and put out disinformantion. I myself have thoughts on one trucks sells numbers (F-Series) that I will not say because I dont have the numbers to prove my point of why my trucks sells numbers looks so bad compared to theirs which would also explain my trucks open c-channel.

Ranger, the last of the compact trucks, isn't really being bought anymore. Ranger is only doing 20% of what it used to at its height in '99. Ford doesn't sell cut-rate pieces of crap at discount prices anymore. If you want that crap, go visit a Kia dealer. Ford doesn't need or want you as a customer anymore. Goodbye cheapskates. Enjoy your inferior Kia or used car/truck as far as I'm concerned. They certainly will not be lost to a new Toyota Tacoma.

@5.3 LOL - Mark can only forward the information to us that is available. The breakdowns you are asking for are closely guarded secrets by each manufacturer. Sometime this month there is an agency that compiles some of the info you are looking for and as soon as it is published Mark will pass it on to us.

GM Sierra
December 2010: 16,795
December 2011: 16,495

Sales are down again. I knew people were not going out to buy a Denali with plastic hub caps and 1980's interiors.

@Dave-Nice to know that you think all small affordable transportation is crap. Maybe the manufacturers should only offer 60k vehicles since all Americans are so rich. Ford doesn't have too worry about me as a customer because of bloggers like you who are hostile name callers. You are just as bad or worse than the GM Bob's. I happen to own a Ford but since Ford is now an exclusive club and no longer needs my business as you so stated then I will not buy another Ford. As for Kias I happen to know many Kia owners who love their Kias but I guess you would like to do some Asian bashing and name calling as well. The opinion I expressed was my own and Ford will do what they want but you are truly a negative hostile blogger who has no value for other opinions except those that totally agree with yours. Happy New Year to you to.

PS Dave you and GM Bob have almost convinced me never to buy a Ford or GM product because I do not want to drive something that is associated with such opinionated bigotted people. Welcome Toyota.

What you guys are missing is that it's not just about sales. It's about the cost of the platform and future upgrades. It's about the cost of the plant and what else can be built there. It's about future market trends. It's about what other products are in the pipeline that need funding and which is more important.

It's way more complicated than look at "how many can we sell".

Looks like Ford came out ahead this month and this year.

Month of December:

Ford F-Series Alone= 68,278

Ford F-Series + discontinued Ranger= 74,996
Silverado+Sierra+Colorado= 67,252


Ford F-Series Alone= 584,917
Silverado+Sierra= 564,300

Ford F-Series + Ranger= 655,749

read the fine print in Ford's adds...what is in those numbers is that Ford counts all F-series pickups, while GM counts only silverado and silverado HD. Add up just F150 and F250 and see what you get... ALso add GMC and Silverado+colorado+canyon+the GM comercial line; garrantee you will see more GM by a mile.

I own both Ford and Chevy. Not bashing either one. I will say it is a HUGE mistake for FORD to stop making the RANGER for the US market. It nearly outsold the Titan AND Frontier by itself! Totally destroyed the Colorado and Canyon, not far off from a Tundra either. And repectable against a tacoma. the only reason tacoma beats it is because of the engine and double cab. and peopel feel like FORD has given up on the ranger.
TOP FORD brass and marketing says there is no market for it or smaller trucks here anymore. Thats a blantantly dumb and uninformed statement. Daihatsu (sson to be here), Jeep, GM (will redesign the colorado in 2013) will be the only competition to the tacoma and frontier. Frontier wasnt any comp to the ranger at all either and the ranger design is pretty old. But one tough little truck. All they have to do is put a more fuel efficient engine in it they dont even need to bring over the totally new one in other countries- though that would be nice. Bring over that deisel ranger and it will outsell everything. But they wont b/c it will cannabalize the F150 sales & profit. Its still a mistake to stop making the RANGER for the US.

@ Jeff
"PS Dave you and GM Bob have almost convinced me never to buy a Ford or GM product because I do not want to drive something that is associated with such opinionated bigotted people. Welcome Toyota."

Wow you would let bloggers sway you in what you would buy??? O.o

Reading these bloggers is more entertaining than anything but i know exactly what i would buy and no blogger could convince me

I remember a few years back Ford was close to selling 1 million F-Series Trucks.

I try not to get all caught up in this Ford vs Chevy arguments because at the end of the day us Americans win with our nice domestic trucks and i let my FX4 do the talking for me in the real world, not the internet. Awsome truck!

@Mike S. I would not let opinionated jackasses sway me one way or the other I was just letting off steam. I just didn't realized that Dave was the spokesman for Ford and that Ford ownership was so exclusive. Do they give you a preferred Platinum Card for buying a Raptor or King Ranch? If I want to buy something that exclusive I will wait for the Porsche truck or maybe even a Lexus truck. Ford makes good products but I doubt even Ford is looking to kick customers out.

@Dave I understand about product development and costs but a compact truck can be developed at lesser costs using an existing platform. Not everyone needs or wants a 4 wheel drive 300 horsepower V-8 truck with a navigation system and heated leather seats and mirrors. Gas prices are predicted to go up to $5 a gallon this summer which means that there is room for more efficient trucks. Three out of four of my last pickups have been compact to midsize and yes I use the bed to haul everything from scoops of mulch and topsoil, 2x4s, gravel, lawn equipment, furniture, rocks, pavers, and even used my 85 Mitsubishi Mighty Max to pull out tree stumps (try that with a Ford Focus or Honda Civic). I bought a new truck a couple of years ago but if I were buying one now I would either buy a leftover 4 cylinder 5 speed Ranger, Tacoma, Frontier, or Equator because that is all I need. I do not have to buy from a domestic manufacturer and if the Chinese and Koreans enter our market I will look at their trucks.

@jack I agree with you and if Ford is so concerned about the F series count then call any new midsize entry an F-100 and count it with the total F series. As a consumer I really don't care what they call it as long as its a good product.

Jeff, your in the minority. The Majority dont want a compact truck. One loss of sales will be made up. What you want is irrelevant if your against the minority. If i was a business owner, i would appeal the masses, not to the odd person here and there.
The problem with any "trucks" that arent full size is that 1: they approach the weight,size and proportion fo their bigger brothers. 2: the MPG advantage is not proportionly greater than a full size. Your paying similiar money for slightly better fuel economy. 3: your sacrificing capabilities for your meager fuel comsumption.

It makes sense to discontinue compact trucks when A: the sales are declining. B: profits arent increasing. C: the demand isnt there anymore. Its smart for full size truck makers to focus solely on full size and not the little brother. Well what about toyota or Nissan? they offer full size and compact trucks, you might say. The difference is that their focus rests more on compact trucks than full size. Their fullsize trucks are a joke. Toyota even admitted that their focuse was to rob market share, rather than be a significant. Leave the full size to the domestics and the smaller trucks to imports. If gas does go up $5 you cant do anything about it. Gas is an inelastic demand which means that as the price goes up, profits go up. Thats the reason why the government taxes inelastic goods such as gas or cigarettes. The price effect is greater than the quantitiy demanded effect.

You as a consumer,want the cheapest most advanced product in mass quantities. Sellers want to sell as little for the highest price. You can say all you want, no company will miss your one sale. It would takes hundreds and thousands to alter their decisions, as in the case with the ranger. The profits are with the fullsize, albeit their epic proportions, monsterous engines, and sleek styling

Remember you are just one tiny fish in a vast and gigantic ocean.

@ mark williams

next moth can you add comercial van sale numbers
i would like to see how does the new nissan nv against the ford e-series, gm van, and spriters and why not include the ford transit, these could be very interesting

Is Ford making a mistake by killing the Ranger? Time will tell.
The auto industry has always been prone to building what they think we need , not the other way around.
@Jeff - I do feel the same way at times, guys like Bob do sour me when it comes to certain brands. I know a real world Bob who is a rabid Chevy guy. We both bought new trucks at the same time. His kids used to go to school with my sons. I was picking up my sons from school one day, and my youngest son asked " dad, why did you buy such a slow truck?". He didn't want to point the finger at his clasmate but he eventually said that is what was said. I don't know of many 7 year olds that know whether or not a 5.3 will out perform a 5.4. It is sad and pathetic beyond measure. My father in law is pro Ford, not quite as bad as this guy but my oldest son was starting to sound like granddad. I had to educate both of my sons as to the dangers of vehicle loyalty. Odd thing to have to teach little boys.
@jack, 5.3lol, I'd love to see a sales breakdown not just by GVW class, but by cab and drive train configuration. Manufacturers don't seem to give the media specific numbers. I suspect that they don't want the competition to know which models are the hot sellers. I hope that these links from PUTC will shed some light on the questions you are asking:
Ford and Ram have similar ratio's when it comes to HD versus LD. Roughly 60/40 LD/HD. GM/Chev is roughly 80/20 LD/HD. Ram sells almost as many HD's as Silverado. Sierra and Silverado 1/2 tons easily outsell Ford and Ram 1/2 tons.
Ford sells a negligible number of chassis cab trucks greater than 4500. Ford counts greater than 4500 separate.
Ram counts 4500 trucks in their sales and so does Ford. GMC doesn't make anything bigger than a 3500 (is that Ford and Ram's fault?)
Ford and Ram currently are the dominant players in the HD market in the USA.

Those are the numbers. It doesn't effect me in anyway. I am not a shareholder, nor do I sell trucks.

@ Ford Engine Builder

Your a moron. The ecoboost has more power than the 5.0 passing, pulling, and 0-60. Smaller engine does not mean its wearing out faster or working harder - show the study that proves that. Thats technology and turbos at work, not just the engine. Ford has had more problems with the 5.0 than the ecoboosts. The squealing and most of the tranny issues have been associated with the 5.0. There have been hardly any ecos blowing head gaskets, the oil consumption was due to an issue with the turbo. The 5.0 is a great engine but the eco will beat it. The 6.2L is a gas hog plain and simple, average reports with less than 15mpg, that why is only in select F150s.

A two week demo proves nothing. Most people don't treat demos like they normally would.

I highly doubt you build Ford Engines.

Ford Engine Builder, you said "Small engines work harder thus wearing out faster,best to stick with big cubic inches in a heavy vehicle."

I'm interested and disappointed to hear you're anecdotal experience with the Eco boost engine in the F-150, but your statement that small engines wear out faster is nonsense. An engine's available lifespan depends on design, quality of materials, and quality of assembly. If the Ecoboost is experiencing early problems it is due to a failure in one of those areas. The only reason for the Ecoboost not to provide a quarter of a million miles of trouble free service is if Ford didn't spend enough money on design, materials and assembly.

We have 30 years of experience with tiny engines and turbocharged engines screaming their guts out and still providing exceeding long life.

Tell us how the Ford engines compare for routine maintenance access.


People who post comments like that are TROLLS!

Here, I'll throw some numbers at you. Take it as whatever you feel like it. Since 2001, last 10 years:
2001 926,205* 911,597
2002 854,691* 813,701
2003 880,991* 845,586
2004 894,524 939,511*
2005 935,468* 901,463
2006 846,805* 796,039
2007 826,500* 690,589
2008 633,609* 515,513
2009 428,396* 413,625
2010 499,929 528,349*
2011 564,300 584,917*
8,291,418 7,940,890

* more sales

These are full size pick-up truck sales. F-series vs. GM's lineup. F150 name plate is the best truck seller, but outside of Ford I don't think anybody cares. Top to bottom GM sells more full size trucks, period. So I'm assuming "several" means "more", if so, than I'm fine with the above article.

This is less messy...
Here, I'll throw some numbers at you. Take it as whatever you feel like it. Since 2001, last 10 years:

* more sales

These are full size pick-up truck sales. F-series vs. GM's lineup. F150 name plate is the best truck seller, but outside of Ford I don't think anybody cares. Top to bottom GM sells more full size trucks, period. So I'm assuming "several" means "more", if so, than I'm fine with the above article.

@Greg - Nice work!

Now if GM could just get their act together and consolidate their trucks into one brand. Does anyone else agree that Denali and Escalade should be trim levels for the Silverado?

Make the GMC's luxury trucks and make the Chevy's work trucks. There are tons of Denali HD's driving around my town it's starting to get stupid, they all have those chrome 20's.

@toycrusher84, Thanks!
Numbers don't lie. Black on white! Right there!
As far as Denali and Escalade being trim levels on Silverado. I wouldn't mind.

@ Ford Engine Builder

Go troll somewhere else. I guarantee you have never driven or had anything to do with any of the trucks you mentioned. Do you really think if the ecoboost's were "blowing head gaskets left, right, and center" we would only be hearing it from your dumb a$$ on a comment blog? I can't believe I am wasting my time responding to your ridiculous post, but I couldn't resist. The ecoboost F-150 is an AWESOME truck with superior towing capability when compared to the other trucks in this class! And if you drive it right you should have no problem getting very respectable fuel economy.

@Greg - being the anti Ford boy that you are, you sure went to crap load of trouble to prove that Ford sells less trucks. Hipocritical of you and the Bobs to say that sales don't matter when you go ape sh-t over being number 2 and try to prove being number 1. Number 1 and number 2. Those are things you do in the tolilet. For the record I drive a Dodge truck. Chevy s the longest lasting truck on the road because they won't last if you drive them anywhere else.

I'm not anti Ford, but I'm not pro either! I don't really care for Ford. Never had one and not planning on having one in my lifetime. You will not find one post of mine saying that sales don't matter. For Ford they do! Have you seen any of their truck ads lately? Every single one of them mentions that.
And it wasn't really hard to prove it. HAVE YOU HEARD OF COPY AND PASTE?

I'd like to know, out of the Ford, Dodge and Chevy trucks, how many were diesels? Any way of finding that out?

@Greg - you slag Ford in almost every post you make. You also talk like Chevy is the best truck on the planet. I don't buy it. JD Power says the industry average is 151 problems per vehicle. Ford brand rates 140 per 100. Ford is above average. Chevy brand rates 156 per 100. Chevy is average. GMC brand rates 184 per 100. GMC is below average. That means you have better odds of owning a reliable vehicle by purchacing a Ford. There isn't a huge difference but assuming a guy owns a "Ford" for 8 years he will see a dealer for repairs 11(11.2) times and a Chevy owner will need 12(12.48)repairs. A GMC product will need 15 (14.72) repairs. You've stated your truck hasn't need any repairs. The law of averages means that some poor sap Chevy owner out there has a lemon that needs around 4 repairs per year.
I didn't cut and paste my statistics from Wikipedia.
For 2011 Tundra, F150, and Ram 1500 are the top 3 large pickup trucks.

I'm so sick of Ford winning. And I'm even sicker of GM not rolling GMC into Chevy so they could actually kick Ford's sorry butt in sales with ONE nameplate. Combining 2 trucks doesn't count. Get it done with Chevy. If Chevy had a world class truck that Looked the part, had the Interior of the part and Played the part they'd have NO Problem taking on Ford. I might actually even buy one again and trade in the Ram.

amazing what a 50 billion dollar grant will do....

why would you buy a half ton e.i(eco boost) too tow? thats......dumb the frame and chasis and tranny just isnt built for it thats the whole point of.....3/4/ 1 tons???? btw gm does make a "4500, 5500, 6500" class just like dodge and ford its called the kodiak and topkick....add those trucks too the numbers too gents obviously im a dodge/chevy guy but i alsoi think gas trucks are pointless cant go wrong with a cummins or dmax.....we shalt not dare talk about the power jokes failures over the years id blush ';)

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